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Leonardo DiCaprio: Cinema for Peace in Cannes!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Cinema for Peace in Cannes!

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks at the Cinema For Peace inaugural dinner at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival held at the Carlton Hotel on Wednesday (May 18) in Cannes, France.

The event honored Sean Penn for his charity work in Haiti and benefited his J/P Hatian Relief Organization.

The 36-year-old actor, who recently split from his girlfriend of four years, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, spent time the day before with Blake Lively aboard a private yacht.

Leo landed the number 15 spot on Forbes‘ list of the most powerful celebrities.

FYI: Leo is wearing a dark Giorgio Armani suit.

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Credit: Dave M. Benett; Photos: Getty
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  • Celia

    I heard that Lively just showed up on that Yacht. She wasn’t invited at all.
    And that same night, Leo was partying it up with about 20 supermodels.

    I don’t think he’s dating Lively. He’s probably amused by her, but definitely not dating her.

    I just wish Leo would settle down with a nice, level-headed, non-supermodel for once. His taste in women is so superficial.

  • Hottie

    Gorgeous, but jeans Leo!

  • Single Man

    Wonder if he’s met any new ladies now that he’s single?

  • Forbes Info

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Leap
    May. 18 2011

    The star who showed the most improvement on our Celebrity 100 list this year was Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor jumped from 71st place last year to 15th this year.
    How did he do it? Well Inception helped. The 2010 hit, which earned $825 million at the global box office, contributed a healthy chunk of DiCaprio’s $77 million in earnings over the last 12 months. That’s a big jump from the $28 million we estimate he earned between June 1, 2009 and June 1, 2010.
    But our list measures money and fame and DiCaprio’s attracted plenty of both. He has 1 million followers for his Twitter feed where he (or an assistant) tweets mostly about environmental causes that are close to the actor’s heart.
    And any news of his love life garners instant press attention. Recent rumors that 36-year-old DiCaprio is seeing actress Blake Lively causes his name to quickly trend on Yahoo.
    Can he keep it up? DiCaprio has a habit of attaching himself to serious, adult-themed movies that don’t always spark at the box office. Look at films like Body of Lies which grossed a mediocre $115 million on a budget of $70 million or Revolutionary Road which grossed only $75 million. His two recent films, Inception and the hit thriller Shutter Island, could prove to be exceptions in his more recent career.
    He is next slated to play complicated former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover in a biopic directed by Clint Eastwood whose latest film, Hereafter, was a rare miss earning only $105 million at the global box office. Will audiences want to see DiCaprio exploring Hoover’s cross-dressing side? It’s a risky bet but then so was Inception, an original story with a plot so complicated that it felt like a dream.

  • sourpatch575

    Soooo much Leo! LOVE IT!

  • Golden

    He’s got quite the tan going on. Looks good. This is a great picture. He looks a little tipsy in it, but in the others he doesn’t.

  • donie

    He looks so happy. it must be a huge lift out of his shoulder with the break up he is having. HA HA

  • hi beautiful

    i think he lost some weight recently, don’t u agree? anyway, he is so solar this couple of days, i guess he want to put on a brave face to show the world (us) he is ok after break-up, but too much smile don’t look like him, sorry!!!!! he is such a private person, i just think his pr are advising him to show good spirit to avoid the nasty comments who blame his playboy lifestyle.

  • kiki

    his smile is so infectious! love him and want to see him settle down with a real woman and start a cute family. he needs to stop with these tall blonde super models and get a level-headed girl. he deserves it. dont wanna see him end up like george clooney.

  • Grinning

    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen smiles this big. Nice to see Leo is having a good time.

  • C / G

    Jeans aside, Leo looks amazing. The tan, the smile… I love his hands. Weird… I’m not normally a “hand” gal. :)

  • BEAN

    He looks old and fat. Honestly I dont see the appeal in terms of his appearance but he seems like a nice chap.

  • LeoLuv

    @Forbes Info: Yes he’s really powerful,rich and handsome and can get any woman he wants. Glad he didn’t settler for Barf. (who is no where to be found on the list btw, lol). Sexy Leo looks like he is having a blast!

  • donie

    @ hi beautiful
    PR MOVEMENT? Are you serious… He is not catalogue actor you know. PLEASE give me a break.

  • donie

    You must be barfie go away..

  • LeoLuv

    @BEAN: Bean go back and troll in Barfie’s thread why don’t you? and talk about old and fat….her face is so saggy and gross.

  • LeoLuv

    @donie: Bean was in Barf’s thread saying how she doesnt get the hate and that she is gorgeous. *Barf*

    go back to liking your d list nobody some more. Leo and she who shall not be named are OVER! O V E RRRRRR.

  • Knife the Mack

    His head looks like a pumpkin!

  • donie
  • hi beautiful

    it didn’t come up right! i love our man as every body here (except bean) but i thik he is trying too hard to show happiness. i am sure he is a good person inside out, and he is funny and sweet but normally he doesn’t display it on the public place, that’s all. and i dont think he is with blake, that’s just business, but he is playing with the news industry because every body is putting the blame on him for not setteling down!

  • stalker

    @donie: omg that was a scary pic!

  • NYCgirl

    She looked possessed and really ugly in that pic, you don’t want to see it. LOL she must have heard the news based on that pic…

    and Leo is a 36 year old actor (not a “model”) he is allowed to have a bigger face. um aren’t models supposed to have thin faces and cheekbones? Barf looks like she eat too many potato chips.

