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Alexander Skarsgard: Love Scenes Take a Lot of Acting

Alexander Skarsgard: Love Scenes Take a Lot of Acting

Alexander Skarsgard wears his usual Nike workout gear while heading to Equinox to work on his fitness on Thursday (May 19) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor got in a workout the day before at Runyon Canyon where he was spotted on a solo run.

Alex recently opened up to GQ about filming love scenes on his hit TV series.

“It’s really clear to Steve [Moyer] and to everybody else what the deal is—which is that Anna [Paquin] is like a sister to me,” Alex said. “Those love scenes take quite a bit of acting, actually. A lot of acting.”

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  • FoolishLars

    I’d look p!$$ed too if Lars von Trier just screwed a movie i was in.

  • Rachel()

    @FoolishLars: Yeah this whole thing sucks for AS. I don’t think Lars is really a Nazi, but that was a very stupid thing to say. I think he was just making a very very bad joke, and now everyone’s gonna brand him a Nazi for the rest of his life. Unfortunately all of his backlash will completely overshadow Kirsten and Alex’s performances!

  • Julie

    Hes saying that he doesnt find her attractive

  • Ana

    @Attention – if he were covering up he was gay, he would be especially careful NOT to say something like that. I wouldn’t care if he was gay, but he’s not – he’s just completely comfortable in his sexuality and very European in his attitudes towards sex. I do think the statement comes off a little rude to Anna, while we all know she is with Stephen Moyer it seems keeping a little mystery there is better than emphasizing how challenging it is to be with her. But perhaps he didn’t mean to come off that way…context is everything,

  • AllForUSophia

    @FoolishLars: Actually he couldn’t get better publicity if he’d payed for it, and @Attention: seriously?
    Heja Sverige!

  • Rachel()

    @Ana: Yeah, that was kind of rude, but I don’t think he meant it to be. Besides, you can think someone’s attractive w/ out wanting to sleep w/ them. If I had to make out with a married person, no matter how attractive they were, I would feel really uncomfortable.

  • Ana

    @Rachel – Yes, but as an actor (and I do think he is an incredibly talented actor) your job is to be convincing in the part, whatever that may be. So starting the new season of True Blood, a season which has the Eric/Sookie love scenes as a key theme, with a major interview casting a shadow on that dynamic just seems a little odd. So I’m guessing the words were taken out of context and sound worse than they should!


    Aaaaaack!! I just saw on TMZ [the tv show] Thursday night that Melancholia director Lars Von Trier was going on and on about the Nazis and he did a major foot-in-mouth when he said he could relate to them and that he himself was a Nazi!! Poor Kristen Dunst – she was literally sitting next to him as he went off on this Nazi rant and she even giggled nervously. I felt so sorry for her. I really hope this doesn’t affect Alex or Kirsten or the movie’s success but I’m sure it will. Click on my name if you want to see the TMZ video.

  • Leslie

    @Julie: “Hes saying that he doesnt find her attractive”
    No, Julie. Alex is saying that there’s nothing sexual going on between Anna Paquin and himself but he wasn’t trying to say that she’s unattractive or ugly. In fact, there are a lot of rumors from supposed “insiders” that he had a little crush on her when he was just starting out on True Blood. I think he’s just trying to keep a friendly atmosphere because I’m sure it’s difficult for Stephen Moyer when Anna and Alex film love scenes. Stephen has said so himself in interviews. So by Alex saying that she’s just like a sister to him it helps diffuse the situation to easy any tension or bad feelings. But I get the feeling that he does consider Anna to be very pretty.

  • Kimb K

    @LARS VON TRIER: OMG I saw TMZ as well! I felt horribly bad for poor K Dunst. I get that nervous gigglyness just like she does. And I just cringed when I saw that. It was so funny how in the video they put captions of what she was thinking. LOL

  • Cannes

    I can’t believe they kicked LVT from the Cannes Festival!! They literally escorted him out. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Deb

    @Leslie: Yeah I got the feeling that he was just trying to make things easier for everyone by saying that Anna and him were like siblings. Poor Beeeehl. It must be hard to watch your wife film sex scenes with Askars!! But Anna is a hottie especially when she gets all dolled up for award shows and events. I doubt he would ever think that she’s ugly. And she has a WAAAAAY better body than Kate BONEsworth. Anna actually looks like a woman.

  • Brian

    It seemed to me like Alex was OVER EMPHASIZING how he’s soooo not attracted to Anna. Maybe he does actually think she’s really cute but he was trying to cover it up? Hmmmm…..

  • Doth do protest too much

    @Brian: EXACTLY! Me thinks the gentleman doth do protest too much.

