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Jennifer Aniston: Guys Choice Decade of Hotness Award!

Jennifer Aniston: Guys Choice Decade of Hotness Award!

Jennifer Aniston will receive the Guys Choice Decade of Hotness award!

The 42-year-old Horrible Bosses actress will be honored at the Spike TV ceremony, which will air on Friday, June 10 on Spike TV.

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston in Raunchy ‘Horrible Bosses’ Trailer

“Decade of Hotness is Guys Choice’s ultimate term of endearment for a woman that we just can’t get enough of,” Spike’s executive VP, Casey Patterson, said in a statement. “Our audience has been asking for this for years, we’re thrilled to be honoring Jennifer.

Want to see your celebs of choice honored on the show? You can vote for your favorite ladies over at

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  • Ben La

    She can pay to many people. How simple is that!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    She has a nice body because she has the time & money to get it. She has an ugly face that all the money she has can’t fix it. I’ll bet the men who voted for her are all nerds, fat, lonely, and over 40.

    Look at that ugly chin, big nose and that little tiny eyes.

  • Evie

    Jen is totally yummy from every angle.

  • lol

    just went through and voted up/down with all votes coming up the opposite of what I voted

  • this guy’s opinion

    The chin is large but everything else more than makes up for it. She is still nice looking for her age.

  • leahxx

    yaaay well done Jen you rock hun Xxxxxxxxxxx

  • lolo


  • Sexy

    How much did Huvane and the Fatted Tick pay for this award?

  • passby

    Is this a joke…I guess she has a nice body for her age. Her face…not so nice.

  • dd

    OMG! Unreal….LOL

  • dd

    OMG! Unreal….LOL

  • AnistonIsUglyInside/Out

    Makes me wonder if she’s delusional enough to believe it even though she paid for this “title”. Please, stop trying so hard to sell the public that you’re “hot” because Jennifer Aniston is so not hot. So many women are way hotter than her without even trying…… Marisa Tomei, Diane Lane (hot body!), Nicole Kidman, Courteney Cox, even Kirstie Alley is way sexier. And it’s not always about the body, some women just have that x-factor and exude sexiness.
    Aniston is so blah. How much money is she going to spend campaigning for this “hot” image she’s trying to shove down our throats? Majority of the people are not blind, you can’t force us to believe something which is not.

  • sheisasweetheart

    I love her! Bless her!!!

  • susiequ

    LOL>. what a joke..

    but she needs it to promote her film Horrible Bosses..


    Her fans will eat it up.. but anyone with a brain knows this was PAID for.. LOL..

  • Maria

    hmmm…. i just realized it’s from Spike TV. Isn’t SPIKE TV a GAG television of a network? ROLMFAO!

  • sweetness

    it’s odd how people proclaim that guys find her hot..YET the woman can’t keep a man in her life.
    When will women ever learn..MEN may want to have sex with her..but ultimately they DON’T want to have a family with this woman.
    so if there is a victory to be’s which woman has the hot man who wants to build a family and life with her.

  • no cred with that

    “Kirstie Ally is sexy” ….heee…not even for a barnyard swine

  • Yo

    Men find her sexy.
    It’s a channel that caters to men.
    Jealous AJ rugmunchers.

  • no way

    too high maintenance for my liking. she gives the impression that she’ll just roll over and cry after sex and wanna cuddle for hours. boner killer. and i really hope i never see her without all that make up. if i’m gonna go older, i’ll take salma hayek or halle berry over her any day.

  • ruby

    how the eff do you know that??
    shes a careful chooser.thats why she isnt constantly with a guy. for your information shes dating a guy called Brian now,actually. though its not all over the mags and papers etc.

  • Modestguy

    shes hot as hell. and lovely.

  • Amy

    uh-oh anti Jens are having a MELTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • Christopher

    I want her. I for one would have a family with her. girls,boys,twins,biological and adopted kids,the lot. I would marry her and take her on a honeymoon,all that. I’d never let her go. ;) love u babe!

  • phoning it in

    Christopher @ 05/19/2011 at 2:15 pm
    quit, it’s obvious u’re a broad. i have never, and i really mean never, met any guy who thought jenn is hot. she just isn’t. she may have been cute once but that was a very long time ago.

  • mervyn

    Is this where the guys choice their favorite guy? In which case Yay! JA gets my vote!

  • Christopher

    @phoning it in:
    f***k off :) all I gotta say darling.

  • GoopyDrawers

    So Jen started an affair with her co-star and effed up his long-term relationship. What is that called again?

  • mervyn

    Sorry that should read ‘choose’

  • Hot

    she is so beautiful!!!

  • ellie’

    Angelina Jolie….Sorry you asked..

