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Vanessa Hudgens Enters The VIP Room

Vanessa Hudgens Enters The VIP Room

Vanessa Hudgens arrives at the nightclub The VIP Room but leaves within the hour on Sunday (May 15) in Cannes, France.

The 22-year-old actress went out for the fourth night in a row while at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Earlier that day, Vanessa attended the Art Of Elysium 3rd Annual Paradis Event with Selita Ebanks.

Also over the weekend, Vanessa attended the Finch’s Quarterly Dinner with Mia Wasikowska.

On Friday, Vanessa celebrated the European launch of Belvedere Red at the VIP Room Famous Club.

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vanessa hudgens enters the vip room 01
vanessa hudgens enters the vip room 02
vanessa hudgens enters the vip room 03
vanessa hudgens enters the vip room 04
vanessa hudgens enters the vip room 05
vanessa hudgens enters the vip room 06

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  • Celia

    What is she wearing? Looks terrible.

  • mars

    she is partying a lot now…single girl

  • smile

    She’s beautiful but annoying and not good outfit

  • Luvu2

    Jared there were much nicer pictures of Vanessa at this event but you seem to always want to pick the worse of the lot. She still looks stunning but you can tell it’s the end of the night and she has her wrap on which takes away from the dress.

  • zac-is-wack

    very pretty

  • JC

    Professional party girl. Hang out at Cannes when you have a movie there.

  • peggy



    She presented the Women in Independent film award to Rosario Dawson won of this years honorees.

    She attended At the the 3rd Annual Finch’s Quarterly Review Filmmakers r honoring Oscar-winning British film producer Jeremy Thomas, who is founder of the Recorded Picture Company. He was the producer of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor,

    She attended the CAA event – her new agency

    She also attended The Art of Elysium event honoring Variety’s Showman of the Year Ryan Kavanaugh (CEO of Relativity Media)

    She did attend the Belecedere Red and Red Granite parties attended by Jamie Fox, Bradley Cooper, Leo and every other A lister it seems. Vanessa didn’t accept her invitation to Cannes to mindlessly party.

  • nkenk

    @JC: I love when people like you say she’s partying all the time after four parties and then when they show pics of her working you guys say she can’t act and she shouldn’t be acting.

  • zac-is-wack

    she’s come full circle after that doomed relationship with that ninja. hope she does more and better films and start a happier life in nyc with josh or whoever that’s not a cheater.

  • JC


    I’ve already read this post already somewhere else. She’s all over Coachella trying to get her face in pictures and now she’s at Cannes doing the same thing. She wants to be a cool A-lister without the body of work. Her movies have been disappointments. Especially Sucker Punch. If she wants to shed her Disney image she needs to do it through her work. The world doesn’t need another Kim Kardashian showing up wherever the camera is. I don’t care what party she’s at with who. It doesn’t make her a respectable actress which she desperately wants to be.

  • gracemarie

    She attended an event (SHE WAS INVITED TOO) every night of her 4 nights in Cannes just like EVERYONE ELSE in Cannes.

    Jared you said you were in it to encourage but you lied in that article.

    You were trying to infer something about Vanessa and leave an impression that is completely false hoping your readers were too stupid to look up the facts.

  • m

    Well she indeed has been partying. Daily mail has a post abt her partying fourth consecutive night.Going to cannes is fine but making headlines for partying there is of no use.

  • peggy


    Your only making yourself look like a big jackass.

    She had 2 movies open this year and the promo tour involved, she is the face of Candies, has been on numerous covers and got an invitation to Cannes and was named one of Forbes Breakout Actresses of 2011. And now the new agency and movie.

    So it seems actual movie industry has an opinion different then yours,

    And the Kim Kardashian reference would be funny if it wasn’t pathetic.

    You’re just another hater sooner or later you show your true colors.. .

  • gracemarie


    She didnt make any headlines for partying so at least don’t lie and she attended some rather prestigious events. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AT CANNES

  • joe

    @zac-is-wack: why can’t morons like u ever forget her relationship and concentrate on the post in hand without disrespecting her 5 year relationship about which she has always talked positively.

