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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio shares a smile with Blake Lively as they spend time on a yacht on Tuesday (May 17) during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

The 36-year-old actor checked messages on his cell phone as he had an animated conversation with his BFF Lukas Haas and director Steven Spielberg while aboard the boat.

Leo split from his girlfriend of nearly four years, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, earlier in the month.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively chatting while aboard a yacht in Cannes, France…

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leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 01
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 02
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 03
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 04
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 05
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 06
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 07
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 08
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 09
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Mrs. Archer

    @hmmm….: I thought the same thing. This reminded me of that picture too. He makes photo statements about his personal life.

  • hmmm….

    I don`t know but it seems stages. There`s no way he wasn`t aware of the photographers and this would be a big change in his behavior. I even believe that he was `gutted` by the break up and that`s exactly why he was up for this but I still don`t see this more than a PR stunt. Blake is in the spotlight and now it seems obvious that Leo is moving on from Bar no matter what is this thing with Fakely… But these photos have that certain Cabo feel to them.

  • Lia

    He seems… happy! good to see that.

  • @150

    He looks like the cat that ate the canary and a little smug too. He knows EXACTLY the effect these pictures will have, and who’ll win in the media post breakup spin. He’s a smart guy.

  • H


    LEONARDO, PLEASE DATE A RESPECTABLE AND EMPLOYED AND KIND LADY LIKE BLAKE.. shes actually really nice, to everyone, including extras of Gossip Girl. And she’s talented and cute. They’re adorable!

  • @150

    @hmmm….: I really don’t think that he was “gutted.” Truly I don’t. I still find it funny that you thought the same thing about the Cabo picture. I was browsing old posts yesterday and had a few theories about things, but got busy and didn’t have time to construct the posts.
    @curi2: I did. Wow. She got right in there. Blake, Lukas is mine… back off…….! LOL. Funny how Leo is looking on. Kinky. O.~
    They definitely made the best out of this photo-op.

  • “His Heart Will Go On!…”
  • hmmm….

    @126: I don`t know. It could be. If indeed bar walked away ( who knows if it was growing apart or commitment issue again ) he could have been…
    But another thing just occurred to me: Page Six article about a rough patch between Leo and Bar and the next thing on the same day is that Lainey gets a tip about a possible Leo/Fakely ( I just love this name ) after MET Gala hookup. Page Six article about Leo hanging out with BL in Cannes and the next thing on the same day is you get some ( possibly staged ) photos.

  • H

    Look, everyone on here better stop with the hate comments directed towards Blake.. do you WANT Leo to STOP smiling again? Blake happens to be a sweet girl, and stop SH_tting all over them. Leo has never been this happy before and if you guys are true fans, you would let him be happy. Blake and Leo are cute and I support them.

  • hmmm….

    @159: Oh, come on! `Leo has never been this happy before….` Are you serious? Look at that Leo strut photo from the Inception set or any photos of him with his guys and you`ll see him just this happy. Big words to throw out there and of course it`s all about mighty Boobs Fakely, right?
    `everyone here better stop the the hate` Why? Who are you to say something like that? You have your opinion and deal with different ones.
    I find it interesting that all the Leo fans who hated bar suspected PR behind her every single move. They claimed she called the paps all the time, her team posted on her behalf…etc. Then comes BL who attracts paps and gossip like a magnet, rumored to hook up with lots of important guys to promote her career but they don`t seem to believe this might just be PR.

  • H

    @hmmm….: Why are you jealous of Blake? She’s not fake at all, she happens to be a genuine and sweet girl. I worked as an extra on Gossip Girl for years and she has never been rude and not genuinely sweet, kind and down to earth. And she isn’t a slut, she dated her co-star/childhood best friend Penn Badgley for more than 10 years. They are super-close and tight and when they were in a relationship, they were very committed and loyal to each other. Blake rarely dates anyone. There were rumors that she was dating Ryan Gosling because some fan saw both of them at Disneyland eating ice cream once last year.

