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Schwarzenegger Fathered Child With Housekeeper

Schwarzenegger Fathered Child With Housekeeper

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he fathered a child with a longtime member of his household staff over a decade ago (before his first run for office).

“After leaving the governor’s office I told my wife [Maria Shriver] about this event, which occurred over a decade ago,” Arnold told the Los Angeles Times. “I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.”

“I ask that the media respect my wife and children through this extremely difficult time,” the statement continued. “While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not. ”

Maria, 55, announced her split from Arnold, 63, earlier this month after nearly 25 years of marriage. They have four children together, Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher.

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  • ck_always

    When I grow up, I want to be a politician!

  • Stephanie

    What an absolute prick!


    This comes as no surprise …. typical


    I can’t believe that he had that woman in the house for the past 10 years like nothing happened. That was beyond callous and disrespectful to not only Maria but his children as well.

  • Giovania

    DIRTY DOG!!!!!!

  • ladysdsandiego

    so was the child living with him too?

    just lost a lot of respect for this guy.

  • tami

    He is such an ass.

  • Laki

    Eh,what do you expect?

  • Grandma of Four

    Holy cow! Wonder HOW he managed to pull this one off! Maria cannot be that clueless! For 10 years for heavens sake! This little child must be in the fourth grade…somewhere! Poor kid not to mention Arnold’s four other kids!! Bet this is going to cost a pretty penny in therapy for any untold numbers in his family! Wonder what prompted Arnold to come out with this? Obviously someone with knowledge was about to “spill the beans”….probably for a good amount of $$$$ !! Still shaking my head over this one!! :~ (

  • freakyboy

    truth is,even he doesn’t deserve the attention and criticism.noone has the right to judge.You answer to God,not humans.

  • clive

    I didn’t realize that drinking Muscle Milk could impregnate you.

  • Jo

    This guy makes Bill clinton look like a saint, # 1 douche bag award goes to>>>>>>>

  • Jo

    @clive: LMAO

  • Douche

    What an reprehensible piece of trash.

  • Shauna

    Even from the beginning I never took this guy seriously, then when he became California governor I gave him a little ease, then I thought of him as a joke when I saw he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for California besides state in speeches that he was “doing the best he could” AKA nothing out of the ordinary again. And now that he’s stepped down as governor (THANK GOD!) he’s trying to go back to his “roots” and do movies again? Uh yeah right, like the public is going to take you seriously now. Now he does this and kept it behind the back of the beautiful, intelligent Maria Shriver (who actually did more for California than he did)? I feel so sorry and understand why she would leave his nasty, wrinkly, thick-accented, no-good cheating ass! This news just gives me and so many other people yet another reason to look down and spit on this idiot! Good riddance!

  • Jo

    @freakyboy: U Answer to yourself , god has nothing to do with it..

  • Shaggy


    Cleaning Lady produced Terminator Junior

  • Thai


    Prick? We all make mistakes, darling, wake up.

  • Jo

    @Shauna:”" Wondering if the housekeeper was an underage illegal at the time he knocked her up.”"”

  • Jo

    This reminds me of the pre civil war stories about the plantation owners impregnating the slaves. This guy is a low life..

  • Milla

    i think cheating on your wife and getting someone else pregnant is a little bigger than a simple ‘mistake – Im surprised they kept it quiet for so long

  • [Marie]

    And the divorce couldn’t come quick enough…

  • Nick

    C’mon people!! Show some grace. We all make mistakes in this journey of life, some bigger than others. Perhaps those who have been living lives of perfection should be allowed to cast the stones of judgement. All others, please check your own closets for skeletons.

    I’ll be the first to admit…I’ve made some serious mistakes in the past, but those that have extended grace and forgiveness to me will be appreciated for the rest of my life.

    Consider the effects the nasty comments achieve…. (not much positive stuff!!) and then consider the effects of forgiveness and grace…. (restoration and reconciliation)

    How much better of a place would America be if we collectively allowed each other a little more room to screw up and repair our mistakes? …Just sayin’.

  • Alaia

    I have no idea why he had to reveal this and then say respect their privacy. Poor family.

  • tru

    Does this surprise anyone?? The mans an Actor / Politician, I’m surprised he didnt keep a Harim.

  • Suri Jackson

    Why don’t these men get vacectomies? They know they can’t keep in in their pants. OR BETTER YET…DON’T GET MARRIED IF YOU DON’T LOVE A WOMAN ENOUGH TO BE FAITHFUL TO HER!!!!!!
    If nothing else, he fit right in with the Kennedy’s respect for marriage vows.

  • Stephanie


    A mistake? Sweetie this is a pretty BIG mistake that has damaged his family who are sadly brought into this situation. . BTW this is not the first time he has been accused of infidelty.

  • lilia mazunina

    THIS’S RIGHT: “I ask that the media respect my wife and children through this extremely difficult time,” the statement continued. “While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not. ”

  • ICK



    So he kept this from her for TEN FREAKING YEARS… Woah talk about an egomaniacal liar.

  • roca

    these politicians are supposed to be so stressed out and busy yet they have time to sneak around with all these women?