  • kami

    what a lot of ppl on here don’t seem to know or won’t admit, vanessa was invited to all these very prestigious events at cannes. her manager was with her. so stop the jealous hate filled comments about all she does is party. it is an honor to be invited to cannes. all you haters who live in glass houses stop throwing stones. get your facts right and get a life so you aren’t so consumed with hate for this girl.

  • JC

    @peggy: No I can just see right through her game. It’s all about creating the perception that she is a big deal instead of doing the work that makes her a big deal, This is how she wants to get work, by creating a perception. Where is Jennifer Lawrence, Where is Mila Kunis and the other up and coming actresses? Oh yeah, they’re working. They don’t have time to go to France and do nothing. Especially when they have no movie there. They are good actresses building their good names by doing good work. Hudgens wants to take the easy way. Another actress who has time to go to Cannes and just hang out because better actresses are getting the good roles.

  • mykamicks

    Invitiaions, functions, events, partying , winding in a formal o casual events with or without friends , family or even her eentourage, it doesnt matter. She is a celebrity, an actress and its part of her life routine.

    I find no problem about her, unless some else doesnt like her, make some loopholes on her actvities everytime.. . Back off…

    As usual she is stunning with her dress.

  • peggy


    And I see you game a baloney artist. You just want for someone to pay you some attention cause with each post your sound more pathetic..

    Doing Nothing??? LMAO lets see now , Rent, Beastly, Sucker Punch, J2, training with Navy Seals, Neutrogena ambassador, Candies spokesperson, Mag covers, interviews and that’s in the past 12 MONTHS

    And since you’ve decided to be a complete jerk I will remind you Vanessa was only in Cannes (which she was invited too) for four days and is now in NY doing prep for Gimme Shelter..

    So spare me you nonsense I guess Angelina Joile, Leo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper etc. are all talentless do nothings cause they were at Cannes to without a movie

  • jesi

    @JC: I agree and disagree, well magazine cover shoots and invitation to cannes is not going to help her career. Models do magazine shoot and a lot of wannabes get invited to cannes bcoz the good and renowned actors are too busy with their filming schedule. Well i won’t say she is a wannabe because she comes from a popular franchise like hsm but her post hsm career hasn’t been good. Beastly has a mere 17 % on RT and has the opening line badly acted and poorly misguided and Sp is a little better with 22% on RT. Well i guess the new indie role could be a breakout for her . She needs a little time and can do good.

  • myopiniontoo

    totally immature comment – good thing it’s just a matter of opinion, not based on facts. Remember, whatever comes out of ones heart, comes out of the mouth. Even a miniscule amount of hate can spit out fire in ones mouth. In my opinion, Vanessa gets a lot of attention and/or write-ups (regardless of whether it’s made up or not) from the media because she is plain and simple popular. Say if she’s not invited but attends or crashes anyway to these parties just to get ‘attention’ and or rub elbows with A-list actors to manipulate her image. If the media doesn’t like her or she’s not popular or not a hot item, the media could care less about her goings on. Fortunately for Vanessa – she’s already on the map so to speak and that is I think why she’s always talked about. Good for her. She’s still young and if she works hard enough and if the right opportunities present itself she can prove to herself that she made the right choice of a career in entertainment. Good luck to her.

  • gracemarie


    Robert DiNero (Chairman of the jury), Jude Law, Jamie Fox, Leo Di Caprio, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hanks, Antonio Bandaras, Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt , , and I didn’t name everyone – when did these people become second tier stars and we l have another 6 days of Cannes.

    More contacts are made for actors, studios and movies at Cannes, Oscars and Sundance then all year – and it does help a lot of careers.

    Oh and you have selective memory – Bandslam RT all critics 80% and RT top critics 91%

  • mykamicks

    can anyone tell me who among of her Age was or has invited by cannes? Go Vanessa, you such having a golden opportunity being invited there.

