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Taylor Swift Covers 'InStyle' June 2011

Taylor Swift Covers 'InStyle' June 2011

Taylor Swift rocks a Victoria Beckham dress on the cover of InStyle magazine’s June 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 21-year-old country cutie had to share:

On love: “There are no rules when it comes to love. I just try to let love surprise me because you never know who you’re going to fall in love with. You never know who’s going to come into your life – and for me, when I picture the person I want to end up with, I don’t think about what their career is, or what they look like. I picture the feeling I get when I’m with them.

On what she wants in the future: “I have this really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about.”

FYI: Taylor finished her look with Kwiat earrings and an Ippolita ring.

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Regan Cameron
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  • Kagan

    This same eternal hairstyle of Taylor Swift makes her look so dry. I wish that she would straighten her hair from now on and look her best.

  • Brainy box


  • Kaley

    she talks only about love and falling in love…Is there something else she can talk about? i mean she annoys people….maybe that’s why she’s single, she annoys boys!

  • Kat

    It doesn’t look like her :/

  • Kty

    Can’t sing and boring. Yuck.

  • wow


    Maybe those were the questions the interviewer asked her.

    I get a kick out of all the jealous females out there who cannot say a decent thing about another beautiful woman. Taylor is beautiful and sweet. Maybe some of the commenters should take a lesson. Jealousy is not an attractive trait and most men don’t like it.

  • tootie

    never seen Taylor look so swift before…shesh..:) i been eating subs all week..LOL…i got this $100 card from Subway just 4 giving them a damn email

  • Love her but……..

    Taylor looks beautiful on the cover. I like Taylor in all but I agree though, she needs to find something new to talk about. All you hear from her is relationships, love, boys, relationships, love, and boys. IT EVER ENDS!!! Surely this girl has something else she can talk about. I know people say she is only 21 but when I was 21 I had a lot more going on in my life. I didn’t sit around discussing boys ALL THE TIME. Swifty is a smart girl, she just needs to control these boy crushing urges she has. If you really think about it though, we all have our areas in life that we have problems with. The problem with Taylor is she lives her life in the public eye and everyone discusses it like on this website. I guess I can come to the conclusion, that if Taylor wants to run around in the entertainment industry and be respected, she needs to act like an adult in her personal and professional life. Her professional life is built around her personal life and her immaturity seeps through. Oh a good note, at least she isn’t boy crazy along with being an alcoholic and drug addict. If she was, she would be a monster.

  • Herbal Tea

    I think it is funny how so many people psychoanalyze everything Taylor does. It’s quite amusing to see how many people have no life of their own because they are too busy studying Taylor’s. Grow up and get off the computer for a while.

  • Nicks

    I like Taylor but if she writes a mean song about Jake all H*** will break loose. I don’t care if he dropped her cold, I like him and I really don’t think the world wants to hear about her stupid feelings on how he broke her little bitty heart.

  • Can I Get a What What!

    Taylor’s photos for Instyle are gorgeous. I also enjoyed reading her interview. Even though she is still talking about boys and love, her interview was very sophisticated. I learned she is a pretty good horse rider which is something new that I haven’t heard about her. I have noticed lately that her during her interviews she is starting to come across more adult like. For a while there I cringed anytime I saw her on a talk show back when Speak Now came out. She always gave the interviewers those awful blank stares. Now she seems to be more actively engaging with the flow of conversation and not looking so panicked looking. I am liking this new Swifty. I hope that means she has developed more adult like songs.

  • Sammy

    She is Beautiful!!!

  • Sara

    She looks great, and i love the color of that dress, beautiful.

  • Jasmine

    It’s funny that anyone even ASKS her about love. Her views on love, from what I understand from her songs, are juvenile at best. She goes through boys like underwear. She’s annoying as hell, is a passive aggressive creeper (ever listen to her interviews?) and turns every single relationship (real or otherwise) into a mediocre little song. I won’t even get started on how she physically resembles rodents. Is it any wonder her men run like hell?

  • Sammy

    @Jasmine: Let’s see your picture. I am sure if beauty was a sport, Taylor could run laps around you.

  • ozzie

    country music is evil … it comes from hateful people to entertain hateful people.

    she needs to stop talking about love as she has gone from one bad relationship to another.

    you don’t need a man to be happy … i really wish we’d stop teaching our kids that the fake “american dream” is what you need to be happy.

    bashing country music turned into a rant … sorry :)

  • Theresa

    I think Taylor Swift is a gorgeous and talented young woman. I guess some women are just jealous of her.It sounds to me like maybe Jasmine is being juvenile.