    Stop the damn Blake hate. She makes Leo happy and any true Leo fan would want to see him happy. Plus, Blake isn’t racist like Leo’s ex and she happens to be a GENUINELY nice person.

  • H

    @hmmm….: Hmm.. Inception set? that was a long time ago. Pictures of Leo with guys? Looked at all of them this year and he’s never once been this happy. And yeah, stop with the cyber-bullying of Blake Lively because she’s a human being and if they’re dating, both deserve to be happy. Who are you to judge her or them? Any evidence that Blake’s breasts are fake because they have been the same size since she was 16. Any evidence that Blake is fake? Do you have any proof? Can you validate your claims? Everytime Leo is spotted with a potential girlfriend, you guys tear the girl apart with your sh_tty words and claims. The jealousy and cyber-bullying is getting out of hand. Grow up, Leonardo isn’t going to stay single forever and he sure as hell isn’t waiting for any of us.

  • livley kissin someone else

    see this one. i think it’s work related. it’s weird! the hug is friendly but anything is expected from LWD.,0,13#13

  • the comments r funnnnny
  • KS fan


    I totally agree with you H, and I’m glad CG,Tink and alot of the other fans are in agreement too… I rather see him happy and spending time with Blake who seems like such a sweet and happy person by nature, than to see him with someone who gives off such bad yucky vibes like Barf. She just has this heavy energy surrounding her that is off putting… Blake on the other hand feels like such a sweet person to me, and I have heard that she is real nice to everyone like you just mentioned. I just get real good vibes from her that I never got from Barfie, and the smile on Leo’s face says it all to me..

  • KS fan

    PR or no PR, I still think Leo tapped that, and judging from that big smile on his face, it must have been gooooood LOLOLOL:)

  • What the?

    now this is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy public…………… n they r not alone there either………… public n Leo don’t go together…….. nothin like him………… i m not a fan of hers, but she’s at least natural in her New Gf or PR move
    smile………….. we’ll know the truth, give it a month, the truth will surface about them…………. n if this really is a PR move, just to send Bar back to Israel we’ll know about that too…………
    @New Gf or PR move
    kind of looks staged on Leo’s part. he knows there is a camera in the first pic. u can see him looking in the camera. in the second, smile looks like in a movie shoot. also if u zoom, u can see a figure in his glasses, taking the snap.

  • KS fan

    @livley kissin someone else:

    she’s kissing Lukas Haas and Leo is looking on with a smile on his face probably checking out those gorgeous legs of hers hehehe I like that pic and I like it that Leo can’t seem to stop smiling!!! that’s what I want to see, happy smiles, no more long sad faces for the Schl*nginator!! :)

  • What the?

    New Gf or PR move
    now this is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy public…………… n they r not alone there either………… public n Leo don’t go together…….. nothin like him………… i m not a fan of hers, but she’s at least natural in her
    smile………….. we’ll know the truth, give it a month, the truth will surface about them…………. n if this really is a PR move, just to send Bar back to Israel we’ll know about that too…………
    @New Gf or PR move
    kind of looks staged on Leo’s part. he knows there is a camera in the first pic. u can see him looking in the camera. in the second, smile looks like in a movie shoot. also if u zoom, u can see a figure in his glasses, taking the snap.

  • jackmanian

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssss, i do like them together, not the last something i didn’t like Bar at all…. I like Blake she is gorgeous…

  • hmmm….

    Who said I was jealous of Fakely? Thanks for the fairy tale, though. 10 years dating her co-star? I don`t believe that. Why are so worked up? Do you think I`m the only one who thinks about Boobs Fakely this way? Read most of the post about the `PR ( Busy ) Queen Bee`.
    `he has never once been this happy` You still sound completely delusional to say something stupid like that. And of course the reason why he is so insanely happy is Boobsy, right? That`s why he didn`t even bother to arrive with her. Take it easy. I`m entitled to have my opinion about her and you cannot tell me to stop posting about it. Just like the obsessed Leo fans can`t stop trashing his ex girlfriend on her thread. Are you going to go over there as well to play her guardian as well?
    PR girl, PR photos.