  • Andrea

    I mean guys really come on if you hate her so much why do you even comment is not like we are going to stop loving her you guys know she was invited and when she went to the actual party same jared is saying that she left like 1 hour later you can say anything about her movies but you are forgetting that she did not only release Sucker Punch but also Beastly which beastly is more important cause in Sucker Punch she wasn’t principle character soo… and just let her be she wants to act okaay lett her is her problem not yours you can’t stop her and if she is going to parties WHAT’S THE FREAKING PROBLEM donn’t youuuu go to parties too? She is just a person like everybody and like everybody she deserves respect.

  • Jasmine

    Her style’s become so sloppy and unattractive since her and Efron broke up.

  • helena

    she probably left because she realized all the guys would only speak french

  • Nicky

    it was around 4:15 AM where she has left the event, I think it was time to go to bed.
    a few more pictures are in this video:

  • Gorg

    Omg she really thinks shes an A-lister now lol. Shes trying to be something that she is not thats why she changed her style for hippie chic lol. What ridiculous outfits… shes so fake…her laugh is fake and everything about her. Shes trying so hard to be recognized by getting a tattoo,releasing more nude pics and attending these parties. Vanessa thinks shes starred in some major movie and now shes an A-lister when shes just like the rest of the other teen actresses who release their naked pics for fame and popularity.

    I thought she had said that she would rather stay at home then go out partying? Well guess shes eating her own words now.

    The only person from the hsm cast that could be taken seriously is Zac Efron.

  • kerri

    She is too cute for words. Haters quit hating her it is really getting old. Give it a rest and appreciate this pretty, talented woman.

  • kerri

    Comment no. 9 Grow up already!!! Leave Zac alone and who is to say that she is with Josh. She is 22 years old she doesn’t need to be tied down to one guy anymore especially since she came out of a 5 year relationship. She is just enjoying being her own person by herself.

  • siennagold

    Awful dress!

  • kerri

    @Joe: Thank you for your comment.

  • BOJI

    Jasmine, get over it. Vanessa’s style has always been her own with or without Efron. Your comment holds no water. She’s not letting herself go if that is what you’re inferring.

  • Ross

    So cute!!

  • maria

    @Gorg: Your comment is so loaded with ignorance. Beyond belief. She was INVITED to all these events. I’d say, that’s a coup for her. As far as her style, well, that’s one of the things I love about her…….that she is NOT like anyone else, not a “cookie cutter” starlet, and does NOT try to be someone else. EVER. She ALWAYS is herself. And since when did those nude pics do anything for her career? Someone STEALING those private photos and releasing them did NOT make Hollywood beat down her door with offers. She has continued to audition and fight for roles, and work on different kinds of projects to develop herself and her skills.

    And as far as “partying” in Cannes? Who goes to Cannes and sits in their hotel room????? Again, she was INVITED to these events. What was she supposed to do? Ignore the invitations, and sit home and knit??? What a stupid thing to call her on. All the pics of celebs there are at parties and events. Why is Vanessa being singled out for attending???

    And don’t mention Zac. He has nothing to do with this conversation. He has NO part in her life right now, and I’m sure it’s for good reason.

  • peggy

    What has Zac got to do with this post except he has yet to prove himself as well since CSC made only 3 million over its production costs and took 6 months to do it. Which means with marketing, P&D Universal lost upwards of 25 million on it. 17 Again did well and then nothing and the character in 17 was a very close resemblance to Troy.

    At least Beastly has doubled it’s production costs on it s way to tripling it and V s appearance in Sucker Punch all told is only about 15 minutes but I am sorry it didn’t do better. But a 91% from top critics on RT for Bandslam is pretty damn good – bad marketing notwithstanding

    So don’t throw Zac in here and to be honest Lucas Grabaal is the most talented.

    Anyway the industry seems to see her different thtn the run of the mill mother ignored them as a child haters seen on this board – she got an INVITATION to Cannes

  • lei

    i know that Vanessa Hudgens is alright.
    w/ or w/o Zac efron

  • Brainy box


  • carebear

    She is so adorable. Her friend Laura seems like a real friend.

