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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio shares a smile with Blake Lively as they spend time on a yacht on Tuesday (May 17) during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

The 36-year-old actor checked messages on his cell phone as he had an animated conversation with his BFF Lukas Haas and director Steven Spielberg while aboard the boat.

Leo split from his girlfriend of nearly four years, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, earlier in the month.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively chatting while aboard a yacht in Cannes, France…

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356 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!”

  1. 1
    Wes Says:

    Looks like Blake is upgrading to the A-list guys!

  2. 2
    Jasmine Says:

    Ahh, they’d be cute together! Love ‘em both.

  3. 3
    Marion Says:

    Leo , you deserve better !!!

  4. 4
    sunbears1 Says:

    lol her publicist is already working hard

  5. 5
    YUCK Says:

    Wow, ever since Gisele Leo keeps downgrading. At least Bar had a feminine face but Blake… Fake boobs and no talent. Leo has no taste in women!

  6. 6
    Robsten Fan Says:

    They are dating, right? :P <3

  7. 7
    mariam Says:

    they would make a great couple =)

  8. 8
    k simply amazing !!!!!!! Says:

    leo handsome cute , i miss bar with leo :(

  9. 9
    C / G Says:

    GO LEO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    Glamouros Says:

    Glad Leo is enjoying his single life.

  11. 11
    Ms. Danny Archer Says:

    Leo sure is giving a lot of photo ops now that he’s single. He looks so happy lately.

  12. 12
    .... Says:

    Hahahahaha CAUGHT leo CAUGHT!!!!!!!!

  13. 13
    Leo & Blake? Says:

    They look sexy together. I wonder if they are a couple.

  14. 14
    Katy Says:

    keep sleeping your way to the A-list blake

  15. 15
    Duran Duran Says:

    He seemed to be feeling no pain chatting with that tall brunette on the weekend. Curious if he’s met anyone new or if he wants to be single and mingle. Meh… doesn’t matter as ling as he’s having fun.

  16. 16
    Bernard Tilman Says:

    Each of them should be with someone their own age, for example –
    Leo – Winona Ryder
    Blake – Shia LaBeouf

  17. 17
    epk Says:

    Why do I get the feeling all hell is about to break loose? ;)

    Relax. It’s probably not serious (friends or casually dating), she’s a step up from the last one (though I admit that is setting the bar *ahem* low), these pics of him looking happy happy are cute cute. :)

  18. 18
    cali girl Says:

    look at her pre surgery pics.different person.

  19. 19
    James Kragen Says:

    Blake is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.
    I am sick and tired of ugly old men stealing young women from young men who they should be with. I wish that she would find someone around her age. She deserves better than Leonardo DiCaprio who can’t handle women his own age. It looks like she is with her father all the time.

  20. 20
    C / G Says:

    Smiles. Nice. :)

  21. 21
    Celia Says:

    WTF?! I’m guessing they’re just friends. At least I hope so.

  22. 22
    gdf Says:

    @Katy: what r u talking about? Blake is an A lister. Its his fug ex who was the d lister with no career. Anyways haha this is too funny. Bar is there too playing all single white female. dang she is weird and clingy. No wonder he broke up with her.

  23. 23
    huh Says:

    OMG so all the reports were true….LEO U DOG!!:)

  24. 24
    Jake Harris Says:

    Leo deserves to be alone if he thinks settling down is beneath him. Many guys yearn to be with a beautiful and amazing woman like Bar and men like Leo **** on them!

  25. 25
    LMAO Says:

    Bar will be SO jealous seeing these pics, lol.

  26. 26
    Sweet Pea Says:

    Lukas and Leo reunited. A few members of the PP didn’t make it role call… hahaha

  27. 27
    Tellar Says:

    So far, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with men, like Leonardo DiCaprio, with no backbone, who make promises they cannot keep. A lot of men can’t handle a strong woman. I won’t cry for all the hunger in my heart. I’m dying to have a baby. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now. I am a 34 year old divorced woman with a young daughter but I’m excited to see what the future brings.

  28. 28
    k Says: Leo livin it up in cannes talking to girls, hats already to the side from all the making out he was doin haha!! he looks sexy as HEEEEELLL… the way bar who?

  29. 29
    Pinkblue Says:

    He’s so handsome,rich,sexy and powerful. He can get any girl he wants. I’m glad he didn’t settle for Bar.

  30. 30
    tinkerbell Says:

    see that look of happiness on his face and his arm around her…they are hooking up, if not now, then soon. someone posted here she wanted to wait because her handlers told her too, but he looks happy.

    it wont last forever but its nice. and I prefer him with blake, she made it on her own, has her own career and an actual personality. he looks cute here but hate the glasses.

    bar must be choking on her own vomit.

  31. 31
    Lorraine Says:

    I”m glad Leo and Blake are together and now they can put their failed past relationships behind them.
    My husband and I are just really open and honest with each other. We tell each other everything that goes on and everything that we’re feeling everyday, and we’re just really there for each other.
    I think my husband taught me a lot about inner beauty and confidence in myself. I’m slim but voluptuous. He’s in love with the person inside of me, and the outside of me is just a bonus. I feel better—so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier.

  32. 32
    Celia Says:


    No honey no. Blake Lively is not an A-lister. The A-list is made up of stars like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Robert De Niro, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Blake Lively is a just a TV actress. She’s C list at most.

  33. 33
    War'N'Peace Says:

    Leo is a great guy and he was raised by a strong and intelligent woman. So, yes, he can handle a woman with her wits about her. He’s being smart not getting married yet. Societies expectations be damned. If he wants to be single then who are we to judge?

  34. 34
    Shakira Says:

    Love Blake Lively!! She deserves to be so happy and have lots of babies. Really lovely girl. I hope she has finally found the one…love can last though it can take time finding the diamond in the ruff.
    I turned 30 this week which I’m excited about and I’m in a good place with having a great job and a toyboy and I’m in the best physical shape of my life. I’d love to have children in the next couple of years because the result is so worth it. My toyboy is only 22, but I am really surprised by his maturity. But he’s got his career and things are going well, so I wouldn’t want to put him under any pressure. I don’t feel the clock ticking. If it happens, it happens. It’s a whole new world.

  35. 35
    Katy Says:


    In what world is Blake A-list? she’s C+-list pretending she’s B+/A-
    Leo is A, Brad is A, Angelina is A

    Blake is nowhere near them. Bar as a model is B but as a celebrity D just like you said, but Blake is nowhere near A but she clearly wants to that’s why she’s only trying to be seen with A and B-list

  36. 36
    C / G Says:

    Who cares??? A-list , C-list, at least she isn’t B(b*tch)-list or U(useless)-list. If Leo wants her and she likes him,it’s fine by me. I’m with @tinkerbell: on this one. At least she made it on her own and didn’t ride someone’s coat tails.

  37. 37
    gdf Says:

    @Celia: Chanel campaigns, 2 American Vogue covers, a hit show,”it”girl ,yachting with the Speilberg’s I’d say she’s A list. You don’t have to be a talented Oscar winner to be an A lister but everyone knows her name for her work and not for who she dates unlike the EX. Anways Leo does look so happy! He never looked like that with clingy Barf.

  38. 38
    tinkerbell Says:



    he doesnt look gutted to me.

    jared just said their relat (with bar) was almost 4 years —wow, more accurate there.

  39. 39
    BAM Says:

    someone luks like a happy camper..clearly he didnt realize there were paps around, to agree with a previous poster CAUGHT LEO!!!:D

  40. 40
    Ramona Says:

    God he’s such a great actor but seems so immature in real life, at least judging by the women he’s with. Maybe he should try someone…oh I don’t know…in their thirties, like him??

  41. 41
    tinkerbell Says:

    good for leo for breaking with the whole model thing…at least if he spends time with an actress he might be ready for other women in the arts, better actresses, women who actually do something.

    I’m sorry if you dont like blake but for me step in the right direction.

  42. 42
    thetruth Says:

    she’s just a s lu t who is sleeping her way up..she’s ugly and talentless..same level as Bar. Leo is dating these girls because they’re easy to get and they probably take their panties off for him on the first date..he obviously isnt ready to settle yet, he’s just using the easy ones for sex.

  43. 43
    wow Says:

    Now if Barf took him back after this I would think even worse about her than I do now!!!! Girls who accept this back and forth treatment are appalling, and it really seems like she’s in Canne’s stalking him. WTF is she doing there??!!??

  44. 44
    C / G Says:

    He knew they were there. He’s in Cannes and his yacht is probably surrounded by paps. He gave a photo-op for a reason. I think it’s another declaration like with GB. He knows the rumors and he doesn’t give a sh*t cause this fella is S-I-N-G-L-E.

  45. 45
    donie Says:

    He too young to date a women with substance not this time. I am glad he is choosing younger girls than a women. Young girls at least they could only take advantage of him for there career. Mature women on the other hand will probably impregnate by him and take his money to start their own reality show. He will end up like a charlie sheen. Good for him he is too smart to mart boy. ha ha . LIVE IT UP LEO YOU ARE MY IDOL. DAMMMM GISELE, BAR (youth) BLAKE LIVELY. gosh i want to be him.

  46. 46
    Oh - My, My Says:

    For War n’ Peace: You got it baby! Now for some Peace. Look how happy LD looks. Love to see that smile back.

  47. 47
    S l i g o lambert ^_____^ cute Says:

    Leonardo handsome

  48. 48
    Katy Says:


    How is Blake Lively’s fame anything BUT hype? is it her mind-blowing performance on Gossip Girl? or her 5 minutes in the Town? hate to break to you, but Blake is famous because she has people pushing for her, she’s not famous for her actual work or talent. Yes, she’s not famous because of her boyfriend but she is all hype and very little substance. She’s famous by association, by being friends with powerful people not by having a breakthrough performance (like Emma Stone who I consider B-list) or a long steady career

    and no, that does not make you A-list, you need to look up your definition of it.

  49. 49
    C / G Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio has also been near the film festival, reconnecting with friends and listening to a Kanye West performance over the weekend at a private production company’s concert. Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are also the subject of some recent romance rumors, after being linked last year while she auditioned, unsuccessfully, for a role in The Great Gatsby remake.
    @Oh – My, My: HI…!

  50. 50
    KS fan Says:

    OMG look at the look on his face? I’ve never seen him smile like that in a long time… he looks so cute and happy!! and just in time to rub it in Barfie’s old haggard single white female face!! LOLOLOLOL
    Good for him, he finally looks like he’s enjoying his life and that smile to me says it all:)
    I think Blake buries Barfie in terms of looks, personality and pretty much everything…her body is GAWGEOUS!!

  51. 51
    LeoLuv Says:

    At least Blake has her own career though. I give her that. The other one just rode on his a** like a pony.

  52. 52
    Mari Says:


    Haha, Tinkerbell, you are definitely right about one thing: they are hooking up. They both look completely happy and taken with each other. Will it last? Who knows, probably not. But they both look awfully happy right now. It’s great to seem Leo looking happy and carefree once again.

  53. 53
    BAM Says:

    TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF LEO!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 54
    me Says:

    noooooo … come on, Leo!! =/

  55. 55
    donie Says:

    I love this photo of him. Finally he brake it loose from that fatty. HA HA

  56. 56
    dee Says:

    hes defo texting barfie saying “guess where i am biotch???!! blakes a better lay than u ever were….LOL”

  57. 57
    PBLOVE Says:

    why people always assume blake is dating a guy she’s spending some time with? ever heard of guy friends?

  58. 58
    Oh - My, My Says:

    I think Bar’s twitpics of Leo clubbing are disgusting. Those should be for private consumption, not for anyone to steal, so they end up in the print versions of the tabloids. You’re broken up! He can do what he darn well wants! BAR! You are NOT loyal, you lack character during times of transition, and you have NO INTEGRITY! Last CAPS are for you pathologically narcasistic mother, who was also on here the other day slamming LD. Go back to the baby pageants, Tzipi – maybe you can be the costume coordinator or something :)

  59. 59
    Rajinz Says:

    Penn and blake forever…go away leo -.-

  60. 60
    BLLD Says:

    woowwww too good to be true! I was afraid we’d see pics of Leo with stumpy Barf in a bikini kissing him on a yacht. What a pleasure to my eyes to not have to see that! WOWOWWWWW. This could be my new favorite Hollywood couple because I think they’re both insanely HOT!!!!!
    who cares if she isn’t an A lister at least she isn’t an F lister like his ex!!!

  61. 61
    jillyro Says:

    I personally think Leo is more into Luka Haas than anybody else, they are ALWAYS together, and Lukas doesn’t seem to date other, I get feeling they are more love partners than friends and Leo needs another GF so he can stay in the closet. I like Leo, but think he is hiding something.

  62. 62
    ... Says:

    Leo is such a p i m p, always getting these girls that are way younger than him.

  63. 63
    Mrs. Archer Says:

    @Oh – My, My: It was figured out that they’re fakes. Someone created a shadow account to ridicule her. I bought it too though. Her style is more stalking him at Cannes. How embarrassing. I’d never debase myself like that.