  • hmmm….

    … the ratings on comment #3, 4 & 5 speak for themselves!

  • ……..


    you’ve trashed Barfola on her threads a million times so stop acting so “innoncent” ms. LOL aka all the other names you use. I’m beginning to think you just have a problem with any girl Leo dates. There is something seriously wrong with you sweetheart. You better get that situation checked, cos there’s something not right about this obsession you have with who Leo dates/fcuks/hugs/smiles at and it’s getting pretty creepy.

  • KS fan
  • H

    @……..: Dude, I’ve never trashed Bar. Wtf is your problem? Stop making up sh_t to suit your on self. You better go to a psychiatrist, because your reply just affirms that you even serious issues. This is the second time I’ve ever commented on a Leo-related post, and presumably the last. The site receives 1000s of users every day, do you think everyone won’t have usernames that coincide? especially names that are solely letters.

  • ……..


    that comment was directed at hmmm, not at you LOL

  • hmmm….

    @173: So you think you got me all figured out. Thanks for the analysis, ms know-it-all. As I said before I think bar=blake. Since I cannot stand bar obviously I cannot stand blake. The big problem is not agreeing with the King Schlong team. Save you blahblah for someone who cares about it. ;)

  • um

    so she signed the contract huh? smh If she thinks this is gonna raise her status in Hollywood she can dream on. It will have the opposite effect. The public will question any new deal that comes her way wondering if it’s her connection with leo or did she really get it on her own.

  • anna

    @um: Before even meeting Leo, she’s the face of Chanel and starring in The Green Lantern. So no, the public won’t question her ”new deals”. She’s more publicized than Leo is and grabbed a Chanel contract on her own, plus the Green Lantern is set to become a big Marvel franchise like Super-man and Iron Man. She doesn’t need Leo to boost her career. She’s already a major hit among the high end fashion industry and TV world. Plus film critics love her, especially her performance in The Town.

  • KS fan

    Also I’m happy that he met up with Spielberg, that means they may be working together again in the near future maybe? it’s a good sign, I love CMIYC and I want to see them work together again.

  • ???????

    Is hmmm really lol in disguise?

  • wth??


    what contract? why are some people so intent on seeing the negative side of everything…leave Blake alone. For once Leo is actually looking happy and in high spirits and still there have to be the negative people complaining. DAMN, let him be… if he wants to be with Blake, hang out with her, sleep with her or whatever it is he wants to do, than what business is it of yours?? Be happy for him and stop b*tching about it.

  • yep


    yes, it certainly is her.. she’s the one that’s always bashing on the Leo fans for supporting Leo and feeling happy for him. She has hate issues.

  • curi2

    @KS fan: I like the second one.It looks like he is sunning his face.I kind of want to yell Hey ginger what you up too?lol His hair is kind of looking a little red there.@KS fan: I think it would be cool to see them work together again.

  • C / G

    All I can say is that I am happy for Leo. The relationship was not working and it’s over. We complained about X and now people are complaining about Blake. Give the man some peace and let him get his footing.
    I wanted a picture of Leo smiling right at the camera, I’m looking at one, so I’m satisfied. The rest is what it is…..

  • hmmm….

    Of course … `hate issues`. Unlike tinkerbell who still keeps bashing bar on her thread. But that`s all right because she is team Schlong! Not liking the low class women around Leo means `hate issues`. Emphasizing the PR side of these photos means `hate issues` but saying whatever bar did was PR is ok because team Schlong agrees with that. That`s how it works!
    I am happy to see Leo smiling I just don`t think the reason is necessarily BL. :)

  • Courtney

    GAH… a little jealous over these pics, not gonna lie. No I don’t have false delusions that I will be Leo’s future wife and baby mama, but *sigh* I’m still jealous!

