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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio shares a smile with Blake Lively as they spend time on a yacht on Tuesday (May 17) during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

The 36-year-old actor checked messages on his cell phone as he had an animated conversation with his BFF Lukas Haas and director Steven Spielberg while aboard the boat.

Leo split from his girlfriend of nearly four years, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, earlier in the month.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively chatting while aboard a yacht in Cannes, France…

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leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 01
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 02
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 03
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 04
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 05
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 06
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 07
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 08
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 09
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
Posted to: Blake Lively, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lukas Haas, Steven Spielberg

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  • south

    cmon guys blake has fine figure, great smile, great legs, cool fashion sense and average talent. enough to be a a lister :)
    waay better than bar

  • donie

    Jennifer Aniston is not talented actress either but she ride brad pitt fame and transfer herself from TV star to become movie star. which i still personally she is TV star. But this is hollywood, this how everything works for guys is just simple about the bed not much future.

  • KS fan


    they really do, and I just keep seeing the difference in these pics with the ones of him and Barfie and you can’t even compare… these pics give off a real happy upbeat, positive energy…..when I used to look at the pics of him with Barf it was like a blast of negativity energy …
    and as long as Leo is looking happy and enjoying himself that’s all I really care about. He can be with Blake and all the girls he wants cos as far as i’m concerned he’s earned it after the six years of that “depressing Barfie hell” he went through…

  • donie

    BLAKE DEFINITELY IS UP GRADE. I am not even a hater trust me.

  • ModestMouse

    Perhaps someone should tell her that Carey Mulligan got the role.

  • epk

    @C / G:

    I don’t know if it was planned, but you are probably right that he knew the paparazzi were there. There are photos on Zimbio and other sites where he looks like he is pointing and waving at the camera, like I know you’re there spying on me dude. ;) The sequence looks like they were taken before Blake got there, but who knows.

  • Jasmine

    What a bunch of jealous hags you all are…Blake’s beautiful, she has a career, money and men you people will never even come close to meeting. So continue your petty hatred in order to attempt making yourselves feel better!

  • Ruth

    This is Leo playing to the cameras that he is now single. A man doesn’t run from a serious relationship to another very quickly and she is looking for the publicity. If he was really in a relationship with Blake, they wouldn’t be seen together just as he behaved with Bar. Btw, Blake is very ordinary looking. Did someone say she is an A-lister – is that a joke? Not even pretty but perhaps she can act.

    As for Bar, I wish her all the best. She is well out of a relationship with a man who will be able to commit in 30 years time (if that). She obviously left because he wasn’t able to move forward and after 5+ years it was long enough.

  • Morgan

    Up until now I have never seen him smile so much when he’s with a woman. They are a really cute couple and she seems like she is fun. Not pouty like those models. You go Leo! All the best to you.

  • Michelle

    quit with blake hate! @ 05/17/2011 at 4:11 pm +5

    Come on you guys now your hating on Blake? It was the same with Bar, and come on you have to admit it, Blake is 1,000 times better looking then bar. and she has some talent! So quit hating on her! geesh!

    I don’t hate Blake or Bar for that matter. But you obviously need glasses – Blake 1000 better looking than Bar. Is that a joke?
    First of all, this is a PR shoot and has nothing to do with Leo’s private life. Believe me, when he is involved with a woman, no one knows about it at the beginning. And he certainly won’t be cuddling her in front of hundreds of cameras.

  • Ava

    What does it matter who he is with–they’re all beards, and the real couple here is Leo and Lucas.


    Another X thread. Leo-fans…. stay away. Let X slip into the great unknown.


    Why would she support the film endeavors of an anti-Semitic ranter? X is so dumb.

  • Marisa

    She looks like a fangirl excited to meet him in these pictures. Plus this is all during the Cannes event – a lot of celebrities are mingling here and there. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up ‘dating’.

  • thetis

    Bar Rafaeli was a major model when she met Leo – how do you think they met and he pursued her.

    Blake lively is a vapid boring non actress who most of you wouldn’t even notice if you saw her walk down the street. She wants to be A list and instead of doing the work necessary she’s taking the easy way.

  • @115

    Show me one MAJOR international contract… I challenge you. Not even Israeli news gave her much attention pre-Leo. Go to her thread freak. You’re not welcome here.

  • @115

    One major international contract PRE-Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • -

    Something happened. There is a reason why someone who is naturally cool and collected, chooses to make such an apparant statement.

