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Suri Cruise: Private Plane with Mom and Dad!

Suri Cruise: Private Plane with Mom and Dad!

Suri Cruise holds on to dad Tom Cruise‘s hand as she prepares to board a private plane on Tuesday (May 17) in Miami, Fla.

Waiting in a car behind Suri, 5, was mom Katie Holmes.

On Monday, Suri and Katie went out for a swim in the pool at their hotel before making a stop at Haagen-Dazs for ice cream.

Katie recently landed a starring role opposite Chace Crawford in the romantic comedy Responsible Adults, while Tom is just one of many celebs in the film version of the hit musical Rock of Ages.

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  • Rainy Day

    Heels again. And I see JJ is on a roll posting about this couple.

  • Fernanda

    Isn’t it about time they had another child? You would think Katie wants a son as well but she doesn’t seem interested. Their relationship has been basically stagnant since 2006.

  • From INF Daily

    Love the sarcasm from INF

    We’ve sorta (almost) gotta admire Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The public goes into a major outrage-filled frenzy whenever they let little Suri wear heeled shoes, but Tom and Katie don’t let that affect the way they raise their kid. Kinda admirable in its stubbornness. Of course they also coddle the living daylights out of the kid, so we’re not actually impressed.

    We spotted Suri wearing a new pair of strappy sandals with a significant heel this morning as Tom was helping the tot and Katie into their private jet in Miami. No more gentle kitten heels for this imposing five-year-old. The family was in Florida for a brief vacation, where Suri got the chance to show off her swimming skills and Katie showed off her flat, not-expecting stomach. Tom was unusually low key, which we find strangely disconcerting.

  • Krizzle

    She’s probably a very sweet little girl who most certainly doesn’t need critiquing from adults. I hate to see children judged and picked apart, life has enough struggles in it without her or any child needing critiquing. She can’t help the circumstances she’s in, which are probably a lot nicer than we’d ever know.

  • Liz

    Heels again.. My, when will the parents learn that she is just a KID! Let her actually have a childhood, instead of making her behave as a mini adult.

  • psychoticstate

    Amen, Liz! Let her dress and behave like a 5 year old.

    Suri Cruise is the oldest 5 year old I have ever seen.

  • Marisa

    Isn’t anyone else a bit disturbed by the fact that she’s rarely seen playing with other kids? It’s as if she’s been thrusted into the adult world without experiencing a regular childhood. I find that sad. Can’t imagine how she’ll turn out when she gets older.

  • anon

    Man do people complain on here, i dont understand why everyone is like ‘ugh more pictures of them’ if you dont want to look at pictures of celebs dont come on a website that shows pictures of celebs.

    I know when i was 5 i always liked to play around in heels too, its not like they are five inch pumps people. Im sure its not like katie is forcing her daughter to wear them.

  • oh my god
  • anon

    WTF they trotted out those ugly heels again? Stupid stupid parents

  • bottle and heels

    has to be the most pampered indulged kid on the planet

  • Eliza

    Tom, you’ve never looked better. Lol.

  • boston61

    She has a big nose for a little girl. Why is she always half naked? Is that a cult thing?

  • shoes4life

    wwhaaatttt!!??? That kid is still on a bottle???????

    You can tell who is running the house.

  • roronutz

    wtf is a 5 year old doing with a bottle of milk lol she’s not a baby.
    crazy parenting

  • Romeo

    What a cute little girl!

    Right, #4.

    She’s not making or behaving as an adult, #5.

    What a disgusting and untrue thing to say, #13.

  • pigbearman

    future lindsay lohan

  • No Pity For TomKrazy

    Don’t get mad at Anne Hathaway and SNL next time they make fun of how you let your little girl dress like a “you know what.”

  • Suri Jackson

    Looks just like daddy (the biological one. Not her current owner CrazyCruise)

  • Sham Mawwiage

    Not photo-ops with Tom and Katie together during the trip.

  • haha

    it’s so sad that suri constantly scrutinized by the public b/c of her crazy and crazier parents. only if she were born to normal parents..

  • marq

    she is a stunning dresser

  • KC

    Both the bottle and the heels are inappropriate accessories for a 5 year old. It is fine for her to play dress up at home – away from the prying eyes of the general public – this child will never have privacy.

