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Adam Lambert: New Tattoo with Sauli Koskinen!

Adam Lambert: New Tattoo with Sauli Koskinen!

Adam Lambert gets a new tattoo on Wednesday night (May 18) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer was joined by boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, who also got new body art on his arm, at High Voltage Tattoo – better known as Kat Von D‘s tattoo parlor!

Adam was inked by artist tattoo artist Kevin Lewis – his new tat was based on a drawing by Hans Haveron and is a key with a skull design on the handle.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adam Lambert’s new tattoo?

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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# 1
Matty Hall @ 05/19/2011 at 9:53 am


# 2

he is perfect with perfect choise…love you maaaaaaan…symbol of what?key of which heart?!:D

# 3

i wish the word pal never existed

# 4

I hate that tatoo so much it lokks so crappy

# 5

Tattoo? I can’t stop staring at his legs.

# 6
girliegirl @ 05/19/2011 at 10:10 am

Love the pics, Jared! Appreciate the way you always share the latest Adam news.
But, please … can you just say the word BOYFRIEND?
Adam and Sauli are a gorgeous couple, they’re not trying to hide their relationship.
If it was a straight couple, you’d probably say “boyfriend”, so why not in their case?
“Pal” is getting ridiculous.

# 7

Cool tattoo. I want to get a tattoo that says love and has two hearts on the opposite sides but i am sh*t scared.

# 8

RT @adamlambert Do you all wanna guess what I got?

# 9

RT: “A unicorn flying on a giant p*nis?”

RT @adamlambert A UNICORN?! really guys? Seriously?


RT: “A women with three breasts”

RT: “A bottle of jack with a toothbrush. #Ke$haAppreciation”

RT @adamlambert Based on drawing by Hans Haveron and tattooed by Kevin Lewis!

RT adamlambert “Watching dvr’d idol. HALEY!!!! mopped the floor. See?!?!”


…..the key looks a bit odd on it’s own
but he’s gon get his entire arm done
so it’s all good.

I never like the feeling of getting your ears pierced [I have my lobes and 1 helix piercing] but I love the pain of tattoos for some reason, it’s addicting.

I love his smile in the 1st pic
Thanx JJ

don’t really like the new tattoo,but I LOVE ADAM(:
can’t wait for his new album alreadyyyy!!!

Don’t like any of his tattoos but I know they all mean something to him like the Eye of the Horus so wtv ;)

@26 I hope you get banned.
PS. you are on a “f**’s” website you disgusting homophobic piece of sh*t.

Haley R. and Adam L. are the only Idol contestants granted permission to sing Led Zep songs…

He’s so gorgeous I love him.. and the new tat is so sexy

He’s soo rough and rugged..grrrrr

I like it… Wonder if he has the whole sleeve planned out already. I like Adam’s endless legs too. And Sauli’s chiseled jaw.

he’s got a different PR person or something? why he suddenly calls the paps?

“PAL” — lol.

great tattoo! adam is so yummy!


someone in the tattoo place tweeted that Adam was there.

Adam is so handsome and articulate. He should have his own talk show or maybe the movies-something, anything!!!!

Two very attractive men. The skeleton key means something in the urban dictionary. Wish them happiness together. (P.S. Thanks, Jared, love your blog.)

Awww, is Sauli wearing Adam’s pendant, the one he got in Newzealand from that nice interviewer?

Cute couple! But calling Sauli his “pal” is getting ridiculous.

I like the tattoo – very Adam. He loves keys – he wears them as pendants a lot. I like that he is thoughtful about his tats.

@Ria I highly doubt he calls the paps. He seemed to want to get away from them from them as soon as possible in the video I saw. Kat Von D’s shop is probably stalked by paps regularly.

I love the new tat, the detail in the artwork is really gorgeous!

@Megadel: Key with skull outline usually stands for unlocking the heart and personal understanding. AWESOME choice!! I understand he plans to fill in around it.

Not a fan of tattoos, he’s so gorgeous I hate to see him cover up like that. Not to mention most of them, including this one, are so obvious and cliched.

Mari Guerra @ 05/19/2011 at 5:56 pm

I love him so much!

@reggie: Gee, learn to spell

Why is this blog referring to Sauli as Adam’s “pal”??? Isn’t that massively offensive? I would be totally pissed off if anyone referred to me as my boyfriend’s “pal”. What year are we living in???

Is Adam allowed to be spotted without Sauli anymore? Seriously, most celebrities are spotted out and about occasionally without their “significant other.”

And before the Sauliberts pounce, I’m not an Adommy or w/e shipper.


Pal is short for “personal @ss licker”. So it is, indeed, his pal.

cathysidol @ 05/21/2011 at 1:07 am

Yea I noticed you just changed PAL to BOYFRIEND , major props to ya!!!


Woohoo! Thanks Jared for changing the article to read boyfriend instead of pal. And thanks for being the most considerate blogger around. Once Adam came out and tweeted his love for Sauli his fans wanted to see boyfriend. Nice tattoo pics. Adam is always thoughtful about his tattoos. And also thanks for not saying he and Sauli got matching tattoos like some of the other bloggers are saying. Sauli just got his worked on as he already has a full sleeve.

I think it`s really cool but anything look`s cool on Adam:-) And honestly I think that tattoo is much better then the other two. And the quality is much better.

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