  • Salt

    Wowww… can we please say PR showdown???
    Can´t believe my eyes…
    It is very clear that Bar´s PR sent her to Cannes to generate doubt about a reconciliation or even that the break-up is non existant.
    Leo´s PR arranged a very public photo call (sorry but is was arranged) with Blake, so as to finally destroy the possibility of Bar´s people to attach her to him ever again.
    It´s a real PR SHOWDOWN.
    And sorry, I don´t believe for a minute Blake and Leo´s romance… it´s all PR.
    It´s the best public pesticide I´ve ever seen. It is really over between the two, and he is making it very public.

  • donie

    I wish i could see her face when she open the news paper tomorrow trying to see about her dress reception that she wore on the premiere will end up seeing her ex picture with blake on the side with her as well. HA HA… OH MY. Dailymail uk already posted side by side. The french news site is going to ride this for long and Bar probable want to get the hell out before reporters asking her question. Oh Poor BAR she shouldn’t come in the first place but what else she could do with no milk anyways. As much i dislike her but this is going to be inhuman for her to see pictures of her dress with her ex hugging someone else you already suspect. BRANGELINA ALL OVER AGAIN. This time it is the discreet LEO is going to be the front and the center. WOWW Love LEO WHAT CAN I SAY. but i feel little bit humiliated for her.

  • Abby

    Omg!! I love them together!! Hope they’re a couple!!!

  • leosexgf
  • donie

    I suggest she quickly attached her self with someone quickly before everything is going to blow up on her face like Jennifer Anniston happened to her. She waited for a ring she get dump in front of hundred PEOPLE on major public place like Canne. On the up side, she could get a sympathy ride and get job here and there for the next 2 month or so and she have to figure out some else. I am sure her mother has already plan B. HA HA

  • Lay

    Leo’s true love is lukas haas. Obviously. Boobs Fakely is just another easy diversive that he will hit and quit. He’s not immature: he’s in the closet to keep his career going on.
    Blake Boobs Fakely is talentless and ugly, but her couch-job with revolting Weisenstein must have been great to get all this good PR-age.
    She looks like a man with bolt-ons. Plastic surgery won’t help her. She ain’t goodlooking and she just can’t act.
    Leo is pathetic. And gets fatter by the day.
    Two words and a number: John Travolta 2000.

  • tinkerbell

    @KS fan: agreed, completely agreed. and you know how i felt about barfie..its not that I cant stand to see him with a woman that is not me or like me (highly unrealistic tehre anyway) I just did like BAR REFAELI.

  • tinkerbell

    DIDNT like refaeli geez slippery fingers

  • tinkerbell

    @Mari: got taht right mari!

  • donie


  • Tania

    Why do people hate Blake? She’s really a nice person. And what can you do if they’re dating? Nothing right? Because it is non of your business!!! Gosh. People hear should chill down a little bit.

  • C / G

    I think that the relationship was in the tank for ages and Leo was preparing an exit strategy. There was no vacation together, rarely seen together, the Gisele parties, etc. I still think that her $3 million dollar condo was an exit gift. Of course I can’t prove it, but why would she get that condo now after years of not having a place of her own AND she had negotiated some sort of deal with the Israeli government about her taxes/earnings because she was outside of the country so much.

  • …..


    after six years of dragging Leo’s name through the mud and all the stupid lame stuff I’ve seen her do, there is no way in hell I feel bad for that fake b*tch..
    I didn’t see her feeling bad for Leo when his Oma died… she sure wasn’t sad than was she?

  • Resist

    Keep your cool ladies. The flies are buzzing and want to swat a few comments Xs way. Don’t go to her thread. She’ll disappear eventually.

  • C / G

    Leo vs X in the news…….. no competition. If we heard she was heading there, I’m sure he did and circumvented the “they’re going to have a rendezvous” gossip. This photo spread does NOT say reconciliation – especially that BIG hug.
    Leo’s the master. He knows what to do to make news … and deflect it.

  • tinkerbell

    @thetis: -8
    Bar Rafaeli was a major model when she met Leo – how do you think they met and he pursued her.
    Blake lively is a vapid boring non actress who most of you wouldn’t even notice if you saw her walk down the street. She wants to be A list and instead of doing the work necessary she’s taking the easy way.



    Blake has had her own career going for a while and yes absolutely I would notice her going down the street.

