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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: We're On A Boat!

Leonardo DiCaprio shares a smile with Blake Lively as they spend time on a yacht on Tuesday (May 17) during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

The 36-year-old actor checked messages on his cell phone as he had an animated conversation with his BFF Lukas Haas and director Steven Spielberg while aboard the boat.

Leo split from his girlfriend of nearly four years, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, earlier in the month.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively chatting while aboard a yacht in Cannes, France…

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leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 01
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 02
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 03
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 04
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 05
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 06
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 07
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 08
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 09
leonardo dicaprio blake lively yacht 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • a

    @Sasha: No, people put down Bar because she called the Arabs ‘barbaric’ and primitive. She also said a lot of other stupid stuff and is rude to ”fans”.

    Blake is actually nice and has never said or done anything shtty like Bar.

  • Leo or Lukas ????
  • hily

    leo you suck!
    you dont deserve anny of these women. you think, you can play with their hearts but its you who cant keep a relationship straight.
    I’m glad Gisele now has a happy life without you. and Bar will get her luck also.
    I hope the new girl will not waste her love for this arrogant guy.

  • mattie

    Settle people, Leo looks healthy, happy and gorgeous, absolutely not gutted, I hug the guys at work just like this, I really don’t think they are a couple, just mates greeting each other, time will tell, exciting though isn’t it

  • Brainy box


  • Enzo

    Leo cannot have relations with a mature woman. He is very childish.

  • Sasha


    Ok I see. I don’t know much about her. Glad I don’t.
    The annoying thing about Blake is she’s being shoved down our throats big time, it does makes me kinda gag.

  • glagla

    Yuck. She is gross and bony.

  • my hero

    keep sleeping your way to the top, Blake!

  • Super Cool

    Wow, so much jealousy… You don’t actually know Blake or Leo in person, don’t judge people you don’t know. Don’t judge people you know as well.

  • Leo isnt dating Blake

    Leo isnt dating blake! There is no chemistry whatsoever between these two. If Blake makes Leo laugh so what?!?! Lukas makes Leo laugh does that mean they’re dating?!?! Kate Winselet makes Leo laugh does that means they’re dating?!?! I do not get romantic vibes when I look at those pics! You people need to calm down! Leo also hugged another woman a few days ago just like Blake I guess he’s dating her too huh?!? This was work related! Leo spends most of his time with Lukas than with anyone else and they’re not dating!

  • leosexgf

    Hey Leo fans where are you?

    look at leo’s ex girlfriend barf. she is so ugly!

  • boaty call

    yes sure it seems they are just friends.
    or trying to look like so. we will see.

  • ewwwgross
  • @leosexgf

    and she is wearing that little gold heart necklace again. wouldn`t it be something if leo and bar reunited in cannes after all this media frenzy around him and blake? maybe that`s why he looked so happy and relaxed on that boat!
    i don`t think she looks that bad on these photos by the way. nothing stunning but not fat or ugly.

  • boaty call

    @265 you might be true ! i wouldnt be surprised if its so.
    btw bar looks pretty decent on these photos.

  • Barfie looks old

    to me she looks fug as usual, and she has the old lady plastic surgery face look to her..she looks like Bo Derek in those pics with her hair pulled back so tight like she got a face lift LOL

  • gulaseng

    oh no, they didn’t!


    people still LIKE blake either…… n it’s not only those here on JJ………. i haven’t seen/read any decent comment about blakey on any of teh sites i’ve been to since yesterday…………. they all think blake isn’t better than bar, that they r the same, in every aspect………. a user! just the type he likes……… use n get used till HE wants, when he doesn’t, he lets go………. so it’s all very clear i guess…….. n i don’t think Leo is stupid enough to not know blakey’s WAYS……… he knows……….. n i just heard that these two r doin a movie together, so i doubt there is any romance between the two……….. it’s all work related!

  • she’s HOT

    I can never say Barfie is prettier than Blake cos I’d be lying and besides, she’s NOT LOL To me Blake has the better body, better personality, prettier more distinctive regal features like Gisele and she seems light and fun. No user vibe there. And if y’all think Leo didn’t hit that, than I think you know very little about men. No guy would pass up on that opportunity when it’s right in front of you. She has always been smitten with Leo, so that is a no-brainer for me..

