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Miranda Kerr Drops By 'Conan'

Miranda Kerr Drops By 'Conan'

Miranda Kerr is all smiles as she drops by Conan on Wednesday (May 11).

The 28-year-old model and hot mama talked spending 27 hours in labor with her first child, Flynn, and the support she got from hubby Orlando Bloom throughout the experience.

“He was there by my side every moment – I wouldn’t even let him go to the bathroom!” Miranda dished. “He’s a wonderful father and I’m very blessed.”

Miranda also shared that she doesn’t mind the nickname their fans gave them, “Kerrbloom” – but Conan suggested Mirlando instead!

Miranda Kerr on Conan
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  • *Angieee*

    Wasn’t she just photographed recently with new black hair? She dyed it again that quick?

  • WOW!!!!

    Conan said it all. GOOD GOD! SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!
    *iz ded*

  • @1

    I think that was just the lighting. This looks more like her normal color.
    She looks fabulous, BTW.

  • smile

    She’s beautiful!

  • Lovely

    she looks gorgeous and lovely <3 god bless them all :)

  • YG

    She looks so young

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • Skim

    WOW. She is dull with no sense of humor! Adorable though….

  • drew

    I think it’s funny that they had to make up that ridiclous little story about the bottle to make them sound like a loving and united couple.

  • @9

    Uhmm, they ARE a loving and united couple.
    Maybe that’s why you hate them so much.

  • Meghan

    what a body!

  • egsrg

    I’ll admit she’s an attractive girl but she’s got the personality of a rock!

  • Please

    Sure and breast implants helped to make her a celebrity underwear model.

  • lindsey

    wow, we saw her buy that dress the other day… its nice to know someone in hollyweird can dress themselves nicely without a stylist *cough* frumpy jen garner *cough*

  • @13

    Still with the idiotic implant theory?
    You know, we haven’t forgotten that you still haven’t shown proof of your ridiculous claims.
    Put up or shut up.
    Unless you want to prove to everyone that you are a liar.

  • sammi

    she is a beautiful girl, but her personality is a complete yawn! disappointing…

  • *Angieee*

    @Please: LMAO are you kidding? She got them because of pregnancy and breast feeding. You must be like 10 years old

  • Kerrbear

    I like her but was extremely disappointed with her conan interview. :( She was quite dull and boring I must admit. I watched Marisa,Izabel,Karolina,Gisele on conan and they were quite entertaining. I almost felt bad for randa panda like she was so nervous or something i dunno. :/

  • KS fan

    she’s so cute… she’s just a shy person, I don’t think she’s dull… she just seems like an extremely shy person. I think people confuse her shyness with her being “dull” but I still like her. She’s adorable.

  • Please

    There is evidence on the internet. Trust me.
    Just because you can’t find it does not mean she didn’t.
    Some of us aren’t going to make these bird armed models with breast
    implants considered as the ideal woman.
    Is that ok with you and don’t blame it on her pregnancy.
    I’m am talking about way before she had a child.

  • stevooo

    She’s gorgeous but what an awkward interview… she is so boring. Disappointing..

  • @20

    It’s not our job to find proof, it’s yours.
    She was very small before she got pregnant.
    This is what, the 30th time you’ve made this moronic claim?
    Put up or shut up.

  • HUH?

    What are you guys talking about? Is this just a new way of trying to insult her?
    She was absolutely adorable, sweet, funny and charming in this interview. She also proved that she is a very good sport.
    I thought that she was great.

  • fugn

    balloon head. so overrated.

  • Lyla Says

    Cabbage patch kid.


    Sh looks amazing! So beautiful!

  • @27

    You delphidiots are disgusting, sick and twisted.
    It would be someone like you to post something as repulsive as that.
    pathetic trolls


    I LOVEE her bod but DO NOT dig that face! yuck!

  • Please

    @Lyla Says: Lyla Says weren’t you just bashing her in the other Miranda thread and oogling Adriana ?
    Go google your old Fugliana some more.

  • fiona

    Oh my God, I want natural birth too but 10 lbs sounds almost scary!

  • reba

    Conan gave a really bad interview. He was really awkward and he couldn’t get the conversation flowing right. Don’t blame Miranda – that’s the talk show host’s job:)

  • helena

    she made him pee in a bottle people? doesn’t anyone find that odd? I do!

  • @33

    Women in labor are known for demanding some pretty odd things.
    The fact that he actually did as she asked shows how devoted to her he is.

  • cabbage

    @Lyla Says: OMG, I was just about to write the same thing when I scrolled down and saw that you beat me to the punch. She reminds me of one of my cabbage patch dolls when I was a kid..

  • bottle

    She looks smarter when she is silent and not talking. Not a lot of models have both- brain and body. Miranda is stronger in body. Peeing in the bottle- totally unnecessary. She was obviously behaving like a spoiled child- demanding and selfish. I gave birth without any drugs. My son was 3750 grams. My husband was with me, but he went to the bathroom, eats something, and went out for a cigarette. He was great support anyway. But we are not celebrities and we can behave normal.

  • watermelon

    she looks like the egg head from humpty dumpty fairytales.

  • youareatard

    where’s your proof she didnt have them done? old pictures speak for themselves moron.

  • overratedhoe

    here she goes again showing her b00bs to the tacky and classless. every woman has b00bs, keep them to yourself hoe gee..

    she has the most retarded looking face on a model..yucky! so overrated!!!!!

  • viktor

    miranda? so ugly name

  • ewwwww

    could her eyes be any uglier and more spread apart? are her parents related ewwwww

  • @39

    So that means I could accuse you of robbing a bank because I don’t have any proof that you didn’t? That’s not how it works, super intelligent lady.
    What’s the big idea though? Before she got those big two AFTER giving birth, nobody ever even suggested she had breast implants, not even the people who say she’s a really ugly lady that earns millions for not being ugly. Now that she has that pair, you say that she got them before becoming a model?
    Old pictures show she had normal sized breasts for her build, and not the slightest sign of breast implants in shape or size.

  • @40

    If you want to see women in burkas, you shouldn’t look up VS models

  • 3::::::>

    one slut defending another ..typical

  • alissa


  • ewwwww

    she looks slutty..ugly girls are slutty, pretty ones are classy. Just compare Angie with Miranda.

  • @45

    Insults are the last resort of people who don’t have the brains nor the arguments to defend a point.

  • Beckinsale

    whoa she has zero personality and intelligence

  • anne

    What are this sick comments here? She seems really sweet and nice.

  • LOL!

    Sockpuppets! YAY!

  • What?

    You want proof that she DIDN’T have breast implants before meeting Orlando and/or getting pregnant?
    You really are a stupid sockpuppet, aren’t you.