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Vanessa Hudgens to Launch Lifestyle Blog?

Vanessa Hudgens to Launch Lifestyle Blog?

Vanessa Hudgens attends the launch of held at Skylight West on Wednesday (May 18) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress joined model Brooklyn Decker on the red carpet.

Vanessa caught up with to talk about her presence in the social media world.

“I don’t know!” Vanessa said about joining Twitter. “I don’t want to tell people what I’m doing every second. But I do want to start a blog on my Facebook. I’m gonna take after you, Jared!”

“It’d be fun to blog about fashion, beauty, and just things I like. Kind of a lifestyle blog,” Vanessa added.

Even though she doesn’t use it, Vanessa has a verified Twitter account!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Herndon Heald Wandering Warrior Ring in Sterling Silver and Turquoise.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the launch of…

Just Jared on Facebook
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 01
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 02
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 03
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 04
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 05
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 06
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 07
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 08
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 09
vanessa hudgens my habit launch 10

Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • annie

    I don’t want to be mean so I will just smile :)

  • gracemarie

    She looks amazing.

    Where’s the pic of you and V Jared!!!

  • SONY

    she is realyy a truly GORGEOUS¡¡¡ LADYY ¡¡

  • proudofzacnessa

    She looks Amazing?

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks beautiful. so stunning.

    love you v!!!

  • claud


  • vancrazed

    ugh…love her and smart girl to have that twitter for the sole fact of knocking out about half of her posers. Let it sit there V…don’t use it.

    I would love for her to do a lifestyle blog, but only if it was more about recipes she cooks and interesting people she meets that change her life. you know…stuff like that. A bit more targeted towards ‘her’ as a person, rather, than just shoes, clothes, and makeup.

  • zaczenegger

    she looks soooooooooooo good now that she’s no longer with that douche.

  • Miranda

    @zaczenegger: if I could punch you in the face for such a rude, inappropriate, and ignorant comment I would.

  • Vanessa Freak

    And then the next step is starting a fashion line!!!! I think she should start the fashion line first though!!! She would have more than lots to talk about :) She looks amazing, always taking my breath away :)

  • yets

    we support you Vanessa 100%.

  • Miranda

    @zaczenegger: If I could punch you in the face for that rude, inappropriate, and ignorant comment I would.

  • kiki

    Vanessa looks so beautiful! Have to admit I have never really noticed her until now, but wow, when did she get so gorgeous?? I want her hair!

    Sounds like she has some common sense too, I hate Twitter, will never use it or follow or whatever you do. What a waste of time. Do people really think they are so important that others want to hear what they are doing every second? NO! A lifestyle blog at least sounds interesting :)

  • kami

    ♥ glad she isn’t using her twitter to tell ppl dumb stuff like she’s going to the toilet or out the door or getting into her car. ♥

  • chris

    Grandma Brooklyn

  • tina

    She’s looks absolutely stunning. I’m glad she’s not Tweeting. She was smart to get one though and have it verified, that way posers pretending to be her can’t use a fake Tweeter.

  • Jasmine

    Fashion and shopping…shopping and fashion. Clearly the only things that run through her mind. That’s her lifestyle? How incredibly vapid. At least her friends like Brittany Snow are doing some GOOD with their “celebrity.” All she does is show up to events and pose like she’s sexy or something.

  • zaczenegger

    eat your heart out miranda. that’s my opinion. she’s more beautiful without that…:]

  • Gorg

    The only reason shes gorgeous is coz shes mixed fillipino with american and irish. All u people love her coz she has that exotic look nothing more. She cant act, shes too dull in her movies.

  • http://At S l i g o lambert ^_____^ cute

    Sweet smile

  • kerri

    I am loving the dress and of course her beautiful smile. A fashion blog sounds great i love her style. I been waiting forever for Nessa to bring out a clothing range because her style is just awesome. Check out the twitpics i found. and and More Pics!!!

  • carebear

    Luv her style.

  • k simply amazing !!!!!!!

    she so sweet with differen style hair

  • Sabrina

    I do like Vanessa Hudgens, I really like her. But i’m getting sick of seeing her so many times these days on JJ. I mean, she doesn’t even have any project, film, or something else ! Just stop. Yes, you’re a star, so you can, and you have to appear at events etc. But not too many events.

  • hello


    Do you really like her because you sound kind of bitter. She’s in New York for pre-production of her movie “Gimmie Shelter”. So no she’s not in town just showing up at random events. You would know this if you were really a fan.

  • Anon

    “But i’m getting sick of seeing her so many times these days on JJ. I mean, she doesn’t even have any project, film, or something else ! Just stop. Yes, you’re a star, so you can, and you have to appear at events etc. But not too many events.”
    EXACTLY. What has she done for humanity lately. At least with Zac Efron he’s using his fame to help people. but this ditz is just trying p#mp herself for an ounce of relevance.By the way there is such thing as OVEREXPOSURE. I guess this is what untalented hacks do to get a job. BY THE WAY YOUR POST SO FAR IS THE MOST INTELLIGENT HERE. I mean you don’t oggle like most Idi@ts here. Why will you give to much praise to people who dressed up and put make up to parties.
    which they naturally do when they go to this events. this is to cover up their simple looks.

  • Jess

    Her hair looks amazing.

    This color dress looks perfect on her!

  • yets

    @ Anon she is in new york for her new project ok.
    and why bringing up Zac again that so old news ok move on.