  • Whatever!!

    @ozzie: As Dolly Parton would say, “If you talk bad about country music, it’s like saying bad things about my momma. Them’s fightin’ words.”

  • Beth!

    Wow, there are some really hateful people who like to sit on this website and type crap. Grow up. Taylor is not perfect and neither are you. Before you judge someone, judge yourself. By the way Taylor looks beautiful.

  • Girl Please!

    @Jasmine: Jasmine, are you the ugly bag lady that walks up and down Mainstreet in my hometown. You always seem to be muttering to yourself about not being pretty enough. It’s ok, I think also your ugly. Also just because you look uglier than a rottweiler doesn’t mean you have to be rude to others.

  • Chedder

    @Jasmine: Uh Oh, is Jasmine not that pretty, so she hased to make fun of beautiful Taylor Swift. Please Please Please post a real picture of yourself, I am would love to judge you. I promise to be kind. NOT!

  • Bryony

    Don’t worry. She will eventually disappear.

  • Preach it Herbal Tea!!

    I think it is funny how so many people psychoanalyze everything Taylor does. It’s quite amusing to see how many people have no life of their own because they are too busy studying Taylor’s. Grow up and get off the computer for a while.


  • Tay Tay!

    Come on people Taylor isn’t all that bad. A lot of these responses are very hateful. I am a fan of Taylor and yes I can be critical when it comes to things she does that get on my last nerve but I would not criticize her the way you people do. I do think the girl is boy crazy and needs to slow down a little bit. My only big request is that if she continues to date Hollywood boys, she needs to learn not to write songs about them. I personally think she has slowed down a bit. After Taylor was caught with Garrett and the media criticized her we have not heard or seen her with anyone since then. It was later said on E! that Taylor and Garrett were never were on a date and US weekly was completely wrong and Garrett is not making a so called ‘country album.” Apparently they are just friends who were hanging out and they laughed about all the rumors. Taylor has been busy and rehearsing for her upcoming tour so that could also come into play about not being able to date anyone. Who knows. Anyways, the girl has done a lot to be where she is and I give her credit for writing her own songs and being able to sell millions upon millions of albums and sell out arenas and stadiums around the world. Not many artist can do this. I am also glad that she has chosen to help people in the south who have lost their homes to Tornados. I get so tired of celebs raising money for foreign countries rather than their own. Thank you Taylor.

  • Kaley

    Her fans always talk about people being jealous about her, are you kidding? she isn’t that good looking and wow, you don’t know me, i’m with the same guy since 2004, i’m not jumping from one to another one like your dear Taylor…..

  • Ok…..

    @Kaley: Not everyone in this world is going to be just like you. Taylor is her own person. She isn’t “Kaley.”

  • Iscia

    oh you’re so right kaley i totally agree with you

  • eatyourheartout

    Wow….seems like carriefans like to read justjared. :) Always with their hateful comments towards Taylor. Its getting old…

    About Taylor- perfect woman is perfect. So kind, so gorgeous, so talented. All of the things people living their lives on the internet (bashing people they do not know) will never be. Stay mad. :)

  • Iscia

    Ok i agree with you, of course kaley is not swift, kaley is a normal girl who said what millions of people think about that talentless singer: agree or not swift is famous yes, but tomorrow in front of god she will be NOTHING….Maybe before, time will say it because she obviously start to annoy people!!!!

  • Eilena

    It’s so funny people who comments aren’t all carrie’s fans and if they are is it a problem for you eatyourheart? You can’t compare those two women one can sing and the other one is just a fame whore jumping from a guy to another one and writing stupid childish songs playing the nice little girl but everything is in her eyes she is mean always running for publicity.

  • eatyourheartout

    Elena- at least she writes them by herself…without AI millions backing her up along with million songwriters and a production team.

    wtf it is to you how she chooses to live her life? lmao.You guys are pathetic in your hate. She is mean? Yeah, she is so mean that she has donated millions to charity to help other people. What a bitch. How dare she? Always going the extra mile for her fans etc etc. Case closed. You lose. Bye. Go turn green in the corner or something…

  • Cami

    Taylor is such a pathetic loser. She needs to realize that guys don’t want to date hoe who puts her private life out for public viewing. Also, why do magazines put her on their cover she isn’t that pretty or interesting.

  • jitsoeasy

    I don’t care what anybody says, she & jake were a smokin hot couple.