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Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'GQ' June 2011

Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'GQ' June 2011

Alexander Skarsgard heats up the June 2011 cover of GQ, on newsstands May 24.

Here’s what the 34-year-old True Blood star shared in the “Here Comes The Viking” cover feature:

On his dad, Stellan, who’s also an actor: “I don’t think I came to acting to compete with my father. But, you know, he wasn’t around as much as normal dads, and seeing his passion … Maybe it was a way to get his attention. I mean, if anything, we’re trying to take care of him. He’s over the hill.”

On life in L.A. and the entertainment industry: “Hollywood can be like kids playing marbles on the schoolyard. Everybody wants the shiny marble until one kid says he doesn’t. Then nobody will touch it. So it’s important that I make good decisions now.”

Straw Dogs director Rod Lurie on co-stars and real-life couple Alexander and Kate Bosworth: “In the beginning [of filming the rape scene], Kate would be crying after every take and Alex would try to comfort her. By the end, everybody got really raw.”

For more of Alexander‘s interview, check out!

FYI: Alex is wearing an IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVI and Dockers‘ SF Tapered Khaki.

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Photos: Carter Smith/GQ
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  • Canuck

    @MyFairLady: Say what you think, why don’t you? lol

  • HesANiceGuy

    @MyFairLady: Insightful, and I agree with most of what you said.

  • Canuck

    @BIANCA: He’s extremely talented (and in a very nice package I might add). I don’t know if it’s a theater school thing, or a being in touch with yourself thing, or something else, but I find that in general, the European actors / actresses manage to convey things better. More real, more economical (gesture-wise). It could be that starting out in lower budget films without all of the special effects to distract forces them to focus more on the acting than the action.

  • lafamepoma

    People you speak about rape in a frivolous way, stop talking about it and don’t relate Alex with this such a bad thing. If he read that, he’d be really angry with you all but who wouldn’t? You all will regret in the future about what you said in the past. We even know how is with friends and family but all I can see with his fans is always charming.

  • Cafélady

    @HesANiceGuy #162 Thanks for remind me on that. Yes, you’re right, it was one of some shortstories (of several authors, I believe) in a book. I mean, I knew that this book exists, but I have never read it.
    I read Alex’ shortstory on one of his fansites, so this was my 1st thought to this topic. And yes I agree, of course the story was very well written. :)
    I would say he has a talent for writing (as an author).

  • Camila

    I don’t know why we are making such a big deal about raping in movies, if is play in a very professional way, which I think is the case, is all in the plot and it involves very heavy storyline and all..what Stellan said about the “best rape ever” it was a joke, and I laughed to be honest, it was like the least thing a father wants to say to his son and the son wants to hear from his father, it is completely being taking out of proportion…
    if you ask me about stupid comments to that matter take this:
    Kristen Stewart, who played a rape victim in a movie called ” Speak” and make a campaign for the issue
    and in an interview said that being papped was like being raped…WTF??

  • Canuck

    It’s really a shame he couldn’t make it to Cannes. His Dad didn’t seem to be there either.

  • Cafélady

    As for stellan’s (alleged) words about this special Straw Dogs scene; personal I don’t believe that he has had actually the intention to be disrespectful in any sort of. IF he said this truly.
    May be this words are part of a longer conversation, and pulled out of the context as Lurie quoted only this one sentence. Further I think -if the quote is truly authentic- he would make a sort of compliment (in an humorous way) to Alex’ direction in an artistic sense, so probably he meant that he thinks the actors especially Alex, made an good (actor-)job. No more, no less.

    Possibly Lurie quoted this words intentionally, well known that discussions about that would be following, and with this – discussions about the movie. In that case is it simply a strategy to commercialize the movie. I guess that’s the business in HW.

  • Canuck

    @Cafélady: I also think that Lurie is misquoting or making things up. Either that, or he’s completely stripped the conversation of it’s context.

  • SIKJ


    Seeing as I’m Scandinavian born and bred.(Norwegian). I just need to correct you here. Scandinavia is made of “Norway, Sweden and Denmark” Only. Finland and Iceland is not part of Scandinavia. They are only part of the North.

    Now back to the Pics of him. I think he looks stunning and I’m beginning to wonder where the Swedes hid him hehe. As I’ve lived in Norway with frequent visits to sweden and Stockholm and I’ve never seen a man that stunning. But perhaps I’ve looked in the wrong places hehe.

