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Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' Posters!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' Posters!

Jennifer Aniston wraps her arm around a frightened Charlie Day in this poster from their upcoming movie, Horrible Bosses.

“Is your boss a sex crazed maneater?” the posters says, while another one featuring Kevin Spacey asks, “Is your boss a slave-driving psycho?,” and the one with Colin Farrell, “Is your boss a total sleazy tool?”

WATCH: Horrible Bosses Trailer

The comedy centers around Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Day), and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) – three friends who conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness.

The Seth Gordon-directed flick hits theaters July 8 and also features Jamie Foxx and Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen.

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Photos: John P. Johnson/Warner Bros. Pictures
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Another FAIL for her. Biish has zero self respect.

  • ash

    Wawoo…anxiously waiting for Big Boss

  • Lucky Charm

    I’ll bet in real life she IS a horrible boss, lol! The high maintenance, clingy, low-self-esteem person that she is must be a nightmare to work for.

  • A

    She looks like a man in drag.

  • stunning

    BEAUTIFIL AND AMAZING as usual s a hit for sure..:D:D

  • A

    They should have cast her instead of Patrick Swayze in the movie “To wong foo thanks for everything Julie Newmar”.
    Would have saved time and money.

  • lindsey

    ahahaha colin farrell’s poster is funny

  • MJ

    Wow! this poster is photoshopped to the max. Look at her arms, did they replaced her arms with Angie’s arms because it look so thin to me. Her arms are like a wrestler’s arms we all knew that. Probably, the one who made the poster thinks her arms are not that sexy so they substitute Angie’s arms to make the poster looks sexy. See, even the artist of this poster did not think she’s sexy.

  • Old Cabbage Patch Jen

    Ummm. no.

    Sad the only hit she can possibly give her fans is for her being naked and performing lewd acts on screen. Her fans have such low expectations from their idol.

  • Kind of Over

    So sad that Jen had to go and mess with her face. Was she not happy with her looks when she first started freinds? Her looks is what made her famous. But now, she looks nothing like herself. Where is her signature nose, chin, and jaw??? Shaved down and in the plastic surgeon’s hazzard waste basket is where!!

  • Haha

    They couldn’t get Jolie to do this type of movie so they had to settle for aniston and dress her up like Jolie.

  • Superficial Jen
  • Big Fail

    I’m sorry Jennifer Aniston doesn’t look like a vixen, maneater nor sexy. She looks smug, snooty, and aloof.

  • omg

    que guapa y el cartel es muy almodovariano…espero que llegue pronto a España.

  • marcelina

    she has stunning eyes

  • O’Sullivan

    Jennifer is beautiful and a great actress.

  • wry-prof

    Jennifer Aniston is an actress who unfortuantely had a marriage dissolve before the public. She was engaged to Tate Donovan –when theat ended –there was no backlash—what is the BIG deal now?

    She dates like any woman who is single. Who’s to say who is a good or bad choice for her…she is an adult.

    Whether you like her movies or not…she has done NOTHING wrong.

    She is simply living her own life.

  • marcelina

    this movie looks awful. i wish better movies . I love her, i cant hate this woman. I dont respet her as an actress, but she seems like a good woman.

  • as usual

    Sexy as hell

  • ModestMouse

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o L: Eh, not really. This looks like it could be one of her better projects as of late.

  • kelly

    This will be a huge hit.

  • jen fan

    Keep coming with the Jen posts!

  • unleash the odor

    - AJ scissor sisters in da house

  • cabbage patch

    @Old Cabbage Patch Jen: jen is such a beauty like a china doll! gorgeous!

  • for real?

    @Haha: jolie got an oscar for doing worse than this movie! don’t you really go to the movies?

  • http://justjared zoey

    All of Jennifer’s movies are just a view of her journey in life, she isn’t going anywhere because this is who she is. Everyone of her movies actually chronicles her life, so being naked isn’t any different although she sue for her pictures being taken nude when she looked a whole lot better than she looks now. But it just makes me have some empathy and shame for her, after all the potrails of who we thought she was.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    This will be a hit. Thank god for Jamie Fox, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell & Justine Bateman. I love Jamie Fox.

  • seriously

    @wry-prof: that is the problem jolie fans can’t take it – they wanted jen to crumble yet she continues on…… that is victor’s daughter alright! beautiful! looking forward to seeing horrible bosses!