  64. 64
    Gaby Says:

    Yeah, I guess he has a thing for blonds…
    I’m starting to believe in these rumors, Leo looks very happy and relaxed, its not easy to see him like that…and Blake, well, she reminds his past girlfriends..She looks like she is his type of girl..

  65. 65
    FrG Says:

    Leo looks great !!

  66. 66
    guest girl Says:

    I have seen Leo this happy and relaxed while he was dating bar. Whenever he was / is around friends. Same relaxed and happy smile while hanging out with friends. Since blake has a man’s face it seems like Leo is hanging out with one of his boys.
    Who was the ‘genius’ who called this wannabe an A-lister? Thanks for the joke!

  67. 67
    donie Says:

    SEAN PENN IS DATIND SCARLET. Leo at the matter in fact should date even younger because at least they will not plan to be impregnate by him, which BAR was about to do to him. Just like Gisele was trying to trick into getting married. HA HA THIS GUY IS A LEGENG NOT JUST FROM ACTING PERSPECTIVE BUT HE MAKE SMART DECISION ON HIS PERSONAL LIKF. LEO YOU ARE MY IDOL.. HA

  68. 68
    Babe Says:

    haha this is awesome! Meanwhile what is his ex doing there wandering about alone? What a stalker!

  69. 69
    Oh - My, My Says:

    @C / G:

    Hi ya back! :) Are you CanadaGirl incognito :):)

  70. 70
    Just buddies Says:

    Thanks for reminding us that guys can’t hang out with there friends. O_o They’re buddies dude. Relax.

  71. 71
    Sun Says:

    ummm… is Leo gay?

  72. 72
    Madhatter Says:

    His construction of his career since Titanic has been masterful, but, would something a little lighter hearted kill him?!
    How about a comedy?
    I would love to see him in a role soon where he isn’t always so intense…

  73. 73
    curi2 Says:

    Damn I just wrote a good post on the old thread too.
    @tinkerbell: @C / G: Agreed!with both post.I was thinking what…he’s not hiding….they can’t be dating lol It’s kind of going viral now.Pop sugar,pop eater here prob not a good idea to google. …Whether they are or aren’t i think it is definitely sending a message.JMO but they kind of look like friends to me.@BAM: LMAO AGREED!!!I do like seeing the happy no hat Leo for sure.

  74. 74
    C / G Says:

    @Oh – My, My: Yep. It’s me. :) Trying out a new name (but in reality to lazy tothink of a new permanent one).

  75. 75
    C / G Says:

    FRom “Celeb****”
    A curious chain of events happened this morning. I’ve known for a few days that Leonardo DiCaprio has been in Cannes, not to promote any film (that I know of), but simply to party and presumably to troll for new model ass. Then, curiously, this morning I saw some new photos of Leo’s ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli at some event in Cannes. I’m sure she’s required to be there for one of her many modeling contracts, but it also gave me a whiff of ex-girlfriend stalker vibes. Bar has always seemed kind of stalker-ish to me. First, she Single White Female’d Gisele, Leo’s ex, and now she’s putting in the effort to stop by Cannes parties where she might run into the dude who (presumably) dumped her?
    After I saw the photos of Bar, I then read this piece from Page Six, all about how Blake Lively is also in Cannes, even though she too has nothing to promote. Oh, and she’s attached to Leo’s hip now:
    Leonardo DiCaprio appears to have already moved on from his split with Bar Refaeli — with “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively. Just a week after we revealed that the star and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model were over, DiCaprio and Lively were seen roaming around the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc on Friday night.
    “She was wearing white and he was in a baseball cap,” our spy said. “They walked around the grounds together. It looked like they were a couple.”
    A source said the two were introduced over dinner at The Lion by “Great Gatsby” director Baz Luhrmann in November. We reported in January that Lively was flirting with DiCaprio at “Hurt Locker” star Jeremy Renner’s birthday at his house in LA. DiCaprio’s rep said he doesn’t comment on his personal life. Lively’s rep didn’t return calls.
    [From Page Six]
    Now, when Bar and Leo’s split was formally announced, I folded in some news about how Leo and Blake were probably seeing out other. Blake has been trying to make this Leo thing happen for MONTHS. Could it be that Blake is kind of stalking Leo too? What is it about Leo that makes vapid model-types crazy? Anyway, it sounds like Leo is into it. Blake has the body of a model, so I suspect Blake is in the running to be Leo’s new girlfriend. Poor Bar!

  76. 76
    donie Says:

    She must have sense humor. That is why he is very good friend with kate because she has a great sense of humor. He is so happy. I am so happy that NO fatty is around. yaaaaaaa

    OH YA champagne YA

  77. 77
    Oh - My, My Says:

    @Mrs. Archer:

    Someone had to place them on FROG and then hack into her account. This is her OWN PR bullshit. It’s done all the tim. Still her behind it though – faker. Poor Bar, in trouble again for stupid decionmaking? Oh, poor baby. Better play the victim BIG for Leo!!!

  78. 78
    quit with blake hate! Says:

    Come on you guys now your hating on Blake? It was the same with Bar, and come on you have to admit it, Blake is 1,000 times better looking then bar. and she has some talent! So quit hating on her! geesh!

  79. 79
    C / G Says:

    I agree with @curi2: and @ Salt, this is a PLANNED photo shoot and again as Leo putting it out there that he’s single. He knew that X was in Cannes yesterday and the next day who is papped next to – Blake. This was done for a reason.

  80. 80
    canne Says:

    hot fckg couple if true!

  81. 81
    nikki Says:

    @cali girl:

    I know the doctor who did her nose and Boob job….like 5 years ago

  82. 82
    yeah...right...but...ummmm Says:

    This is, most likey, some sort of “acting” meeting – Lively is trying to get in a film with DiCaprio and DiCaprio is trying to get Spielberg to direct…it’s simple networking.

  83. 83
    Mrs. Archer Says:

    @Oh – My, My: You’re in PR, right? They are separate accounts. The fake one has a 1 after Xs name. Are you saying that X has a shadow account to post stuff?

  84. 84
    observer Says:

    I also agree with the above posts that it was planned. But I hope that clos-minded someone gets the message…

  85. 85
    KS fan Says:

    @quit with blake hate!:

    I totally agree with you girl, I’m so sick of people hating just for the sake of hating… With Barf there was a million reasons to hate that girl, she was disgusting and used Leo till she couldn’t use him no more…but now Blake too? Let him have fun and enjoy his new found freedom. I agree with Tink that Blake is definitely a step in the right direction for him..she seems light and more genuine to me. And I also get a much better vibe from her than I did from Barfie… And he looks a million times happier than I’ve seen him look in the six years he spent with that sour lemon face.

  86. 86
    Mrs. Archer Says:

    I re-read my comment and it sounded snotty, but I didn’t intend for that. I was legitimately asking that because I though you posted that before.

  87. 87
    betty Says:

    people only hate Bar because she’s jewish.

  88. 88
    epk Says:

    “At least Blake has her own career though. I give her that. The other one just rode on his a** like a pony.”

    Exactly. Whatever one thinks about her as an actor, she’s established herself enough to get decent tv and movie roles, and she didn’t do it by stripping or dating famous men. A ten year age difference is not that huge, unless your talking about college age kids and younger. I’ve only seen her interviewed once, I think it was Letterman: charming California girl talking about her hippy parents is what I remember. They may just be friends. Even if more, it’s probably not that serious. Regardless, he looks happy and these pics are great. :)

  89. 89
    Mr Popularity Says:

    Almost 100 posts in 75 minutes. Leo sure is popular.

  90. 90
    boom Says:

    wow l have to admit that they look absolutely great together. leo looks soo happy and blake is fine.

  91. 91
    @betty Says:

    In my memory, no-one has ever made an anti-semetic comment about X and regulars on these threads discourage that.

  92. 92
    Celia Says:

    @C / G:

    No she just rode someone’s balls.

  93. 93
    congratulationsleo Says:

    blake is thousand time better than this barfiesh!t. i still wonder why barfie is at cannes. she want leo back or what. i hope he will nerver back with barfie. i vote for blake

  94. 94
    Oh - My, My Says:

    @Mrs. Archer:

    A correct twitter account for her (with her style of writing and asking quesions) has a “1″ after it. Can’t fake that stuff. She might have many other twitter accounts too.

    Fakers. Ok – Unless she does something over the top stupid, |’m done with her. LEO is RELEASED!!

  95. 95
    Fake Manly Says:

    Interesting that people don’t have issues believing that he is just friends with Kate Winslet but when it cemes to Ms Boobs it has to be more than that. Leo is relaxed like this whenever he is around his buddies like Lukas or Tobey. It could easily be work. Leo produces movies she might be in one…

  96. 96
    helena Says:

    i like Leo but im not a fan of Blake, she’s everywhere these days

  97. 97
    isabella Says:

    shes the reason bar and leo broke up!

  98. 98
    Anon Says:

    Eww, what a disappointment. He can do SO much better. I see nothing special about this horse-faced chick.

  99. 99
    truth Says:

    Blake wants to be A list even though she’s not that good of an actress. Well..what better way than to associate yourself with A list! haha

  100. 100
    Oh - My, My Says:

    @C / G:

    N I C E ! thanks C/G

  101. 101
    south Says:

    cmon guys blake has fine figure, great smile, great legs, cool fashion sense and average talent. enough to be a a lister :)
    waay better than bar

  102. 102
    donie Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is not talented actress either but she ride brad pitt fame and transfer herself from TV star to become movie star. which i still personally she is TV star. But this is hollywood, this how everything works for guys is just simple about the bed not much future.

  103. 103
    KS fan Says:


    they really do, and I just keep seeing the difference in these pics with the ones of him and Barfie and you can’t even compare… these pics give off a real happy upbeat, positive energy…..when I used to look at the pics of him with Barf it was like a blast of negativity energy …
    and as long as Leo is looking happy and enjoying himself that’s all I really care about. He can be with Blake and all the girls he wants cos as far as i’m concerned he’s earned it after the six years of that “depressing Barfie hell” he went through…

  104. 104
    donie Says:

    BLAKE DEFINITELY IS UP GRADE. I am not even a hater trust me.

  105. 105
    ModestMouse Says:

    Perhaps someone should tell her that Carey Mulligan got the role.

  106. 106
    epk Says:

    @C / G:

    I don’t know if it was planned, but you are probably right that he knew the paparazzi were there. There are photos on Zimbio and other sites where he looks like he is pointing and waving at the camera, like I know you’re there spying on me dude. ;) The sequence looks like they were taken before Blake got there, but who knows.

  107. 107
    Jasmine Says:

    What a bunch of jealous hags you all are…Blake’s beautiful, she has a career, money and men you people will never even come close to meeting. So continue your petty hatred in order to attempt making yourselves feel better!

  108. 108
    Ruth Says:

    This is Leo playing to the cameras that he is now single. A man doesn’t run from a serious relationship to another very quickly and she is looking for the publicity. If he was really in a relationship with Blake, they wouldn’t be seen together just as he behaved with Bar. Btw, Blake is very ordinary looking. Did someone say she is an A-lister – is that a joke? Not even pretty but perhaps she can act.

    As for Bar, I wish her all the best. She is well out of a relationship with a man who will be able to commit in 30 years time (if that). She obviously left because he wasn’t able to move forward and after 5+ years it was long enough.

  109. 109
    Morgan Says:

    Up until now I have never seen him smile so much when he’s with a woman. They are a really cute couple and she seems like she is fun. Not pouty like those models. You go Leo! All the best to you.

  110. 110
    Michelle Says:

    quit with blake hate! @ 05/17/2011 at 4:11 pm +5

    Come on you guys now your hating on Blake? It was the same with Bar, and come on you have to admit it, Blake is 1,000 times better looking then bar. and she has some talent! So quit hating on her! geesh!

    I don’t hate Blake or Bar for that matter. But you obviously need glasses – Blake 1000 better looking than Bar. Is that a joke?
    First of all, this is a PR shoot and has nothing to do with Leo’s private life. Believe me, when he is involved with a woman, no one knows about it at the beginning. And he certainly won’t be cuddling her in front of hundreds of cameras.

  111. 111
    Ava Says:

    What does it matter who he is with–they’re all beards, and the real couple here is Leo and Lucas.

  112. 112
    RESIST Says:

    Another X thread. Leo-fans…. stay away. Let X slip into the great unknown.

  113. 113
    RESIST Says:

    Why would she support the film endeavors of an anti-Semitic ranter? X is so dumb.

  114. 114
    Marisa Says:

    She looks like a fangirl excited to meet him in these pictures. Plus this is all during the Cannes event – a lot of celebrities are mingling here and there. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up ‘dating’.

  115. 115
    thetis Says:

    Bar Rafaeli was a major model when she met Leo – how do you think they met and he pursued her.

    Blake lively is a vapid boring non actress who most of you wouldn’t even notice if you saw her walk down the street. She wants to be A list and instead of doing the work necessary she’s taking the easy way.

