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Lady Gaga Dethrones Oprah as Forbes' Top Celeb

Lady Gaga Dethrones Oprah as Forbes' Top Celeb

Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey took the top two spots on Forbes‘ list of the world’s most powerful celebrities.

Celebs were ranked by consulting industry insiders, who came up with estimates of how much each celeb earned in the past year. Online exposure and press mentions were also factored in.

Rounding out the top five were Justin Bieber, U2, and Elton John.

Click inside to check out the Forbes’ Celebrity 100…

1 — Lady Gaga
2 — Oprah Winfrey
3 — Justin Bieber
4 — U2
5 — Elton John
6 — Tiger Woods
7 — Taylor Swift
8 – Bon Jovi
9 — Simon Cowell
10 — Lebron James
11 — Angelina Jolie
12 — Katy Perry
13 — Johnny Depp
14 — Kobe Bryant
15 — Leonardo DiCaprio
16 — Black Eyed Peas
17 — Donald Trump
18 — Dr. Phil McGraw
19 — Tyler Perry
20 — Paul McCartney
21 — Jennifer Aniston
22 — Steven Spielberg
23 — Rush Limbaugh
24 — Ryan Seacrest
25 — Roger Federer
26 — Howard Stern
27 — James Cameron
28 — Charlie Sheen
29 — Beyonce Knowles
30 — Glenn Beck
31 — Ellen DeGeneres
32 — Usher
33 — David Letterman
34 — Muse
35 — David Beckham
35 — Phil Mickelson
37 — James Patterson
38 — Jay-Z
39 — Jerry Bruckheimer
40 — Jerry Seinfeld
41 — Adam Sandler
42 — Bethenny Frankel
43 — Cristiano Ronaldo
44 — Sandra Bullock
45 — Brad Pitt
46 — Rafael Nadal
47 — Christopher Nolan
48 — Brad Paisley
49 — Alex Rodriguez
50 — Jennifer Lopez

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  • Oprah will always be number one in my heart <3

  • Mason

    I can’t believe how Stefani (Lady Gaga) has gone from being sexually attractive and voluptuous when she first became famous in 2008/2009 to being so skinny and ugly while looking wasted and like she’s rotting.

  • Abi

    I hope that Lady Gaga has a cameo in Star Trek 12. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in.

  • Mario


  • cougarxo

    The only models on the list were Gisele Bundchen,Heidi Klum and Kate Moss.

  • :)

    I heard the Lady copy n paste leak. Opps she did it again!. the album should be called MADONNA re-visted cause its 80% Madonna 20% other artist absolutly nothing innovative at all. It was innovative when Madonna released her American Life album thats why it wasn’t embraced as well as her others, it was sonically new in 2003. GAG takes a lot from the songs Mother Father, Im so stupid, american life & nobody knows me… Gag also uses the sound of Madonna confessions album ..specifically Electric chapel sounds like let it will be and I love NY. Then scheibe is “inspired” by the erotica album specifically erotica & waiting. Americano sounds exactly Madonna’s la isla bonita from the reinvention tour. smdh.. then Fashion of his love which I expected to sound like M’ dress you up in my love cause it has almost identical tittles sounds just like whitney houstons I wanna dance with somebody. Then Government hooker sounds exactly like NEW Orders song Blue Monday seriously when does it stop! hopefully soon cause your album sucks! Im sure I left out other artist she stole from but i think everyone who is over 25 gets it now. Im impressed she made #1 when she hates money she just does it to help her Monstards. Thank you Lil retards

  • amensister

    just because your a famewhore doesnt make you powerful

  • lexy

    when anything you touch turns to gold I’d say that’s powerful. Im no Gaga fanatic but this is a power list and they count web hits/media impact etc..and let’s face it; Gaga is “it” right now. You pretty much hear about her everyday. media power + earnings = #1 on forbes.

  • http://@opiniondemymy MyLeNe

    i can’t believe she is # 1 … where the world go ? She so hypocrite and the only think she want is money … Her littler monster love ? Ya .. Right ! It’s totally bullshit .. i pray for u if you believe that !

