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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio shares a smile with Blake Lively as they spend time on a yacht on Tuesday (May 17) during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

The 36-year-old actor checked messages on his cell phone as he had an animated conversation with his BFF Lukas Haas and director Steven Spielberg while aboard the boat.

Leo split from his girlfriend of nearly four years, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, earlier in the month.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively chatting while aboard a yacht in Cannes, France…

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leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 01
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 02
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 03
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 04
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 05
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 06
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 07
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 08
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Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • yeahhh

    Bar is wayyyyy hotter than Blake.

  • Brasil

    If they are dating, I don’t have idea, but Leo looks sooooo happy in this pics. And it’s good see his genuine smile again, something we don’t saw for a long time!

  • C / G

    One last comment. I didn’t say I NEEDED to, I said that I don’t. No more than you can control what I post. @hmmm….: is using your X comments as justification for bashing Blake. Personally, I don’t see the connection there @hmmm….:. What one has to do with the other is beyond me.
    @tinkerbell: do your thing. I was not bashing in that comment.

  • @hmmm…. reminds me of @;)


    I’m sorry. I quite liked @; but somewhere along the line her distaste for ‘X’ transferred to Leo and if you didn’t agree with her, you were a stupid groupie or somethin. I understood why Leo going out with ‘X’ would colour her judgment about him as a person, but now he’s broken up with ‘X.’ You would think that would earn him some points, but nope, already off to the races on bashing Blake, and Leo for dating her, even though it’s only a rumour at this point.

  • Blake WINS


    stumpy is NOT hotter than Blake…only in her dreams Barfly, only in her dreams LOL

    Blake’s HOT BODY will be part of Barfie’s recurring nightmares for a long time to come LMAO

  • lol

    Wow at all the Bar haters. Blake isn’t much better imo. Sorry :)

  • @hmmm…. reminds me of @;)


    They prob laughing their arses off over the NY Post stories. You see him on the phone with the photographer reflecting in his sunglasses. He’s prob talking to Blake: “Get down here and get your picture taken girl. Make sure you give Lukas a big hug and kiss, too. That will freak them out”! He prob looks happy because he is happy. Made a clean break from X and now he goofing off on a yacht in France with his buddies. No pressure. Relaxed.

  • KS fan

    even in this pic you can get a peek at her legs, they really are the hottest legs of any celeb out there. Well I also love Jennifer Aniston’s legs, but I think Blake’s are the best I’ve seen so far.

  • KS fan
  • touche

    She used Ryan Gosling to raise her profile and now Leo. Hope he uses her too.

  • Right on cue

    Speaking of ‘hmmm’ and here’s ‘lol’ right on cue

  • Brasil

    Hey people stop with this PR thing, this is annoying! Now every new lady by his side, it’ PR arregement, he can’t do it for himself. Even that he knew that was being caught, he didn’t seem to care, he seems quite relaxed to say the truth and maybe they are just friends hugging on a boat, and what’s the problem with this?
    He is happy, this is the only thing that really matters, anyone is sure about this rumor of Leo and Blake dating, so by now let’s just enjoy to see that big smile on his face again, and for me it seems quite genuine. If you saw all the pics of him on the boat (not just the ones with Blake) he seemed happy in all of them, maybe he’s just so happy for being single and enjoying life that he can’t hide. And if Leo hook up with Blake, what’s the big deal? if this makes him happy, I don’t see any problem and this doesn’t mean she’s his sm or that he will marry her, he’s just enjoying his single life and I also feel a good vibe coming from her, she seems like a nice girl at least.

  • Red Velvet

    Hmm, i still think that this is a PR move
    Remember Blake with Ryan Gosling ?

    At some photos you can see that Leo clearly know where the paps are, and yeah it looks like friendly hug to me, no sexual chemistry.

    Besides, THIS >>

    Would you do that to your new lover’s friend ?

  • Brasil

    I mean Leo seems in good mood! All I said above it’s Just my opinion, sorry if someone didn’t agree!

  • @hmmm…. reminds me of @;)

    @Red Velvet:

    “Would you do that to your new lover’s friend ?”

    If I wanted to freak the press out, YES! Haha! The way Leo is looking on at them makes me think it is some sort of stunt OR he’s happy his friends like each other.

    I never got the sense that ‘X’ was that close with his closest friends, Lukas in particular. If he is starting a relationship with Blake, seeing how comfortable his best friends are with her has to make him happy. Or they’re all perving for the photog! LOL!

