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Kate Bosworth: Airport Arrival!

Kate Bosworth: Airport Arrival!

Kate Bosworth flashes a smile as she makes her way through the terminal at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday (May 15) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress is currently at work on her new film, Big Sur, also starring Josh Lucas.

The day before, the trailer for Kate‘s new movie, Straw Dogs, was released! Kate stars in the movie alongside boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden.

Earlier this week, Kate teamed up with‘s Jared Eng to raise money for!

FYI: Kate is wearing Joie sandals.

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Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • tami

    Why am I not surprised to see this photos posted here? lol.

  • tami

    Of course I meant “these” photos.

  • Nomore

    I’d love to see something truly original for once on JJ, like everybody (me included after this post) who dislikes her not give her any attention. For once I’d like not to see this fame!ho at the top of the page or having 140 messages in her posts, because we all talk about how much we dislike her. Seriously, if we ignore it and don’t give her/jj the attention the so desperately are looking for by not reacting period to her post, maybe they’ll learn that we don’t appreciate the blatant bs. If you just have to leave a comment, go leave on at one of her old post, just my humble opinion. Seriously they need to learn that negative attention isn’t a good thing.


    Funny that JJ needed me to post the link to do a new post. What do you people actually do?
    I think it’s too funny that she’s got that sh*t eating grin because the PAYpaparzzi is taking her picture. The most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.

  • heartless

    Is anyone else getting extremely tired of seeing her? GO AWAY. She has no relevance. She’s a sh*t jewelry designer and actress and on’t even get me started on her “acting career.”

  • Beige

    If she gave off the tiniest scent of talent or integrity, this would all stop. Instead, she’s about as subtle as a dog pi$$ing on a flipping fire hydrant.

  • no

    She looks so old!

  • Lola

    does she actually do anything? her and racchel bilson are always on this site but they dont even really act anymore. WTF

  • Lola

    i ment Rachel bilson*

  • Famewhore

    nuff said…

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    Like someone said before, don’t give this famewhore’s post any hits, leave it up to her two fans. Come on over to this post.

    And tell the world how you feel about this piece of trash~!

  • Wow

    She looks kinda old lady-ish in these pics. Look at those sticks, I mean legs! Why is she so happy? Is it cuz she is getting her picture taken? Oh look, she reads too!

  • Shanonn

    i see that jared is back to calling alex her boyfriend. i thought maybe for a second, there was a chance he dropped her & actually got his credibility back. i guess not.



    Does Alex know he’s her bf?

  • Shannon

    @MERRICK: look, i dont like them as a couple any more than you do. but they’ve been seen together for the past 2 yrs. occam’s razor and all that.



    So have he and Keith.

  • Rachel()

    Right now Kate is kicking herself for not having her book turned around and thinking “Now how am I gonna convince them I’m not a moron?”. I bet it’s another one of AS’s faves that she’s pretending to like.
    Man I hope I meet her someday. Oh the conversations we could have about literature!…and man trapping!

    She looks pretty good in this pic. I’ve been saying she would look better in clothes that cover her whole body, and glasses that cover half her face! The outfits not bad either.

  • Shannon

    ok then, continue living in denial. but hey, who knows. maybe skars is bi. why not?



    So have he and Keith. In fact Keith was in Sweden for the holidays, 2009… 6 months before KB.. KB has never been there for the holidays. He took Keith to see the Swedish band Movits and is on video laughing and very relaxed. Shall I go on? Whatever they have going , if any man treated me like that and never confirmed that I was his gf, I wouldn’t be with him.
    Two years? What calender are you following? Is it some kind of new math? LINKS please.



    No one is in denial. It’s just like she’s the booty call that won’t let go. He treats her like a convenient FWB not a gf. We all knew that there is a BIG PR element in the whatever and knew we would be getting more of the nomance with Straw Dogs coming out.
    You seem invested in pushing the gf thing…we’ve all been here and know the crapfest for what it is. No one needs a tutorial on the whatever.

  • JEN

    Okay please tell me she went blind and that is why she’s wearing sunglasses indoors. Otherwise there is no earthly excuse for that outfit. I mean what in gods name…style icon my a ss. Homeless people have more style.

  • Shannon

    @MERRICK: oh sorry, *almost* 2 years. im not saying hes winning a bf award, but celebs do date for a while w/o confirming anything. has anyone recently even asked him if he was seeing her?if not, then who’s to say they arent together? all this “he said he was single!” was like from 2009. and you’re basically making it seem like he’s in a relationship with this keith person. but like i said, he might be. no one knows anything, so please quit acting like you are so privy to alex’s personal life. all you can do is speculate like the rest of us, & since nothing is set in stone, we all have different interpretations of what their relationship entails. stop bullying others for not agreeing with you or saying what you dont wanna hear. i also want to reiterate that im not a kate fan, so you dont try & label me a stan.



    Privy? Not even close but you however always need to bring up the nomance. Invested much?



    As for two years that would means she was wh*ring around with Kavanaugh, James Rousseau, Chris Martin and Skars. Talk about your sloppy 4ths. According to JJ she and Rousseau were still on/off as of December 2009. Are you saying that JJ is not Bible?

  • JEN

    God if I saw her at LAX, nothing could stop me from yelling out “WHY ARE YOU SUCH A FAMEWH0RE?”. It would be like a knee-jerk reaction. I bet it would wipe that s hit eating grin right off her face.
    Actually I can think of a few others


  • JB


    Perhaps KB has some deal with JJ where he has to list her most recent hookup/boyfriend until she finds another one so that she never looks man-less?

  • Nia

    why is everyone so mean to her? I mean the last I remember she did superman, then dated bloom, and now everyone hates her? did something happen?

    you know that the site posts because you comment, right? like if you really don’t care, you wouldn’t even look at her posting.

  • Fishing lure

    Resta fermo, nascosto dietro il masso, mi han detto,This is absolutely

    gold. I did not expect that I’d get so much out of reading your write up!

    You’ve just earned yourself a returning visitor

  • avoid

    Why does she always look like a sun dried tomato, she never looks evenly tan just really sun burn. Maybe that’s why she is smiling like this her brain is short circuit from being fried. She looks really really, really skinny here, her smiling this hard makes me think she is pretending everything is okay when it truly isn’t I guess we should see, since JJ post everything he can about these 2 losers.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Looking good Kate! NOT!!!!!!

  • someone

    she is beautiful, she looks great and I love her style, including those”filthy boots”…and she has a great man….i can smell envy

  • Tanter

    She’s a true Monet – from afar she doesn’t look that bad here – except for the obvious happiness at being paped – but looking closer :YIKES! Has she heard of SPF?? How old is she? She looks very thin, red, blotchy and old. Yikes.

  • Randela


    You are totally lying. Alex never took Keith to Sweden for the holidays. A video did surface showing Alex and Keith in a Movits video. This was clearly filmed in Hollywood after the Movits did a show there. Please do not twist the facts.



    Really? Looks like Keith from behind. Apparently I got my dates wrong, it was October not December, seven months before KB went to Sweden. It either means that Keith and AS are more than friends or taking people back to Sweden is no big deal to him. Can’t have it both ways. So for all the people who said that KB going to Sweden meant something, then I guess Keith being there also means something. Personally, I think he’s just a very laid back person who would take just about anyone he liked back to see his hometown.

  • Canuck

    @MERRICK: That could be just about anybody, and that person may not even be at that game with him. It’s not as if there are no black people in Sweden.