  • She Stinks!

    It is no surprise that the no talent, old, broke down, used up slop JHO is on this list – she’ll make an appearance anyplace where she can get her picture taken.

  • Mann

    Charlie Sheen more powerful than Beyonce??? Will Smith not even on the list??? Katy Perry more powerful than Leo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg at the 12 spot really??? This list is such B.S.

  • califun


    But Charlie Sheen had a mass amount of Web hits/media attention this year! Will Smith I didn’t hear of him once, is he powerful? damn right he is! but not this year. Katy was EVERYWHERE this year. web hits/media mentions..etc…so please if you read Forbe’ they help explain it better than I do but it makes more sense. They count fame,media exposure,web popularity etc…

    I am not a gaga fan either lol but just trying to explain some logic.

  • boston61

    Oprah needs 2 or 3 thrones.

  • Epic Flop List

    LMAO!!!!! LOL!! Lady Caca, Justina Bieber, Tiger Woods, Simon Cacawell and Katy Perry : these wack, lame, cheesy fools are considered powerful people?????

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?????????? EWWWW!!! JUst eww eww eww. No.

  • whyinthis business

    I wanna know were is the one and only suppose superstar Rihanna big bucks Rihanna?!!!



    STAY MAD!!!

  • mrd2

    Excuse me while I VOMIT!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    The world has gone to sh*t. In all honesty, I couldn’t give less of a f*ck about either gaga or oprah. I wish they’d both disappear.

  • Hugo

    What taylor swift number 7? really according to forbes a famewhore is considered powerful?

  • Tisoy


  • xax


  • NO

    oh my gosh you are so hateful,she deserves the no.1 position,and you cant imagine how many people she encouraged to be themselves.
    haters gonna hate,they were born this way.

  • http://justjarde tota

    in my openion top five
    1 oprah
    2 Justin Bieber
    3 Johnny Depp
    4 jennifer aniston
    5 Lady Gaga

  • http://justjarde tota

    in my openion top five
    1 oprah
    2 Justin Bieber
    3Lady Gaga
    4Johnny Depp
    5 jennifer aniston
    i love my list

  • anon

    Bon Jovi? Taylor Swift? Really? I can understand The Bieber because like it or not he is VERY big right now at least with all the tweens. And I would have thought Tiger’s falling relevance in professional golf would have made him a downgrade here as a consequence. I think the criteria for determining the order of this list is flawed.

  • brenda

    Hey…I love Lady gaga…but I think something weird happens here,..Katty Perry is not more powerful than others big names..,Justin beiber?!!he is only a kid,! And Johnny Depp is a BIG STAR,he deserves a better place ..come on forbes!! what are you doing??

  • Lee

    Jennifer Aniston
    Johnny Depp
    Bradley Cooper
    Ashton Kutcher
    Natalie Portman. There really are too many to choose from. Jennifer Aniston is still the most beautiful woman inside and out. She is also a wonderful actress. Angela and her latest partner should remember especially since Angelina’s mom studied Astrology and the tarot, that Karma is a bitch. If I were her, I wouldn’t sleep well. Hopefully when Jennifer is ready, she will find the man suited for her and have the child she was denied of since her ex walked out and denied her of her dreams. Karma really is a bitch.

  • anon


    Off topic ‘robot’ comments will not be taken seriously.

  • abel

    #27-did you ever think maybe this is jennifer’s karma and not angelina

  • anon


    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
    Stop it please!
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    You’re killing me!
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • rebecca

    Jen Aniston is soooo lovely!

  • ***

    I obviously don’t know what word “powerful” means, cause I thought it doesn’t mean – the most earning… Cause then Justin Bieber would be in like 13th or 15th place and Johnny Depp – closer to top5.

  • brenda

    Johnny Depp is the number ONE!,..then Lady Gaga ,Opra,Beyonce ect..

  • شات حلا

    The Bieber because like it or not he is VERY big right now at least with all the tweens. And I

  • شات حلا

    The Bieber because like it or not he is VERY big right now at least with all the tweens. And Iنيىصضخ

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