    If she is not A-list she will be soon, she is young, but already in feature films (The Town) which was produced by the SAME PRODUCTION COMPANY as The Departed – Leo’s best film, which should tell you something. Or maybe she will be solidly B-list, but its obvious she has a future. I’m not a fan, per se, but she is doing well on her own. So I say, I approve!

    Yes, this is a notice to the world its over with barfie, and yes I think its a step in the right direction. My perfect woman for him doesnt exist…like everyone else he is forced to make do with what’s out there and blake has a personality and a nice voice as well.

    she also can wear the hell out of clothes- like that Ungaro super mini, very few women can wear something like that and not look like a joke- bar would look like a linebacker, just as she does at the Chopard party sorry.

  • Jake G

    Leo is GAY.

  • C / G
    Blake Lively is officially Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend now


    This morning there was a curious little item in Page Six about how Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted together in Cannes late one night. I bought the story, mainly because I think Blake is working her ass off to ensure that she’s Leo’s Next Girlfriend. Because that’s a role she actually pull off, you know? Acting is SO HARD. Can’t she just lay around in a bikini beside Leo? Anyway, these are new photos of Blake and Leo together, FINALLY. I think he’s been riding her (I’m being blunt, I know, but it’s true) for months, and these are the first photos we have of them looking couple-y.
    Here’s what I think: I think Leo either knew or didn’t care that he was being photographed. He’s on a yacht or something, chilling with his boys and with Steven Spielberg. So maybe he just really likes Blake’s technique, or maybe she looks better in a bikini than most models (true story), or maybe… I don’t even know. Whatever it was, Leo decided that he was okay with publicly, officially declaring Blake his Next One with this photo op.
    Lainey doesn’t think it’s happening. I just think Leo isn’t big on PDA. The hug was enough. The hug says, “I’m happy to be in the same frame with this chick, think whatever you want.” And look at Blake’s face. She knows she just won the prize! This is bigger than any movie role, honestly. The chance to be The Girlfriend. It’s all she ever dreamt of. I’m kind of rooting for her, honestly. I hated Leo and Bar. I hope Blake manages to figure it out.
    PS… I love the photo where Blake is telling a story and all of the dudes are watching her! Spielberg is all “Seriously, Leo? This bitch?”

  • donie

    @131 You are right. But tomorrow when she open up the news to look at her dress reception, it is going to blow up on her face to see her ex pictured hugging some else along side with her dress picture. OUCH!! The dailmail uk already posted it now the french will run it like they have their own BRANGELINA story line. OOOHH

  • tinkerbell

    i think this is funny—they start rumors that they are reconciling and insread we get leo with blake…how funny.

    that dress bar is wearing for chopard would look SO MUC BETTER ON BLAKE- she could actually pull it off. bar cant. looks like hooker in a brothel lining up to get chosen.

  • donie

    @135 I think some one is jealous..ha ha..

  • C / G

    Leo’s already winning the PR showdown. He’s everywhere!!!!! Good move LD. It smacks of showmance (but like I said I wouldn’t mind them together), but it had its intended impact – shock and awe. Everyone is talking about the POSSIBILITY of a new romance and not of a reconciliation.
    He’s the King of the World for a reason and didn’t get to where he is by being stupid.
    Leo & Blake: photo assumption
    So she skipped hitting any carpets in exchange for an introduction to Steven Spielberg?
    Oh but Blake Lively will be busy here in Cannes. Ryan Gosling is here too.
    Right now though, it’s about Leo. Earlier I noted there had yet to be any pictures of either, and certainly not Blake getting glorified at the Palais.
    Today though the two were shot on a boat and Spielberg was around too. Conveniently after that Page Six item came out.
    It all gets a little more complicated too because Bar Rafaeli is also in town – we saw her tonight on the carpet of The Beaver. This is my new favourite phrase.
    Let’s play Photo Assumption then. Leo and Blake. F-cking or Just Friends? That, to me, looks like a pretty unsexual hug. In fact, if that’s his hug styles when he’s into a girl, I’m a little worried.
    Good news or bad news?
    Depends on what you are. Are you a fan? If you’re a fan maybe not, although I can’t imagine what image you had of Leo to begin with.
    If gossip is the priority, well, as I’ve said before, Leo and Blake are very good for gossip. We’re heading into the summer. Sometimes the smut, it slows down. Kinda like the school year. The birth of a new couple is a good sign.
    But as I wrote earlier, Leo’s game is a stealth one. And if Blake wants to play, she’ll need to adjust her technique. Given that she managed to stay so undercover thus far, she may be learning. Having said that, it was convenient that the paps were able to get these today when news broke that the two were hanging out, non? This will not please him.