  • jaye

    She’s attractive IMO, but I can’t believe ” Our audience has been asking for this for years”. lol. Whatever is needed to hype a show. If they’ve been asking, why wasn’t she ‘hot’ before now? It’s all a bunch of BS. There are at least 20 other women in Hollywood who are hotter IMO.
    Frankly, the timing of this dubious award is suspect. Aniston is trying HARD to change her image from the ‘girl next door’ and boring rom-coms. This is just additional ‘paid for’ propaganda. The sole purpose is for people to feed into this new ‘sexy’ image of hers in order to keep her relevant movie wise; what else does she have in her life? I”m not knocking her for doing it, but let’s just call it what it is.
    As for her fans, if anyone else was doing what Aniston is doing and has been doing over the past 2 years. at least, they would be calling her a s*lut and every of nasty thing they could think of. That’s better known as being hypocrites,
    I do understand why she is doing this; even her fans were sick of the sameness of her movies. Don’t get me wrong, IMO she’s a good comedic actress and can be engaging on the screen, although frankly, I never liked her in Friends. She also can be boring and irritating because she was virtually playing the same role ( in movies) for OVER a decade.
    Awards like this IMO , no matter who’s the ‘winner’, are silly; just as the Most Influential in Hollywood awards are and the Sexiest Man Alive . They’re fun, but not to be taken seriously. I do know that her fans will see this as validation of THEIR opinion of her. Knock yourself out, she needs the support.
    As for men loving her , as one fan put it, those are men who don’t know her personally. Those that do don’t seem to have any problem getting enough of her. She ticks all their boxes, until they actually have to spend time with her. That really says more about her than some fluff award. On the surface she has everything going for her, but that’s all the fans ever see, the surface.

  • MJ

    Wow! Anuston and Huvane work really hard just to promote the Horrible movie. How that it happens that men find her sexy if no men want to date her? It’s her own admission that since then, she dated men thanks to her PR Huvane who set her up with a blind dates. If she’s that pretty and sexy why no man on earth approaches her without Huvane’s help? The truth is, she is just ugly just like what her mom told her. She has this really wide face that needed to be cover by her hair all the time, a really big chin that she can use it to put on her tiny forehead, at least if you have a wide forehead that is the sign of being genius. For this PR move, Huvane must got paid really big. Anuston and Huvane are just PATHETIC.

  • GoopyDrawers


    Angie didn’t have anything to do with ending any of Jennifer Aniston’s relationships.

  • Amy

    wow!you wrote all that even you dont like her! whos pathetic? leave! obsession,much?

  • ellie’

    As a woman.I think your so hot and sexy….this is so deserved for a young 42..They voted and Jen is HOT!!!! and SEXY!!! Good for you Jen …We love you!!!

  • she’

    Hahahahahaaa!!This is funny!! Huuuuum, great job, Huvane!! you should try working your magic for an Oscar award Lol, those are kinds of awards real, talented, actresses recieve. Maybe she should give up acting and become an aroebics instructor or body-builder Lol. great body Jennifer..You would rather have an oscar,huh?

  • bob

    What a good joke ! she won an award for her hair and body….pathetic.
    Sorry for the haters but angelina jolie is better than that !

  • Amy

    well,shes always a romantic comedy actress cause shes good at that and she enjoys/loves doing it. I doubt she will do a blood and guts thriller anyday soon,get over it.
    you do not know that men can get through to her. Im sure men can connect with her well,she probably doesnt love anyone.simple as that.stop putting reason to why she is single. its not like she is being rejected. its more like shes hasnt let anyone into her life(excluding her current man Brian) cause she isnt in love. remember she is the chooser not the men.she has the upper hand. sooo…yeah.

  • phoning it in

    Christopher @ 05/19/2011 at 2:33 pm
    don’t call me darling. i don’t swing that way since u claim to be a dude. figures, only a f*g would want to marry and have kids with jennifer aniston.
    it’s still obvious u’re a broad btw.

  • Lillie

    ewwww angelina jolie.
    sorry,its just you mentioned her name and it gave me the creeps.

  • ellie’

    I heard Angelina herself say she would never be with a married man…b/c of what her father did to her mother… Never!! Now they fell in love on MMS you really think they didn’t do anything….I don’t care what happened …Angelina also is a beautiful woman like many actresses..But Jen won ask a stupid question u get a stupid go away…..
    Really this site has nothing to do with Angie & Brad..Wish them happiness..
    This is about Jen being so Hot & Sexy…!!!! Beautiful Jen…

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    What’s a nice body when it is not fcukable? Two thing she is known for. Was married to Brad Pitt & has a nice body. I would like to see Jen be voted or nominated for a best movie actress award like an oscar, SAG, Critic choice, etc not nominated for a great body. Oh wait, what am I saying. Who am I kidding. She will never get nominated for any award.

    Also, she wasn’t born with that nice body. I would be very impress if she was born with that body and still looks good at 40. She paid to get that body. Just like she paid for her hair & nose.

  • ellie’

    Wow for someone you hate so much you sure wrote a lot that I didn’t even bother reading…

  • Christopher

    @phoning it in:
    you would love to believe Im a broad,wouldn’t you? since you can’t stand it that Jennifer is loved. I am sorry but you are pathetic.

  • Amy

    I didnt read any of that either…..
    *high five*







  • ellie’

    Neither did I …..Ditto…

  • yay

    Jenny is a beaut :D

  • ellie’

    Oh JILL are you here..I know you use a different name…
    Just wanted to let you know I’m loving this..are you having a meltdown….
    Jen is Honored for the award for HOTNESS!!! Well deserved …
    Just wanted to let u know….Muah!!!