  • C / G

    @curi2: That’s a sweet picture. I wonder if choppers are overhead? I’m curious who he’s waving at. Blake as she’s approaching? The thing that cracks me up is he and Lukas are in their socks. Just chilling on the yacht in their white socks. LOL. Too adorable.

  • curi2

    @C / G: Agree with that.
    Like some of the others have said..maybe some are reading to much into it.I think we should wait and see,before everyone get all worked up over it.

  • curi2

    @C / G: Ditto I was wondering about that too,who is he waving at hello/or goodbye?What is with the white socks?He’s always wearing them white socks isn’t he?Maybe they are doing that to prevent scuffing or something?lol

  • C / G

    We KNOW that this is a staged photo drill. We determined that pages ago. We are not so delusional to think that this is not PR related. The difference In Leo doing it is that it is SELF promotion not someone taking advantage and exploiting him.
    Blake is not low-class. There are NO verifiable facts in the rumors about her. Since she’s young and beautiful, the media naturally wants to attach her to single men. Blake comes from a nice family. She’s worked hard and has achieved a lot of success at a young age – ON HER OWN.
    Do we have control over Tink? Nope. I control what I do. I don’t go to X threads anymore. I don’t give her view hits or comments and I rarely search for info about her.

  • C / G

    Previous comment was for @hmmm….:

  • @hmmm…. reminds me of @;)

    Remember ;) ? She said she couldn’t watch Leo’s movies anymore because of Barfy. I don’t think it’s stopped her from reading about him, and taking out her anger on fans who still like him.

  • Susie

    Besides having a hot body the girl doesn’t have much talent so she has to ‘work it’ to get where she’s at. Guess what? It worked! Bravo!

  • @193

    Don’t remind me.

  • Pooch

    Leo is bloated and ugly now.

  • C / G

    I’m off. Have a great night Leo-fans. :)

  • KS fan


    I disagree, I’ve watched the Town and she did a great job in that movie. And yes, you are right about the great body and lovely personality too.

    @C / G:

    I agree with you CG, I don’t get the user vibe from Blake that I’ve always gotten from Bar. This girl is different. And even if he’s just “having fun” with her, that is exactly what I think he should be doing anyway. Having fun, enjoying his freedom and hanging out with good people. And Blake is in my (good people) list.

  • Just sayin

    Blake has one fierce PR team.

  • tinkerbell

    @C / G: no and you dont NEED control over tink either. geez.

    actually, I DONT think this is PR. I think the fact that he is letting it shows he’s OK with Blake, period. Did he ever do this with the foul faced one? NO. I think in part because his people warned him about all the controversy and loathing around her. he stopped allowing any pictures at all November of last year.

    I think he just likes Blake and doesnt see anything objectionable about being seen with her. But I dont think its a set-up, although why she is on a random boat ride with spielberg is interesting–who invited her? Leo?

    Maybe he just likes seeing a fun, flirtatious woman he has no baggage with. Must be a relief, but I dont think it is as calculated as all that.

    Bar in her ice-skating dress on the other hand, that took at least a month to get together…..she’s really trying, got to hand that to her, but its not working when you have a face like shaped like a shoe.

    I’m just glad he seems to be taking his time. Its funny because on the Pop Sugar website they have a pic where she’s hugging someoen else and he looks like WTF??? why is she hugging HIM???

    and Bar had this photo on Yfrog of leonid brezhnev and some old soviet guys kissing (you know, official kiss on the cheek) I think this was a jab at you know who for Hoover, like ha hahahhaha he kisses guys…..

    this is a PR war, but its Bar trying to salvage not a stand off between the two.

    and you know, you wouldnt have had so much great information or so many hahahahahs without me around….. and I think I still have plenty of ammo to spend……

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