  • Sunglasses

    JEN – and what is wrong with wearing Sunglasses indoors? lol



    Sorry, have very close knowledge of of many different kinds of people…if you really want to blow it up it’s the same shade and au naturel hair that Keith has. Btw,one of the production team of OM Sara was black…so yeah, I know they’re many black people in Sweden. I know from personal knowledge and professional knowledge that people except identical twins, triplets,quads and very close family members most people don’t look alike. As matter of fact I have a keen interest in anthropology and in general am fascinated by people. I daresay since I have friends and family from all walks of life. I have a tendency to observe people. Blow up the picture…look at the hair and the jaw… unless Skars just happen to know several black men that look like that….it’s Keith. No big deal he took his bud to Sweden.
    Just so you know what my views are, this is how I was raised and raised my children. This made a very big difference in how I view people and has stayed with me all my life.

    Btw, had both black and white boyfriends…let me tell you very few black men walk around with their hair like that.

  • ladybug

    Does this mean she’s back in LA and we can expect shots of her shopping/’reading’/going to the salon/intimate dinner for 20 with AS?
    At least she’s not wearing the boots.

  • Canuck

    @MERRICK: I lived in Africa for over a decade. Like you, I’m perfectly aware that most people don’t look alike and can visually tell the difference between a fair number of the West African tribes, those that I’ve been exposed to at least. As for the hair, what is the norm in one country is not necessarily the norm in another. You see black men with that sort of hair all the time in Europe. That guy looks heavier to me than the gent AS was having lunch with the other day but of course weight can change. As for the jaw line, it’s a little hard to tell as it’s in shadow. Could be him, could very well be some random fan who was going back to his seat, that’s all I’m saying.

    However, I would think that if it was cold enough for AS to need a jacket and a hat to watch the game in October, a friend from sunny LA would not be running around in only a t-shirt. He’s dressed like a local who is used to the weather would be, as you can see from the people behind AS.

  • Tiffany

    @Canuck: That is Keith and everyone has agreed it is Keith way before they knew Keith’s real name. It’s never been in dispute. You can also compare that pic with the first pics of Keith having lunch with Alex at Joan’s. It’s the same guy, but like I said, it’s never been in despite until you decided to play devil’s advocate so… By the way, Alex is the only one wearing a beanie and a jacket in that pic and he’s a local. Shouldn’t he be use to the weather?



    Everyone else beside Skars is in short sleeves. Are you saying that the Skars became so acclimatized to LA that he needed long sleeves unlike
    other Swedes? I would think that would be unlikely since he goes home on a regular basis. Btw, I sometimes just wear jackets because I’m lazy despite how hot it is.

  • Canuck

    @MERRICK: I change countries every few years or so and I either freeze my butt off or roast to death for the first year. So yes, you do acclimatize, takes about a year or so.



    Some people see what they want to see. It’s funny that their rules are situational, unlike the rest of us that have the same rules apply to everyone.

  • Hmm

    Are people seriously thinking that wasn’t Keith in those pics? Get some glasses (yep, am looking at you @Canuck). And when others (Nia) wonder why some of us can’t stand Kate, in addition to being such a fameho and bad actress, this is a good example. We’re worshipping or admiring someone who clearly has an eating disorder? Look how damn thin she is in these pics. That is clearly wrong. No wonder her looks have gone downhill in the last couple of years, she’s killing them with the food thing alone.

  • Canuck

    @MERRICK: LOL, yes they do, don’t they?

  • Canuck

    @Hmm: I’m merely questioning the assumption that it is, based on a photo of someone taken from the back. As you can see, I’ve said above that it may well be him, but it may well also not be him. No more, no less.

  • Whatever

    JJ, why did you not post the pic with the trolley and the good view on her large purse… it looks too staged even for your site, doesn’t it?

  • Samantha

    I’m lost, is he really gay or is just bad to fo with your buddies to another country…anyway this is a KB threat sooo

  • jessa

    her and k dunst looking old.
    dunno what it is once they hit their
    late 20s going into 30s.
    i think the uber-blondness washes them out
    and ages them.
    you can see the lines more. something.