  116. 116
    @115 Says:

    Show me one MAJOR international contract… I challenge you. Not even Israeli news gave her much attention pre-Leo. Go to her thread freak. You’re not welcome here.

  117. 117
    @115 Says:

    One major international contract PRE-Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. 118
    - Says:

    Something happened. There is a reason why someone who is naturally cool and collected, chooses to make such an apparant statement.

  119. 119
    Salt Says:

    Wowww… can we please say PR showdown???
    Can´t believe my eyes…
    It is very clear that Bar´s PR sent her to Cannes to generate doubt about a reconciliation or even that the break-up is non existant.
    Leo´s PR arranged a very public photo call (sorry but is was arranged) with Blake, so as to finally destroy the possibility of Bar´s people to attach her to him ever again.
    It´s a real PR SHOWDOWN.
    And sorry, I don´t believe for a minute Blake and Leo´s romance… it´s all PR.
    It´s the best public pesticide I´ve ever seen. It is really over between the two, and he is making it very public.

  120. 120
    donie Says:

    I wish i could see her face when she open the news paper tomorrow trying to see about her dress reception that she wore on the premiere will end up seeing her ex picture with blake on the side with her as well. HA HA… OH MY. Dailymail uk already posted side by side. The french news site is going to ride this for long and Bar probable want to get the hell out before reporters asking her question. Oh Poor BAR she shouldn’t come in the first place but what else she could do with no milk anyways. As much i dislike her but this is going to be inhuman for her to see pictures of her dress with her ex hugging someone else you already suspect. BRANGELINA ALL OVER AGAIN. This time it is the discreet LEO is going to be the front and the center. WOWW Love LEO WHAT CAN I SAY. but i feel little bit humiliated for her.

  121. 121
    Abby Says:

    Omg!! I love them together!! Hope they’re a couple!!!

  122. 122
    leosexgf Says:

    leo’s ex stalker:

  123. 123
    donie Says:

    I suggest she quickly attached her self with someone quickly before everything is going to blow up on her face like Jennifer Anniston happened to her. She waited for a ring she get dump in front of hundred PEOPLE on major public place like Canne. On the up side, she could get a sympathy ride and get job here and there for the next 2 month or so and she have to figure out some else. I am sure her mother has already plan B. HA HA

  124. 124
    Lay Says:

    Leo’s true love is lukas haas. Obviously. Boobs Fakely is just another easy diversive that he will hit and quit. He’s not immature: he’s in the closet to keep his career going on.
    Blake Boobs Fakely is talentless and ugly, but her couch-job with revolting Weisenstein must have been great to get all this good PR-age.
    She looks like a man with bolt-ons. Plastic surgery won’t help her. She ain’t goodlooking and she just can’t act.
    Leo is pathetic. And gets fatter by the day.
    Two words and a number: John Travolta 2000.

  125. 125
    tinkerbell Says:

    @KS fan: agreed, completely agreed. and you know how i felt about barfie..its not that I cant stand to see him with a woman that is not me or like me (highly unrealistic tehre anyway) I just did like BAR REFAELI.

  126. 126
    tinkerbell Says:

    DIDNT like refaeli geez slippery fingers

  127. 127
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Mari: got taht right mari!

  128. 128
    donie Says:


  129. 129
    Tania Says:

    Why do people hate Blake? She’s really a nice person. And what can you do if they’re dating? Nothing right? Because it is non of your business!!! Gosh. People hear should chill down a little bit.

  130. 130
    C / G Says:

    I think that the relationship was in the tank for ages and Leo was preparing an exit strategy. There was no vacation together, rarely seen together, the Gisele parties, etc. I still think that her $3 million dollar condo was an exit gift. Of course I can’t prove it, but why would she get that condo now after years of not having a place of her own AND she had negotiated some sort of deal with the Israeli government about her taxes/earnings because she was outside of the country so much.

  131. 131
    ..... Says:


    after six years of dragging Leo’s name through the mud and all the stupid lame stuff I’ve seen her do, there is no way in hell I feel bad for that fake b*tch..
    I didn’t see her feeling bad for Leo when his Oma died… she sure wasn’t sad than was she?

  132. 132
    Resist Says:

    Keep your cool ladies. The flies are buzzing and want to swat a few comments Xs way. Don’t go to her thread. She’ll disappear eventually.

  133. 133
    C / G Says:

    Leo vs X in the news…….. no competition. If we heard she was heading there, I’m sure he did and circumvented the “they’re going to have a rendezvous” gossip. This photo spread does NOT say reconciliation – especially that BIG hug.
    Leo’s the master. He knows what to do to make news … and deflect it.

  134. 134
    tinkerbell Says:

    @thetis: -8
    Bar Rafaeli was a major model when she met Leo – how do you think they met and he pursued her.
    Blake lively is a vapid boring non actress who most of you wouldn’t even notice if you saw her walk down the street. She wants to be A list and instead of doing the work necessary she’s taking the easy way.



    Blake has had her own career going for a while and yes absolutely I would notice her going down the street.

    If she is not A-list she will be soon, she is young, but already in feature films (The Town) which was produced by the SAME PRODUCTION COMPANY as The Departed – Leo’s best film, which should tell you something. Or maybe she will be solidly B-list, but its obvious she has a future. I’m not a fan, per se, but she is doing well on her own. So I say, I approve!

    Yes, this is a notice to the world its over with barfie, and yes I think its a step in the right direction. My perfect woman for him doesnt exist…like everyone else he is forced to make do with what’s out there and blake has a personality and a nice voice as well.

    she also can wear the hell out of clothes- like that Ungaro super mini, very few women can wear something like that and not look like a joke- bar would look like a linebacker, just as she does at the Chopard party sorry.

  135. 135
    Jake G Says:

    Leo is GAY.

  136. 136
    C / G Says:
    Blake Lively is officially Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend now


    This morning there was a curious little item in Page Six about how Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted together in Cannes late one night. I bought the story, mainly because I think Blake is working her ass off to ensure that she’s Leo’s Next Girlfriend. Because that’s a role she actually pull off, you know? Acting is SO HARD. Can’t she just lay around in a bikini beside Leo? Anyway, these are new photos of Blake and Leo together, FINALLY. I think he’s been riding her (I’m being blunt, I know, but it’s true) for months, and these are the first photos we have of them looking couple-y.
    Here’s what I think: I think Leo either knew or didn’t care that he was being photographed. He’s on a yacht or something, chilling with his boys and with Steven Spielberg. So maybe he just really likes Blake’s technique, or maybe she looks better in a bikini than most models (true story), or maybe… I don’t even know. Whatever it was, Leo decided that he was okay with publicly, officially declaring Blake his Next One with this photo op.
    Lainey doesn’t think it’s happening. I just think Leo isn’t big on PDA. The hug was enough. The hug says, “I’m happy to be in the same frame with this chick, think whatever you want.” And look at Blake’s face. She knows she just won the prize! This is bigger than any movie role, honestly. The chance to be The Girlfriend. It’s all she ever dreamt of. I’m kind of rooting for her, honestly. I hated Leo and Bar. I hope Blake manages to figure it out.
    PS… I love the photo where Blake is telling a story and all of the dudes are watching her! Spielberg is all “Seriously, Leo? This *****?”

  137. 137
    donie Says:

    @131 You are right. But tomorrow when she open up the news to look at her dress reception, it is going to blow up on her face to see her ex pictured hugging some else along side with her dress picture. OUCH!! The dailmail uk already posted it now the french will run it like they have their own BRANGELINA story line. OOOHH

  138. 138
    tinkerbell Says:

    i think this is funny—they start rumors that they are reconciling and insread we get leo with blake…how funny.

    that dress bar is wearing for chopard would look SO MUC BETTER ON BLAKE- she could actually pull it off. bar cant. looks like hooker in a brothel lining up to get chosen.

  139. 139
    donie Says:

    @135 I think some one is jealous..ha ha..

  140. 140
    C / G Says:

    Leo’s already winning the PR showdown. He’s everywhere!!!!! Good move LD. It smacks of showmance (but like I said I wouldn’t mind them together), but it had its intended impact – shock and awe. Everyone is talking about the POSSIBILITY of a new romance and not of a reconciliation.
    He’s the King of the World for a reason and didn’t get to where he is by being stupid.
    Leo & Blake: photo assumption
    So she skipped hitting any carpets in exchange for an introduction to Steven Spielberg?
    Oh but Blake Lively will be busy here in Cannes. Ryan Gosling is here too.
    Right now though, it’s about Leo. Earlier I noted there had yet to be any pictures of either, and certainly not Blake getting glorified at the Palais.
    Today though the two were shot on a boat and Spielberg was around too. Conveniently after that Page Six item came out.
    It all gets a little more complicated too because Bar Rafaeli is also in town – we saw her tonight on the carpet of The Beaver. This is my new favourite phrase.
    Let’s play Photo Assumption then. Leo and Blake. F-cking or Just Friends? That, to me, looks like a pretty unsexual hug. In fact, if that’s his hug styles when he’s into a girl, I’m a little worried.
    Good news or bad news?
    Depends on what you are. Are you a fan? If you’re a fan maybe not, although I can’t imagine what image you had of Leo to begin with.
    If gossip is the priority, well, as I’ve said before, Leo and Blake are very good for gossip. We’re heading into the summer. Sometimes the smut, it slows down. Kinda like the school year. The birth of a new couple is a good sign.
    But as I wrote earlier, Leo’s game is a stealth one. And if Blake wants to play, she’ll need to adjust her technique. Given that she managed to stay so undercover thus far, she may be learning. Having said that, it was convenient that the paps were able to get these today when news broke that the two were hanging out, non? This will not please him.

  141. 141
    hmmm.... Says:

    Wow, the obsessed Leo fans are all buzzing around. Something is off with these photos and I agree with SALT on the PR thing. If they are so into each other and these are the first official photos of them as a couple why didn`t they arrive together? The first photos were only about Leo and Spielberg w/ wife on that boat ( posted hours earlier ), this seems like Leo is greeting her and the post says Leo was talking to Lukas and checking his cell phone. How romantic! If they stepped out in public this way why isn`t there more PDA going on? I do believe this is publicity. If it was real this is a 360 for Leo and I highly doubt someone like Blake Lively can do that to him. Leo is like this around friends or the last time I saw him like this was during Inception with co-stars resulting in the `Leo strut`. Actors, `actress` and a director on a boat in Cannes. PR!

  142. 142
    ace11 Says:

    He’s 13 years older than her

    but he acts like a child it might work

  143. 143
    iheartcomments Says:

    99% of people in Hollywood are ambitious, they wanna go up and be A list and have security. I don’t fault Blake (or X- lol) for that.

    I generally like Blake, ever since the SISTERHOOD of TRAVELING PANTS. She has an inner glow or something about her. She has great hair and legs (like another ex of his), although her face is…but the whole package is generally attractive.

    She’s not a rocket scientist, but she’s not an airhead either. She won’t be the next Meryl Streep but she’s done well with the roles she’s had. I’m curious to see how her career unfolds and how thisLeo thing turns out. I definitely get a more genuine vibe from her, even though she has been shoved down our throats in the past year. She is looking beyond GOSSIP GIRL and trying to secure a place in the industry. Leighton Meester and others are doing it as well, but in their own way.

    I agree with Tink, a step in the right direction.

  144. 144
    sasha Says:

    LMAO to the Blake stans
    She’s a smart girl now with Leo = publicity for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I prefer her ex than her and Leo grown

  145. 145
    curi2 Says:

    @C / G: Did you guys see the pic of Blake with Lukas there was some kissing action
    The pics are down in the comments it probably won’t let me post the link.

  146. 146
    idts Says:

    Didn’t take him long to get a new beard. You go girl!!

  147. 147
    OMG! Says:

    I read ages ago a story over at FUTURE CELEBRITY GOsSIP where they said that LEO AND BLAKE were going to get together and even marry!
    I can’t believe my eyes, Jared these photos are PRICELESS!
    Esp when Bar is in Cannes too.
    Oh the beauty, the mess, the scandal, loves it!

  148. 148
    hmmm.... Says:

    @145: She hops on everyone available…
    These photos reminded me of another one and I finally remembered which one. After Leo and Bar got back together after their 6 months break they were in Cabo for NYE. There was this one particular photo on the balcony of their hotel. Leo and Bar next to each other, not touching but with content smile on their faces, Leo wearing sunglasses but looking straight into the paparazzi camera not minding it at all. That photo seemed staged just like this one. Leo tries to keep his private life out of the spotlight but he knows he needs publicity. He made a statement with that one in Mexico that they were back together. I believe this one is rubbing it into Bar face: hey, I`m over you. Right in front of her in Cannes. And who`s the best for the role that Boobs Fakely? That`s her A-list talent.
    I liked Lainey`s article. Even after her posting about that after MET Gala late night Leo/Blake thing she pointed out that it`s Boobs Fakely so it might just be PR. Just like most of the articles about this whole Cannes-Leo-BL thing. I especially liked the part about Ryan G. also coming to Cannes making her a really `busy girl`. What was that anyway? Couple of sightings of them together just enough to create some buzz mainly for Fakely and then it was over. Just like these couple of sightings with Leo…

  149. 149
    Carrie Says:

    First Sean & Scarlett. Now Blake & Leo.The worlds gone crazy lol.

