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Sophia Bush & Lindsay Lohan: DeLeon Duo

Sophia Bush & Lindsay Lohan: DeLeon Duo

Sophia Bush joins her One Tree Hill co-star (and real-life boyfriend) Austin Nichols for The DeLeon Tequila Two Year Anniversary held at the exclusive Chateau Marmont on Sunday (May 15) in Los Angeles.

Lindsay Lohan was also in the house celebrating the occasion with Marilyn Manson. Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend, stylist Karolyn Pho, were spotted making out on one of the patio benches.

Also spotted in the crowd watching The Kills‘ performance: Dianna Agron, Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix, Jessica Szohr, Sebastian Stan, Adrian Grenier, Chris Masterson, Emma Roberts, Erin Heatherton, Jamie Chung, Kings of Leon‘s Jared Followill (with pal Douglas Chabbott), Jason Ritter, Justin Chatwin, Mischa Barton, Riley Keough (with pal Daveigh Chase), Ryan Phillippe, Shenae Grimes, Stephen Colletti, Zelda Williams, and Lyndsy Fonseca.

FYI: Sophia is wearing a Dannijo “Zarna” necklace.

10+ pictures inside of DeLeon’s Two Year Anniversary Bash…

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  • Jack Easton

    Sophia, Emma and Mischa are lovely, gorgeous, stunning and beautiful.

  • miss infamous

    Lindsay and Marilyn Manson both look like they rose from the dead

  • Wes

    Sophia and Shenae are my favs!

  • party

    Marilyn manson where have u been? i miss your dark music.

  • Sun

    paris hilton and shia labeouf should hook up.




  • Anna

    ohhhh, so paps took pictures of a bunch of nobodies yet they didnt take the golden shot of shia labeouf kissing that girl? Yeah, I’m callin bs on that one. You’re the only site to even mention they were there yet you have no proof.

  • Diva

    Sophia and Austin are the biggest famewhores. These two clowns are so pathetic it’s hilarious. And they can’t dress for shit.

  • ….

    Sophie’s man looks like Butt-Head. His forehead is huge.

  • Alex

    @Diva: You’re pathetic for making a comment like that, stupid hater!!!

  • AAAAa

    Manson is the best here!

  • amy

    Marilyn should do a song with Adam Lambert. That would be epic!!!

  • raggedyanni

    “Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend, stylist Karolyn Pho, were spotted making out on one of the patio benches.”

    Aaron Yoo was there, too. Disturbia reunion! :)

  • Jenna

    They are one of Hollywood’s most BEAUTIFUL couples!!
    Glad to see them so happy with one another!!

  • Alex

    @Jenna: @Jenna: @<a Agree Jenna, They’re so cute together!!! :)

  • PCS

    If my name was Shia La Beouf I would kill myself.

  • Bopp

    Isn’t it funny that by looks you’d be more afraid of Marilyn and immediately judge him as being an insane nutcase….when really Lindsay is the one who is a nut job who is a danger to society with her multiple DUI’s. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

  • blah blah

    Lindsay and Shia were there and the first name they mention is Sophia Bush?

    ROTFLROTFL. She is beyond D lister and you mention her, the biggest nobody? The leech? The media whore.

  • Misha

    @blah blah:
    Maybe that fact alone should make you shut the f*ck up and realize that Sophia Bush is one hott siren. The woman has countless fans all over the world who are always constantly declaring their love and admiration for her and is known by almost all of Hollywood including the media as well. Accept it. ;)

  • Baci


    Yes just like Paris Hilton, the Kardashians….known for looks and body but absolutely no talent. If that is what she aspires too than good for her and she claims to be above all that!! First off that makes it sound like real shallow comment that she should be known for her looks when other actresses are getting recognized for the body of work they produce and their talent in the business. Looks can only get you so far, she is missing the talent!!

  • Rachel

    Austin always looks retarded! And Sophia is starting to look like an old hag.

  • Katie

    Oh Baci, why are you so, so, so, very retarded???Lmao
    I have NEVER to this day, have seen a hater dedicate so much of their time and energy on a person that they supposedly seem to hate. Every time I see another one of your lameass, pathetic posts, the words “PSYCHO,” “IDIOT,” “DESPERATE,” OBSESSED,” “STALKER,”(I’m sure you get the picture) always seem come to mind.
    Keep doing your thing bitch. It just makes us all laugh. Not to mention your idiotic comments always seem to boost the post count on every single one of her posts om JJ, hence, why Jared continues to post so much about her. Which also exactly why the title of this entry begins with her name as well. ;)

  • Gina

    If thats what an “old hag” looks like, then I along with millions of other girls around the world want to look like old hags too. Why? Cause the woman is tooooooooooooo f*cking beautiful and sexy.

  • Alex

    @Rachel: No, maybe you look that way. Shut the *beep* up, stupid troll!!

  • Sarahb

    They scraped the bottom of the barrel to dig up this group. The VERY bottom.

  • ….

    Austin will never find a job if it’s not for his gf’s contacts. Such a loser. I bet she signed for another season just to keep him employed

  • Baci


    I am the retard!! You’re the one who stalks me apparently and keeps up with my post and is rambling on and on and getting so worked up over a celebrity! Now either you are Sophia or a close friend of hers which might explain your rage, but if you are one of her crazy stalker fans, than that my dear is pathetic and “retarded”.