  • donie

    @hi beautiful
    I highly doubt he cares about enough to the gossip industry to put a smile in public. If that the case then, i am glad he checking on JJ, popsugar, gossipgirl etc..LOL. Come on. If you are a really fun then you really don’t know him enough. I am sorry. I still love you tho.

  • hi beautiful

    @golden, i beieve you, he is tipsy,,,,,,wtf? but the smile is communicative!

  • keira

    leo stans are insane and creepy

  • donie

    Her BOOBS already down to her stomach. Imagine, when she is having a baby where it will be? The thought of it, even make me sick.

  • hazel


    Donie please keep her out of Leo threads! She looks freakin scary!

  • donie

    Ok OK i am just making my point to BEAN to give her little test so she can go away from this thread.

  • TinkerBelle’sSidekick That is one scary looking pic! She looks mean, too! Does anyone still wonder why he didn’t “settle” for the likes of Barfy? I don’t know if he is dating BL or not, but at least he isn’t down in the gutter anymore. Leo: If you read any of this, DO NOT go back to that wh*re! You can do WAY BETTER than that!

  • LeoG

    Isn’t this the one event he actually took her to one time? lol
    Now she’s wandering alone (and stalking apparently). A d list model has no reason to be there.

  • hazel

    Thanks donie! But Tinker! Did donie hand off the baton or somethin? ;) Cut it out! Bad enough that JJ put her frozen zombie face at the top of the page. She scary!

  • donie

    She is thinking the good old days she use to having in that picture that is why i posted it. Ha ha.. I want Leo with blake right now. photo.. please..

  • BEAN

    lol wow what a bunch of petulant children that troll JJ

  • Anon

    I just died! He is so adorable :)!

  • Fame

    @TinkerBelle’sSidekick: Well if Bar took him back AGAIN after 100 times, I would lose even MORE respect for her! No girl should be a beck and call girl!!! No matter who the guy is. 4/5 yrs and still breaking up? You better never go back! I wouldn’t put it past Barf though since she doesn’t seem like she has much more going on for herself…

  • donie

    I wish he smile at me for one second. It might change my life. ha ha..

  • hazel


    He is. Love the Leo. He wears jeans because_he_can. Great actor. Doesn’t need to put on airs or pretend to be someone he’s not. Refreshing in this world of full of themselves poseurs trying oh so hard to impress.

  • Jen

    Decaprio claims to be “green” but he still smokes like a chimney and pollutes the air.

  • let the music play

    Leo’s looking great and mighty happy., and I’m happy for him !

  • hazel


    He’s obviously addicted to the cigs. No one is perfect in this world and he doesn’t claim to be. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t do some great work both on screen and for the environment. By the way, the worst pollution from cigs comes from people putting them out on the street. #1 source of pollution clogging gutters is cigarette butts.

  • donie

    Jen, do you miss Brad pitt? ha ha..

  • Sam

    I don’t know if it’s his posse that posts all these favorable comments for him and mean ones every time a post comes up about his ex girl Bar , but Leo honestly looks bloated and orange, and really I know he has zero style, but baggy jeans 24/7, when is he going to stop dressing like a 7 years old, with ball cap and baggy jeans.

    I thought he was in Cannes for the fresh tail, glad to know he’s also there to honor another low life hypocrite like him , Sean Penn.

  • kerrinut

    @keira: Are u serious? have you seen her looney flies on model forums????

  • Jean

    @Jen: Being green doesn’t mean one is perfect! OMFG you ppl who judge others about being green have a lot of catching up to do on the subject…Its not about not being able to enjoy life’s pleasures living in some wood shack in the middle of the woods, lol….Please do some research before judging. Everyone with a heartbeat is polluting the earth. Its about small everyday changes hun.

  • JK

    @Sam: Leo can and DOES get any tail he wants. Men are jealous because he dates models,is rich and is more handsome than they will ever be. His face and body are gorgeous.

  • ali

    Leo – now that you have broken up with B i have
    even more respect for you .
    its nice to see you are Happy without her .

  • tinkerbell

    gorgeous baby!

    Leo I love ya ! looking charming, handsome, healthy, a little tan and sexy. the casual clothes are perfect and no one can wear them like you.

    remember, leo wasnt the first big hollywood guy to do the baseball cap thing. Ron Howard did it to hide his bald patch way back in the 80s when he went behing the camera and Spielberg always has some kind of cap, so knock off knocking the baseball cap. it hides his face and gives him some anonymity.

    like the jeans, looks YUMMY

    and he is being charming and funny not faking any misery about bar. he’s probably happy about who he met last night, a room full of beautifl women who were probably all over him like bees to honey.

    dont feel bad for him, he’s speaking for a GOOD ORGANIZATION, which is an HONOR to speak at and he he looks GREAT>

  • KS fan


    Hazel, I love your posts :)

    Leo is looking happier than ever these days… he’s got that grin from ear to ear!! I guess being free, single and spending a night of partying with pretty girls will do that to you LOLOLOL
    having FUN and feeling happy does a body GOOD :)

  • k simply amazing !!!!!!!

    leo soo handsome & pretty :))

  • KS fan

    his dreadful ex looks like sh*t up there. She reminds me of Bo Derek with that stretched out tight face. It’s true that she looks possessed there, Yikes!! scary face!!