  • Canuck

    @SIKJ: You could almost claim him as your own, were it not for the 17th ;)

    I’m disappointed, you mean that Sweden isn’t full of delicious yummies like that?

  • Cafélady

    @Canuck #209 …well, it seems like to be misqoted isn’t rare…one give (as actor/actress for example) an interview or say a few sentences to whatever and after that he or she can read anything else or things completely out of the context, or they used for the report/article other words than actually are talked in the interview and so on…in the papers, magazines etc. or online (there is it often more worse)….I think this is one reason that so much so called celebs are very carefully in dealing with the media/reporters and so on. And that’s understandable.

    May be that’s the point in Lurie’s case or it is more like I wrote first. Who knows.
    But one knows meanwhile that PR-people often knowing and using so much tricks in that business. So it would be probably no surprise if they made it to commercialize the movie…however, there was in the last days so much discussion online and in the papers/magazines, that I would say in that case; mission accomplished at least in part….

  • Canuck

    @Cafélady: Yeah, mission accomplished. It’s a more than a bit sad to realize that the director/producer feels that it’s necessary to entice an audience with the “lure” of a controversial rape scene. I’m sure that the acting in this is, on the part of Skarsgard at least, superb. But the whole focus of the little bit of publicity we’ve seen so far, ie: rape scene, AS + KB romance makes me doubt that the rest of the film is worth seeing. If it was, the director / producer would be talking about that too.

  • Movie contracts?

    Alot of posts have been about the movie with AS and KB. They have been together off and on since the making of SDs which was around fall 2009. So is it part of a movie contract for the actors to been seen together for two years before the movie is released? I know that it was suppose to be released like over a year ago. I am just wondering how much showmance was really involved here. He hooked up with her in fall of 09, but they have been seen together quite often over the past two years. Rumors of them living together, getting married etc. So is this all in a movie contract or a contract with their publicists? Just wondering how much is true, and how much is fake here. He has not admitted that she is his girlfriend, but has he admitted that in the past with his previous girlfriends? Does anyone know. Seems stange that they would carry on for almost two years, and just for a release of a movie. You really do not see photos of him with other women during this time. I am not a KB fan, but just wondering if anyone has any clarity on any of this,.

  • Cafélady

    @Canuck #213 Yes, you’re right. May be that’s the case, like you said/wrote that -apart of Alex’ acting and this ‘whatever is’ with him and her- the rest of the film possibly isn’t worth to watch in theaters, who knows…but may be we experience a surprise and the movie is better than some supposed…however, we will see and can judge that just after the premiere.

    I know I will see this movie definetely – commercialize-strategy or not. But normally I would prefer it to watch it on DVD – especially with a topic like that. And -I suppose this will be again a little strange for some people, but it doesn’t matter- honestly, once and alone Alex is the reason for me to go and see this in theater. Not for the role he plays of course, but in my book, his ability actor-wise make it worth to follow his career..just sayin…I think only he simply deserves his chance for the big screen. And an further plus is, that it seems like he is an very “down-to-earth” guy, always kind and friendly to his fans (I’ve never heard or read once a time the opposite) etc. so I mustn’t have the feeling that I would waste my money with the theater ticket, even for an remake…and of course he is very attractive either ;) ummm…I better stop lol ;)

  • Canuck

    @Cafélady: LOL, I could almost hear the drooling at the end of that. :)))

    If I do see this, it would likely be in DVD. Not that I’m against paying to see it in a theater, but because I’d never manage to sit through the intense scenes and violence. At least with a DVD, it can go on pause for a while. Although to be perfectly honest, I tend to prefer humour in the films I watch, I like being around “happy”.

  • otto

    @College Chick:



    OH COME ON!!! if Kathleen in MD can have or get kids anybody can !!!!!
    or were you inferring the PFers are educated, independent, career driven women who chose not to bring children into the world because they knew they weren’t cut out for it? or unable to conceive?

  • Camille

    @Movie contracts?:

    Jennifer Aniston dated John Mayer for publicity, twice, and for long times each time. It happens. He had a new album to promote, and she had movie to promote.