  • Brasil

    Also, I remember everyone here saying how much you want Leo split with Bar, (even me): we got it! Also remember everyone here saying that any girl would be better than Bar: so here is Blake, that I don’t know too much, but that build her career for herself and it seems a good girl. So what about give Leo the chance to do whatever he wants with any girl he wants? Take it easy, enjoy the moment, don’t take everything on the bad side, try to look at things in a more light way, he was there being happy and enjoying his companies on a boat: Blake, Lukas, Steven, etc… And that’s all, people!

  • Happy Leo fan

    Beady eyes fans are going crazy because of these Leo/Blake pics, they just don’t get it that there will always be hotter, YOUNGER, THINNER and sweeter more genuine women to replace Barfie. They must not get out much and see that there are other people in the world too besides the small eyed wonder..

  • Happy Leo fan


    agree with you all the way!! :)

  • Frenchy

    ROTFLMAO Leo DiCaprio and Ken Sunshine, you both need to stop. lol
    This is such sheer comedy that even Blake and Leo are laughing. I’m laughing lmao!!!!!!!! “rolling out of this post”….ha ha ha

  • Happy Leo fan

    seems like some people are ready to jump on the hate on Blake Lively band wagon for some reason. I don’t get it but whatever :S

  • nice body

    Looking effortlessly chic and SLIM while walking down the street. Must be nice to be born with a model figure and not pretend to have one like “some people”

  • ellie’

    Looking great together..Maybe a couple…

  • blue

    this is not surprise pictures. who can resist the goddess fashion celebrity as blake, no one.


    I don’t think they are a couple – because he was always pretty private, I doubt he would just go public like that, and besides he doesn;t date actreses. Besides, they are on steven spielberg’s yacht, its not like they are on a date – date ( like, you know, its kind of more official gathering – its not like they are on a party). Plus, if he would be with Blake that would mean him and Bar were history 3-4 months ago (!?!)
    I am saying, I highly doubt they are a couple. Even though he seems really relaxed and I have never watched Blake on screen, but she seems ok to me. She isn’t perhaps the most beautiful in the face, but she looks kind of cute.

  • raven

    It’s nice to see him happy!! I hope we continue to see pics of him smiling and enjoying himself. I love his smile.

  • bremary

    Am I the only one who’s laughing over the title of this article? :)

  • Brasil

    @thanks Happy Leo fan!

  • raven

    @bremary: I was cracking up too!

  • tinkerbell

    I like how her thread died at 50-or so, his is still going. both posted same day, he’s leading 225-50. Just shows where the interest is.

    This is her BEST red carpet showing to me, she is trying to BRING IT..why wouldnt she, but also they are right, Mel Gibson, who’s movie it is, is an anti-semite-she shouldbe conscious of that.

    leo looks a little stunned she hugs luke too….a little jeal-jeal if you ask me.

    someone posted here (and i know there ARE insiders all over this)
    that he’s done with models…good ! enough shit!


    I have nothing against Leo and Blake together. They look ok together to me.
    But last year, during split with Bar he was laughing his ass of with Ellen Page and he took her with him to check out some properties together. But because Ellen Page is short brunette, nobody suspected love affair at the time, depsite he looked so happy next to her. This just reminds me of then.
    But as I said, if he ends up with that Blake girl, I wouldn’t mind. I don’t know what movies she is in, I will have to check her out, but at least to me she has more intelligent appearance than Bar and she dresses better as well.


    Funny tink, I will just say this and close the Bar chapter, cause I am sooo happy I can ignore her now…
    Just before the Chopard party Naomie Campbell did her annual Fashion for relief show. Jane Fonda walked it with 73, Barbara Becker (ex wife of Boris Becker) walked it, Viktoria Silvsted (yes, even she) walked it, Karolina Kurkova walked it. Bar Refaeli didn’t walk it. She wasn’t even invited as a guest. What, weren’t they best friends with Naomie?
    And this is about all I wanna say about Bar Refaeli and I wish I’d never have to hear from her again I will be more than happy to ignore her threads.

  • tinkerbell


    Bar Refaeli: ‘Beaver’ Premiere in Cannes!

    do you mean this one? because I bet her beaver did premiere at Cannes…..

    “Ward, you’ve been a little hard on the beaver recently.”

    -June Cleaver

    Beaver Cleaver – (the writers laughed themselves silly over what they were getting away with in the 1950s) not related to Eldridge or Kathleen in any way I suspect.

  • Eureka

    yes yes yes yes yeeesssssss!!!!

    She might not be his soul mate but at least he doesn’t look pissed off like he used to be in the past 5 years. No hiding under caps, no running from papz, he looks so relaxed and I’m definitely happy for him enjoying this time.

    This is his answer to all that Barfie’s camp crap we had to read in the past weeks (she dumped him, he’s gay, she’s enjoying her single status, she is focusing on her career, she didn’t want to marry him).

