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Kate Bosworth: 'Fairytale' with Kiefer Sutherland!

Kate Bosworth: 'Fairytale' with Kiefer Sutherland!

Kate Bosworth leaves one of her favorite eateries, Joan’s on Third, after having lunch with a pal on Monday (May 16) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 28-year-old actress flew into LAX Airport after working on her new film, Big Sur.

Kate has also signed on to star in Fairytale of New York opposite Kiefer Sutherland.

The love story centers around an Irish standup comic (Sutherland) who meets an American woman (Bosworth) in a NY art gallery while on tour, THR reports.

Kate also recently landed a role in the indie thriller Black Rock along with Lake Bell.

FYI: Kate is wearing MiH‘s London Boy Cropped Jeans.

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Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • Famewhore

    Hey, JJ, please stop making “crappy” posts about this nobody.

  • tami

    *Yawn* Another paid post by Kate.

  • Knife the Mack

    I love Kate ‘Straight to DVD’ Bosworth!

  • Dieter

    Jared – could you please ensure to post a pic of Kate’s gorgeous behind !!!! I totally love the full round butt of hers !!!!

  • Samantha

    Oh great, she’s so sunburn!!

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    Could you call me “crappy face” too?

    1Pelham_123 you’re my hero<3

  • JC


    Me too. She has such a nice body. She doesn’t look unhealthy at all with the skeleton face, bony arms, and mosquito bite boobs.

  • P

    I can’t believe she is getting jobs left and right. The Skarsworth showmance sure benefits her while totally tanked ALex’s.

  • Holic

    And gosh, the girl can’t play ! So, if she’s not an actress, a singer, a model, what is she ? A FAMEWHORE ! YEAH THAT’S IT !
    Even I could be more emotional in a film talking about puppies being raped by a giant squirrel in Ireland.

  • hungry much

    still looks like she is starving. Air is NOT that filling and belts just keeps the pants up it doesn’t hide the lie.

  • Mischief

    Give her a one way ticket to Antarctica!

  • Fugly Shoes

    OMG she gave up the stinky boots for a pair of the most fugly shoes I have ever seen!!!! LOL

  • Mischief

    The only thing that is sexy about Kate Bosworth is her boyfriend.

  • Sabrina

    @Fugly Shoes: I know, they’re hideous, right?! Not to mention the salmon colored sweater. Her entire outfit looks very 1980′s and that is certainly not a good thing.

  • JB

    Ha HA! She’s stalking Askars now: She went to Joan’s, and he wasn’t there!

  • miss v

    Bosworth is Boobless.

  • lol

    Kate ” I got one hand in my pocket and the other down my throat”!

    Kate your almost 30 not turning 20 grow the F up poser

  • Kelly

    @Mischief: #13

  • chelle

    I’m waiting on her twig legs to spontaneously snap in 12 places while she walks. I think I would pay money for that shot!

  • chelle

    Oh yeah and the crapmint tampons she will model ……

  • ladybug

    The airport outfit was actually sort of cute. This is just all sorts of wrong. And it looks like she had her roots done, though not very well,

  • smile

    Kate and Gwyneth are bad. They’re so annoying and they don’t have talent.
    Two annoying womens

  • ladybug

    @Mischief: No! What did the penguins ever do to you?

  • there we go again…

    She is the only actress that promote herself in gossip website , having picture taken every single day. She doesn’t do nothing else in life..besides her costumes jelwery made in china ..
    She is ugly , an attrative, horrible body.worst …getting old.acting like and dressing like 15 years old…poor woman.

  • otto

    God Bless her and that fake “I wish I was in Cannes, but ill never let you know it ” smile! You know deep down she is soooooo pissed:(

  • cxc

    Who wears sweaters in the middle of May? What an idiot!

  • Hmm

    People, buckle up. It will be an endless parade of this until this d*mn movie gets released. It is blatantly clear that Jared is in her and JMint’s pocket and she has a deal with him to cover her every waking moment. I think I’m gonna start a blog from the perspective of those stinky boots or these awful shoes – because the pain of having to hang with this famewh*re must be good fodder indeed.

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @Hmm: Oooh, start a twitter, they have Askars peen so why not Kate’s foot stank?

  • AG

    That is truly and disgustingly eighties..she must be smiling because she can’t believe she’s convinced people that she’s all about style etc. I wouldn’t set foot outside my front door wearing that. I suppose that’s what happens when you truly don’t have any real friends to tell you to your face (politely) that maybe that look is about at cute/sexy as a fat sweaty balding man…peeing in an alley

  • Boyd

    She’s glowing – a happy, healthy, gorgeous young woman! She’s adorable!

  • @cxc

    Considering the high was in the mid 60s in LA today, it makes sense Kate was wearing a sweater. You’re an idiot!

  • chauncy

    Kate looks fantastic. Love her.

  • Hmm

    @it’smeagainmargaret: But who would reply to me? Probably only Jared. And he might call me crappy too, sigh. And yay, jumpyclaps, the stans are here to defend her undernourished half-starved self as “fantastic”. Thank god the young women of America are safe from your ministrations if we just lock you up here and TFS.