  • Cassandra

    well Anna would be a major step up from KB. she actually has a brain and meat on her bones. it’s too bad Beehl got to her first. i actually think Anna and Alex woulda looked really cute together. i’m feeling real bad for Alex and Kristen and this whole Nazi fiasco. what an idiot this director is!!

  • Rachel()

    @Ana#9: I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think TB fans need to think that Alex and
    Anna are attracted to each other to buy that Eric and Sookie are into each other. The comment won’t affect the way I see the show at all. I am glad to here that Alex isn’t lusting after his friend’s wife though!

  • Rachel()

    @Rachel(): Didn’t mean to post twice.

  • Aimee

    These directors and actors get very artsy sometimes and they forget that they still need to filter what comes out of their mouths b/c it could be very offensive and hurtful to others. Just like when Askars and his father were talking about the “best rape scene” in Straw Dogs. They probably didn’t mean to condone rape but it still came off as offensive. I think Lars Von Trier was speaking FIGURATIVELY when talking about Nazis. I don’t think he was being literal (atleast I hope not). But he went overboard with the liberal artsy farsty tone of his speech. Sometimes there’s such a thing as being “too liberal” and he just proved that to be true.

  • Patricia

    @Rachel(): “I am glad to here that Alex isn’t lusting after his friend’s wife though!” —> I disagree, Rachel. I think he probably thinks Anna is a beautiful woman but he seems like a decent enough man that wouldn’t want to break off a marriage [unlike KB who was making out with Gwyneth's hubby]. Of course he’s going to say they are good friends and more like brother/sister. What do you expect him to say?

  • chicca

    speculation about Anna and Alex are disgusting

  • C.J.

    Yup! I’m sure Anna and Alex are only friends but I think if Alex would have met her first before Stephen did, their friendship might have possibly led to more. Actors that work together often develop romances. They are both very attractive and there’s not such an obvious age difference between Anna and Alex like there is with Anna and Stephen. They also have less baggage since neither has been married or has kids. But unfortunately we’re stuck with Kate now.

  • Rain

    I bet he didn’t have to do “acting, a lot of acting” in that film he did with his gf Kate Bosworth.

  • Cristy

    @chicca: “speculation about Anna and Alex are disgusting” … WTF??? Nobody’s saying they are cheaters or having an affair. A lot of True Blood fans think they make a cute couple. That’s all. We never know what would have been had he started shooting his scenes earlier and met her before Stephen did. I actually think that would have been a lovely couple.

  • Rachel()

    @LARS VON TRIER: Seriously though, it was a distasteful joke. He thought he was a Jew until he was in his 30s, when his mom told him on her death bed that he had a different father. He doesn’t hate Jews. He just lacks tact.

    SPEAKING OF LACKING TACT: Why the crap is JJ randomly putting this semi-insulting quote as the header of this post?
    If I were Anna that statement would hurt my feelings. While I don’t think that was ASkar’s intention, why would JJ highlight it?
    I thought he was supposed to be the “nice” gossip columnist who all the celebs love b/c he uses exclamation points and gushes about how great they are!
    Do you think KB paid him a little extra to make this dig at the cute, fun girl who spends so much time making out w/ her “boyfriend”?

  • Paola

    @Rain: Ewwww u mean u think he enjoyed the rape scene?! Oh My Gawd I really hope not. I’d like to think he’s a decent man but you never really know what goes on inside someone’s head. But everyone that knows Alex says good things about him. So I think that he’s a nice person who took that role in Straw Dogs b/c he doesn’t want to get typecasted as the cute sweet boyfriend in every single movie.

  • Rachel()

    @Rain: “I bet he didn’t have to do “acting, a lot of acting” in that film he did with his gf Kate Bosworth.”
    Um…”in that film he did with Kate Bosworth” he played a rapist, so I hope to God he had to do a LOT of acting!!

  • Gracie

    @Rachel(): Rachel: JJ needs to attract as many readers as possible so he has to use attention catching headlines. I’ve seen videos of Anna and Alex being interviewed together and there does seem to be an innocent attraction between the two of them. Not saying there’s anything actually going on. But I do think they find each other attractive. Alex’s comment came off a little rude and tactless but I think he was just trying to make it sound like they were all a big happy family b/c it must be awkward for him to be in the middle like that of a married couple even if it’s only acting.


    Lars von trier’s comment reminds me of the type of crap Askar’s dad would say. He’s got a big stupid mouth like that. Examples: Humiliating the author of Angels/Demons; criticizing Natalie Portman’s eating habits and lifestyle; telling Askars that was the “best rape scene ever”. I hope for Askar’s sake that his father conducts as little interviews as possible. Maybe he’s not a bad man but he has ZERO tact and very bad manners.

  • Testino

    @KEEP DAD AWAY: THIS!! Some people are just tactless and what they say comes off the wrong way. Even Alex has made a few blunders here and there. But the Nazi thing was going a bit too far.