  • Cafélady

    @Movie contracts? well…showmance or no showmance…I will not comment this further…because none of us knows exactly what’s going on with this ‘whatever is’ with him and her…on the other hand every one has an right to have an own opinion to a topic…and I think he has the right to keep his private life private how much and as far as he wants.
    Only that much; as far as I know, apparently he has had magazine-story’s with former girlfriends in the past (once if I remember right, anyhow I mean to remember that something like that exists) in swedish magazines as he was a younger actor, in the early days of his career (I mean I had read something about that on any fansite) and yes, as far as I remember the girl in that story was claimed as his girlfriend.
    But of course this must not mean anything. Especially I cannot say whether these articles (if I actually rememer right) are authentic or not.
    Unfortunately I cannot give you any links because I have registered this only on the side.

    For the present situation must that mean nothing. May be he changed his attitude meanwhile how he want to handle things like that. May be this early storys aren’t true – I don’t know.
    Of course, you can read here a lot of several and different opinions.
    All I know is; whatever now is going on, it’s his private life.

  • ladybug

    @Camille: Don’t forget Aniston and Gerard Butler, which was a much more blatant showmance.

    @Cafélady: “All I know is; whatever now is going on, it’s his private life”
    And I suspect it’s going to stay that way, at least were this relationship is concerned if he ever admits it was primarily a showmance (even if it was).

  • iamtrue2TB

    @Reality: It is eminently disrespectful and rude to make false and disparaging remarks, basically calling Alex Skarsgard a liar, in your post.
    Trying to make yourself important by “knowing” how Alex and Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer feel about each other and whether their friendship is genuine or not is immature and silly.
    Thank goodness these fine actors have proven themselves to be consummate professionals as well as mature and responsible adults.

  • HesANiceGuy

    @Cafélady: It is one of the many things his close friends will comment on, not only his acting skills but that he is a brilliant writer. :o) I think he is going to have a fine future, in front of and behind the camera.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug I think it’s probably quite sure, that he don’t want to admit anything to this ‘whatever’ (if actually something to admit exists) and as long as it is a ‘whatever’ now and in the future; even then if the case would be occur that he and her would be suddenly stop to let seen them together or spending time with each other in public (or whatever). And with all due respect, why should he?
    Did anyone really think that he ‘owe’ to admit or share anything to other (to him unknown) people or the media which concerned his private life? I don’t think so.

  • iamtrue2TB

    @Sara: Hi! You and I must be on the same wavelength! I just replied to the same post that you did (@Reality). I didn’t see your reply until I posted mine. It is too bad some people cannot tell the difference between what an actor says or does on screen or stage and who he really is in his personal life. Making up stories about how someone “really feels” when you don’t know them isdumb, and also bordering on libel.
    I wonder if too much “reality tv” has blurred the distinction.

  • HesANiceGuy

    @MINDA: Is this in regards to the woman who’s child passed away? I think this comment is unnecessary and cruel. I don’t see her posting here, there is no reason to comment on her in such a vile manner.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Considering LVT’s behavior so far, maybe it’s a good thing he wasn’t able to make it.

  • Jessie


    Jennifer Aniston is known for her showmances. LOL!

  • AbFab

    @Canuck: Stellan was seated next to Kirsten at the press conference. He later attended the premiere with his wife.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Oh, he doesn’t owe us any explanation. However, I think it’s natural to look at him, knowing his personality and behavior, and look at KB, knowing her behavior, and be perplexed.

  • Jessie


    Kristen looked great. I liked her dress at the photcall earlier in the day.

  • Claire

    @Kellie: And to everyone else who is saying “poor KB for having to endure filming those horrible scenes”: Yes, it would be tough, but she CHOOSE to do it, and she got paid MILLIONS of dollars to do it. If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for the people who actually get raped, who don’t have any choice about it, and whose lives are totally ruined by it.

  • Shannon

    If he would just admit they were together, then speculation would end. Just casually mention it, and move on. I don’t get the need for such secrecy, especially when she obviously doesn’t have a problem showing PDA when she has a famous bf. If he’s doing it to protect their privacy, maybe he shouldnt date a famewhore.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Yes, the case of verbal diarrhea that LVT had was cringe inducing.

  • Canuck

    @AbFab: Thanks :)

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Opposites do tend to attract. What I find odd is that there is a total lack of affectionate body language or gestures, unlike what can be seen in photos earlier on.

  • ladybug

    Opposites attract, sometimes. *
    Even a year ago he seemed more affectionate toward her. Now, he looks like he’d rather being helping clean up Japanese nuclear reactors. Hence my belief that come the end of September ‘her’ people will acknowledge the relationship has ended. And since he’s never admitted to being anything other than just friends, doesn’t have to admit anything.

