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Ashton Kutcher: 'Two and a Half Men' at the Upfronts!

Ashton Kutcher: 'Two and a Half Men' at the Upfronts!

Ashton Kutcher joins his Two and a Half Men co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones at the CBS Upfronts held at Tent at Lincoln Center on Wednesday (May 18) in New York.

During the presentation, the 33-year-old actor talked about what it means to him to join the cast of the hit show.

“I’ve never, probably in my 13 years of show business, received more emails or calls congratulating me about getting a new job. I almost think I won the lottery. Which I kind of did,” Ashton said.

Ashton joins the show next season and will reportedly make between $800,000 and $900,000 per episode.

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  • Moses Ashford

    I hope that they finally cancel this series. I am bored of it. Charlie Sheen had such a promising career and I am so disappointed to see the direction that his life and career has gone. He has done some great movies in his time such as Wall Street (1987), The Three Musketeers (1993), The Arrival (1996), Shadow Conspiracy (1997), Postmortem (1998), etc. I always wanted him to just do mainstream movies, particularly serious films and dramas, try to reach his full potential as an actor, join the A-list and try to win an Oscar. But now I have just given up on him. He hasn’t surpassed his father, Martin Sheen who still gets better roles and does bigger movies and he has become the laughing stock of Hollywood.

  • Gemma

    A Brit like Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Steve Coogan or Rowan Atkinson would have been a better choice.

  • Brainy box


  • Danson

    Ashton Kutcher? Come on. They should have cast someone like Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Rob Schneider, Jeremy Piven, Mike Myers or Jim Carrey.

  • OVER

    the smiles are all about $$$$

  • emmaa

    They all look so awkward haha

  • emmaa

    There is one big elephant in that room.

  • Jessi

    Sitcoms are usually only really good for 5-6 years until they run out of ideas, repeat, and viewers get tired (coincidentaly, by design, I think they need 5 seasons to get syndicated for huge bucks). It usually takes a couple of seasons to find their groove and get going, so a good run is 8 years maybe, until they start bringing in hasbeen guest stars and little kids to milk more money out of the show.
    I think 2 1/2 is toast.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    LOL …C’mon, if there weren’t a few girls who found him attractive he wouldn’t have a career right now. He has zero talent. He’s completely unfunny. This show will FAIL, I think everyone knows it too.

  • Knife the Mack

    Doucheton will destroy this show…

  • A

    He was good on That 70′s show.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    @Danson: …Dude, why would anyone you named want to go on that TV show?!? ..ahahahaha

  • watch the train wreck

    you won the lottery,
    who cares,
    what will you bring to the show? – zip

  • Super Cool

    I don’t want to see all those actors, writers, directors and other people who work hard on set lost their jobs because of Charlie Sheen. I hope Ashton Kutcher can save the show so they can have their jobs.

  • Carrie

    Jesus, 800k for this no talent? I guess at least he is working to finally earn his semi-star status.

  • haha

    How does this work? “Charlie” is supposed to be Alan’s older bro, and Ashton’s signifincatly younger than Cryer. Well, I guess that’s the least problem that they have. PICK SOMEONE WHO CAN ACT! CBS is just trying to prove to Charlie Sheen that he’s replaceable. $800K per episode for a guy who CAN’T act and who hasn’t proved anything? Oh come on!

  • someone

    I love the show, but I didn’t just watch because of Charlie, I like all the characters, so I’ll give Ashton a chance, and see how it goes…

  • someone

    and by the way, he won’t be playing “Charlie”..he will be a totally different character…

  • sillyme

    This is gonna flop. Ashton is a poor choice.As for the suggestion that they cast someone like Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, etc., come on, do you really think those guys would want to do a tv show?

  • Sean

    Some of you are retarded. Ashton isn’t playing “Charlie”. He’s playing a NEW character. Probably a relative of some kind.

    I’ve only watched the show a few times and it’s funny but I never understood the character of Charlie and I rarely found him funny. I like Ashton so I will definitely be making more of an effort to watch the show. Ashton is a good actor. The problem isn’t his acting. The problem are the movies he’s chooses to do. Butterfly Effect and The Guardian were great movies. But he’s stuck doing generic romantic comedies so I think this is a great move for him. It will give him publicity and something new to do. Because we all know he’s not going to be playing the nice guy on the show. I think this is a good move for his career. The show will last 1-2 more seasons. If their lucky, they could pull another 5 seasons with Ashton but I doubt that will happen.

    Good luck.

  • kk

    The only thing funny about Ashton is that he’s a boytoy.

  • daen

    Ashton you need a hair cut ASAP!

  • Bev

    This show is typical CBS crap for unsophisticated folk to laugh at…

  • justme

    You couldn’t even bribe me with a lottery win to watch ANYTHING with Ashton Kucher in it!!! Ugh, awful choice he is a horrible, horrible actor (yuck, that caveman, uneducated voice he has, he sounds like an idiot when he speaks) so unlikeable, full of himself, just an overall annoying celeb.

  • Super Cool

    @Knife the Mack: The real douche is irresponsible Charlie Sheen. Ashton Kutcher might not be very talented but he was great as Kelso in That 70′s Show. He may be immature or that might be just an act or an image but at least he’s not famous for abuse, alcohol, prostitutes and drugs.

  • Simone Luft

    He is a good guy and good actor, not the best but good. I hope I’ll have much fun. Love 2.5 and Sheen not is the best thing in that show.

  • Daan

    sheen’s character is anyway the only one that is getting boring…like he is bad boy but in the last couple of seasons he is keep falling in love…Hope Ashton can make it, i dont want the show to be cancelled

  • Lisa

    I guess none of you follow his twitter account?!?! Hes an amazing humanitarian… does nothing but good for people all around the world.
    He had made some very good movies, I dont understand the dislike for him. Hes a great choice to bring some life back into a lifeless show that had been just droning on…Im very excited to see what he brings. :)

  • Sheri

    - don’t think this is gonna work out,some interest in the beginning due to the drama,and then it will drop off

  • Kary

    Since I read the announcement, I thought that it was the worst decision for the show. Ashton doesn’t know to act, he is a bad actor who doesn’t know making people laugh. Please look for another actor, because Ashton is going to break the show.

  • YG


    yeah because those movie actors would love to go back to TV

  • junkie

    come on, Ashton is funny as hell and he’s not gonna be CHARLIE HARPER, get it over with guys

  • Scorpio

    Am I the only one who think that he’ll be good at this?
    I can imagine him walking in as charlies and allens lost brother or something,,and he is gonna be FUNNY!
    can’t wait.

  • biteme

    This is like watching the housing bubble all over again.

  • QQQQ


  • irene olson

    Yahoo! GoodBye Charlie. Welcom on board Ashton.

  • Helen

    Will not watch the show. Once the main actor is replaced the show is never the same.

  • Chris

    “Once the main actor is replaced, the show is never the same”? That’s very true Helen but that doesn’t mean the show isn’t successful. Look at Cheers following the departure of Shelly Long. Or possibly the most successful sitcom of all time, M*A*S*H, which had all but two of the main characters leave and be replaced during it’s run. It still ended as one of the funniest and strongest shows ever. 2.5 Men may or may not work but they clearly had good, creative writers so I give them a better than even chance at success!