  150. 150
    TinkerBelle'sSidekick Says:

    First, that smile on his face is PRICELESS! Haven’t seen him that happy in YEARS. I am going to adopt a “wait and see” attitude about BL and Leo. Just b/c they are hanging out doesn’t mean they are dating or even “friends with benefits”. I don’t know all that much about BL, but enough to know she is BETTER than old Barfy. I am loving it that his ex-wh*re shows up at Cannes and the very next day his seen on SS yacht w/his buddies and smiling BIG TIME. So much for being “gutted”..maybe we should label these pics as “Bar who?” b/c he has already moved on!

  151. 151
    Mrs. Archer Says:

    @hmmm….: I thought the same thing. This reminded me of that picture too. He makes photo statements about his personal life.

  152. 152
    hmmm.... Says:

    I don`t know but it seems stages. There`s no way he wasn`t aware of the photographers and this would be a big change in his behavior. I even believe that he was `gutted` by the break up and that`s exactly why he was up for this but I still don`t see this more than a PR stunt. Blake is in the spotlight and now it seems obvious that Leo is moving on from Bar no matter what is this thing with Fakely… But these photos have that certain Cabo feel to them.

  153. 153
    Lia Says:

    He seems… happy! good to see that.

  154. 154
    @150 Says:

    He looks like the cat that ate the canary and a little smug too. He knows EXACTLY the effect these pictures will have, and who’ll win in the media post breakup spin. He’s a smart guy.

  155. 155
    H Says:


    LEONARDO, PLEASE DATE A RESPECTABLE AND EMPLOYED AND KIND LADY LIKE BLAKE.. shes actually really nice, to everyone, including extras of Gossip Girl. And she’s talented and cute. They’re adorable!

  156. 156
    @150 Says:

    @hmmm….: I really don’t think that he was “gutted.” Truly I don’t. I still find it funny that you thought the same thing about the Cabo picture. I was browsing old posts yesterday and had a few theories about things, but got busy and didn’t have time to construct the posts.
    @curi2: I did. Wow. She got right in there. Blake, Lukas is mine… back off…….! LOL. Funny how Leo is looking on. Kinky. O.~
    They definitely made the best out of this photo-op.

  157. 157
    "His Heart Will Go On!..." Says:

  158. 158
    hmmm.... Says:

    @126: I don`t know. It could be. If indeed bar walked away ( who knows if it was growing apart or commitment issue again ) he could have been…
    But another thing just occurred to me: Page Six article about a rough patch between Leo and Bar and the next thing on the same day is that Lainey gets a tip about a possible Leo/Fakely ( I just love this name ) after MET Gala hookup. Page Six article about Leo hanging out with BL in Cannes and the next thing on the same day is you get some ( possibly staged ) photos.

  159. 159
    H Says:

    Look, everyone on here better stop with the hate comments directed towards Blake.. do you WANT Leo to STOP smiling again? Blake happens to be a sweet girl, and stop SH_tting all over them. Leo has never been this happy before and if you guys are true fans, you would let him be happy. Blake and Leo are cute and I support them.

  160. 160
    hmmm.... Says:

    @159: Oh, come on! `Leo has never been this happy before….` Are you serious? Look at that Leo strut photo from the Inception set or any photos of him with his guys and you`ll see him just this happy. Big words to throw out there and of course it`s all about mighty Boobs Fakely, right?
    `everyone here better stop the the hate` Why? Who are you to say something like that? You have your opinion and deal with different ones.
    I find it interesting that all the Leo fans who hated bar suspected PR behind her every single move. They claimed she called the paps all the time, her team posted on her behalf…etc. Then comes BL who attracts paps and gossip like a magnet, rumored to hook up with lots of important guys to promote her career but they don`t seem to believe this might just be PR.

  161. 161
    H Says:

    @hmmm….: Why are you jealous of Blake? She’s not fake at all, she happens to be a genuine and sweet girl. I worked as an extra on Gossip Girl for years and she has never been rude and not genuinely sweet, kind and down to earth. And she isn’t a ****, she dated her co-star/childhood best friend Penn Badgley for more than 10 years. They are super-close and tight and when they were in a relationship, they were very committed and loyal to each other. Blake rarely dates anyone. There were rumors that she was dating Ryan Gosling because some fan saw both of them at Disneyland eating ice cream once last year.

    Stop the damn Blake hate. She makes Leo happy and any true Leo fan would want to see him happy. Plus, Blake isn’t racist like Leo’s ex and she happens to be a GENUINELY nice person.

  162. 162
    H Says:

    @hmmm….: Hmm.. Inception set? that was a long time ago. Pictures of Leo with guys? Looked at all of them this year and he’s never once been this happy. And yeah, stop with the cyber-bullying of Blake Lively because she’s a human being and if they’re dating, both deserve to be happy. Who are you to judge her or them? Any evidence that Blake’s breasts are fake because they have been the same size since she was 16. Any evidence that Blake is fake? Do you have any proof? Can you validate your claims? Everytime Leo is spotted with a potential girlfriend, you guys tear the girl apart with your sh_tty words and claims. The jealousy and cyber-bullying is getting out of hand. Grow up, Leonardo isn’t going to stay single forever and he sure as hell isn’t waiting for any of us.

  163. 163
    livley kissin someone else Says:

    see this one. i think it’s work related. it’s weird! the hug is friendly but anything is expected from LWD.,0,13#13

  164. 164
    the comments r funnnnny Says:

  165. 165
    KS fan Says:


    I totally agree with you H, and I’m glad CG,Tink and alot of the other fans are in agreement too… I rather see him happy and spending time with Blake who seems like such a sweet and happy person by nature, than to see him with someone who gives off such bad yucky vibes like Barf. She just has this heavy energy surrounding her that is off putting… Blake on the other hand feels like such a sweet person to me, and I have heard that she is real nice to everyone like you just mentioned. I just get real good vibes from her that I never got from Barfie, and the smile on Leo’s face says it all to me..

  166. 166
    KS fan Says:

    PR or no PR, I still think Leo tapped that, and judging from that big smile on his face, it must have been gooooood LOLOLOL:)

  167. 167
    What the? Says:

    now this is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy public…………… n they r not alone there either………… public n Leo don’t go together…….. nothin like him………… i m not a fan of hers, but she’s at least natural in her New Gf or PR move
    smile………….. we’ll know the truth, give it a month, the truth will surface about them…………. n if this really is a PR move, just to send Bar back to Israel we’ll know about that too…………
    @New Gf or PR move
    kind of looks staged on Leo’s part. he knows there is a camera in the first pic. u can see him looking in the camera. in the second, smile looks like in a movie shoot. also if u zoom, u can see a figure in his glasses, taking the snap.

  168. 168
    KS fan Says:

    @livley kissin someone else:

    she’s kissing Lukas Haas and Leo is looking on with a smile on his face probably checking out those gorgeous legs of hers hehehe I like that pic and I like it that Leo can’t seem to stop smiling!!! that’s what I want to see, happy smiles, no more long sad faces for the Schl*nginator!! :)

  169. 169
    What the? Says:

    New Gf or PR move
    now this is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy public…………… n they r not alone there either………… public n Leo don’t go together…….. nothin like him………… i m not a fan of hers, but she’s at least natural in her
    smile………….. we’ll know the truth, give it a month, the truth will surface about them…………. n if this really is a PR move, just to send Bar back to Israel we’ll know about that too…………
    @New Gf or PR move
    kind of looks staged on Leo’s part. he knows there is a camera in the first pic. u can see him looking in the camera. in the second, smile looks like in a movie shoot. also if u zoom, u can see a figure in his glasses, taking the snap.

  170. 170
    jackmanian Says:

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssss, i do like them together, not the last something i didn’t like Bar at all…. I like Blake she is gorgeous…

  171. 171
    hmmm.... Says:

    Who said I was jealous of Fakely? Thanks for the fairy tale, though. 10 years dating her co-star? I don`t believe that. Why are so worked up? Do you think I`m the only one who thinks about Boobs Fakely this way? Read most of the post about the `PR ( Busy ) Queen Bee`.
    `he has never once been this happy` You still sound completely delusional to say something stupid like that. And of course the reason why he is so insanely happy is Boobsy, right? That`s why he didn`t even bother to arrive with her. Take it easy. I`m entitled to have my opinion about her and you cannot tell me to stop posting about it. Just like the obsessed Leo fans can`t stop trashing his ex girlfriend on her thread. Are you going to go over there as well to play her guardian as well?
    PR girl, PR photos.

  172. 172
    hmmm.... Says:

    … the ratings on comment #3, 4 & 5 speak for themselves!

  173. 173
    ........ Says:


    you’ve trashed Barfola on her threads a million times so stop acting so “innoncent” ms. LOL aka all the other names you use. I’m beginning to think you just have a problem with any girl Leo dates. There is something seriously wrong with you sweetheart. You better get that situation checked, cos there’s something not right about this obsession you have with who Leo dates/fcuks/hugs/smiles at and it’s getting pretty creepy.

  174. 174
    KS fan Says:

    awww, you can feel the warmth in this picture

    and I love this one too..LMAO what is he looking up at?? LOL

  175. 175
    H Says:

    @……..: Dude, I’ve never trashed Bar. Wtf is your problem? Stop making up sh_t to suit your on self. You better go to a psychiatrist, because your reply just affirms that you even serious issues. This is the second time I’ve ever commented on a Leo-related post, and presumably the last. The site receives 1000s of users every day, do you think everyone won’t have usernames that coincide? especially names that are solely letters.

  176. 176
    ........ Says:


    that comment was directed at hmmm, not at you LOL

  177. 177
    hmmm.... Says:

    @173: So you think you got me all figured out. Thanks for the analysis, ms know-it-all. As I said before I think bar=blake. Since I cannot stand bar obviously I cannot stand blake. The big problem is not agreeing with the King ******* team. Save you blahblah for someone who cares about it. ;)

  178. 178
    um Says:

    so she signed the contract huh? smh If she thinks this is gonna raise her status in Hollywood she can dream on. It will have the opposite effect. The public will question any new deal that comes her way wondering if it’s her connection with leo or did she really get it on her own.

  179. 179
    anna Says:

    @um: Before even meeting Leo, she’s the face of Chanel and starring in The Green Lantern. So no, the public won’t question her ”new deals”. She’s more publicized than Leo is and grabbed a Chanel contract on her own, plus the Green Lantern is set to become a big Marvel franchise like Super-man and Iron Man. She doesn’t need Leo to boost her career. She’s already a major hit among the high end fashion industry and TV world. Plus film critics love her, especially her performance in The Town.

  180. 180
    KS fan Says:

    Also I’m happy that he met up with Spielberg, that means they may be working together again in the near future maybe? it’s a good sign, I love CMIYC and I want to see them work together again.

  181. 181
    ??????? Says:

    Is hmmm really lol in disguise?

  182. 182
    wth?? Says:


    what contract? why are some people so intent on seeing the negative side of everything…leave Blake alone. For once Leo is actually looking happy and in high spirits and still there have to be the negative people complaining. DAMN, let him be… if he wants to be with Blake, hang out with her, sleep with her or whatever it is he wants to do, than what business is it of yours?? Be happy for him and stop b*tching about it.

  183. 183
    yep Says:


    yes, it certainly is her.. she’s the one that’s always bashing on the Leo fans for supporting Leo and feeling happy for him. She has hate issues.

  184. 184
    curi2 Says:

    @KS fan: I like the second one.It looks like he is sunning his face.I kind of want to yell Hey ginger what you up too?lol His hair is kind of looking a little red there.@KS fan: I think it would be cool to see them work together again.

  185. 185
    C / G Says:

    All I can say is that I am happy for Leo. The relationship was not working and it’s over. We complained about X and now people are complaining about Blake. Give the man some peace and let him get his footing.
    I wanted a picture of Leo smiling right at the camera, I’m looking at one, so I’m satisfied. The rest is what it is…..

  186. 186
    hmmm.... Says:

    Of course … `hate issues`. Unlike tinkerbell who still keeps bashing bar on her thread. But that`s all right because she is team *******! Not liking the low class women around Leo means `hate issues`. Emphasizing the PR side of these photos means `hate issues` but saying whatever bar did was PR is ok because team ******* agrees with that. That`s how it works!
    I am happy to see Leo smiling I just don`t think the reason is necessarily BL. :)

  187. 187
    Courtney Says:

    GAH… a little jealous over these pics, not gonna lie. No I don’t have false delusions that I will be Leo’s future wife and baby mama, but *sigh* I’m still jealous!

  188. 188
    C / G Says:

    @curi2: That’s a sweet picture. I wonder if choppers are overhead? I’m curious who he’s waving at. Blake as she’s approaching? The thing that cracks me up is he and Lukas are in their socks. Just chilling on the yacht in their white socks. LOL. Too adorable.