    *I just read (Willful Blindness perhaps) where the author points out that in reality people tend to be with people similar or complementary to them, not complete opposites.

  • lilla syster


    He doesn’t exactly keep their relationship or whatever it is in secret, but he doesn’t want to SPEAK it or show up with her in “official” events and show pda in front of paps. This seems to annoy some “fan girls”. The purse and wos looneys think Alex should ask them how to cloth himself, who to date or marry and what he should share to media and fans. They are such a “intelligent” bunch of mature ladies. They know what is best for ASkars ;)

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Agreed, he seems to look pained, annoyed and like he’s running away from her in just about every pic that you see of them these days. To be fair though, he could also be pained and annoyed by the paps and determined to not give them the loving couple photo that they are after.

    I’d tend to agree with you though. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere else in most of those.

    I suppose it depends on what definition of opposite is being used. Completely opposite views on life, children and what’s important, no I can’t see that working. Introverts who marry Extroverts (very very common), Impulsive people who marry cautious ones, etc, those kinds of opposites do tend to attract.

  • Canuck

    @lilla syster: It’s really more of a comparison as to how openly affectionate they were a year or so ago, and how there is no sign of that now.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug #230 well…may be this what you have said is possibly exactly the problem (in the case if there really is more than this ‘whatever’ of course)…he is -as far as known- a very private person and has obviously the wish to protect his privacy (and I believe him that this is true)…on the other hand it seems like or one can have the impression that she …how can I say it…often isn’t so much private ;) as far as I could observe this since I follow his career as a fan. Nethertheless is all this only speculative. Like I said, we don’t know exactly what’s going on.

    As for his and her personality; one must see that we all only can see parts of their personality which they are show in the public. For more to say/judge one must know an other person more private or at least personel.
    Sure it is ok, to discuss some pics of him here, I done that myself and said in earlier posts that I find their both body language (in pics one can see them together) a little strange either (for possibly being a couple).
    But that must not mean anything. One must remember he never talked about this ‘whatever’, nor has he claimed that he has a gf etc.. May be they are actually just pal’s, may be there is more, who knows.

    Sometimes I’m just only a little confused about this topic, why is this detail of his privacy so much important for some people? Of course, people are often just nosy, but sometimes….

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Core values, what I’m meaning.
    Cafélady: If she’s not his girlfriend, he’s treating her-in public-not very well. If he doesn’t consider her to be a girlfriend (even though she apparently does consider him to her bf) it might be more understandable.
    And yes, we’re over analyzing over a few pics/videos, but their body language is very strange. No, he doesn’t haven’t to PDA with her (I understand that), but he really doesn’t seem all that interested in her anymore. There’s no spark.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Core values, totally agree.

  • Canuck

    Oh oh, they’ve kicked Von Trier out of Cannes (persona non grata) over the remarks he made.

    Trier declared persona non grata at Cannes.

  • Camille

    I’m so glad that Alex is the one getting over 200 comments on his thread and not the other way around. I really can’t wait for TB to start. I’m eager to see what the new season is going to be like. I just hope it’s better than the last season. Though I’m nervous about once again brining in a ton of new characters. It seems like there are way too many stories already.

  • Canuck

    @Camille: I’m glad too, it seems that some people have decided to not feed the beast by jumping all over threads about KB.

    TB season 4 can not come soon enough for me. Thanks to this GQ interview, we know that they have been doing love scenes. :)))

  • Psyche101

    Its funny how anyone with something intelligent to say gets all the thumbs down, as if everyone here is in denial of the truth.

  • Canuck

    @Psyche101: Nothing wrong with a dose of denial once and a while. Hollywood reputations are almost certainly built on that very concept. ;)

  • chelle

    Personally I would rather him be with someone with standards to live by but I’m not going to stop liking him for what he does in his private life. Please don’t misunderstand me I do not nor have I ever liked KB but who knows maybe if there is more to the whatever …..he sees something that we as the public don’t or can’t …..he’s still hot to look at! My hubby even has a little man crush I think because he tolerates my admiration well.

  • Canuck


    **My hubby even has a little man crush I think because he tolerates my admiration well.**

    You also probably managed to refrain from saying something like “OMG, that man is SEX ON A STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the first time you saw him when your husband was around. lololol!