  • la

    good for him. shes so sexy plus the fact that shes talented prob excites him. something different

  • Candycotton s back

    Leo has not looked this happy in a while..he never looked this happy with the Joker.even if their friends or more..anyway I did some astro resarch ..Blacke is a Virgo August 25,1987.. She has a lot of Virgo in her chart.venus,mars,mercury are all in virgo! Definatly a earth gurl but she. Has some fire also.a lot of sag. Planets ..her Pluto is in Scorpio which is good..people with Pluto in Scorpio command attension with out effort..but the most outstanding Placement is she has Pisces rising…that explains the warmth u sense between her and Leo..since his sun Scorpio their relationship would be a very emotional connection..Relaxed feelings …Pisces rising people are very sensitive,loving,understanding people!Its always love at first sight for Scorpio and Pisces..pisces rising people are irrisistable creatures..Martin Scoresee( spell check)has pisces rising notice Leos admiration towards him..Genuine warm feelings..It was opposite with the X who has Virgo rising..theirs was surpressed awkward,constricted feelings..too neutral..
    Blake always comes off as sweet bubbly in her interviews..unlike u know..who Lol So either friends or more Leo and Blake have a warm chemistry..she once said she had a dream she would marry Leo.. Don’t think its gonna happen!Pisces risings have good imaginations..

    That Beaver primere title is fu#king hilarious..Cuz that’s exactly what Barfy looks like on the Red Carpet!..haha!Has anyone seen the mocking twitter its much more interesting than Barfys..They tweeted “Some Israeli newspaper says I’m a looser because I’m on twitter wtf their 200 million people on twitter”..Someone is mocking her useless exsistance!

    I think Leo’s been watching too much Jersey with all this mayham..He’s still trying to figure his life out!..But don’t be surprised if u see new pics of him and “The Beaver” together on her 36th I mean 26? B day..looking misrable together..last year he ignored her according to Adi..who is actually more actractive than the beaver.. saw her facebook Adi Ronen..
    Any way if they are broken up I’m sure we will see some pathetic pics of her and Scott Lipps (agent) together Having dinner.YAWN!

    @Barflies..@Bellazon freaks @Zipi @Yuko loosers @MIA Lisa Rose please get the Fu*”k off of Leos threads and take your Beaver with U!! :p

  • hahaha

    blake `talented`? and that excites leo? that`s HILARIOUS! blake talented and that`s why leo is into her? PRICELESS!!!! i can`t stop laughing at that one.
    i just read that lukas was auditioning for a role in an upcoming spielberg project so this whole meeting could have just been business ( mainly for blake i assume ). plus leo and lukas was out partying last night but no bl in sight. so what happened to the dream couple? the `new worldcrossing` leo thread has the auditioning info and the photos of them at a party.

  • ??


    what does the gold heart necklace have to do with anything? did he give her that?

    I don’t think he will be dating her again, she’s gotten too old and clingy for him. She will be 27 and she’s looking like 40 most of the times and that body is just not hot enough, sorry but he can pull in the real sexy models if he wants to. Why settle for stumpy when u can have hotter and sweeter with less baggage than Barf ..

  • viiashima nuella

    you haue no idea how i love to see you two together.
    keep it deserve what you have.

  • mari

    I personally think they were all just on a boat together having a fun day. I dont think Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio are dating. But it would be pretty awesome if they did! I Love Leo! <3

  • geez

    Hate Bar all you want but 27 is NOT old. If you want to go there, Blake looks a lot older than her age. Stupid…

  • robbie

    blake sucks.
    leo deserves better. he’s a good actor who really knows how to act and a hard-worker. what is blake “gossip girl” lively? besides i’m pretty sure that she’s dumb and talentless.haha. i wonder why karl lagerfeld was so smitten by her. please. once gossip girl is over, so will blake :p
    i’m such a biatch

  • hahaha

    @277: Thanks for the link. That must have been some night for Leo. lol I`m more and more certain that this was a friendly / business thing and they are not dating.

  • adna

    Leo and Bar are not separated!!. This is just PR. To everyone saw that the bar without Leo already famous. But then again they will be together. And no matter what you think. Because your vote for them does not mean nothing!!!
    This was the case in 2009 …!!!!
    The same thing I said then when they broke up for 6 months. Now history repeats itself. Do not worry they all thought out.THEY hang noodles on the ears, and you believe this false pair.