  • Jessie

    Mid 60′s isn’t that cold, but it’s probably a thin sweater. She looks retarded either way. Her jeans are brutal and those shoes are fugly as hell! She also has a weird smile too. It’s like she’s got buck teeth, but not really.

  • Shannon



  • http://viking65 mforman

    JJ how much money is finally enough, that you stop selling your soul. Besides money what does this disgusting, usless, famewhore offer you, I really just don’t get it.

    @therewegoagain–you are so right about everything you said. You can not say one positive thing about her. This girl has been in this business for over 10yrs and only has friends that are on her payroll, can only get work by getting the hottest, most talented guy in HW to sign a contract to fake a showmance, to make her relevant. I can not even think of what she is, there are only nasty words to describe her and they all should have her photo by them in the dictionary.

    I have said it before, she is definitely in her stalking phase now; she has all ready lost an unhealthy amount of weight, had another procedure done to her face (that is why it is so red and swollen), ran to France hoping that AS would go and she could make herself look important, and the best yet, the babysitter, which this time was mommy.

    We can only hope that her little run of movie roles will dry up, once SD bombs because of her and it will, because AS and JM have real talent. Once that happens we will see her doing femine hygenie product commercials, because her cotton commercial was such a huge hit. I just keep thinking what goes around comes around and she has been around and done too many things to good people for them to go ignored anymore, especially since she lost her own little wizard Ryan K, by him getting so demoted it is really a firing, so she has no more protection.

    AS is sooo talented and sooo well liked by all that work with him, he will come out of this fine and do just great. He is a talent that HW needs and deserves.

  • Foofa

    speaking of her cotton commerical, is it still airing? i havent seen it in a while & and i watch a lot of tv.

    also, this girl needs sunblock like yesterday. you live in la where the sun shines. miss princeton intellectual book reader of america should know this :P

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @Foofa: I have never seen her commercial and I was actually watching for it. Yeah to make fun of it but still, I wonder if they pulled it already?

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @mforman: Hey, she could be spokeswoman for a new all purpose feminine hygiene spray! It would cover her barftastic breath, the foot stank and the pungent odor of her diseased snatch. They could call it “SPRUNT*” for all your odor covering needs!! What do you think?

    *thanks SNL, that still makes me laugh.

  • Rachel()

    I don’t know why, but she’s making me think of Saved By the Bell. Except Kelly Kapowski wouldn’t have been caught dead in those shoes….even in the 90s.

    Anyone have any clue why she wouldn’t go to Cannes? If she’s on the list to parties she had to have been invited to them. Is she filming or something? Seems like she would rather be papped at parties instead of at the airport and Joan’s. I thought she was a “serious actress” who was really into films. She’s too much of a famewhore to pass this up for no reason. Perhaps stalking AS now takes priority over papping it up?

  • heartless

    That outfit makes her look so old. And those shoes. *GAGS*

  • heartless

    And I love how the ad on the side of the page is Chelsea Handler saying “I can’t help it some people are stupid.”

  • Whatever

    @Rachel(): Maybe Lainey wasn’t completely wrong after all… getting on the Cannes party lists and all but then the unfortunate no-Askars-show thus she returns and surprise, surprise hangs out at Joans just a day later. Just sayin’….

  • Tired
  • …..

    she is lovely, and the sneakers, isabel marant sneakers , are just as gorgeous as her,bunch of ignorant haters


    JJ removed my post!!! Here it is again.
    I love that the vapid people at some fashion site still ascribe to the notion that people “hate” Kate because of who she’s dating not because she:
    -Uses her whatever with Skars for publicity.
    -Bailed on a charity for foster kids to pose topless in Mexico.
    -Calls paps on herself and obviously has an arrangement with JJ .
    -Comes across as a pretentious, unoriginal moron in all her interviews.
    -Usually looks drunk/cranked at social events.
    -An untalented famewh*re who owes her roles to the men she’s associated with. The only roles that she’s gotten on her own are with unknown , inexperienced directors.
    -Likes to climb other women’s men,notably Chris Martin, that why she’s been GOOPed and has not been invited to any recent major social event. There is no any reason for her absence from these events she previously attended, especially since she needs the exposure for herself and Tackymint.
    People should stop ascribing their own juvenile mentalities to other people. Then again, these are people who think that the crappy clothes she wears are brilliant, stylish and awe inspiring. These people actual think that buying over priced “designer” clothing that can be found at any Old Navy makes sense. Makes sense that they revere someone like KB.

  • danielik25

    Kiefer with Alex in Melancholia, Kate with Kiefer now? Is it an accident? BTW her films are good only for her portfolio, not for audience…

  • Ella

    I don’t care if they’re designer, those shoes are disgusting and need to be thrown in the rubbish bin with those nasty ankle boots she’s been sporting the last couple years. For someone who thinks of herself as a ‘fashion icon,’ she certainly has no style whatsoever.

  • darcy

    She looks fantastic! I love her outfit. She isn’t wearing any makeup and she still looks gorgeous. Only natural beauties can get away with that!

  • Rachel()

    @…..: I agree. The sneakers are about as attractive as Kate.