  • Katie

    I had a feeling your crazy a$$ would reply back with such a retarded comment. I’ve seen you try and “defend” yourself before every time someone rips into your sorry a$$.
    But here’s the thing b*cth. Hate to burst your little bubble, but HELL NO-I DON’T stalk your psycho a$$. I know about you, because fans are CONSTANTLY laughing at you and this obsessiveness you seem to have with Sophia…..although you claim to not “like” her.LMAO
    We all know who you DO like and its clear to most of us by now that this hatred that you spew out of your moth is simply due to the fact that NO ONE gives two sh*ts about people YOU like on OTH(or who used to be on OTH until they were fired.LOL) which is why you just can’t seem to stand the fact that Sophia is the MOST recognized person on OTH by BOTH the media and fans alike.
    I admit—I frequent every one of Sophia’s enteries on JJ. Your tiny brain may be wondering why. Its simply because I’m a FAN, A HUGE FAN of hers and always have been. Which is why I read ALL of the enteries that are always being made by Jared about her on his website and yeah, I read the comments too. But whats your excuse?? I just find it hilarious that you make it a point to post something in a new entry about SB EVERY, SINGLE time(even though you claim to not like her) and then you have the f*cking audacity to come back OVER and OVER again and pick fights with fans every time one of them tells you to SHUT THE F*CK UP. So thats what I call stalkerish you b*tch because no one is more stalkerish when it comes to SB then YOU. You give the phraise “Haters are your biggest fans” a whole new meaning.Lol
    PS…..NO, I’m not related to Sophia and nor am I SB either……however, I DO wish I was her. ;)

  • Terri

    I heard the CW is starting a new show called H8R’S/Haters. They bring on celebrities and their biggest haters. I think we should start a petition to get Cali/Baci on with Sophia! Let’s see what Cali is all about for everyone to see.

  • IM5688

    I think LiLo and Charlie Sheen should get together….maybe they can form a “has-been” Hall of Fame.

  • sak

    Sophia’s haters and fans are wackjobs alike. She’s so irrelevant she’s not even worth all this fighting. I came in here to see something on Shia who is actually relevant and all I see is this crap. Go to the psych wards.

  • Carrie

    Just because you may think someone is irrelevant doesn’t mean the rest of the world does too. I personally think Shia LaBeouf and some others mentioned above are irrelevant and I only came in here to read the news about Sophia Bush. It’s a difference of opinion so instead of bashing others and the way they think (which is completely immature and just plain childish), don’t tell others who to like or not to like especially if they’re being nice in their comments. Whereas, comments like the one right above me is obviously made by a very narrowed minded person.
    Any ways, I came in here to read the piece about Sophia and I just wanted to say that I I think she looks stunning and flawless. Austin looks pretty fine and handsome too. Period.

  • ho

    who the eff is sophia bush?? shes not even a blip in the hollywood radar.

  • LOL

    katie.. you could be one of the most pathetic people on the face of this earth.. face it> that Sofia chick is in fact a nobody and shes just average looking with not too much talent.. Just because you have some bizarre fetish with her doesnt make it normal, or right.

  • Katie

    Are you f*cking stupid??????????
    No wait……let me repraise that—–”Do YOU think everyone else is stupid??????
    You think by now, none of us know that its the SAME 2/3 LOSERS who come here EVERY single time Jared posts something new about Sophia and say then proceed to say the stupidist sh*t about her. You’re a troll. Face it sweetheart, it’d make your life a lot easier. Remember the first step to realizing you have a problem is to admit it!
    You want to talk about pathetic?? Have you considered looking in the mirror? Because I guarentee that the reflection staring right back at you would that of someone who is f*cked up and obsessed beyond belief. It makes me laugh when these handful of NO-LIFE losers go on to say “Sophia is a nobody” and use then use that as their argument to make themselves feel better. Really?? Because what I wanna know is, where the f*ck have you losers been living for the past few years?? Just because the person you happen to like on OTH isn’t nearly as famous as Sophia is, doesn’t mean you should go around tearing into Sophia to make yourselves feel better because NOTHING is more pathetic than that. You claim that Sophia is a “nobody” and then yet proceed to go around saying how “great” Joy is or Hilarie is or Chad is and thats just laughable.
    The FACTS are that Sophia IS quite famous.
    She’s popular among the media AND among the fans.
    She has a HUGE dedicated fanbase as seen by her twitter following which is more than a quarter of a million(like someone pointed out) and it continues to grow each and every single day.
    Her fans are diehard fans and shower her with the utmost love and respect.
    And anyone who says she is “average” looking should seriously consider seeking therapy seeing as how Sophia has made several “beautiful women” lists throughout the years and is on the “sexiest women list” in most men’s minds.
    Do I have a bizarre fetish with her? No. Although its quite normal for haters to think think that way everytime they see the rest of the world disagrees with their opinions. So they simply chalk it up to being “crazy” or “obsessed.”
    But the way I see it, just because you really like an actress or actor and follow their career or speak up every time time a hater decides to spew mindless sh*t, doesn’t make a person “bizarre” or “crazy.” No. It just makes them a fan. However, its the haters who desperately need help. Especially when they make it their business to post crap about someone they supposedly don’t even like. One would think you’d have better things to do than that. Unless you live an incredibly dull and meaningless life….because then that would explain a lot.Lmao

  • ho

    what the eff is one tree hill? nobody watches that crap show.

  • Cool

    Maybe if u bothered turning on the tv, you’d know. Or maybe if you paid any attention to the internet, you’d know then too. After all, the show is famous all around everywhere for being among the longest running shows on television.

  • artemesia

    Haven’t seen a pic of “Marilyn Manson”: for some time now. So can’t tell if this is still true. I just think the different colored eyes schtick is rather pompous and tiring. Besides I feel it makes fun of people with heterochromia. This codition can be linked to deafness.