    Besides, I’m sure we will have good gossip material with this two.

  • Fantomas

    Bonjour tout le monde !!!
    I think they’re just friends perhaps with benefits but nothing more… they look happy together and that’s the most important…

  • Pipo

    This looks staged. It means that he anf KS want people to know that he’s not desperate no matter what Barfilla and his camp say or do.
    We will see if this is the official beginning of something new, as well.
    For me this would be fine, I’ve never seen him so relaxed and smiling in years nd it would definitely be a huge upgrade and a step in the right direction (at least there is some substance, here, not a Nobel Prize, I agree, but something more than a cheap model).

    BTW, this one did get a real major fashion contract and some acting ones BEFORE meeting him, didn’t she?

  • Ria

    apparently they are not together…. body language is screaming ‘we barely know each other’

  • Ellen

    don’t think they will ever be a couple, they seem to me friends :)

  • pijo2010

    can’t decide who is lamer:
    the next charlie sheen or the girl who fell for that
    preety sure she’s just starstrucked and will bail soon,and he’ll keep dating young blonde models for the rest of his miserable life.

  • c

    Dicaprio is embarassing. Grow up and stop hanging around with people half your age. Instead of hanging around partying in Cannes you should be improving your acting skills because you’re a c r a p actor . Oh and blake is ugly!

  • adi

    bar and leo are still together!! or why should both of them be in cannes, at the same time? bar went there to be able to spend more time with him!
    and if blake would be his girlfriend, we would defenitly not get pictures of them hugging.. bar and leo are together since … i dont know and there are barly pictures of them hugging!! shes just a good friend of leos


    I don’t care, I don’t wanna hear about that thing called Bar anymore. Case closed. next time I won’t even reply at those comments, I am just gonna ignore them as well.

  • Ellen

    It’s quite obvious that “X” and Leo are not together in Cannes, we really should ignore this kind of posts

  • Sasha

    If we put down Blake it only means we’re jealous. Oh please. I can say the same thing cos most of you put down Bar. What a bunch of pack of wolves mentality on this site. SMH

  • look at the future

    whan i saw the photos,i knew theres nothing btw them and theyr just friends! its obvious by his huging+ leo dosent like actresses for daiting! photo of kissing bl and lh shows it!+whenever leo met bl lh was there too as i remmember so if it got to be rumers about hooking up or daiting it got to be about bl and lh!well as i know lh is single too!anyway , im really so happy when i see leo is so so fun !
    for me just it is important that leo broke up with bf forever (its defenetly is forever cus1. leo was/is at the same towns which bf was/is and doesnt pay attention to her at all! tweeted about leo by those nasty words ,it means even the rumers about amicable and staying frinds together are completly false and they never come back together and leo did broke up with her thats why he is so happy for his freedom and shes so angry also all af rumers about gutted r so so fake) and its important for me that leo is so so so happy and spending his time for fun!
    anyway,look at the future that im sure it shows more and more that leo’s broke up with bf is forever and ever also theres nothing btw leo and bl! just i wish see leo happy more and more and see him with his real woman(sm) at his next date!
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you leo! go dear ! go and be fun and happy always! we love ur smiles and i wish the best for u and wish u always be happy and smiling forever!(just i hope u quit smoking and be healthy too;i dont like to see u by ciggerets at all)!

  • hmmm….

    I actually couldn`t care less who else you think I am and who do I remind you of. I just don`t give a damn. I read comments on other sites and other threads here and it looks like I`m with the majority on this thing. So no offense but a bunch of Leo fans = Team Schlong disagreeing is not going to give me any sleepless nights.
    I have just seen some more photos and on one of them Leo was waving to the photographer. He seemed happy and relaxed, very smiley talking to someone on his cell phone. No BL around. I just don`t think there`s so much into this sighting than it`s reported.

  • boom

    look at blakes pink shoes and matching bag . so effortless and cute

  • @adi

    Are you seriously trying to convince people that Leo and bar are still together? Good luck with that! She went to Cannes to be able to spend more time with Leo? So why aren`t there any sightings of them? Not even a lousy tweet. I thought she went there to work ( Chopard and she was promoting some Brazilian shoe brand ). Leo is not working so why is it that there are NO sightings of them together at all? Just like in NYC earlier this month?

  • Fantomas
  • has

    As the wise Tina Fey said ““Talent isn’t sexually transmitted”.

  • look at the future

    @adi:U R THE ONE THAT SAY THEY R STILL TOGATHER even bf shows it by her nasty words on her tweeter + all of other proofs !go read more articles or at least read the links in leo’s articles in jj and then come and talk! how can u say this while u even dont know about ur bf at all! how fan!