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Elisabetta Canalis: Red Hot on Roberto Cavalli's Boat!

Elisabetta Canalis: Red Hot on Roberto Cavalli's Boat!

Elisabetta Canalis strikes a pose as she spends time on designer Roberto Cavalli‘s luxury yacht on Wednesday (May 18) in Cannes, France.

The 32-year-old model and girlfriend of George Clooney wore a long red dress with sexy cutouts.

Elisabetta was photographed wearing a more casual outfit as she left the boat on Tuesday afternoon.

Elisabetta was spotted sunbathing in a black bikini earlier in the week.

10+ pictures inside of Elisabetta Canalis wearing a bright red dress on Roberto Cavalli‘s yacht…

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elisabetta canalis red dress boat 01
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 02
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 03
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 04
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 05
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 06
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 07
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 08
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 09
elisabetta canalis red dress boat 10

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  • BEAN

    She is really very beautiful but those terrible tattoos make her look trashy. And as for that dress – Roberto Cavalli’s designs always look like something you expect to see on Eurovision.

  • longchamp

    nothing red hot about saggy side b00bs

  • WOWwawa

    I think she is a beautiful dark,sultry Italian brunette. SO HOT! she looks fun in the bedroom. haha.

  • http://j carlota f.

    saggy boobs and horrible tattoos

  • Saph

    She looks as tacky as ever. I’m surprised you haven’t put up the shots of her flashing. Better soak up the attention George’s pals have started the breakup stories. Elisabetta never got on with George’s friends. Could be the famewhore wore out her welcome.

  • Indian summer
  • Laly

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful woman but I think she’s trying too hard.

  • Knife the Mack

    She looks like a very low rent version of Alessadnra Ambrosio.

  • Indian summer
  • Theresa

    they keep saying that Elisabetta is George Clooney’s girlfriend. but has anyone else noticed that he is no where to be seen. you’d think that he would want to be with her. as for the dress, it’s nothing that i would wear. too my mind, Elisabetta looks kind of trashy in it.

  • Tazlena

    Are the ones posting the jealousy comments growing their asses and big thighs larger on a daily basis? I will agree about the tats. The sooner she has those lasered off the better. They take away from her beauty.

  • Energy

    Great Job George she is Beautiful.

  • truth
  • smith

    I don’t know who this lady is. Her tats are tacky.

  • sunny

    she is gross, looks like trash, and if you take a good look at her, she is not even at least pretty, let alone beautiful. and i think george clooney could do better blindfolded

  • anon

    She looks good in red.

  • danielik25

    She looks good in long dress, because her legs are horrible and her face for me – like man with makeup…

  • johnny

    Make up does not a lot of miracles, she’s awful as ever but better than yesterday…

  • Finanas

    I can’t understand why some people (her and others) are at Cannes when they don’t even have any links with the films in competition (or just screening here)… they’re just seeking for fame… PATHETIC

  • Brainy box


  • Angie

    wow, first glance i thought she was cindy crawford… i’m not sure about the outfit, for me it has too many cut outs where just one would have been better. but she’d probably make anything look good.

  • cch

    I don’t get her charm.


    Very masculine woman. Despite all her cosmetic injections on her butch face, her fake hair extensions & working out incessantly (as she recently admitted in her “desperate-for-recognition/ keep me in the limelight” PETA campaign) to keep her flawed androgynous body toned. She really is talentless & unattractive.
    Looks nasty & pretentious too. Now she’s trying to fake being blissfully happy showing up at Cannes. Whereas she’s stewing causing the only thing she’s known for is association with Clooney.
    Oh, well, her PR must work desperately hard to promote her bc unless you’re a moron, you can see how unattractive she is.

  • BITE ME!!

    Roberto Cavalli is wasting his designs on such a horrid vile woman. Mind you, this is one of his inferior ones. Pleats are too overkill & ruin it.
    She chose red too to stand out like a sore thumb. Draws attention away from your butt-ugly face.

    All she has is being thin. Anyone can be thin unless they have a medical condition. Other than that, she’s very unattractive.

    If Clooney dumps her, she’ll milk the association dry for decades on end. Even if she marries some old, Italian sleaze-bag who’s more interested in aquiring a woman who had dated a Hollywood legend, she’ll always only emphasize the fact that she once dated George Clooney.
    Maggot-eating horse!!

  • Roberto Cavaliere

    Questa donna ha una faccia brutta. O lei è un TRANVESTITE?

  • Roberto Cavaliere

    Questa donna ha una faccia brutta. Oppure è un trans?
    Sembra un cavallo. Ha il corpo di un uomo. E il suo culo è piatto!

  • Roberto Cavaliere

    Questa donna ha una faccia brutta. Oppure è un trans?
    Sembra un cavallo. Ha il corpo di un uomo. E il suo culo è piatto

  • yep

    beautiful! looks like she is trying to be cindy crawford. (that is george’s type of female)

  • nope

    @yep: ugly and you know it but keep spinning, fool gnome!
    If Cindy was his type, he’d have gone for the real McCoy, not an unattractive vacuuous inferior substitute that looks more like Steven Tyler…lol.

