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Emma Watson Enjoys 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'

Emma Watson Enjoys 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'

Emma Watson goes for a walk with her The Perks of Being a Wallflower co-star, Johnny Simmons, on Monday (May 16) at a park in Pittsburgh, Penn.

The 21-year-old British actress plays Sam in the drama-romance, which also stars Logan Lerman and Vampire DiairesNina Dobrev.

Last week, Emma was in Paris to launch Lancome Tresor’s Midnight Rose fragrance, which has notes of rose absolute, raspberry, jasmine, peony, black currant bud absolute, and pink pepper.

“I helped choose the color of the rose. I was involved in the concept for the [ad] film and the tag line, ‘Catch my heart if you can,”" Emma, who stars in its ad campaign, told WWD.

“The hat [in the ad] was my hat, which I bought at a flea market in Paris. I was very involved in the script. It’s been really fun for me,” she added.

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  • Celia

    Emma looks cute. She’s in great shape. And Johnny is a hottie tottie.
    Can’t wait to see the movie! The book is excellent.

  • Wow

    Why is she photographed everywhere and she hasn’t even filmed a scene yet!? Fame whore much….instead of rehearsing for her scenes or studying at Brown, she skips school to be photographed incessantly.

  • ME


    Photographed everywhere?? She’s in the park walking. The other day she was running errands. How is that everywhere?? She’s in been in Pittsburgh for over a week. Up until now, she hadn’t been photographed candidly for over a month.

    You need to rethink you definition of a famewh**e.
    She’s not skipping school. She’s going back in September. This has been said numerous times by her and her reps.
    If you’re going to post a rant, at least post one that is factual and makes sense. It would help you look less dumb.

  • Affy-Ann

    This is so cool! I’m so happy and excited for the actors/actresses like Nina Dobrev who get to work with Emma Watson. (Jealous, too!) Wish I could. All the best to her and to everyone working for this film! =)

  • You Me and Marley

    @ME: Emma’s last acting project was Harry Potter in November. So what, she hasn’t been photographed in a MONTH. OMG that is so long. NOT. She’s been photographed everyday since she arrived in Pittsburgh. You would think that if she knows she’s being followed that she would try to be a little bit more discrete. Unless she really liked being stalk by paparazzi, then all the power to her. But she shouldn’t complain that she doesn’t like the fame and only want to act…LOL.

  • Katty

    IT”S PITTSBURGH JARED, WITH AN H! I would know, I live here! USE THE H.

  • Marusa

    @You Me And Marley
    “You would think that if she knows she’s being followed that she would try to be a little bit more discrete”
    Seriously, whats more discrete than what is shown in those pictures above? She’s just strolling around and exploring the place for god’s sake! So according to you, she shouldn’t even be allowed to go for a walk, she should just stay locked in her trailer…so RIDICULOUS.
    I don’t see anything indiscreet about this, just Emma enjoying a walk around Pittsburg, something we all human beings do. She’s actually one of the most discrete actresses out there. Why don’t you go and criticize people like Miley Cyrus? Because she is definitely one hell of a indiscreet girl.
    I don’t really see the point in bashing someone like Emma Watson, there are many other people that actually deserve that treatment, but not Emma. Unless you happen to be jealous of her, I dont see what other motives could hide behind your comment.

  • lilia mazunina


  • Concerned

    Paparazzi hiding in an isolated park in the early morning, huh? She probably called the paparazzi since we rarely see pictures like this for other celebrities…full frontal and all, not even with a wide distance lens. Maybe Tom and Katie, but Emma Watson? Hardly.

  • Funny

    People are such haters. Haha.

  • ME


    She didn’t have to call them. They know she’s in Pittsburgh and what hotel she’s staying at. It wouldn’t be that hard for them to follow her to the park.

  • R2-D2

    She is a natural beauty, cute girl, and for the haters, some paparazzi probably know which hotel she is staying, is not difficult for them to follow it, please…

  • Lee

    I hate her hair right now…please use a wing for the Sam part!!!

  • i dont know

    listen she’s a good actress, but is it me or does this interview sound like “and i did this and that and this….” or did jared just edit it terribly together? because i really think she is not a ms know-it-all even for an ivy league student.

  • pijo2010

    beautiful,sweet and talanted-
    but she sure tends to be a famewhore:(
    still love her..

  • ME

    @i dont know:

    In the real interview, it doesn’t come off that way at all. She’s just talking about how involved she was in the whole process and mentions how they told her she should considering directing one day. And then she says she’s sure she drove them crazy.

  • Jen

    Too bad she’s a college dropout. How come she couldn’t hack it when Jodie Foster; Natalie Portman and Brooke Shields all managed to graduate from Yale; Harvard and Princeton respectively?

    And by the way- they are MUCH harder colleges than Brown!

  • Jay

    She’s a college dropout because fame is too much and she can’t stay away. DUH. Fame and fortune which Hollywood has and Brown unfortunately doesn’t have. Too much reading out of textbooks where the reward comes at the end in the form of the intangible. She wants to be famous and be remembered NOW. This generation has the attention span of a teaspoon.

  • Jenny

    I know! I mean Brown sucks.. She’s so horrible, isn’t she… If you are an actress you should go to Harvard, Yale AND Princeton at the same time, receive straight As, look like a godess 24/7, stop eating and cure cancer! Even if you’re only 20. I mean, is that really too much to ask?

  • Siamese

    @I don’t know:

    For me, the interview sounded exactly like that, unfortunately. She didn’t really talk about the perfume and how it is important to her and what made her choose to go into the perfume/cosmetics industry. Instead she pumped up her acting resume while treading in the fashion industry. Sheesh.

  • Sandy

    @ Jenny:

    Nobody wants her to attend three different Ivies at the same time! LOL. Or cure cancer, especially since she isn’t astute at math gleaming from her old interviews. But balancing school and work is not that hard for a brilliant student, especially when there are plenty of students who can do 40 hours of work/volunteer, attend full time university, then later get into Med or Law school in their final year. Emma just needs to graduate since her future career is not dependent on her GPA and she couldn’t even do that. While majoring in liberal studies.

  • @Jen


    Too bad you’re a dummy. I wonder how old you are because you sound really immature. You’re probably are (or were) one of those bullies in school that picked on the other kids, right? Or do you feel more safe doing it online? I hope you realize that everybody experiences college differently; some take breaks (which is not dropping out, but then again you lack comprehension skills), some transfer, and some finish earlier. So not everyone can be like Natalie, Brooke, or Jodie.

  • loka

    I don’t see anyone complaining about the rest of the younger cast of Harry Potter not going to college (Dan, Rupert and Tom). She is not a dropout, she is just taking a break. She is actually very down to earth and really nice with her fans. You haters are just a bunch of trolls who have no life.

  • Maria

    they are an item!

  • Alex

    Emma and Johnny are definitely hooking up. They have been seen obvious dating (sitting with legs intertwined at a bar) and she was photographed kissing him outside her hotel in LA for the MTV Movie Awards.
    He also went with her to the awards but made a point to sit three seats away from her and walk far enough away to not get photographed by her. Emma has all her boyfriends walk keeping a distance so it does not look like they are together. Google Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons snogging and you will find the photos.