  • #25

    Please don’t insult the beautiful China Dolls. Thank You

  • seriously

    @zoey: shame for what? did you see black swan? or girls interrupted? jennifer is an actress this is a comedy it is a part. guess natalie portman is horrible a gay affair and mastu….. in black swan yet won an oscar…. drug addict for jolie and the things she did in girls interrupted better yet gia – she was doing a movie! plenty of other actors! diane keaton yet she is a wonderful person to me!

  • seriously

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: that is right and JENNIFER ANISTON! still got your 6 year name! jolie fans………….lol

  • Shame

    Her fans are claiming a hit because she is naked and performing lewd sex acts at the ripe old age of 42, not 22 but 42. Boy, you Jennifer Aniston fans sure set the bar low from what you consider good acting from her, wow!

  • billie

    love the poster! jen and charlie great match for comedy!

  • sally

    love all the posters! jen looks amazing! love the way colin is doing his lips! can’t wait to see!

  • Ok – # Seriously

    Are you seriously comparing a movie in which Jolie was in her 20′s and the Black Swan where women who are in their 20′s to a 40 year old punta who is doing what should have been done in her 20′s when you are trying to make a name for yourself??????

    Really?????? Is that the bar level you have Aniston on????? This is an embarassment for a woman of her age, especially one who is not a known sex symbol. But I guess for you as an Aniston fan that is as good as it’s gonna get huh.

  • shame on you

    @Shame: so natalie portman should not have won an oscar! she had gay LOVE scene and masturb…. and so forth! and won an oscar! jolie won for being a heroin addict and self center person and so forth! lol! what lows jolie fans go to hate and attempt to put jennifer down for NO reason! shame on you! for your comment seems like you don’t even go to the movies otherwise you would realize how you are slamming ALL actors! diane keaton, glen close in fatal attraction – what a shame! (that movie still makes men afraid today! lol) and so on….. jen looks amazing! horrible bosses looks like fun! can’t wait to see!

  • Oh Please

    You can not compare Black Swan in which Portman was actually acting beyond the sex scene and Jolie who was acting to Aniston who is just standing there in underwear sucking on a banana, hot dog or popsicle and call her acting?? Plus the scene where she is speaking on the trailer is lackluster at best. Aniston is not a good actress, she is mediocre but she pays out her ass to Huvane to make sure she stays in the limelight and will never tackle a real piece a real role in her life. Not as long as she can push her body.

  • woah

    This is hilarious. People must really hate themselves in order to sit behind a screen and criticize someone they have never ever met, in and out. Jeez Louise, this is no cure for your insecurity people: get a grip.

  • shame on you

    @Ok – # Seriously: diane keaton with jack nicholson was over 50! meryl strep showing her body in its complicated over 50! lol! anything to hate on jennifer! sad! jen just keeps moving forward………… by the way i don’t think they give oscars out to actors because of their age jolie and portman were in movies that warranted oscars or so they thought! this is a comedy! in the parts warrants! looking forward to seeing horrible bosses!

  • oh please

    @Oh Please: that is your opinion! lol! haters are so jealous! lol!

  • yes it is

    @woah: yes it is hilarious! jen is amazing! can’t wait to see horrible bosses!

  • yes it is

    @woah: yes it is hilarious! jen is amazing! can’t wait to see horrible bosses!

  • hahaha

    not even butter face, more like butt-ugly face lol!

  • lilooo

    movie sounds funny but i bet won’t be because of aniston ahahaha! btw who photoshoped her on this poster? looks like they wanted to gave her a jolie make over FAIL! she def look like a tran

  • Kristen

    poor Jennifer, If I wear Angelina I’d probably would led her talk to brad’s mom, who else is she gonna talk to? Courtney cox??


    All you people that post “Another hit for Jen” must be high! The only hit she has been in was “Marley and Me” and that was not because of her. The dog even out acted her! Who keeps hiring this loser?

  • Thelma

    Photoshop much?

  • Mrs. Lenny

    I wish jennifer the best of everything…all her hearts desire. Maybe, just maybe she and her fans will leave and not need to compete with Brad and Angie. I’m wishing real hard that she becomes a movie star and sex symbol. I am really tired of her antics and games of gotcha..and failed attempts to win at whatever she is trying to win. Brad and Angie are not thanking of you..You are not in their league. But don’t feel bad. You are not the only one. They wowed at Cannes and is moving on to something else. They are not thinking about Jennifer!! Good luck on your award..I hope it makes you happy. Happy enough to move on and happy enough to stop coat tailing.

  • Sean

    Why is the black guy a “murder consultant”??

  • reeven