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Jenna Dewan & Eddie Cibrian: 'Playboy Club' Preview!

Jenna Dewan & Eddie Cibrian: 'Playboy Club' Preview!

Check out this preview of Jenna Dewan and Eddie Cibrian‘s new show on NBC, The Playboy Club!

Here’s the synopsis: “It’s the early ’60s, and the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago is the door to all your fantasies… and the key is the most sought after status symbol of its time.”

Also starring in the show are Amber Heard and Naturi Naughton.

“I think because this is character-based – it’s a group of friends who become family within this interesting, rich setting – I think the plot and stars can’t help but take center stage. The racy material, you’ll find, is not all that racy,” Amber recently told EW.

The Playboy Club will air on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC!

The Playboy Club – Preview
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  • Jack Easton

    Amber and Jenna are lovely, gorgeous, stunning and beautiful.

  • Francisco

    Amber seems the soul of the show. So pretty!

  • jazz


  • Dresden

    I’ve always liked Amber Heard and I was so disappointed when she came out as a lesbian. What an absolute waste.
    Unfortunately, this is becoming a trend that women think that it is cooler to be a lesbian or bisexual.
    She doesn’t know what she’s missing. She might really want what other women can give her but she needs what men can give her.

  • !

    Eddie and a female cast….this will be intersting.

  • amelia bidelia

    Ewww that man whore!

  • char

    eddie cibirian will find his next wife on the set of this show.

  • laura

    just wish they could have someone do a voice over for Eddie C feminine voice. hope he gets to chase some bunny tails in real life. there will be plenty of them in his face.

  • LOL!

    @!: @amelia bidelia:
    You guys just took the words right outta my mouth. LOL. Eddie with a cast of drop dead gorgeous women? Interesting indeed. This is going to be fun to see how all this plays out. Who knows, maybe LeAnn is due for karma sooner then we expected. Sucks to be her.

  • LOL!

    Oops, my reply was meant for ! & Char.

  • http://n/a anonymous

    Really?now THIS should make it EASIER for this idioit to cheat on LeAnn!!!! i bet he will. no doubt in my mind and then she’ll realize she should never have messed with him in the first place!and hopefully her married doesn’t stand a chance with him after all.

  • k simply amazing !!!!!!!

    i Love jenna dewan *+*

  • Playboy Club FTMFW!

    @anonymous: ITA. I was reading Amber Heard’s wiki page and it says she doesn’t really care about gender, she can roll both ways. It’s the PERSON that matters. This chick is like a hotter version of Angelina Jolie IMO. She loves guns and cars – men and women. That’s pretty Hot. What more can a guy ask for? Eddie Cibrian should be itching to ‘tap dat’.

  • niccci

    this somewhat look like madmen for a bit…… just saying but i really like it.

  • Cristobal

    Looks promising. I’ll watch it.

  • Laura

    The women are gorgeous. Let’s see how long Eddie can control himself in this environment. Not long I imagine. His new wife can’t follow him around and be by his side for every taping can she? The show looks interesting enough. Retro is still kind of fun.

  • blair

    Womanizer on a show with beautiful sexy women, that ought drive Leann crazy.

  • Ria

    looks good. I’m in shock

  • j

    how long till he meets someone else?? :)

  • erin

    I’m really excited for this show. It looks interesting!

  • Samm

    this looks kinda cool actually…I love Jenna Dewan so I’ll tune in

  • FP.

    I agree. The show looks GOOD. I have to admit, at first I was planning on watching it just to boost ratings so the show could pick up and Eddie could continue working with gorgeous women. But now I must say, I’m genuinely intrigued by it. It looks really GOOD.

  • Annie

    *Yawn* Get back to me when they’re shagging.

  • Matt

    Why would any producer put Cibrian in a show. He can’t act and he’s been fired from everything he’s been in. This copy cat of x-men is headed for Bomb-City.

  • may

    This is honestly just a Mad Men rip-off. NBC probably wanted to make a show similar to it and when they say the Playboy scene in Season 4 w/ Lane they decided to finally make a show. I guess they figured they could legitimately get away with copying it. Freakin’ unoriginal.

  • Paula

    His acting consists of look left, look right, don’t look at the camera and that’s it. I think he gets these parts because he sleeps with the director or does the guys wife.

  • Lucy

    Don’t find him the least bit sexy or appealing. Too bad they didn’t cast a better male lead. Looks like he can barely open his eyes.

  • Jess

    You guys suck. How can ANYONE hope that someone will cheat, no matter what they’ve done earlier?? Yeah, what LeAnn and Eddie did wasn’t good, smart or even done in a pretty way BUT what on earth gives YOU the right to judge them? Like you’re all so damn innocent…

  • JL

    Oh please what do you expect when two cheaters get married, especially when one is surrounded by the opposite sex all day.

  • Erin

    I love Amber Heard! Can’t wait to see her becoming a huge star!

  • Regina

    LeAnn, I know you’re reading all these comments and I’m sure you made several yourself in order to hype your clown but you know he’s already cheated on you with Brandi and Scheana so you have to know when you’re not with him, he’s doing a sweet young thing….years younger than you. They are what he likes, as I’m sure you know. Better keep him real close to you because you loose ‘em like you get ‘em.

  • anne

    This show actually looks good. I am going to watch it for Jenna and Amber, I hope Jenna has a role where she dances a lot, she is so good. I am hoping LeAnn and Eddie actually work out, it would keep them away from trying to find new people to hook up with.

  • janie

    Eddie, little kept man. take a look at “leann rimes nose picking” on the web. really gross stuff that. picking and flicking. then take a look at those beautiful women on the set. no comparison to a woman whose legs look like toothpicks. thought a grown man would prefer a woman who is soft and cuddly not bony and sharp.

  • adam

    I LOVE JENNA I AM SOOOOOO WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! cant wait to see more of her. long overdue.

  • elaine

    so hysterical that so many people are making fun of these 2 pieces of trash. even the cast mates on playboy laughing at them for their nauseating PDA in public. how old are they know hes 38 and acts like a gigalo and she is 28 and looks like she is 48 and acts 12 .Playboy producers need to step in and squash Leanns gluing herself to their supposedly leading man and casting doubt on his manhood maybe they should recast the lead and get a MAN in there. think the show looks promising but he is starting to look like a wimpy little teenager

  • jane

    they need to ban Leann from the Playboy set. she is just showing how whipped she has Eddie cibrian. not good for a macho image told N.B.C that, too and maybe they should consider recasting the male lead to get someone MALE to do it

  • K

    LOL! Eddie Cibrian is going to cheat on his wife with a bunch of Playboy Bunnies!