  • daniel

    haters you guys are so funny every ridiculous comment and without the slightest room for all that I can do and feel and the shame for you!
    Vanessa is beautiful, has more to go and how many parties should not want for anything to anybody!

  • daniel

    haters you guys are so funny every ridiculous comment and without the slightest room for all that I can do and feel and the shame for you!
    Vanessa is beautiful, has more to go and how many parties should not want for anything to anybody!

  • hello


    Why so much hate. Take a chill pill. If you are getting tired of her then why waste your time posting and looking at her pictures? Personally, I enjoy seeing Vanessa and hearing about her projects and aspirations. She’s having fun, traveling, and doing things she’s never done before. Its her life and if she chooses to keep herself busy by going to events and such, then so be it. You don’t have to like it but you can also ignore her post. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then its better to say nothing at all. Didn’t your mother teach you this as a child?

  • megan

    Vanessa looks gorgeous here (as always)! Check out my new blog is you’re a Vanessa fan. It’s all about celebrity style, Vanessa will surely be a regular feature!

  • hello

    Furthermore, she’s happy and enjoying her single life. She’s networking and meeting directors, designers, and actors while having a good time. I’d rather see her working at pubic events then going to clubs and sneaking around like she has some secret life… like “cough Zac cough”. What you see is what you get. That’s why she was at Caanes. She’s still working although it seems like she’s not. Its called networking by building relationships and gaining contacts. I’m sure Zac is doing the same thing but may not be as public about it…cough”undercover” cough. If you have any kind of business knowledge, you would know this.

  • !!!!????

    Love her!

  • !!!!????

    Love her!

  • kerri

    @megan: Cool Blog. I see you got Ashley tisdale’s style there too. Ashnessa have great style.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @hello: What’s with the cough you do not have to be ugly or try to imply that he is doing something wrong.She is doing what she needs to do and so is he. He is just a little more private and the events she is going to have more cameras. We do not know what she does when the cameras are off so please let’s not throw stones.

  • paw

    @hello: She said she likes her. I don’t see the word “fan” anywhere in her comment.

  • Danielle

    LOVE, LOVE JUST LOVE the dress!!! I wish I have it buuuu Vanessa looks great!!

  • Mine

    Please can we stop wit the comparison, they are free to live their lives as they please not measured based on how their exes do.

  • kami

    i think she should start a lifestyle blog. she could give great advice on what it’s like being in a relationship with a self-absorbed, narcissistic guy who wants you to take care of him and do his laundry. what it does to a girl’s self esteem staying with a guy like that. i bet she could write one hell of a tell all book about her 5 yrs with zachey. go for it nessa, don’t be nice to someone who’s done you wrong.

  • kerri

    @kami: I think you should write a book on how bitter and twisted you are. Grow up already!!!! Clearly you have ex boyfriend issues that you need to resolve because your problem isn’t with Zac but with people who did you wrong in your life.

  • yeah

    @Anon: agreed..precisely said.

  • http://j carlota f.

    gorgeous like always

  • e

    @Anon: @<a @yeah:

    Why don’t you tell us what you have done for anyone else lately, I doubt nothing since then you would have to be a good person and you’ve proven that you are not.
    Vanessa odes a lot of good for others she just isn’t someone who likes to show it of, as an example a while back she flew to vegas for a day to meet and spend time with a young fan who was deathly ill, we wouldn’t have known about that if a picture hadn’t shown up in their local newspaper, she is also an active supporter of ‘Stand up 2 cancer’ and have done several things for that, we also have no idea if she donates any money anywhere so maybe you should back of on that since we don’t know anything about it.

    And FYI in february Zac pretty much showed up to every event in hollywood and no one said anything about that, and you can tell me that he was invited well guess what, Vanessa was invited to these events. So what if Vanessa goes out and spends time attending different events and enjoying herself, these things really goes in waves, sometimes when you’re really high in demand everyone wants to be seen with you and right now everyone wants Vanessa and for her these things see to be partly about work and making new conections and partly to just meet up with new and old friends and co-stars, she isn’t there getting drunk or doing anything worth questioning, she is just enjoying herself between filming movies, many, many other actors and singers does the same thing but you never heard anyone complain about them, no, it’s always only Vanessa that gets accussed of and judge on things when she really haven’t done anything wrong.

  • http://google BARBARA

    VANESSA, looks beautiful, i love her new look!

  • http://none juddy

    agreed <3

  • maria

    @Anon: SayWHAAT??? Isn’t that your alias? You have the most pathetic comments. How dare you say things like that without really knowing the truth? She does FAR more for charity than you know, and doesn’t have her face plastered all over when she does. She has been active with the Best Buddies program, has done many Make a Wish requests, as well as the ones mentioned above, like flying to Vegas to spend time with a dying little girl.

    You don’t need to act like an a$$ because she has had these public events she was invited to….. as someone mentioned, it does seem to come in clusters, especially when promos are going on. If you are sick of her, then please, just pass by the post. Your comments are ignorant.

  • zac-is-wack

    @hello: remember ninjas do things undercover but it depends on what kind of ninja you are. i know the tequila ninja does everything undercover although your pics of you drunk and all over blond chicks. still show up in tabloids and blogs…oh i don’t even want to tell you that tequila ninja likes public …..

  • maeli

    Love baby v and love the dress