  • Shaniece hates RACISTS

    Arnold is also a racist and a Nazi sympathizer. He’s been caught on video using the N word repeatedly. And he avoided working with black actors as much as he could. Just look it up online and see for yourselves.


    If this happened ten yrs ago means he was fifty-three. What kind of man has babies at that age… that’s a little too old to be having a baby. Guess not if you’re a selfish egomaniac who don’t care what happens to the kid after you die. Men like Donald Trump or Al Pacino or Rod Stewart are just some examples.


    JJ removed my post! here it is again.
    I love that the vapid people at some fashion site still ascribe to the notion that people “hate” Kate because of who she’s dating not because she:
    -Uses her whatever with Skars for publicity.
    -Bailed on a charity for foster kids to pose topless in Mexico.
    -Calls paps on herself and obviously has an arrangement with JJ .
    -Comes across as a pretentious, unoriginal moron in all her interviews.
    -Usually looks drunk/cranked at social events.
    -An untalented famewh*re who owes her roles to the men she’s associated with. The only roles that she’s gotten on her own are with unknown , inexperienced directors.
    -Likes to climb other women’s men,notably Chris Martin, that why she’s been GOOPed and has not been invited to any recent major social event. There is no any reason for her absence from these events she previously attended, especially since she needs the exposure for herself and Tackymint.
    People should stop ascribing their own juvenile mentalities to other people. Then again, these are people who think that the crappy clothes she wears are brilliant, stylish and awe inspiring. These people actual think that buying over priced “designer” clothing that can be found at any Old Navy makes sense. Makes sense that they revere someone like KB.


    Ooops! Wrong thread.

  • Old dads die way too early

    @OLD MEN HAVING BABY IS SELFISH: ITA. It’s selfish for any man over the age of forty to be having kids so late in life. MEN USUALLY DIE SEVEN YEARS YOUNGER THAN WOMEN THEIR OWN AGE which means they’re not only old fathers who will die sooner than a young father but they’ll also die even sooner just for being male. That’s not a lot of time for a kid to have her or his dad around. So sad.

  • NAZI

    didn’t this nasty pervert have ties to the Nazis back in his home country in Austria – OH MY GAWD and now this – just GTFO already.

  • Autism and Down Syndrome

    Old dudes having babies just increases the newborn’s chances of developing Autism and Down Syndrome and tons of other health issues. People used to think only the mom’s age mattered but now scientific research has shown men shouldn’t be having kids that late. IT’S DANGEROUS FOR THE POOR BABIES. So now we know BOTH the mom’s and dad’s age matters when it comes to health risks that the baby could develop. I’m actually pre-med and this was recently covered in my class.

  • joceeco


    so were they!


    @Jo: “This reminds me of the pre civil war stories about the plantation owners impregnating the slaves. This guy is a low life..”
    OMG SO TRUE. I just hope he didn’t coerce or worse rape the maid. He’s been accused of sexual harassment and unwanted advancements before from women on his movie sets.

  • Jake

    Reminded me of Josef Fritzl. Arnold fooled Maria and Californians for over 10 years with a straight face.

    Send him to Saudi Arbaia for punishment

  • Brainy box


  • Bad Wives Club

    Women after stop putting up with this sh!t. If a woman did this she would be destroyed by the media. Jessie James, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Arnold and many, many, more.

  • Bad Wives Club

    Women have to stop putting up with this sh!t. If a woman did this she would be destroyed by the media. Jessie James, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Arnold and many, many, more get to have their cake and eat it to.

  • Millie Followhore

    @Alaia: I doubt he ‘revealed’ this, someone probably found out and he beat them to the punch. And you should respect the wife’s privacy. It’s not an easy thing to go through is it!

  • Sassy

    Um, no Arnold, we’re not going to criticize your family. Just you. What an egomaniac. And yes, the hired help is to blame too. 10 years ago, their youngest child was 3, the oldest 11. This means that was a pretty busy family, probably a very loving home to live in. What kind of woman gets in the middle of that?? What, Arnold showed you some attention & you fell for it? Maria oughta give a smackdown to that woman, privately.

    How about the love child? Think they’ll have a little confusion? Betcha Mom & Arnold didn’t tell the kid who Daddy was. And I’m sure all the kids played together. Now their “friend” is their sibling. What a mess.

    Yes, we all do make mistakes. WE. But this was a doozy and there are lots of hurting people left in the messy wake of Arnold’s selfish dickstick that couldn’t stay put away.

  • viper


    I’m guessing you’re a cowardice weak wandering bastard too – you are held accountable for your actions on both fronts. Thats why we have laws and that why we’re a society. You don’t like that? Go live on an island in the middle of a shark infested ocean – away from civilized society. .

  • chris

    what a pig!! I am not surprised. I am surprised that Maria hasnt left him earlier. she a trooper. WHAT A PRICK INDEED

  • lurker

    Arnold is ugly inside and out. I hope nobody will see his movies. Boycott the Terminator’s in coming movies, after all he is one ugly actor.

  • L

    Wow, completley unacceptable, I just feel sorry for his family