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Orlando Bloom: CraftWorkWear Visit

Orlando Bloom: CraftWorkWear Visit

Orlando Bloom makes a stop at CraftWorkWear on Wednesday (May 11) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old Good Doctor actor checked out the boutique, which calls itself “a proper men’s shop for improper gentlemen,” with a friend. Orly headed home on his Ducati motorcycle after checking out Craft!

Earlier in the week, it was announced that Orly will star in a new comedy called Idea in America with Nick Nolte and Stanley Tucci. Filming is set to begin in the fall.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom visiting CraftWorkWear…

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orlando bloom craft 02
orlando bloom craft 03
orlando bloom craft 04
orlando bloom craft 05
orlando bloom craft 06
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Credit: Fontoura; Photos: AKM Images
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  • anon

    Lookin’ good Orlando!

  • WMZ Кредит

    nice bike ;)

  • harper

    he’s cute. his wife is ugly. she looks like her head is going to explode.

  • yes!


  • sara

    My goodness he looks sexy!

  • Mike

    He has become a pathetic joke.

  • .

    Many respected actors and directors like him, critics are starting to praise his performances, people in general like him, gossip sites speak well of him, his life is discreet. The opinions of 4 people who expected to rule his life don’t count enough to consider him “a pathetic joke”.

  • @9

    Rich, handsome, kind, altruistic, successful, loved, respected and well liked = a pathetic joke to you??
    Well, OK then.

  • @delphi-mike

    A small group of sick, obsessed haters, thinks that Orlando Freakin’ Bloom is a “pathetic joke”?
    That’s rich!

  • lafamepoma

    I love Orli but the last movie I watched was the third part of Pirates, and that was in 2007 but I didn’t know anything since then I mean at that time he was like Robert Pattinson at the top of everything and then he became less popular. The character he played ate Orli. I wish see him in movies in a near future^^

  • @13

    I saw Sympathy for Delicious in NY.
    Orlando was fantastic! I hardly recognized him in that role. It was great!!
    All young male hearthrobs will be relpaced by the next big thing. If he is smart, Robert knows that this will happen to him, too. Theyall have to break out of their stereotyped roles. If they have talent they will succeed.

  • It’s too bad

    Maybe you got to see him in Sympathy for Delicious – but the truth is most of his fans (and non-fans alike) will never have that opportunity. These films he’s been doing lately are so small-scale that they’re not very likely to make it to the big screen at your local cinema. It’s a shame too since I have been hearing some positive things about his acting in both Sympathy and The Good Doctor. It seems the only films of his that most critics will have to judge him by are those where he didn’t exactly over-impress them with his talent. I know he’s capable of doing some decent work (Ned Kelly for instance), but very few people ever saw that film.

  • @15

    If all he cared about was box office, then he would have done Prince of Persia.
    He wants to grow as an actor, now. Which is exactly what he is doing. And with all of these smaller films, he will earn the confidence that he needs to get back to feeling like an actor, and not an action star.
    Do I want to see him on the big screen again? Oh hell yeah!
    But I don’t want to see him typecast anymore. Maybe if he does enough small films, more directors and producers will consider him for non-heroic roles.
    He was sooo good as The Stain. Buy the DVD (I am thinking positive thoughts that there WILL be a DVD), for his performance, if nothing else.

  • He’s so hot!

    He was fabulous in Sympathy For Delicious! I’m sorry for those of you that don’t get to see this because I thought it was a very good movie. He chose to do this movie because he didn’t want to be type-cast as the hero any more and he needed something new and different. He WANTED to do something new and different and I don’t blame him. He is making interesting choices and I’m so excited for this new direction his career is taking. The point is he’s making choices that are right for him and if that means he doesn’t have as many fans as he used to than I think he is fine with that. So am I. How popular he is, who he’s married to doesn’t matter a bit to me. I’m still his fan.

  • blockbuster

    Not doing Prince of Persia was not his decision, but Disney’s. I agree with 13. He can be perfect in some movie, but if only few thousand people will see it, it is like he did nothing. What he really need very quickly is one blockbuster. Those independent movies will not bring him far.

  • He’s so hot!

    I couldn’t disagree more. Even if no one sees a movie he is in he still worked on it, learned from it, if he is good then critics and producers or directors will see it and may decide to put him in something with a larger distribution. I think he wants to be a better actor and he will not ever get that chance by doing POTC over and over. Maybe The Hobbit since LOTR are critically acclaimed but the small, independent movies are more likely to get him that IMO.

    I’m glad he didn’t get Prince of Persia. That movie sucked and Jake looked too much like Balian but not as gorgeous.

  • @16

    Pretend that you are Jerry Bruckheimer.
    You are getting ready to shoot a big budget movie where the star has to be handsome, athletic, good with a sword, and believable in period dress.
    Well, gee, you are sitting at the table during POTC filming, and lo and behold, right across the table is the VERY POPULAR actor that personifies action, athleticism, swordplay and costume pieces. An actor who has a proven track record with Disney, and one who has an exception attitude and work ethic, not to mention a huge fanbase.
    Are you saying that Jerry Bruckheimer was not smart enough to offer Orlando the role first? That’s ridiculous.
    They can claim a million times that Jake was their first choice, but no one in their right mind would believe it.
    Orlando turned it down. That’s the only logical answer.
    And about those smaller films “not bringing him far”? That is also ridiculous. They will bring him far as an actor. An actor that he wants to be. He has fame and fortune thanks to the blockbusters that he has already appeared in. I’m looking forward to seeing him in his new small films. Even if I only see them on TV. Sympathy was a wonderful experience for him, and it was a pleasure to be able to see it. I’d see him in a hundred films like that any day before I’d see him in Pirates 4,5, 12, or whatever.

  • hmm

    I wonder if the people complaining that he is only doing smaller films are the same ones that were just a few years ago saying that he should stop doing blockbusters and start doing smaller films to work on his craft.
    Suer sounds like it.

  • BlackPrince

    Why do all these actors ride UJM-looking bikes like Triumph Bonnevilles (Jake Gylenhaal) and Ducati Sport Classic GTs (Orly)? SUCH posemobiles. I guess in Hollywood you can’t really go fast though, but at age 33 I’m still going to be riding a proper sportsbike like my BMW S1000RR, the fastest bike in the world