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Kate Bosworth: 'Black Rock' with Lake Bell!

Kate Bosworth: 'Black Rock' with Lake Bell!

Kate Bosworth will star alongside Lake Bell in the indie thriller Black Rock, according to Variety.

The film chronicles three friends on a weekend getaway to an isolated island, who discover that they are not alone.

“It’s a thriller, something bloody and gory and beautiful,” director Katie Aselton told indieWire earlier this year. “I hope it’s within my wheelhouse but if I feel that it’s beyond me then I’m probably going to call in back up… but it’s definitely going to happen, regardless.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Kate Bosworth’s new movie role?

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  • hi

    Kate is gorgeous!

  • hi

    me first me first yayyyyyyyy

  • Chelsea the bish Handler

    NO I could care less, but I’m sure she is happy to be working again!!!

  • Chelsea the bish Handler


  • jillyro

    Why do they even bother, with these 2 actresses, like to go straight to DVD.

  • o_O

    @Chelsea the bish Handler: do you mean “you couldN’T care less?” Because this is how you express this in English.

  • Jessie

    Wasn’t this announced like 3 days ago Jared? Big deal, it will be another low budget, straight to dvd movie just like BFF and Baby or whatever it’s called now. Ugh!

  • Camille

    Why is it that KB always gets a post shortly behind Alex, or Rachel Bilson for that matter. LOL! I don’t know the answer but it seems to happen a lot on here.

  • NO!!!

    JJ, I’m NOT excited about her new movie role. She can’t act. I’d be more excited if she retired early.

  • Chelsea the bish Handler

    @o_O: bish this is a fricking website, I am a behind a computer screen you anal fuctard, whatever!!! However you would like to take it or receive it, its on you. Crazy azz old bishes.

  • Jennifer

    These two b*tches look like they’ve been “rode hard and put away wet”, scary though on a big screen together.

  • Chelsea the bish Handler

    @o_O: I am not writing a damn term paper or thesis, Apparently the attention you receive awy from the computer or at home is nil. Put your finger in your azz and rotate on it.

  • Better News

    Ryan Kavanaugh is losing control of Reletivity Media due to excessive losses of investors’ funds. Can anyone say “The Warrior’s Way?” Who’s KB gonna get her knees dirty for now?

    Even more interesting are the comments. Birds of a feather do flock together.

  • ih

    she is very average.

  • Gina

    I just read this film is still looking for financing so it can get made.

  • BigJohnson


    This is about the hot Kate Bosworth, why you bring up the vampire man? Kate no like him no more, he make out with black man.

  • Di

    What, no haircuts lately?

  • Jennifer


    Dude, do you even know how to speak proper English? That was a travesty to read. Why not bring him up? Camille made a good point there. Besides, you bring HER up in his posts all the time, so it’s kind of hypocritcal of you to not want the reverse.

  • mais

    does she call paps? she not famous

  • BigJohnson

    What you talking about? Kate is in 90% of vampire guys posts, ofcourse I be there.

  • Camille


    The simple answer is yes, yes she does.

  • Camille


    Uh yeah, you do it when she’s not mention too. Whatever, it’s obvious you just want the attention. No matter, your posts will get buried soon enough.

  • Di

    @ih: From what I can tell, it’s financed for the actual production but they’re trying to raise money for a specific kind of camera they want to purchase and use, to make a better quality film. I actually LIKE the idea for the film, I love that Katie Aselton put herself on the map with her film “The Freebie”. I just wish this one had people I liked in it.

  • Di

    That was supposed to be @Gina’s comment about financing. Don’t know what happened…


    Aren’t low budget slasher films what unknown or failed actors have to do? I’d be so embarrassed to publicize this.

  • Camille


    The story does sound good. Unfortunately with the cast they chose, at least so far, it’s not going to do very well. Hopefully the budge won’t be too big like it was for TWW and they can actually hope to make at least some money, instead of losing tens of millions.

  • Meh

    at least when michael k posts about d-listers, he picks ones with personalities

  • sam

    Is Kate still dating Alexander Skarsgard?

  • sam

    A thumb down for asking a simple question??? Umm…okay.

  • Camille


    I know how you feel. LOL! Honestly I don’t know for sure, but unfortunately, probably.

  • Di

    @sam: People don’t like those names in the same sentence unless the words “breaks up with” is between them. :(

  • chelle

    @Gina: more like begging if it’s same one I saw

  • avoid

    HAHA!! D list celeb does horror flick. So she a star right?! but yet still she is doing this. FAIL!

  • joey

    I could care less is properEnglish. Couldn’t care less is a double negative. learn proper English!

  • hannah2


    HHAhahahah great post

  • Tanter

    Wow, another hit movie for her for sure! Or will it go straight to dvd. Hmm. Hardly surprising but I guess the relationship is working really work for her at this time.

  • Picnik

    Lake Bell is one of the most unattractive actresses in Hollywood today.
    Kate Bosworth is really pretty though.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Excited….no. Happy to sit back and watch both the fur fly and the entertaining comments…. hell yes!

    Pass the peanuts…

  • burnt bacon

    “The film chronicles three friends on a weekend getaway to an isolated island, who discover that they are not alone.”
    Aaaand you’ve just described the plot of pretty much every slasher flick available. Why should I watch this movie when I can go to FearNet on Demand for free?

  • DailyNightly


    Maybe she will be one of the first to meet her demise, perhaps in a really entertaining way…..remember Paris Hilton in that horror flick a few years ago?

  • Michael K

    @DailyNightly Any post that puts Baldy Bosworthless and Wonky McValtrex together gets a “thumbs up” from me. Good on ya!

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    Hey Guys,
    Please don’t give this famewhore any more hits on this post, leave it up to her two fans. Come on over to the Alex post and join our discussion!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Could you be anymore obvious Jared?

  • burnt bacon

    @DailyNightly: Good point!

  • http://none NEWBORNWINGS

    I could care less if I ever saw Kate
    Bosworth in anything again. I seriously
    wonder what is in in for you Jared to post
    things about her at all.

    BTW Whatever happened to the post from April 1
    Alexander finally proposing to her and putting a
    ring on her finger? I copied it that day but cannot
    find it inyour archives anywhere.



    That wasn’t an actual JJ post. Someone photoshopped it as an April Fool’s prank.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    What is in it for JJ is money and the fact he gets to hang around a Z list celebrity. This disgusting famewhore will be in anything that has a script, we thought the cotton commercial was low, next will be a femine hygenie product.

    That is why she makes sure we know all about her negative publicity, becuase anything that keeps her in what she feels relevant is important to her.

    I was waiting to see what was going to go on with her “relationship” with Ryan K, now that he was getting married, but I guess we don’t have to wait that long, since he has pretty much been fired; I guess that is what happens when you put up $45mil for a 3 yr old film, that makes around $9mil and the only reason you do this is because someone is good on their knees.

    At least we know what goes around comes around and she will get hers for using AS the way she did so publicily and for just being the waste of air and space she is.