  • Danielle

    Love Vanessa!! but don’t like her outfit

  • Mine

    Since its a film festival, any actor/actress can attend, don’t think any special invitation is required. So stop making a big deal that she waz invited. Vanessa gets to party and pose in cannes while zac is being announced for work in cannes. Please stop praising beastly its only saving grace its low prod cost and whatever figure u announcing it actaully crawled to get there, just imagine if it had a 40m budget, would u call it a success. For SP if it hd bein a success u would be singing a diff tune, but now someone else is free to take the blame for its bad performance.



    “And as far as “partying” in Cannes? Who goes to Cannes and sits in their hotel room????? Again, she was INVITED to these events. What was she supposed to do? Ignore the invitations, and sit home and knit??? What a stupid thing to call her on. All the pics of celebs there are at parties and events. Why is Vanessa being singled out for attending???”
    I don’t know maybe because of this: wow is this the person you all admire. I thought she don’t misbehave.
    “And don’t mention Zac. He has nothing to do with this conversation. He has NO part in her life right now, and I’m sure it’s for good reason.”
    Your right Zac’s being uninvolved in Vanessa’s Sh—-T saved him the humiliation of being with someone looking like this: ZAC IS IN A MUCH BETTER SITUATION THAN HER.

  • lol

    Why does Zac’s obnoxious fans have to hijack every Vanessa thread and turn it into the “War of the Roses”? As others said, Vanessa was invited and attended with her manager Evan who always manages Rosario Dawson. Vanessa presented Rosario with an award. It was an honor for her to be at Cannes and and good chance to network and raise her profile. Whether you like it or not, she’s been inching her way steadily up ever since she won the ShoWest Award last year. Give this girl some credit…sheer determination, hard work, talent and extremely productive people behind her have kept her in the game. And for the record: I’m sure her dance card is filled these days:)

  • maria

    @SAYWHAAT: You’re ridiculous. Those pics show NOTHING. She is gettting into a limo to go back to her hotel. Get a life. And if I was a vindictive b*tch like you, I’d bring out all the drunken Zac pics. The ones where he really IS drunk, not just coming out of an event where there are pics of her drinking Vitamin Water, and getting into a limo. That is so lame.

  • maria

    @SAYWHAAT: And at least there is NEVER talk of “bad behavior” on Vanessa’s part when she is at events. SHe likes to mingle and dance, that’s it. She’s never seen all over anyone, never seen throwing back bottles of tequila, or leaving with some mystery dude. She is just enjoying herself. There is NOTHING wrong with her behavior.

  • maria

    @Mine: Yes, you DO need to be invited to these events. You may want to do some research before you make comments like that. And I’m not sure what you think is “being announced for work on Zac’s part”. And so what? Vanessa is heading to prep for her next role anyway. After a VERY busy few months with promo, photoshoots, premieres, etc, she deserved a nice trip before she starts work again.

  • peggy


    LMAO first of all you have to do and go to a newstand and get a FRENCH paper there are no references to her being drunk at all only dancing and btw dumbass everyone at the Elysium party drank Elysium vitamin water..

    Vanessa has never been see drunk anywhere in LA or anywhere else and further you stupid dumb child of alcoholics her manager was with her and would make sure that never happened.

    And what great position is Zac in his last movie failed B.O. and critically and if TLO goes the same way he will be in deep crap. Further picking up women every night doesn’t make you a “decent guy” – having rumors about you and other women for 5 years doesn’t make you a “decent guy” and wondering why you are not “bathed in pussy” doesn’t make you a “decent guy”.

    So spare us your ridiculous posts – go to a Zac board and worship your god,

  • giseleugly

    saywhaat don’t bring your drunk talk here just like your idol zaczenegger.

  • Zaczenegger

    Vanessa has blossomed. She obviously doesn’t need the Zanessa tag. She’s come out a winner.

  • lei

    we love you Vanessa hudgens Just Go Girl!!!!