  • random21

    people who say Tom is her dad, just look at her nose.

  • abc123

    Joshua’s nose and dented forehead all the way!!!

  • That’s Not Tom
  • weirdo alert

    @oh my god: the bottle is strange but I think that site is just creepy. A whole site dedicated to Suri. weird.

  • weirdo alert

    the site has weird creepy music to go along with the overall creepy factor

  • That’s Not Tom
  • Joji

    High Heels & A Baby Bottle

    Okay, she’s FIVE! Why can’t they make here use a regular baby bottle instead of a Newborn one? Also, I find it interesting that she was filling up on the bottle before dining at a restaurant with real food.

  • pooter

    @oh my god:

    romeo must be not only stupid…but blind as well.

    This brat is one evil looking kid! Yikes!

    I would not turn my back on this brat!

  • pooter

    forgot to paste this: ( from # 9)

    oh my god @ 05/17/2011 at 5:37 pm ………BOTTLE!!!!

  • lil

    who is wearing higher heels, daddy or suri?, yes, probably daddy.

  • pooter

    ugh! here’s the video I was referring to.
    Romeo…romeo….eat your heart out!

    As you can see on the video this kid sure looks like a real brat!


  • York

    What does one expect?

    The child has a bimbo for a mom!

    For example…during her bratty and wild facial expressions…..while daddy Tom is holding her,,..he is planting kisses on her as to award her for her bratty behavior.

    Clueless parents.

  • bottle and heels

    OMG!!!CREEPIEST CELEBS EVER!!! these people are so creepy they have me thinking they like getting a rise out of the public. This is getting worst than Micheal Jackson…. She is a mini-teen and she has been this way since 3. Katie Holmes thinks she’s precocious or sophisticated beyond her years, but she too stupid to realize she’s raising the next train wreck!… it’s not cute Katie!!!

  • Joji
  • Toria

    I couldn’t believe they still give a five year old a bottle! Most child experts feel 0-5 years are the most important years for forming habits, learning etc. Appears from pictures she is super over indulged, picks her nose all the time, drinks from a bottle, chooses inappropriate clothing and no attempt is made to find warmer clothes when needed etc. She is definitely going to Lohan Model #2 at this rate.

  • Lucy

    serious development issues with the bottle. sick parents.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    That’s Tom’s nose. Tom’s other daughter dressed age appropriately, so this is Katie’s thing. I thought she was coloring Katie’s hair at one point. I’ll bet she’s wearing makeup before she’s 10. She’s the same age as Shiloh.

  • marq

    Bottle paranoids here? What about this week’s episode of “Game of Thrones”, where a kid well older than Suri, is shown happily still nursing on his mother’s breast?

  • PSGirl


    So, Romeo, do you think it’s normal for a 5 year old to wear heels, makeup, accompany her parent to a late night play geared toward adults, eat meals after 8 pm and accompany her oblivious mother to an eaterie at midnight where adult themed candies are present? And I’m not talking about play makeup and play heels and playing dress up at home.

    And Suri never seems to be around children her own age – - just adults.

    Combine all of the above with giving her a pacifier, newborn baby bottle and an ever present baby blanket – - what kind of message are they sending this child?

  • lucy2

    (drumroll please) In the category of supporting role in an upcoming celebrity scandal— the award goes to — our favorite Mighty Duck — Mr. Joshua Jackson

  • OMG

    Check out website, there are pics of Suri picking her butt.. Oh goodness someone tell this child not to do that in public.

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    looks awful. not more cute!!

  • ellie’

    Suri is a little beauty ..with wonderful parents

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    lovely and the most beautiful celebrity girl!!!THe heels aree cute!!!Stop insulting an innocent child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    JJ is turning people in pedophiles, enough of this!

  • Mariah

    Where did the little girl go? Last time, she used to wear clothes fitted for her age. Now, she wears short sleeves for winter and heels every time she goes out!

  • Suri Jackson

    Thanks. and haha lucy2. I agree, and I hope everyone realizes that if it’s true, then Tom and Katie not only lied and lied and lied, they actually could(should) be held accountable for criminal acts; falsifying birth records to obtain a passport for Suri, etc.
    I love this pic of Josh and Diane. See her hand on his hand? So cute: