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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Maxfield Mates

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Maxfield Mates

Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen head to Maxfield for some shopping on Tuesday (May 17) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old entertainer paired his all black look with matching knee-high boots.

Over the weekend, Adam and Sauli dropped by Hotel Cafe to watch L.A.-based singer and songwriter Ferras perform.

FYI: Glam Nation Live is available on Blu-ray at Adam‘s official music store website!

The footage from his Glam Nation Tour features performances, including his hit songs “Whataya Want from Me” and “For Your Entertainment.”

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  • Lisa

    OMFG…He is so freakin HOTTTTTTTTTT!

  • Sharon

    Jared thanks for all the awesome pictures of Adam and Sauli. Adam never takes a bad picture but these are great.

  • quincy


  • Jennifer

    They look so cool lol

    Thanks, Jared :D

  • babyblur

    haha i like …it looks like some sh** should be blowing up behind them as they walk away all cool like…
    madmax in the house

  • lennu as usually thanks Jared!

  • Bianca

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • henry the creator

    WHY DO U CALL HIM A PAL JARED???? hes adams boyfriend.

  • Maui

    Adam is drop dead gorgeous!!! Thank you for the pics.

  • Bret

    @henry the creator: So you know who he is so what is your beef? Just enjoy the pictures and stop stressing about what he is called. Adam looks great.

  • car

    What a good looking couple, Adam is so handsome!

  • J.Taylor

    HOT!!! lol Its ‘Save The World’ Adaammm ♥

  • babyblur

    lol uh madmax is a compliment people it means =badas*

  • henry the creator

    @Bret: i dont understand y he doesnt refer to him as his boyfriend.
    every other couple is acknowledged

  • Jordan

    Hottest couple in Hollywood! DAMN!!!!

  • Jory

    UNF Adam please don’t stop

  • Natalie

    Holy cruddd. Heels, dress-like shirt (bonus points for being sheer :D) and the sassiest pants ever (actually it was the glitterfied zebra pants… no wait, lace-crotch leather pants. Crap. Can’t decide). Androgyny only looks good on a few men; this one took the trophy. Adam, you’re a ball of “hot-damn” mixed with “f*ck yea” and hot bf on the side that can keep up with the badass-ery.

  • nope.

    umm… GURL, NO….

  • Todd

    What exactly does Sauli do? Is Adam supporting him? Looks tro be a fame whore. Not Adam’s best look. Is Adam even working on his album?


    man,. Todd just calm down. Adam puts me in a frenzy sometimes too. I can feel your pain. lol. Thanks for the great pictures J. J. Love Adam’s pants and boots.

  • babyblur


    who are you? his mother?

    just no.

  • Tia

    Adam’s second album going to fail. He’s seems more interested in having a boyfriend than a career. He seems to have lost is drive and ambition.

  • camille

    dam, now Dr. is here with us.

  • camille

    meant to say Dr. Drew. excusy muah.or something like that.

  • lennu

    @Tia: he has been lately a lot in studio..he has every right to spend also time with his boyfriend..

  • lee

    Wow, what happened to Adam? He used to look so good. He looks horrible and his bf is an orange midget and wear the same clothes over and over again.

  • sissy

    @ lee hey that should be good news for you. Now that you know Adam looks terrible and Sauli is a midget you won’t have to take the time to look up his pictures and bother to comment. Always thinking of you bro, glad I could help.

  • Marle

    Haha, and I thought certain fangirls would only do that to the girlfriends of their admired star. God forbid Adam is happy AND working on his album at the same time…

    And Sauli did work and living of it before and still does so no, Adam does not have to support him. Some people here seem to be a tad jealous.

  • Lyra

    Russia loves ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chance

    Adam is dating an oompa loompa. There’s a job for Sauli he can be cast as an oompa loompa if they ever do another movie. What horrible taste in men he has.

  • Toby

    @Chance: Hey dude stop being cruel to oompa loompas what did they do to deserve this comparison.

  • Taylor

    @Chance your right he does look like an oompa loompa. We found a job for Sauli.

  • Eno

    Adam has moobs, he needs a bra.

  • Leigh

    @Natalie: Great post – good lord, Adam is mindboggling – Sauli ain’t bad either.

  • Megadel

    he is good looking in this picture why you are think his time is waste?!i’m sure his new album will be bomb !!!

  • Leigh

    Sauli is a media star in Finland – has his own program with a girl associate – travels all over the world. Sauli is not supported by Adam – in fact, the Finnish media has placed him now in LA so he can be near Adam. Also, Adam says he works 6-8 hours a day in the studio – god forbid he should take a walk with his boyfriend. And the critics of his appearance here – lol – let’s see a candid of you in broad daylight – that’d scare the natives. Adam and Sauli are two extremely handsome men – eat your heart out, dopes.

  • Megadel

    Adam looks huge with the heals on those boots!!

  • moxy

    @Tia: ha, ha,ha jeezuz, can’t a man go shopping? He said on twitter that he is in the studio 6-8 hours a day, countless other people have also talked about working with him in studio, have given sneak peaks into the sessions with comments about his work…every one should be able to watch some TV or go on a date, or go shopping with out people saying they are not longer working…damn a bunch of mother hens in here..

  • http://At S l i g o lambert ^_____^ cute

    Adam so sweet and cute he always with cute smile

  • http://At S l i g o lambert ^_____^ cute

    Good luck adam ~_~

  • K simply amazing !!!!!!

    Adam look s good

  • c

    lol his outfit is pretty bad ass. his boyfriend looks mighty hot

  • http://At S l i g o lambert ^_____^ cute

    I love so much his stayl lol

  • k simply amazing !!!!!!!

    how tall sauli is? 5 ft 8?

  • Helka

    @Leigh: Leigh do you live in Finland, he won Big Brother a few years ago and now has a very low budget web show, we like Sauli but to call him a media star is a bit of an exaggeration to be honest.

  • Ru~P.
  • AJ

    Wow Adam looks sooo hot here. *droools*

  • lane

    OMG!!!!! i’m drooling like a fool……….
    LOVE ADAM <3<3<3
    love you too JJ thanks for Adam’s gorgeous pic!!!

  • Josephine

    Adam has been working on his album 7 – 8 hrs a day. He has a life too dude.
    I vote this look as the hottest look of 2011! ;)

  • Josephine

    Obviously, you are not following him very closely. He is one of the artists who works his butt off.