  189. 189
    curi2 Says:

    @C / G: Agree with that.
    Like some of the others have said..maybe some are reading to much into it.I think we should wait and see,before everyone get all worked up over it.

  190. 190
    curi2 Says:

    @C / G: Ditto I was wondering about that too,who is he waving at hello/or goodbye?What is with the white socks?He’s always wearing them white socks isn’t he?Maybe they are doing that to prevent scuffing or something?lol

  191. 191
    C / G Says:

    We KNOW that this is a staged photo drill. We determined that pages ago. We are not so delusional to think that this is not PR related. The difference In Leo doing it is that it is SELF promotion not someone taking advantage and exploiting him.
    Blake is not low-class. There are NO verifiable facts in the rumors about her. Since she’s young and beautiful, the media naturally wants to attach her to single men. Blake comes from a nice family. She’s worked hard and has achieved a lot of success at a young age – ON HER OWN.
    Do we have control over Tink? Nope. I control what I do. I don’t go to X threads anymore. I don’t give her view hits or comments and I rarely search for info about her.

  192. 192
    C / G Says:

    Previous comment was for @hmmm….:

  193. 193
    @hmmm.... reminds me of @;) Says:

    Remember ;) ? She said she couldn’t watch Leo’s movies anymore because of Barfy. I don’t think it’s stopped her from reading about him, and taking out her anger on fans who still like him.

  194. 194
    Susie Says:

    Besides having a hot body the girl doesn’t have much talent so she has to ‘work it’ to get where she’s at. Guess what? It worked! Bravo!

  195. 195
    @193 Says:

    Don’t remind me.

  196. 196
    Pooch Says:

    Leo is bloated and ugly now.

  197. 197
    C / G Says:

    I’m off. Have a great night Leo-fans. :)

  198. 198
    KS fan Says:


    I disagree, I’ve watched the Town and she did a great job in that movie. And yes, you are right about the great body and lovely personality too.

    @C / G:

    I agree with you CG, I don’t get the user vibe from Blake that I’ve always gotten from Bar. This girl is different. And even if he’s just “having fun” with her, that is exactly what I think he should be doing anyway. Having fun, enjoying his freedom and hanging out with good people. And Blake is in my (good people) list.

  199. 199
    Just sayin Says:

    Blake has one fierce PR team.

  200. 200
    tinkerbell Says:

    @C / G: no and you dont NEED control over tink either. geez.

    actually, I DONT think this is PR. I think the fact that he is letting it shows he’s OK with Blake, period. Did he ever do this with the foul faced one? NO. I think in part because his people warned him about all the controversy and loathing around her. he stopped allowing any pictures at all November of last year.

    I think he just likes Blake and doesnt see anything objectionable about being seen with her. But I dont think its a set-up, although why she is on a random boat ride with spielberg is interesting–who invited her? Leo?

    Maybe he just likes seeing a fun, flirtatious woman he has no baggage with. Must be a relief, but I dont think it is as calculated as all that.

    Bar in her ice-skating dress on the other hand, that took at least a month to get together…..she’s really trying, got to hand that to her, but its not working when you have a face like shaped like a shoe.

    I’m just glad he seems to be taking his time. Its funny because on the Pop Sugar website they have a pic where she’s hugging someoen else and he looks like WTF??? why is she hugging HIM???

    and Bar had this photo on Yfrog of leonid brezhnev and some old soviet guys kissing (you know, official kiss on the cheek) I think this was a jab at you know who for Hoover, like ha hahahhaha he kisses guys…..

    this is a PR war, but its Bar trying to salvage not a stand off between the two.

    and you know, you wouldnt have had so much great information or so many hahahahahs without me around….. and I think I still have plenty of ammo to spend……

  201. 201
    yeahhh Says:

    Bar is wayyyyy hotter than Blake.

  202. 202
    Brasil Says:

    If they are dating, I don’t have idea, but Leo looks sooooo happy in this pics. And it’s good see his genuine smile again, something we don’t saw for a long time!

  203. 203
    C / G Says:

    One last comment. I didn’t say I NEEDED to, I said that I don’t. No more than you can control what I post. @hmmm….: is using your X comments as justification for bashing Blake. Personally, I don’t see the connection there @hmmm….:. What one has to do with the other is beyond me.
    @tinkerbell: do your thing. I was not bashing in that comment.

  204. 204
    @hmmm.... reminds me of @;) Says:


    I’m sorry. I quite liked @; but somewhere along the line her distaste for ‘X’ transferred to Leo and if you didn’t agree with her, you were a stupid groupie or somethin. I understood why Leo going out with ‘X’ would colour her judgment about him as a person, but now he’s broken up with ‘X.’ You would think that would earn him some points, but nope, already off to the races on bashing Blake, and Leo for dating her, even though it’s only a rumour at this point.

  205. 205
    Blake WINS Says:


    stumpy is NOT hotter than Blake…only in her dreams Barfly, only in her dreams LOL

    Blake’s HOT BODY will be part of Barfie’s recurring nightmares for a long time to come LMAO

  206. 206
    lol Says:

    Wow at all the Bar haters. Blake isn’t much better imo. Sorry :)

  207. 207
    @hmmm.... reminds me of @;) Says:


    They prob laughing their arses off over the NY Post stories. You see him on the phone with the photographer reflecting in his sunglasses. He’s prob talking to Blake: “Get down here and get your picture taken girl. Make sure you give Lukas a big hug and kiss, too. That will freak them out”! He prob looks happy because he is happy. Made a clean break from X and now he goofing off on a yacht in France with his buddies. No pressure. Relaxed.

  208. 208
    KS fan Says:

    even in this pic you can get a peek at her legs, they really are the hottest legs of any celeb out there. Well I also love Jennifer Aniston’s legs, but I think Blake’s are the best I’ve seen so far.

  209. 209
    KS fan Says:

    oh, forgot to post the pic.

  210. 210
    touche Says:

    She used Ryan Gosling to raise her profile and now Leo. Hope he uses her too.

  211. 211
    Right on cue Says:

    Speaking of ‘hmmm’ and here’s ‘lol’ right on cue

  212. 212
    Brasil Says:

    Hey people stop with this PR thing, this is annoying! Now every new lady by his side, it’ PR arregement, he can’t do it for himself. Even that he knew that was being caught, he didn’t seem to care, he seems quite relaxed to say the truth and maybe they are just friends hugging on a boat, and what’s the problem with this?
    He is happy, this is the only thing that really matters, anyone is sure about this rumor of Leo and Blake dating, so by now let’s just enjoy to see that big smile on his face again, and for me it seems quite genuine. If you saw all the pics of him on the boat (not just the ones with Blake) he seemed happy in all of them, maybe he’s just so happy for being single and enjoying life that he can’t hide. And if Leo hook up with Blake, what’s the big deal? if this makes him happy, I don’t see any problem and this doesn’t mean she’s his sm or that he will marry her, he’s just enjoying his single life and I also feel a good vibe coming from her, she seems like a nice girl at least.

  213. 213
    Red Velvet Says:

    Hmm, i still think that this is a PR move
    Remember Blake with Ryan Gosling ?

    At some photos you can see that Leo clearly know where the paps are, and yeah it looks like friendly hug to me, no sexual chemistry.

    Besides, THIS >>

    Would you do that to your new lover’s friend ?

  214. 214
    Brasil Says:

    I mean Leo seems in good mood! All I said above it’s Just my opinion, sorry if someone didn’t agree!

  215. 215
    @hmmm.... reminds me of @;) Says:

    @Red Velvet:

    “Would you do that to your new lover’s friend ?”

    If I wanted to freak the press out, YES! Haha! The way Leo is looking on at them makes me think it is some sort of stunt OR he’s happy his friends like each other.

    I never got the sense that ‘X’ was that close with his closest friends, Lukas in particular. If he is starting a relationship with Blake, seeing how comfortable his best friends are with her has to make him happy. Or they’re all perving for the photog! LOL!

  216. 216
    Brasil Says:

    Also, I remember everyone here saying how much you want Leo split with Bar, (even me): we got it! Also remember everyone here saying that any girl would be better than Bar: so here is Blake, that I don’t know too much, but that build her career for herself and it seems a good girl. So what about give Leo the chance to do whatever he wants with any girl he wants? Take it easy, enjoy the moment, don’t take everything on the bad side, try to look at things in a more light way, he was there being happy and enjoying his companies on a boat: Blake, Lukas, Steven, etc… And that’s all, people!

  217. 217
    Happy Leo fan Says:

    Beady eyes fans are going crazy because of these Leo/Blake pics, they just don’t get it that there will always be hotter, YOUNGER, THINNER and sweeter more genuine women to replace Barfie. They must not get out much and see that there are other people in the world too besides the small eyed wonder..

  218. 218
    Happy Leo fan Says:


    agree with you all the way!! :)

  219. 219
    Frenchy Says:

    ROTFLMAO Leo DiCaprio and Ken Sunshine, you both need to stop. lol
    This is such sheer comedy that even Blake and Leo are laughing. I’m laughing lmao!!!!!!!! “rolling out of this post”….ha ha ha

  220. 220
    Happy Leo fan Says:

    seems like some people are ready to jump on the hate on Blake Lively band wagon for some reason. I don’t get it but whatever :S

  221. 221
    nice body Says:

    Looking effortlessly chic and SLIM while walking down the street. Must be nice to be born with a model figure and not pretend to have one like “some people”

  222. 222
    ellie' Says:

    Looking great together..Maybe a couple…

  223. 223
    blue Says:

    this is not surprise pictures. who can resist the goddess fashion celebrity as blake, no one.

  224. 224

    I don’t think they are a couple – because he was always pretty private, I doubt he would just go public like that, and besides he doesn;t date actreses. Besides, they are on steven spielberg’s yacht, its not like they are on a date – date ( like, you know, its kind of more official gathering – its not like they are on a party). Plus, if he would be with Blake that would mean him and Bar were history 3-4 months ago (!?!)
    I am saying, I highly doubt they are a couple. Even though he seems really relaxed and I have never watched Blake on screen, but she seems ok to me. She isn’t perhaps the most beautiful in the face, but she looks kind of cute.

  225. 225
    raven Says:

    It’s nice to see him happy!! I hope we continue to see pics of him smiling and enjoying himself. I love his smile.

  226. 226
    bremary Says:

    Am I the only one who’s laughing over the title of this article? :)

  227. 227
    Brasil Says:

    @thanks Happy Leo fan!

  228. 228
    raven Says:

    @bremary: I was cracking up too!

  229. 229
    tinkerbell Says:

    I like how her thread died at 50-or so, his is still going. both posted same day, he’s leading 225-50. Just shows where the interest is.

    This is her BEST red carpet showing to me, she is trying to BRING IT..why wouldnt she, but also they are right, Mel Gibson, who’s movie it is, is an anti-semite-she shouldbe conscious of that.

    leo looks a little stunned she hugs luke too….a little jeal-jeal if you ask me.

    someone posted here (and i know there ARE insiders all over this)
    that he’s done with models…good ! enough ****!

  230. 230

    I have nothing against Leo and Blake together. They look ok together to me.
    But last year, during split with Bar he was laughing his ass of with Ellen Page and he took her with him to check out some properties together. But because Ellen Page is short brunette, nobody suspected love affair at the time, depsite he looked so happy next to her. This just reminds me of then.
    But as I said, if he ends up with that Blake girl, I wouldn’t mind. I don’t know what movies she is in, I will have to check her out, but at least to me she has more intelligent appearance than Bar and she dresses better as well.

  231. 231

    Funny tink, I will just say this and close the Bar chapter, cause I am sooo happy I can ignore her now…
    Just before the Chopard party Naomie Campbell did her annual Fashion for relief show. Jane Fonda walked it with 73, Barbara Becker (ex wife of Boris Becker) walked it, Viktoria Silvsted (yes, even she) walked it, Karolina Kurkova walked it. Bar Refaeli didn’t walk it. She wasn’t even invited as a guest. What, weren’t they best friends with Naomie?
    And this is about all I wanna say about Bar Refaeli and I wish I’d never have to hear from her again I will be more than happy to ignore her threads.

  232. 232
    tinkerbell Says:


    Bar Refaeli: ‘Beaver’ Premiere in Cannes!

    do you mean this one? because I bet her beaver did premiere at Cannes…..

    “Ward, you’ve been a little hard on the beaver recently.”

    -June Cleaver

    Beaver Cleaver – (the writers laughed themselves silly over what they were getting away with in the 1950s) not related to Eldridge or Kathleen in any way I suspect.

  233. 233
    Eureka Says:

    yes yes yes yes yeeesssssss!!!!

    She might not be his soul mate but at least he doesn’t look pissed off like he used to be in the past 5 years. No hiding under caps, no running from papz, he looks so relaxed and I’m definitely happy for him enjoying this time.

    This is his answer to all that Barfie’s camp crap we had to read in the past weeks (she dumped him, he’s gay, she’s enjoying her single status, she is focusing on her career, she didn’t want to marry him).