  • Leo, Blake and Lainey

    @281 : PR ???!!!! It’s stupid I don’t see in what to persuade that we broke up, can bring something to a career…
    We speak about you in gossip but it is far from being always for the better I know there is no bad advertising(publicity) but it would be complétement moron

  • @adna

    PR for WHAT? What is the point of this PR thing for Leo and what`s in it for barfie? bar is all around in Cannes showing off her assets and h*rny man think Leo is an idiot for leaving her. How is that good for Leo? Leo partying around the clock and being linked to BL. How is that good for barfie? You try to sound like you have inside info but you just don`t make sense!

  • get help


    to hahaha, lol, hmmmm… and all your other nicknames. I hope he really does start to date her just to piss you off. You are always angry and seem to have a hate for any woman in the same air space as Leo. I used to think it was just Barf, but you seem to hate everybody, including Leo since I’ve seen you call him lame many times. Get HELP!!.

  • hahaha

    @get help: Would you just leave me alone with your conspiracy theory? Thanks!

  • adna

    I tell yours!!! They are not separated!!! I dont like Bar…if you think i like her- because she always use Leo for fame. Its PR not for Leo…realy for what?…. But PR for Bar!!!! To make her strong without Leo name!!!

  • Leo, Blake and Lainey

    All right it makes many publicity for Bar if we consider that pass for a poor girl who made replaced at the end of 10 minutes is of the publicity….

  • lmao

    If they are dating does anyone else find it a little weird? I mean she’s 23 and he’s 36? way too young for him…. Also, Gisele was too good for him but that does’nt matter now because she’s happily marries with a child whereas leo is still partying it up with young blonds *rolls eyes*

  • @lmao

    i also find it a little weird, he needs someone older, hope it’s only a relation of transition as many people have it after a long relation. That’s the one that he didn’t really have after Gisele

  • @adna

    Ok, if you are so sure about it please, provide us with proof. Or should we just take your word for it? I find it hard to believe that after 5 years together all of a sudden it`s needed to make her `strong` without Leo. Maybe it`s just me but don`t you think that it`s a little late for that?

  • Vicky

    i think Leo and Blake are not going out. I just hope all the best for Bar,Leo and Blake. If Blake and Leo are meant to be than let it be?But, i do hope all the happiness to Bar. I do think she is a stunner

  • gg fan

    oh no!

  • Eve

    I’ve always thought Leo was in love with Kate Winslet. I think he fell in love with her aboard the Titanic! LOL

    Seriously, I do believe he has a secret thing for Kate. I see them together and I see how he looks at her. You can always tell the look on the face of a man in love.

  • hazel


    LOL look at the X desperately trolling for attention. Take your links and put them where the sun don’t shine. This Leo fan is not taking the bait. I’ve seen enough ugly pictures while she was using Leo. That’s the best part of him kicking her to the curb: I don’t have to look at her smashed in beady eyed mug ever again.

  • hazel


    They love each other as friends. Perhaps when Leo is not so busy and ready for a real relationship, and Kate has had more time to figure out what went wrong with her marriages they’ll consider, but I don’t see it. Why risk such a great friendship for something that might not work out?

  • KS fan

    i just wanted to see him with someone HOTTER than Barfie so he can rub it in her face and to me Blake’s body is so much HOTTER than Barfie’s.(those legs and body are SICK) so for me it made my day to see him with her. Whether they start to date or not is anyone’s guess.
    I don’t have a problem with the age gap, because as you get older you start to realize that age ain’t nothing but a number. When you love someone, age doesn’t really come into play.
    I also agree about Barfie being too old in the sense that he was with her for so many years that she had probably gotten to that point where she got too clingy and demanding for him and most men get smothered by that. So in that sense she is too old. And besides Leo deserves to have some fun, if it’s young girls he likes, than why not? if we were in his shoes, we would probably do the same ;)

  • Run Leo Run!!!!!

    Eww Leo please stop wasting your time with skanks, it’s time for you to settle down with a nice classy girl, you deserve so much better than this D-list chick!!!

  • KS fan


    I agree with you Hazel, smashed in faces with beady eyes are not my thing either LOL i see enough frumpy unattractive people in my everyday life. I don’t need to see it here too..

  • Paul

    No matter how beautiful the babe, there is somebody that is tired of ****ing her and looking for some other stimulation especially someone like Leo that is getting hit on 24/7.

  • C / G

    @Fantomas: Thanks for the Gatsby link. :)

  • C / G

    @Leo or Lukas ????: (252) I think I’d like to see Blake with Lukas (just kidding about the post yesterday :P). They’d be an attractive couple together.