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Shia LaBeouf Opens Up About Bar Fight

Shia LaBeouf Opens Up About Bar Fight

Shia LaBeouf sets the record straight about his involvement in a bar fight earlier this year on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I walked out to have a cigarette. I was away with some friends. Some guys instigated me and that’s what it was. Some name calling,” the 24-year-old Transformers star shared. “I didn’t know them, no.”

“It was just an awkward situation … I’m not trying to challenge anybody either … People get drunk, people get crazy,” he added.

Asked by Ellen if he cares about the public’s perception of him, Shia answered, “The only opinion that really counts for me, and I don’t care how cheesy it sounds, my mother is very, it’s a serious deal for me. Really the only honest opinion I feel I truly have and the only opinion that matters in my life.”

Watch Shia‘s interview below to hear about the hilarious – but sweet! – card he sketched for his mom on Mother’s Day!

Shia LaBeouf – The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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  • http://Endrys Endrys

    Awwww! He is just so sweet!.. An amazing actor, hope he keep being as good and as friendly as he seems! ;)

  • AnnArky

    Shia cleans up well! :)

  • innocent_bystander

    That card to his Mom made me crack up. Odd, but sweet.

  • Jessie

    Shia’s turning 25 next month. I didn’t know he was that old!

  • Anais

    Yay! That ‘do he had was just temporary. He looked cute on Ellen.

  • Lynn

    He’s such a momma’s boy. I feel for his future gf.

  • Cara

    Short little Shia punk got his butt kicked -LOL. Thinks he’s a tough guy. Maybe that will teach him to behave.

  • Brainy box


  • kerri

    I liked him ever since i saw Disturbia. Even though he has had problems in the past he still is a great actor. I thought it was really sweet when he talked about his mom even though he is this tough guy you could see that he is a sweetie especially when it comes to his mom. You know what they say if a guy has a good relationship with his mom then he would have it with his woman that he is dating.

  • soyara

    So cute.

  • soyara


  • sayuri

    I love U Shiaaa!

  • sayuri

    Marry me,

  • Diana

    mad guy

  • kk

    The guy looks EXACTLY like my brother.

    Sidebar, he cleans up gooooood !

  • sayuri

    Quero um pra mim.

  • boston61

    Someone should throw a cup of coffee on this a*shole.

  • lili


  • jaye

    He is a mama’s boy. He said once, I believe in a Playboy interview, that if he could marry his mom, he would. He said at one time that he’s seen her having s*ex (probably more than once lol) and that his mother had a habit of walking around the house n*aked, even in front of his friends. Probably had LOTS of friends back then lol.
    Really, this brings an image to mind and a mind set that’s kind of creepy or free spirited, depends on how you look at it. He is a product of his environment. His mom is a hippie. He’s honest, but that was way TMI.

  • kerri

    @jaye: Is that true? Gross i didn’t know that. I think i have to take back my first comment. I do like him as an actor but he sounds like he has a weird relationship with his mom.

  • Spike

    Isnt’ the story more that when he’s on COKE he gets very angry, happened more than once and yes, even though some guy said something to him, he went back to the guy and went crazy? His friends had to drag him away.

  • Gigi

    His card to his mom is very telling.

  • Bullies are COWARDS!

    Ellen interviews are always great!

    Shia is just trying to clear his name.

    I can see that Shia is deep in love with K.Pho. He has this magical glow about him ever since he has been with K.Pho. He had that same glow with Carey too

    I read that cause of his deep love for his love of his life, K.Pho; he made one girl go asexual and the other girl wants to be dead cause of Shia. To me it sounds like past hurt and Shia is just the tip of the iceburg for those poor girls. It broke me heart when I read those comments.
    And, come on people don’t make fun of those girls, just feel sorry for them. If that one does die cause of Shia, it is his fault!

    ~Remember to belittle is to BE little. so don’t be an online bully! It just makes you look like an ass!!!!!!!!!!

  • sigh

    @Anais: Anais you were right girl, i should have listened to you.

  • dd

    shia and his mom has a very interesting relationship, one of a kind.

  • Gabby T

    @dd: At least she is good to him. That is all that matters.

  • Sun

    Blake Lively was too expensive for him, so he picked an asian loser

  • .

    @Sun: AGREED SUN!!!!!!!
    but remember Shia does NOT give a *beep* about what his fans say only his mamma

  • raggedyanni

    @Bullies are COWARDS!:
    “And, come on people don’t make fun of those girls, just feel sorry for them. If that one does die cause of Shia, it is his fault!” Umm, no. Anyone whose mental well-being is affected by a celebrity is in serious, serious need of help.

  • F-U

    @raggedyanni: HI THERE SHIA, HOW ARE YOU? OH BTW YOU NEED SERIOUS, SERIOUS NEED OF HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MENTALLY WARPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raggedyanni

    @F-U: I meant that with no maliciousness whatsoever. Saying that a celeb made her asexual or makes her want to die is highly troubling. There should be no shame in seeking help.

  • F-U

    @raggedyanni: It is a sensitive topic, sorry for yelling. :(