    Besides, I’m sure we will have good gossip material with this two.

  234. 234
    Fantomas Says:

    Bonjour tout le monde !!!
    I think they’re just friends perhaps with benefits but nothing more… they look happy together and that’s the most important…

  235. 235
    Pipo Says:

    This looks staged. It means that he anf KS want people to know that he’s not desperate no matter what Barfilla and his camp say or do.
    We will see if this is the official beginning of something new, as well.
    For me this would be fine, I’ve never seen him so relaxed and smiling in years nd it would definitely be a huge upgrade and a step in the right direction (at least there is some substance, here, not a Nobel Prize, I agree, but something more than a cheap model).

    BTW, this one did get a real major fashion contract and some acting ones BEFORE meeting him, didn’t she?

  236. 236
    Ria Says:

    apparently they are not together…. body language is screaming ‘we barely know each other’

  237. 237
    Ellen Says:

    don’t think they will ever be a couple, they seem to me friends :)

  238. 238
    pijo2010 Says:

    can’t decide who is lamer:
    the next charlie sheen or the girl who fell for that
    preety sure she’s just starstrucked and will bail soon,and he’ll keep dating young blonde models for the rest of his miserable life.

  239. 239
    c Says:

    Dicaprio is embarassing. Grow up and stop hanging around with people half your age. Instead of hanging around partying in Cannes you should be improving your acting skills because you’re a c r a p actor . Oh and blake is ugly!

  240. 240
    adi Says:

    bar and leo are still together!! or why should both of them be in cannes, at the same time? bar went there to be able to spend more time with him!
    and if blake would be his girlfriend, we would defenitly not get pictures of them hugging.. bar and leo are together since … i dont know and there are barly pictures of them hugging!! shes just a good friend of leos

  241. 241

    I don’t care, I don’t wanna hear about that thing called Bar anymore. Case closed. next time I won’t even reply at those comments, I am just gonna ignore them as well.

  242. 242
    Ellen Says:

    It’s quite obvious that “X” and Leo are not together in Cannes, we really should ignore this kind of posts

  243. 243
    Sasha Says:

    If we put down Blake it only means we’re jealous. Oh please. I can say the same thing cos most of you put down Bar. What a bunch of pack of wolves mentality on this site. SMH

  244. 244
    look at the future Says:

    whan i saw the photos,i knew theres nothing btw them and theyr just friends! its obvious by his huging+ leo dosent like actresses for daiting! photo of kissing bl and lh shows it!+whenever leo met bl lh was there too as i remmember so if it got to be rumers about hooking up or daiting it got to be about bl and lh!well as i know lh is single too!anyway , im really so happy when i see leo is so so fun !
    for me just it is important that leo broke up with bf forever (its defenetly is forever cus1. leo was/is at the same towns which bf was/is and doesnt pay attention to her at all! tweeted about leo by those nasty words ,it means even the rumers about amicable and staying frinds together are completly false and they never come back together and leo did broke up with her thats why he is so happy for his freedom and shes so angry also all af rumers about gutted r so so fake) and its important for me that leo is so so so happy and spending his time for fun!
    anyway,look at the future that im sure it shows more and more that leo’s broke up with bf is forever and ever also theres nothing btw leo and bl! just i wish see leo happy more and more and see him with his real woman(sm) at his next date!
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you leo! go dear ! go and be fun and happy always! we love ur smiles and i wish the best for u and wish u always be happy and smiling forever!(just i hope u quit smoking and be healthy too;i dont like to see u by ciggerets at all)!

  245. 245
    hmmm.... Says:

    I actually couldn`t care less who else you think I am and who do I remind you of. I just don`t give a damn. I read comments on other sites and other threads here and it looks like I`m with the majority on this thing. So no offense but a bunch of Leo fans = Team ******* disagreeing is not going to give me any sleepless nights.
    I have just seen some more photos and on one of them Leo was waving to the photographer. He seemed happy and relaxed, very smiley talking to someone on his cell phone. No BL around. I just don`t think there`s so much into this sighting than it`s reported.

  246. 246
    boom Says:

    look at blakes pink shoes and matching bag . so effortless and cute

  247. 247
    @adi Says:

    Are you seriously trying to convince people that Leo and bar are still together? Good luck with that! She went to Cannes to be able to spend more time with Leo? So why aren`t there any sightings of them? Not even a lousy tweet. I thought she went there to work ( Chopard and she was promoting some Brazilian shoe brand ). Leo is not working so why is it that there are NO sightings of them together at all? Just like in NYC earlier this month?

  248. 248
    Fantomas Says:

    More interesting: news on Gatsby

  249. 249
    has Says:

    As the wise Tina Fey said ““Talent isn’t sexually transmitted”.

  250. 250
    look at the future Says:

    @adi:U R THE ONE THAT SAY THEY R STILL TOGATHER even bf shows it by her nasty words on her tweeter + all of other proofs !go read more articles or at least read the links in leo’s articles in jj and then come and talk! how can u say this while u even dont know about ur bf at all! how fan!

  251. 251
    a Says:

    @Sasha: No, people put down Bar because she called the Arabs ‘barbaric’ and primitive. She also said a lot of other stupid stuff and is rude to ”fans”.

    Blake is actually nice and has never said or done anything shtty like Bar.

  252. 252
    Leo or Lukas ???? Says:

  253. 253
    hily Says:

    leo you suck!
    you dont deserve anny of these women. you think, you can play with their hearts but its you who cant keep a relationship straight.
    I’m glad Gisele now has a happy life without you. and Bar will get her luck also.
    I hope the new girl will not waste her love for this arrogant guy.

  254. 254
    mattie Says:

    Settle people, Leo looks healthy, happy and gorgeous, absolutely not gutted, I hug the guys at work just like this, I really don’t think they are a couple, just mates greeting each other, time will tell, exciting though isn’t it

  255. 255
    Brainy box Says:


  256. 256
    Enzo Says:

    Leo cannot have relations with a mature woman. He is very childish.

  257. 257
    Sasha Says:


    Ok I see. I don’t know much about her. Glad I don’t.
    The annoying thing about Blake is she’s being shoved down our throats big time, it does makes me kinda gag.

  258. 258
    glagla Says:

    Yuck. She is gross and bony.

  259. 259
    my hero Says:

    keep sleeping your way to the top, Blake!

  260. 260
    Super Cool Says:

    Wow, so much jealousy… You don’t actually know Blake or Leo in person, don’t judge people you don’t know. Don’t judge people you know as well.

  261. 261
    Leo isnt dating Blake Says:

    Leo isnt dating blake! There is no chemistry whatsoever between these two. If Blake makes Leo laugh so what?!?! Lukas makes Leo laugh does that mean they’re dating?!?! Kate Winselet makes Leo laugh does that means they’re dating?!?! I do not get romantic vibes when I look at those pics! You people need to calm down! Leo also hugged another woman a few days ago just like Blake I guess he’s dating her too huh?!? This was work related! Leo spends most of his time with Lukas than with anyone else and they’re not dating!

  262. 262
    leosexgf Says:

    Hey Leo fans where are you?

    look at leo’s ex girlfriend barf. she is so ugly!

  263. 263
    boaty call Says:

    yes sure it seems they are just friends.
    or trying to look like so. we will see.

  264. 264
    ewwwgross Says:

    these fat old men worship Barf! eww gross!

  265. 265
    @leosexgf Says:

    and she is wearing that little gold heart necklace again. wouldn`t it be something if leo and bar reunited in cannes after all this media frenzy around him and blake? maybe that`s why he looked so happy and relaxed on that boat!
    i don`t think she looks that bad on these photos by the way. nothing stunning but not fat or ugly.

  266. 266
    boaty call Says:

    @265 you might be true ! i wouldnt be surprised if its so.
    btw bar looks pretty decent on these photos.

  267. 267
    Barfie looks old Says:

    to me she looks fug as usual, and she has the old lady plastic surgery face look to her..she looks like Bo Derek in those pics with her hair pulled back so tight like she got a face lift LOL

  268. 268
    gulaseng Says:

    oh no, they didn’t!

  269. 269

    people still LIKE blake either…… n it’s not only those here on JJ………. i haven’t seen/read any decent comment about blakey on any of teh sites i’ve been to since yesterday…………. they all think blake isn’t better than bar, that they r the same, in every aspect………. a user! just the type he likes……… use n get used till HE wants, when he doesn’t, he lets go………. so it’s all very clear i guess…….. n i don’t think Leo is stupid enough to not know blakey’s WAYS……… he knows……….. n i just heard that these two r doin a movie together, so i doubt there is any romance between the two……….. it’s all work related!

  270. 270
    she's HOT Says:

    I can never say Barfie is prettier than Blake cos I’d be lying and besides, she’s NOT LOL To me Blake has the better body, better personality, prettier more distinctive regal features like Gisele and she seems light and fun. No user vibe there. And if y’all think Leo didn’t hit that, than I think you know very little about men. No guy would pass up on that opportunity when it’s right in front of you. She has always been smitten with Leo, so that is a no-brainer for me..

  271. 271
    la Says:

    good for him. shes so sexy plus the fact that shes talented prob excites him. something different

  272. 272
    Candycotton s back Says:

    Leo has not looked this happy in a while..he never looked this happy with the Joker.even if their friends or more..anyway I did some astro resarch ..Blacke is a Virgo August 25,1987.. She has a lot of Virgo in her chart.venus,mars,mercury are all in virgo! Definatly a earth gurl but she. Has some fire also.a lot of sag. Planets ..her Pluto is in Scorpio which is good..people with Pluto in Scorpio command attension with out effort..but the most outstanding Placement is she has Pisces rising…that explains the warmth u sense between her and Leo..since his sun Scorpio their relationship would be a very emotional connection..Relaxed feelings …Pisces rising people are very sensitive,loving,understanding people!Its always love at first sight for Scorpio and Pisces..pisces rising people are irrisistable creatures..Martin Scoresee( spell check)has pisces rising notice Leos admiration towards him..Genuine warm feelings..It was opposite with the X who has Virgo rising..theirs was surpressed awkward,constricted feelings..too neutral..
    Blake always comes off as sweet bubbly in her interviews..unlike u know..who Lol So either friends or more Leo and Blake have a warm chemistry..she once said she had a dream she would marry Leo.. Don’t think its gonna happen!Pisces risings have good imaginations..

    That Beaver primere title is fu#king hilarious..Cuz that’s exactly what Barfy looks like on the Red Carpet!..haha!Has anyone seen the mocking twitter its much more interesting than Barfys..They tweeted “Some Israeli newspaper says I’m a looser because I’m on twitter wtf their 200 million people on twitter”..Someone is mocking her useless exsistance!

    I think Leo’s been watching too much Jersey with all this mayham..He’s still trying to figure his life out!..But don’t be surprised if u see new pics of him and “The Beaver” together on her 36th I mean 26? B day..looking misrable together..last year he ignored her according to Adi..who is actually more actractive than the beaver.. saw her facebook Adi Ronen..
    Any way if they are broken up I’m sure we will see some pathetic pics of her and Scott Lipps (agent) together Having dinner.YAWN!

    @Barflies..@Bellazon freaks @Zipi @Yuko loosers @MIA Lisa Rose please get the Fu*”k off of Leos threads and take your Beaver with U!! :p

  273. 273
    hahaha Says:

    blake `talented`? and that excites leo? that`s HILARIOUS! blake talented and that`s why leo is into her? PRICELESS!!!! i can`t stop laughing at that one.
    i just read that lukas was auditioning for a role in an upcoming spielberg project so this whole meeting could have just been business ( mainly for blake i assume ). plus leo and lukas was out partying last night but no bl in sight. so what happened to the dream couple? the `new worldcrossing` leo thread has the auditioning info and the photos of them at a party.

  274. 274
    ?? Says:


    what does the gold heart necklace have to do with anything? did he give her that?

    I don’t think he will be dating her again, she’s gotten too old and clingy for him. She will be 27 and she’s looking like 40 most of the times and that body is just not hot enough, sorry but he can pull in the real sexy models if he wants to. Why settle for stumpy when u can have hotter and sweeter with less baggage than Barf ..

  275. 275
    viiashima nuella Says:

    you haue no idea how i love to see you two together.
    keep it deserve what you have.

  276. 276
    mari Says:

    I personally think they were all just on a boat together having a fun day. I dont think Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio are dating. But it would be pretty awesome if they did! I Love Leo! <3

  277. 277
    geez Says:

    Hate Bar all you want but 27 is NOT old. If you want to go there, Blake looks a lot older than her age. Stupid…

  278. 278
    robbie Says:

    blake sucks.
    leo deserves better. he’s a good actor who really knows how to act and a hard-worker. what is blake “gossip girl” lively? besides i’m pretty sure that she’s dumb and talentless.haha. i wonder why karl lagerfeld was so smitten by her. please. once gossip girl is over, so will blake :p
    i’m such a ******

  279. 279
    hahaha Says:

    @277: Thanks for the link. That must have been some night for Leo. lol I`m more and more certain that this was a friendly / business thing and they are not dating.