  • Rachel()

    @Gracie: I agree that they probably are somewhat attracted to each other, and that JJ needs attention grabbing headlines. JJ however, supposedly tries hard to speak of celebs in a good light, and that quote was in no way flattering to Anna. Imagine if you were friends w/ someone as nice and attractive as Alex, and you heard that he said he wasn’t at all physically attracted to you. Would that not sting some? Even if you were a happily married and confident woman? It would sure bother me. Alex didn’t mean it to be insulting, but JJ shouldn’t have made it a feature story. It’s mean, and that’s not what this site is about. Unless you’re a poster.

  • chicca

    @Cristy: oh yeah…i can see Anna going at coachella with drunken Alex…LOL…Alex is not Eric!


    @Testino: Well in that case I think the “best rape scene ever” comment Alex’s father made was also way out of line. Perhaps saying something like “this scene depicted this assault in a very raw manner” would have been more appropriate. He should have been a little more careful and intelligent when talking about a sensitive issue like that. I bet if a loved one was a victim of such a crime he wouldn’t be so nonchalant about it.


    Is it just me or does Chicca sound like a Beeeehl fangirl? Any comment that even mentions Alex and Anna in the same sentence irks her and she’s so quick to jump in. What’s the big deal? It’s not like they’re boning. I’m a married woman but I’m not blind. I will still look at a handsome man.

  • Askars/Eric > Bill/Steven

    @chicca: Ok, now you’re calling Alex a drunk and claiming Anna would have never lowered herself to dating someone like him?! WTF?! Alex looks about two decades younger than Bill/Steven, a foot taller, and a million times more handsome. Your comment is ridiculous.


    I really don’t understand anybody who could ever think Stephen is hotter than Alexander. I mean it’s like comparing an old rusty Ford pickup with a brand new sporty Ford Mustang.


    I dont like this weird comb-over hairstyle of his. I loved the Generation Kill buzzcut he used to have when he was shooting that series. He looked more masculine and so hot. Sigh.

  • Rachel()

    @Askars/Eric > Bill/Steven: I absolutely despise Bill in the books and show, but have you guys seen any Steven Moyer interviews? He’s really funny and charming! I would go w/ ASkars all the way, but I can definitely see why Anna got with Steven! Before seeing him in real life their relationship baffled me.

  • chicca

    I NEVER say Stephen is hotter than Alex…but sorry…i really don’t see Anna and Alex a couple in real life (and believe it or not i’m Alex fan)

  • Canuck

    First, good morning to you Mr. Delicious Yummy! Are you mentally giving that pap a smack across the head for whatever nasty thing he’s saying to you? Are you wishing for secret microwave finger power to zap all of the electronics in that guy’s camera?

    Next up, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I totally get where Alex was coming from with his remark. Your friends become like a part of your extended family . I’m sitting here trying to imagine having to do a love scene with the husband of any of my good friends and I can’t. Hot looking man or not, it really would be like kissing your brother.

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @RESPECT: Well, who’s to blame really for that comment being made public? Stellan said that to his son in a private setting, it was Rod Lurie that blabbed it out to the press, hoping to drive up interest in his stupid movie. Yeah, I said stupid, my boo boo bear should never agree to play a rapist again, ever!!!!

  • Canuck

    @Rachel(): LVT needs to enroll himself into a media training course before he starts doing any more interviews.

  • Canuck

    He’s even got his sunglasses doing the eyebrow raising thing lol

  • Holic


  • me They’re using this on another forum, I don’t know if it will work here.

  • me

    that didn’t work at all!!!

  • Canuck

    @me: Let me try:

  • Canuck

    @me: Nope, it stripped the whole HTML image tag out of the message. JJ must not allow the insertion of images into the comments.

  • ladybug

    @Aimee: What do you mean ‘liberal artsy fartsy’?
    LVT strikes me as someone with no filter between brain and mouth and no social skills, which has nothing to do with liberal artys-fartsyness (we have a doc at work with similar habits, most definitely not liberal artsy fartsy).

  • Brainy box


  • lafamepoma

    LVT is Danish… I wonder what his neighbours( German) think about what he said, sure they’re angry, they Hitler cause they’ve been paying all the damage he caused, so it wasn’t funny those comments. I hope that some dierctor who went to Cannes saw Alex’s interpretation and think on him for new roles^^. It doesn’t matther whatever he wears he’s always hot =o With suit, casual clothes, sport clothes… HOT HOT HOT.
    Alexander Skarsgard & Eva Green= LOVE 4 EVER & EVER!
    Molts petons Alex ets wapisim i t’estimu mooolt. Mua^^ En el futur et vull veure al cine heheh.