  • hmmm….

    Wow, the obsessed Leo fans are all buzzing around. Something is off with these photos and I agree with SALT on the PR thing. If they are so into each other and these are the first official photos of them as a couple why didn`t they arrive together? The first photos were only about Leo and Spielberg w/ wife on that boat ( posted hours earlier ), this seems like Leo is greeting her and the post says Leo was talking to Lukas and checking his cell phone. How romantic! If they stepped out in public this way why isn`t there more PDA going on? I do believe this is publicity. If it was real this is a 360 for Leo and I highly doubt someone like Blake Lively can do that to him. Leo is like this around friends or the last time I saw him like this was during Inception with co-stars resulting in the `Leo strut`. Actors, `actress` and a director on a boat in Cannes. PR!

  • ace11

    He’s 13 years older than her

    but he acts like a child it might work

  • iheartcomments

    99% of people in Hollywood are ambitious, they wanna go up and be A list and have security. I don’t fault Blake (or X- lol) for that.

    I generally like Blake, ever since the SISTERHOOD of TRAVELING PANTS. She has an inner glow or something about her. She has great hair and legs (like another ex of his), although her face is…but the whole package is generally attractive.

    She’s not a rocket scientist, but she’s not an airhead either. She won’t be the next Meryl Streep but she’s done well with the roles she’s had. I’m curious to see how her career unfolds and how thisLeo thing turns out. I definitely get a more genuine vibe from her, even though she has been shoved down our throats in the past year. She is looking beyond GOSSIP GIRL and trying to secure a place in the industry. Leighton Meester and others are doing it as well, but in their own way.

    I agree with Tink, a step in the right direction.

  • sasha

    LMAO to the Blake stans
    She’s a smart girl now with Leo = publicity for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I prefer her ex than her and Leo grown

  • curi2

    @C / G: Did you guys see the pic of Blake with Lukas there was some kissing action
    The pics are down in the comments it probably won’t let me post the link.

  • idts

    Didn’t take him long to get a new beard. You go girl!!

  • OMG!

    I read ages ago a story over at FUTURE CELEBRITY GOsSIP where they said that LEO AND BLAKE were going to get together and even marry!
    I can’t believe my eyes, Jared these photos are PRICELESS!
    Esp when Bar is in Cannes too.
    Oh the beauty, the mess, the scandal, loves it!

  • hmmm….

    @145: She hops on everyone available…
    These photos reminded me of another one and I finally remembered which one. After Leo and Bar got back together after their 6 months break they were in Cabo for NYE. There was this one particular photo on the balcony of their hotel. Leo and Bar next to each other, not touching but with content smile on their faces, Leo wearing sunglasses but looking straight into the paparazzi camera not minding it at all. That photo seemed staged just like this one. Leo tries to keep his private life out of the spotlight but he knows he needs publicity. He made a statement with that one in Mexico that they were back together. I believe this one is rubbing it into Bar face: hey, I`m over you. Right in front of her in Cannes. And who`s the best for the role that Boobs Fakely? That`s her A-list talent.
    I liked Lainey`s article. Even after her posting about that after MET Gala late night Leo/Blake thing she pointed out that it`s Boobs Fakely so it might just be PR. Just like most of the articles about this whole Cannes-Leo-BL thing. I especially liked the part about Ryan G. also coming to Cannes making her a really `busy girl`. What was that anyway? Couple of sightings of them together just enough to create some buzz mainly for Fakely and then it was over. Just like these couple of sightings with Leo…

  • Carrie

    First Sean & Scarlett. Now Blake & Leo.The worlds gone crazy lol.

  • TinkerBelle’sSidekick

    First, that smile on his face is PRICELESS! Haven’t seen him that happy in YEARS. I am going to adopt a “wait and see” attitude about BL and Leo. Just b/c they are hanging out doesn’t mean they are dating or even “friends with benefits”. I don’t know all that much about BL, but enough to know she is BETTER than old Barfy. I am loving it that his ex-wh*re shows up at Cannes and the very next day his seen on SS yacht w/his buddies and smiling BIG TIME. So much for being “gutted”..maybe we should label these pics as “Bar who?” b/c he has already moved on!