  280. 280
    adna Says:

    Leo and Bar are not separated!!. This is just PR. To everyone saw that the bar without Leo already famous. But then again they will be together. And no matter what you think. Because your vote for them does not mean nothing!!!
    This was the case in 2009 …!!!!
    The same thing I said then when they broke up for 6 months. Now history repeats itself. Do not worry they all thought out.THEY hang noodles on the ears, and you believe this false pair.

  281. 281
    Leo, Blake and Lainey Says:

    @281 : PR ???!!!! It’s stupid I don’t see in what to persuade that we broke up, can bring something to a career…
    We speak about you in gossip but it is far from being always for the better I know there is no bad advertising(publicity) but it would be complétement moron

  282. 282
    @adna Says:

    PR for WHAT? What is the point of this PR thing for Leo and what`s in it for barfie? bar is all around in Cannes showing off her assets and h*rny man think Leo is an idiot for leaving her. How is that good for Leo? Leo partying around the clock and being linked to BL. How is that good for barfie? You try to sound like you have inside info but you just don`t make sense!

  283. 283
    get help Says:


    to hahaha, lol, hmmmm… and all your other nicknames. I hope he really does start to date her just to piss you off. You are always angry and seem to have a hate for any woman in the same air space as Leo. I used to think it was just Barf, but you seem to hate everybody, including Leo since I’ve seen you call him lame many times. Get HELP!!.

  284. 284
    hahaha Says:

    @get help: Would you just leave me alone with your conspiracy theory? Thanks!

  285. 285
    adna Says:

    I tell yours!!! They are not separated!!! I dont like Bar…if you think i like her- because she always use Leo for fame. Its PR not for Leo…realy for what?…. But PR for Bar!!!! To make her strong without Leo name!!!

  286. 286
    Leo, Blake and Lainey Says:

    All right it makes many publicity for Bar if we consider that pass for a poor girl who made replaced at the end of 10 minutes is of the publicity….

  287. 287
    lmao Says:

    If they are dating does anyone else find it a little weird? I mean she’s 23 and he’s 36? way too young for him…. Also, Gisele was too good for him but that does’nt matter now because she’s happily marries with a child whereas leo is still partying it up with young blonds *rolls eyes*

  288. 288
    @lmao Says:

    i also find it a little weird, he needs someone older, hope it’s only a relation of transition as many people have it after a long relation. That’s the one that he didn’t really have after Gisele

  289. 289
    @adna Says:

    Ok, if you are so sure about it please, provide us with proof. Or should we just take your word for it? I find it hard to believe that after 5 years together all of a sudden it`s needed to make her `strong` without Leo. Maybe it`s just me but don`t you think that it`s a little late for that?

  290. 290
    Vicky Says:

    i think Leo and Blake are not going out. I just hope all the best for Bar,Leo and Blake. If Blake and Leo are meant to be than let it be?But, i do hope all the happiness to Bar. I do think she is a stunner

  291. 291
    gg fan Says:

    oh no!

  292. 292
    Eve Says:

    I’ve always thought Leo was in love with Kate Winslet. I think he fell in love with her aboard the Titanic! LOL

    Seriously, I do believe he has a secret thing for Kate. I see them together and I see how he looks at her. You can always tell the look on the face of a man in love.

  293. 293
    hazel Says:


    LOL look at the X desperately trolling for attention. Take your links and put them where the sun don’t shine. This Leo fan is not taking the bait. I’ve seen enough ugly pictures while she was using Leo. That’s the best part of him kicking her to the curb: I don’t have to look at her smashed in beady eyed mug ever again.

  294. 294
    hazel Says:


    They love each other as friends. Perhaps when Leo is not so busy and ready for a real relationship, and Kate has had more time to figure out what went wrong with her marriages they’ll consider, but I don’t see it. Why risk such a great friendship for something that might not work out?

  295. 295
    KS fan Says:

    i just wanted to see him with someone HOTTER than Barfie so he can rub it in her face and to me Blake’s body is so much HOTTER than Barfie’s.(those legs and body are SICK) so for me it made my day to see him with her. Whether they start to date or not is anyone’s guess.
    I don’t have a problem with the age gap, because as you get older you start to realize that age ain’t nothing but a number. When you love someone, age doesn’t really come into play.
    I also agree about Barfie being too old in the sense that he was with her for so many years that she had probably gotten to that point where she got too clingy and demanding for him and most men get smothered by that. So in that sense she is too old. And besides Leo deserves to have some fun, if it’s young girls he likes, than why not? if we were in his shoes, we would probably do the same ;)

  296. 296
    Run Leo Run!!!!! Says:

    Eww Leo please stop wasting your time with ******, it’s time for you to settle down with a nice classy girl, you deserve so much better than this D-list chick!!!

  297. 297
    KS fan Says:


    I agree with you Hazel, smashed in faces with beady eyes are not my thing either LOL i see enough frumpy unattractive people in my everyday life. I don’t need to see it here too..

  298. 298
    Paul Says:

    No matter how beautiful the babe, there is somebody that is tired of ****ing her and looking for some other stimulation especially someone like Leo that is getting hit on 24/7.

  299. 299
    C / G Says:

    @Fantomas: Thanks for the Gatsby link. :)

  300. 300
    C / G Says:

    @Leo or Lukas ????: (252) I think I’d like to see Blake with Lukas (just kidding about the post yesterday :P). They’d be an attractive couple together.

  301. 301
    C / G Says:

    @leosexgf: We don’t go to her threads. Don’t try to bait us FLY.

  302. 302
    Eve Says:


    You could be right. Friends can last a lifetime while marriages seem to come and go. Of course, we’re not living in the same house with our friends either! LOL!

  303. 303
    C / G Says:

    Yep, X is certainly putting on the dog and pony show. For her, this is not a show down but a fight for survival. She never looked especially great when with LD, but now she’s trying hard.
    Great point about the comments. The loyalty is with Leo and most of us don’t go to her threads. Last X thread stalled at 62 and Leo is over 300 in one day. As we know, those are good numbers.
    I think people have a lot of good points. Leo doesn’t need the PR. He does want to assert that he’s single and… uhh…. e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e knows this now.
    Loves it.

  304. 304
    @Leo or Lukas ???? Says:

    @Leo or Lukas ????:

    Both???? ;)

  305. 305
    @Leo or Lukas ???? Says:

    @C / G:

    Yep! Assert he is single and his friend Blake likes his friend Lukas. Never got the impression that the EX cared for Lukas, or vice versa. Friendships rule, EX is a tool!

  306. 306
    KS fan Says:

    @C / G:

    I agree with you CG and the other posters, I have a hard time believing this is a publicity stunt to help Barfie…There is no publicity stunt in the world that could help her with her nonexistent career. If six years of being with Leo didn’t help her than what makes anyone think another break up will? Besides six years is a long time, I’m sure Leo is bored to death and want’s something new and fresh… Barf is boring and old news…there’s no excitement left there for him..

  307. 307
    Leo or Lukas ???? Says:

    @304 : why not?????!!!!!! ;)

  308. 308
    Liza Says:

    I like her and I like him but not together, please Leo move on to the smarter girls!

  309. 309
    Leo not with Blake Says:

    This is from Lainey today!

    So here are more details behind those photos of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio hugging on a yacht in the French Riviera yesterday.

    Leo and his boys were with Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. Then Blake showed up. They all greeted each other. She also hugged Lukas Haas. Gave him a friendly kiss on the mouth. Then Spielberg gave her a tour of the boat.

    Leo and Lukas hit up the de Grisogono party at the Hotel du Cap last night. Blake was not with them. As usual, while everyone was DRESSED, Leo rolled in in jeans and ball cap. Well, he gets away with it. After that event wrapped, I’m told by multiple sources that he then headed over to a private villa for a small-ish party where it was literally 5 models for every 1 guy. Here’s how it was described to me:

    “Compared to the quality of the girls here, Blake Lively is Sears catalogue.”

    Needless to say, everyone was getting a lot of action. Of all different flavours. You can imagine how some of it was passed around too. Put it this way, if Leo’s actually hitting Blake, she is sharing him with a lot of other side-dishes. Remember what his standard is, right?

  310. 310
    Ruth Says:

    @115 @ 05/17/2011 at 5:44 pm +6

    Show me one MAJOR international contract… I challenge you. Not even Israeli news gave her much attention pre-Leo. Go to her thread freak. You’re not welcome here.
    Bar was in a serious relationship with him for nearly 6 years. That’s a long time for a man like Leo, surrounded all the time with stalking young women. It doesn’t matter that she wasn’t a big star – that’s not the point at all. Just because Leo is very famous doesn’t mean that he will automatically choose a gf who is also very famous. On the contrary, he may find it easier with someone like Bar who had the time to spend with him and was willing to play second fiddle to him. No one forced them to be together, certainly not her parents,

    All the hatred against her is pathological – she was with him and it was none of our business and now that they have separated, it is still none of our business.

    Has he moved on already – I doubt it. This is a typical Cannes photoshoot with Leo smiling – since when does he ever smile when he is with a real gf?! The last time he smiled with Giselle was at the Oscars, just before he dumped her.

    Leo is a young George Clooney – we will be watching him run after young models for the next 25 years.

  311. 311
    Leo not with blake lively Says:

    He’s still enjoying being single. Stop trying to marry the man off people. From Lainey today……………………

    So here are more details behind those photos of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio hugging on a yacht in the French Riviera yesterday.

    Leo and his boys were with Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. Then Blake showed up. They all greeted each other. She also hugged Lukas Haas. Gave him a friendly kiss on the mouth. Then Spielberg gave her a tour of the boat.

    Leo and Lukas hit up the de Grisogono party at the Hotel du Cap last night. Blake was not with them. As usual, while everyone was DRESSED, Leo rolled in in jeans and ball cap. Well, he gets away with it. After that event wrapped, I’m told by multiple sources that he then headed over to a private villa for a small-ish party where it was literally 5 models for every 1 guy. Here’s how it was described to me:

    “Compared to the quality of the girls here, Blake Lively is Sears catalogue.”

    Needless to say, everyone was getting a lot of action. Of all different flavours. You can imagine how some of it was passed around too. Put it this way, if Leo’s actually hitting Blake, she is sharing him with a lot of other side-dishes. Remember what his standard is, right?

  312. 312
    KS fan Says:

    @Leo not with Blake:

    hahaha, Good for HIM!!! work it LEO, you naughty little dawg you!! LOL

  313. 313
    C / G Says:

    @KS fan: It’ll dwindle. It’s just a matter of time, but she’s not going down without a fight that much we can see. The behaviour is stalkerish. Why is she there?
    From Celeb*****:
    Yesterday was The Day Leonardo DiCaprio Officially Moved On. We were gifted with two Leo gems – the first was a report from Page Six regarding a Leo sighting with Blake Lively, in Cannes. Then, hours later, Leo and Blake (Lake? Bleo?) made their official pap-friendly debut as a couple. All of this made me wonder: how does Single White Female extraordinaire Bar Refaeli feel about all of this? Bar is in Cannes as well, and she’s been party-hopping and premiering for several days. These photos are from last night’s premiere of The Beaver. Bar wore this clingy, navy Roberto Cavalli (with jewelry by Chopard). Now… I’ve never been a big fan of Bar, as a person or as a model. Her personality seems at best, non-existent and at worst, snotty. As a model, she’s definitely lacking. She has a girl-next-door prettiness but I’ve never seen a photo of her that I would call “fierce” or “gorgeous” or “stunning”. Her body is great, sure. But she’s only a known quantity as a model because she was boning Leo. Does this Cavalli look good on her figure? Sure. But the face! The face is so meh. She even looks busted here.

  314. 314
    oh Says:

    Barf follows JJ on twitter. Now I know why that thing was posted so much about here. Well besides her ex BF Leo of course.

  315. 315
    hazel Says:


    All your adoration of the X is pathological. She “had to play second fiddle to him”? Oh yes, he was holding back her greatness. Give me a break. If anything was made obvious by all the attention she got off of him, it was that she has no talent to speak of.

    But honestly, I don’t care if his next gf is a “big star” or beautiful as long as she doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not and she doesn’t keep putting her ignorant, uneducated foot in her mouth. Glad he finally saw the light.

  316. 316
    single white female is right Says:

    @C / G:

    LOL, they said she looks busted, I concur. That body is not made for those elegant dresses. You must have long legs and arms to pull that off.

  317. 317
    K Says:


  318. 318
    hazel Says:


    Someone noted awhile ago that X and Jared are Twitter buddies. Explains a lot if you ask me.

  319. 319
    C / G Says:

    Nice post about Carey Mulligan. Her photos are a bit awkward, but she’s going to be a perfect Daisy. I think I’m way more warm to a new Gatsby than I was previously. It’s an interesting novella with a lot of layers.

