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Rachel Bilson: CW Party with Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Rachel Bilson: CW Party with Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Rachel Bilson meets up with Sarah Michelle Gellar at CW’s Upfront party on Thursday (May 19) at NYC’s Hurricane Club.

Earlier in the day, Rachel promoted her new show, Hart of Dixie, while SMG stepped out in support of her latest project, The Ringer.

Also pictured: Rachel‘s co-stars, Jaime King (who attended with her husband, director Kyle Newman), Wilson Bethel, Cress Williams, and Scott Porter. After the bash, the group headed over to MPD restaurant for dinner and Riff Raff’s tiki bar for a night of dancing with fellow CW star Shane West.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Chanel Couture dress with Christian Louboutin heels and jewels and a purse also by Chanel. Jaime paired her Gucci dress with Brian Atwood shoes.

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  • tina

    Everyone is looking good for the new fall season at the CW. I can’t wait for the new shows and my old favs.

  • TonyR

    If anyone has watched the clips of Hart of Dixie, it’s horrible. It’s full of anti Southern slurs and bigotry and innuendo that everyone is an inbred redneck degenerate. If that kind of slur were directed at any other demographic it would be shunned. But I guess because it’s the OC’s Josh and Rachel (why again aren’t they married?) and it’s just “the south,” it will be widely accepted as “comedic” interpretation. I find that disgusting.

  • llcool23

    Hello Gorgeous :)) Her show looks sooo good!! So excited to see it!!

  • Chelly

    Her face looks different…what’s up with that?

  • Jax

    She’s getting older every day, have you seen her mother? Just saying.

  • emmaa

    Omfg! Great pictures. I love SMG and Rachel <3
    I’m so excited for Sarah’s show especially.

  • emmaa

    @TonyR: I feel like Rachel doesn’t suit it at all. The show looks like it will be a massive flop tbh.

  • Knife the Mack

    She is just a great actress. I loved her in that thing she did! They ought to rename the Academy Awards after her – from here on out they will be known as the Rachels and NOT the Oscars!!! All hail the greatest actress of this or any other generation!!

  • fitzroy

    FART of Dixie would eat up big by the Ringer in just a very few episodes – trust.

  • fitzroy

    I mean… F-A-R-T.

  • periwinkle

    @ #4 – Chelly
    Here’s Bratchel’s ORIGINAL homely mug… just so look out at the “big flat nose, full huge cheeks & the eyelid-less eyes”…

  • Holy beak nose!

    SMG needs a new nose a.s.a.p!

  • Проститутки Уфы

    fitzroy +1

  • kaleigh

    So that airhead, gossip-monger, clueless & chatterbox Summer Roberts is now a doctor?!
    How & why?!
    Should I see if that “Biblical rapture” can be moved up anytime very soon?!


    Hayden Christensen’s Girlfriend Outed as Prostitute.
    If you ever have $35,000 to waste.
    That’s how she makes her living plus she doesn’t her clothes, shoes and bags.
    SUPPORT SMG, she is talented and boycott HART OF DEEPSHIT

  • glen

    Has anybody ever wondered about Josh Schwartz’s obsession with Rachel Bilson? He’s been trying to cast her in his pilots forever. Or is he doing this as a favor to his wife who happens to be Rachel’s best friend? He finally succeeded in putting her in a series and never mind that she’s seriously miscast playing a doctor. I just saw the trailer and she’s supposed to be this sophisticated New Yorker who graduated top of her class but Rachel still talks like an airhead Valley Girl. Exactly like Summer in the OC.

    If it weren’t for Josh, Rachel would barely have an acting career.

  • sloane

    Josh Schwartz’s projectS for Bilson… got easily turned down both by CBS (untitled show) & NBC (Ghost Of Angeles) and just got a 3rd-time lucky now w/ CW’s “sympathetic ear” thru Josh S. Bilson only missed ABC coz JS most likely don’t know anyone in there.
    Hart Of Dixie just sounded like Mischa Barton’s The Beautiful Life who only got 5 eps. tops.