  • Angie Jillll

    I think she’s very unattractive too. She chose this bright red dress for attention. Must be desperate.
    But poor George has been in this contractual relationship with her. As a fellow Italian I’m embarrassed to be represented by TV personality trashy velinas with no talent like her.

  • Mustafa Habib القاتل القواد

    nice red harem pants!
    The outfit is quite stylish. Takes away the attention from the plain looking EUNUCH wearing them.
    Roberto Cavalli should use BAr Rafaelli more for promoting his designs. I not buy clothes for my wifes or concubines if a eunuch like this model wannabe wears them.. الإمكان الأكثر قذارة


    TOXIC WASTE! I spit on this camel..

  • antonio

    horse-face is ugly!!! she look like a toxic!
    she’s only a norexic cokewo.hre!!!
    I think the contract with GC is ended!

  • Charlotte

    No, he can’t let her go.
    Such a sweet beautiful angel, she looks so lovely and innocent sticking her naked butt in the air, how could he resist?
    He will marry her for sure.
    Looking forward to the wedding pictures with some boob flashing and a special wedding dress made by cavalli where you can see her genitals.
    They cannot marry in a church anyway, because George would burst into flames, so she could wear a g-string for the ceremony, too.


    You are Artemis
    You are really sharp spirit

  • valerì

    Elisabetta Canalis è una donna bellissima, chi la critica così volgarmente è solo invidioso. MI dispiace ammetterlo ma gli americani ormai sono abituati solo a tantissime donne-siliconate e rifatte. Elisabetta invece è naturale al 100%. W l’Italia e W Elisabetta Canalis!!
    Translate: Elisabetta Canalis is a beautiful italian women, not silicon, botox but a natural nature’s beauty. God choise George!! ;-)

  • About Thyme

    During a visit to a mental asylum, George asked the Director what the criterion that defines the healing of a patient.
    - “Well,”said the Director, we fill a bathtub and we offer a teaspoon and a cup tea and ask the patient to empty the bathtub. ”
    - “I understand,”said George … A normal person chooses the cup, which is bigger. ”
    - “No, “replied the director. A normal person would pull the plug from the bathtub. “

  • Posh

    When he put Canalis dress ou autres multiple situations When he Followed In Her unspecified debility he looks so miserable
    That we forget That he is rich
    and other references Regarding The Changing Meaning of debility Would scarcely alter
    Even With A lot of financial means More Money
    for debiltiy not Chirurgie estetica she is 100% accurate autentic
    debility unspecified !

  • Verdict

    Cavalli made a mistake, no one is going to wear dress that wears ugly loser Canalis!!!

  • Posh

    George is going to buy all the rags and laces Cavalli
    no problem for George important is that his siren is filmed as if she is a singer and artist !

  • Ver-dic-t

    George does not wear Cavalli …. never marry Canalis

  • 007

    and last news George buy for she a azimutyachts

  • silverscreen

    @007: ROFL. George has never bought her anything. And as much as her p.r. likes to spread likes, he’s never given her his credit card to use, and she’s never lived in any of his houses. The publicity deal was for publicity only, from which she got various deals as with the trashy Cavalli.

  • silverscreen

    @silverscreen: I meant to type as much as her p.r. likes to spread lies.
    The bizarre video her p.r./criminal associates uploaded a few days ago was released at the same time they restarted the bogus death rumors. Of course the video is nothing like reality, in which George never gave a crap about her and never bought her a thing. What George did do for her was agree to a publicity arrangement, one which has made skanknalis far more money that she would ever have made without it, but she’s too nasty and ungrateful to appreciate what he did for her, so she makes an insulting bizarre video and restarts the bogus death rumors as her form of thanks. She’s disgusting and a waste of oxygen.

  • Cockney Geezer

    @silverscreen: Her PR & advisors are promoting Pork Pies & Fat Lies. A lost cause unattractive slapper who without Clooney would be all washed up by now & still hanging around Milano nightclub scene golddigging, but not getting anywhere.
    Fancy that, eh? Bullying & intimidating Gorgeous George to keep being with her, when he clearly looks so bleedin’ miserable around her.

  • What a shame!

    lying rumors about George’s orientation, relationships with Canalis, via.gra, old, diseases etc…all this was not enough. Now this team is into bogus death rumors. I guess someone hates that much George that even tries to pass the desirable for reality. However our relation to George does not change anyhow, but now we realize how false and mean act his enemies.

  • No Dinner, No Brutta

    Canalis lies again about her dinning with George in UK. This is the same as true as the fact that George’s dead!


    You saw how Eli is upset, all her dreams ruined!
    In this video she showed us all of her dreams, that her hubby would die, leaved for her some cash and she would been walking around buying shoes&bags, and meet on parties with young models of a men….
    What a nice story! Betty are you crying?? What a misfortune! Not George died but all of your hopes!

  • silverscreen

    @No Dinner, No Brutta: You are correct. It was another bogus press release sent by skanknalis’s trashy publicist to the newspaper.