    Holy sh*t. ANOTHER X post. This gal is fighting hard. LOL

  320. 320
    C / G Says:

    O-M-G…….I have a similar outfit to the one in the new post and… I wore it today. LOL. O.O

  321. 321
    miss astro Says:

    l think there is something going on between Leo and Blake. Perhaps they’ve been sexting. Remember the reports of flirting back in January. l don’t mind him being with Blake so laong as he is happy.

  322. 322
    donie Says:

    Yes, she is fighting hard but when she pick the news paper to look herself, instead, she will end up watch blake & Leo on her face sadly. CHEERS…..

  323. 323
    who knows? Says:

    Who knows with Blake and Leo. But it seems to me along with the sighting of them at an hotel together looking “couply” and now these pics, it just seems they have taken an interest in eachother sense leo has become single :D

    I don’t think there boyfriend and girlfriend, but I’m sure they are becoming more interested in eachother now that hes single :p Perhpas something developing?!
    Time will tell…..:D

  324. 324
    haha Says:

    Lainey says:
    Last night I actually saw Bar Rafaeli up close and personal on the carpet of The Beaver which I still love saying. I’m telling you, that body, in person? It’s mental. It’s better live than in photos. For real. Her waist to ass ratio …it defies dimensional logic. TINY waist. Powpow & juice bringing up the rear. Dylan and I perved her going up the stairs. Like, there is no arguing with it. Especially from behind. Later on we asked ourselves if ever actually ended up looking at her face. I don’t think I looked once at her face. Dylan said it was a glance, but there was too much going on below the neck.

    Blake is hot, no doubt. Her body is tight, totally. But Bar and her ilk? That is a whole other level.

  325. 325
    tinkerbell Says:

    Ok, my two cents.

    Leo likes blake, wants to move on with her, she’s not ready yet according to someone posting here. so he goes to party with a lot of models…which I dont like but I cant blame him either. He’s moved on and is looking for a soul mate, or at least someone feminine who fits him. He looked downright disappointed when she hugged Luke too.
    He’s not in a rush, and I kind of like he rolled in in jeans.

    Bar was told to bring it for Cannes and ride the last tail of his fame…
    she’s using it well. She’s actually doing a good job for her, even if I dont like her. I could almost see her being her own official C or B list. but not in an interesting way, in an annoying Kim Kardashian way.

    I predict by fall he’ll have a soul mate, she’ll be beautiful but off the fame track enough for him. bar will have a new guy, someone new, like a soccer player or someone else out of the blue since none of the israeli back up guys have enough exposure for her.

    I guarantee, by Labor Day both hooked up for real. Leo will go through Blake like Kleenex, but it will keep the gossip sites busy. She’ll be the interim girl. She will benefit from it and laught about it later.

    New girl will be a brunette and about more than acting/modelling, Leo will dig it.

  326. 326
    a Says:

    @tinkerbell: Blake isn’t all about acting. What makes you think she gives a damn about acting?

  327. 327
    donie Says:

    Here is video Leo & Lukas greeting Rick Ross youtube video cameo in CANNE. Stop on 5:45 min for short period. It looks like Fun in canne.

  328. 328
    Liars Says:


    Just like some say Kim Kardashian has a nice body, get real!!!… I’ve seen Bar in person a few times and I do not find her body feminine or curvy at all. She has this huge back and shoulders and her body just goes straight up and down body with practically no waistline. And she’s not long, lean and toned the way the other models are in her profession. She looks sloppy every time I’ve seen her with those god forsaken leggings of hers. they need to stop exaggerating to try and get Barf more attention. Enough already.

  329. 329
    Evie Says:

    oh naw Leo…please choose someone else!!

  330. 330
    ice queen NL Says:

    @donie: thanx for the video

  331. 331
    donie Says:


    Leo & Lukas greeting Rick Ross youtube video cameo in CANNE. Stop on 5:45 min for short period. It looks like Fun in canne.

  332. 332
    @327 Says:

    @donie: Thanks for the video.

  333. 333
    ice queen NL Says:

    @donie: nice video, thanx

  334. 334
    C / G Says:

    Hi, @ice queen NL: Are you in Newfoundland or the Netherlands? I’ve always meant to ask. :)

  335. 335
    Pure PR Stunt Says:

    Someone said this on Leo’s other thread and I think its so true! Could not have said it better myself!!
    MaisyRL @ 05/18/2011 at 4:12 pm +3
    @Leo not with blake lively: i believe this and what other’s have said: Bar is in Cannes too. She can be stalkerish and Leo wants to make sure she and the media know he’s single. No more make ups and break ups. He’s done with her. Blake is doing what she always does. Pic w/ Ryan Gosling, maybe she’s dating Ryan Reynolds after his split with ScarJo…blah blah. Her PR team connects her to every A list guy possible. Regardless of who she hangs out with her acting abilities won’t benefit so she can go marry George Clooney…she still would lose big roles to the Carey Mulligan’s and Emma Stone’s of Hollywood. And yes, Blake is nothing like Gisele or Bar. Leo has a type. And it’s always been supermodel. Not publicity seeking actress. As soon as I heard about the Leo/Bar split I thought…Blake will be connected to him in a few weeks. Happened sooner than I thought

  336. 336
    FrG Says:

    I love Leo but i really believe he is married to his friends and his career…
    Nothing wrong with that but he’ll definitely never start a family… Or maybe when he turns 50 but that will be sad…

  337. 337
    donie Says:

    And Why is that sad? Why retire at 36? He has plenty of time to start a family. He is not a women, he is a man his biological body is not ticking. He said that him self IMAO.

  338. 338
    FrG Says:


    It will be sad for his children that will only remember an old man… LOL
    He can do both a career and a family but he definitely did a choice: his career.

  339. 339
    C / G Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Leap
    May. 18 2011

    The star who showed the most improvement on our Celebrity 100 list this year was Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor jumped from 71st place last year to 15th this year.
    How did he do it? Well Inception helped. The 2010 hit, which earned $825 million at the global box office, contributed a healthy chunk of DiCaprio’s $77 million in earnings over the last 12 months. That’s a big jump from the $28 million we estimate he earned between June 1, 2009 and June 1, 2010.
    But our list measures money and fame and DiCaprio’s attracted plenty of both. He has 1 million followers for his Twitter feed where he (or an assistant) tweets mostly about environmental causes that are close to the actor’s heart.
    And any news of his love life garners instant press attention. Recent rumors that 36-year-old DiCaprio is seeing actress Blake Lively causes his name to quickly trend on Yahoo.
    Can he keep it up? DiCaprio has a habit of attaching himself to serious, adult-themed movies that don’t always spark at the box office. Look at films like Body of Lies which grossed a mediocre $115 million on a budget of $70 million or Revolutionary Road which grossed only $75 million. His two recent films, Inception and the hit thriller Shutter Island, could prove to be exceptions in his more recent career.
    He is next slated to play complicated former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover in a biopic directed by Clint Eastwood whose latest film, Hereafter, was a rare miss earning only $105 million at the global box office. Will audiences want to see DiCaprio exploring Hoover’s cross-dressing side? It’s a risky bet but then so was Inception, an original story with a plot so complicated that it felt like a dream.

  340. 340
    donie Says:

    There is not such thing old when it comes to men. Brad pitt start a family when he was 41-42 years old. Are you calling brad pitt to old to raise children or how about john Travolta who just got a new born at 55. Please is age overrated when it come with men. I know if your are a women i do understand but Halle Barry was 39 when she have a baby. Plus, leo will always have a baby face in case you are afraid he is aging. Don’t let cap under face photo shot fools you. He is very young in person. He just make him self look old for his career.

  341. 341
    The snear is back Says:

  342. 342
    New thread Says:


  343. 343
    donie Says:

    @41 I bet she is thinking what Leo is doing tonight with Blake. She is putting a happy face during the day and during the night she is scratching her head all night. It will be even worse for her in a few month once she actually start remembering the good old days she use to have IMAO. Back to old man Saggie now. ha ha..

  344. 344
    fro Says:

    @The snear is back:

    eww, nasty face.

  345. 345
    TinkerBelle'sSidekick Says:

    @tinkerbell: TB: I agree! It doesn’t matter what little pathetic stunts the “x” pulls b/c I just have a strong feeling that this time, it is over for good. It has never appeared to be a strong relationship and we all know she has been lying to him since DAY ONE. That can only go on so long. As a little side note: Does anyone else find it rather IRONIC that the “x” is posing in military clothes for the Italian(?) issue of either Vogue or Elle (not quite sure?) yet she is a “draft dodger”? lol! Someone has an odd sense of humor! BTW: Let’s hope you are right and he finally meets the right woman. Time will tell!

  346. 346
    mai Says:

    @YUCK: i love them both….

  347. 347
    FrG Says:

    @donie: Thanx for the Rick Ross youtube video !!!!!!!!!! Just realized Leo was in the same hotel than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie… Would love to see them play in the same movie!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder if they know each other????

  348. 348
    @325 Says:

    @tink @325: well said……. i liked that……… :)
    one more thing, i haven’t seen any site, apart from JJ – a couple of people – who have anythin nice to say about blakey…….. all the sites i’ve been to since bleo rumors started, well, they all seem to tell what blakey really is………some what like bar on quite many levels…….. haven’t come across a single decent comment about her………. personally, i’m not a fan of hers………. i’ve never liked her……… i find different types of women pretty n attractive i guess……… but here’s the thing, i heard yesterday, tht Leo n Blakey are doin a movie together, i don’t know how much it’s true, but seein the pics of these two with steven n his wife n the whole kissin n huggin lucas on the yacht, my two cents r for the fact tht it’s all work related……… maybe Leo, Lucas n Blakey r all doin the same project with Spielberg………. or she has a thing for Lucas………… there’s one pic, where blakey’s talkin to Steven’s wife n Leo’s sippin whatever n is not interested in the talk………

  349. 349
    heyy Says:

    @348 Blake is not doing a movie with Leo!! She auditioned for a part in The Great Gatsby back in November, and she didn’t get the role! So no, Blake and Leo are not making a movie together. And Blakes not makeing a movie with Steven, and Leos not making a movie with steven……

    and geesh, no more hate on Blake, she is a MAJOR upgrade from Barf. At least Blake isn’t famous for having a famous BF, and riding him all the way to the bank! So I say got get it Leo!

  350. 350
    KoldShadow Says:


    lololol . . . you think Blake’s tits are fake too? That’d be a HUGE disappointment . . . they’re not very big if so, but, the way they look still turns me on. I think Blake’s hot, but in a well-done up way . . . Bar is obviously one of the hottest models doin’ the damn thing right now. Still . . . BOTH are better looking than 85% of the dames I see in my ‘hood.

  351. 351
    @349 n thoz bar/herflies Says:

    i m with tink……. n please STOP bein bitter……… i saw the news on a channel………. n how do u know that they r not???????………… they could be………. some other movie, mayb blakey is but Leo isn’t……… mayb under APPIAN WAY PRODUCTIONS?????………. i mean who knows?????………. think about it……….. n i doubt i said anythin to flare ur anger…….. i’ve never seen any of her films…….. i just don’t think she is any better than bar…….. just that she ain’t an air head unlike bar…….. but tht’s my opinion…… but i also don’t like bashin her either, n m not plannin on followin her or diggin in her true nature either, tht’s for TIME to TELL on its own…….. with bar it was different……… Leo said they r just friends………. n he took 4 girls at 4 in the mornin back to his room i read somewhere…….. so there goes bleo rumors i guess……….. Bar’s tryin to get him jealous accordin to this site
    n he’s probably just tryin to make it PUBLIC that he doesn’t CARE………. blakey just seems to b right in the middle of it all…….. PERFECT for the situation……. LMAO……… but it’s Leo DiCaprio, anythin is expected from him…… LMAO……..
    n by the way, he doesn’t look bloated, bar/herflies go away…….. he looks fresh, relaxed n happy…….. the only time i’ve seen him like this is when he’s with people who r not BAR……. good for him…….. positive change…….. I LIKE……. :)
    n like i said before……. I M BORED…….. think i’ll come back in a month or so………….. maybe then there’ll b some other NICE developments in the whole LEONARDO WILHELM DICAPRIO’s SERIES……………. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!……… till then ciao!!!!!…………

  352. 352
    @hevy Says:

    So why is Blake famous? Clearly not because of her `acting` talent because she doesn`t have that. Only plastic surgery and being `friendly` with the right man in show business. How is that better than barfie?
    Leo worked with Spielberg, Lukas auditioned for a role and Leo is producing movies so how do you know that Lively is not involved in any of those Leo projects? Clearly they didn`t arrive together and gossip has it she wasn`t even invited to that boat and just showed up. She is a famewh*re who has been linked to several guys and probably not without a reason. She is just like barfie and I don`t think Leo is involved with her unless for a quick hook up. He is way out of her Gossip Girl league.

  353. 353
    climbing the stairs Says:

    quite nicely too.

  354. 354
    andy Says:

    leo is looking so old lately. he peaked looks wise during titanic. he use to be so hot. haha.

  355. 355
    Jay Says:

    They make a great couple! She is one hot woman!

  356. 356
    Issy Says:

    BAM!!!! and the BAR is gone haha

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