  • gawker

    What Is This?:
    Look, Rachel Bilson is doing something other than ice cream commercials. She plays a northern doctor who has to go down south and work in a southern town full of people that hate her. Basically it’s Southern Exposure.
    Will People Watch It?
    I vote NO.

  • JUST SAYING, JUST ME!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks jared,
    its been lovely not seeing this muppet on here (rb),
    why go and ruin it for us by having her back on here?
    need the money do you???

    oh and bty where the so called supportive so called boyfriend hc?

    you would think he would want to be seen with her?
    does he not need the publicity as well

    or does the contract say they only have to be seen together 3 or 4 times together?

  • Jo

    SMG looks amazing !!

  • kerri

    It’s been forever since i saw Sarah Michelle Gellar. She looks great but where is Freddie?

  • maya

    My Rachel with Sarah :) i lkie them both so much ^^ You look gorgeous girls

  • maya

    Rachel and Sarah looks amazing i really like them both

  • Elian

    I hate Rachel

  • kiki

    Buffy!! Yeah well I know SMG hasn’t been Buffy for a long time but she will forever be Buffy to me. I miss that show, bet it would be a huge hit if it came back on (updated of course) since everyone loves vampires right now. Anyway SMG looks great, Rachel does too I guess but she is so boring.

  • Godless&Free

    Meh…mutant dwarf shemale sucks. BUFFY rules these pics.

  • OMG!

    I’m so happy that the H8Rs have at least one place to to come and spew their childish rants. Only on JJ do you find such irrational middle school like behavior.

  • OMG!

    Must be why you’re here too then huh?

  • OMG!

    @@ #28:

    I come for the pictures and JJ’s news sweetie. I don’t post much. There are too many other places to post but I like watching the crazies implode sometimes. Waiting for the all out zombie attack when you all turn on each other.

  • OMG!

    @OMG!: Sure…semms like you’re hatin on everyone for not following your opinions “sweetie”

  • Erin

    Seems that HOD is under a recasting Nancy Travis got a series now with Tim Allen Last Man Standing so she is obligated to do that and is not going to stay on HOD..

    Saw her in the previews she wasn’t that believable either as some southern lady. They should really recast RB she is the most unbelievable person there is in this show. Guess Josh S. wont let his little prize be recasted

  • OMG!


    It’s not an opinion that Rachel Bilson is being bashed on this blog, it’s a fact hon.

    You only seem to recognize bashing when it’s aimed at you but somehow that’s not fair. Typical. It’s all about you, right?

  • OMG!

    I actually like RB. I just don’t like it when crazed fans hate on other people for their opinions. I never said anything about not liking her. Therefore the bashing isn’t aimed at me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…not just us supporters…but everyone. To hear someone negate someone else’s opinion of her just makes us true fans look crazed as well.

  • OMG!


    So let me get this straight. Lets say I believe that you actually like RB and aren’t one of the bashers on here. Then you’re saying it’s quite okay for people to call Rachel as one poster did ‘mutant dwarf shemale’ and also things like ‘airhead, gossip-monger, homely and prostitute’ and that is just on this article.
    That is not an opinion. That is an attack worthy of the worst clique mentality and bullying.
    What a true fan you are .
    And actually I’m not a fan so you’re off the hook.

  • OMG!

    VOR go back to your IMdb board b/c all you do is complain about the those that don’t like her. People have reason to not someone who hangs on the press as if they are the only friends she has. So they will give her media attention if Schwartz didn’t bed and befriend her she wouldn’t have this chance at all.

  • OMG!


    You don’t know who you’re talking about. So I guess there are other people who stand up to bullies online.
    lol I guess you think it’s your job to be judge and jury and tell people ‘the truth’ about her? And I thought you liked her.
    I won’t ruffle your feathers anymore. I’m off for a week. Try to be good.

  • S

    Looking gorgeous!