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Bar Refaeli Bares Her Bikini Bod

Bar Refaeli Bares Her Bikini Bod

Bar Refaeli shows off her flawless bikini body while lounging on a yacht on Thursday (May 19) in Cannes, France.

“Yup! Can’t complain,” the 25-year-old Israeli model wrote on her Twitter page.

The next day, Bar was spotted chatting on her cell phone while strolling along the Promenade de la Croisette.

Bar has had a busy week in the south of France!

After glamming up the red carpet at The Beaver premiere, she helped designer Roberto Cavalli celebrate the opening of his new boutique and also attended the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala.

FYI: Bar is wearing a Sydney Evan “Love” ring.

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  • dee


  • Jess

    Now that is just a perfect body. Not to skinny, not flabby. Gorgeous!

  • dee

    wel he may cream u once more…BUT THAT WILL BE IT, MOVE ONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! he has…

  • Sl igo lambert ^______^ cute:


  • ….

    @dee wouldnt be suprized if that would be the case and she ‘forgot’ her pill and trapped him with a baby, wouldnt suprize me AT ALL

  • Merson

    Bar Refaeli is so beautiful and voluptuous. This incredibly gorgeous and curvaceous young woman is pure Israeli perfection. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

  • Jenna Gold

    I hope she finds love and happiness with someone her own age now who she settles down with.
    Bar has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • poor barfie

    anyone else see the video of leo with the brunette in the club…HAAAAAA sorry bar, apparently his villa has ben swarming wit girs all week AND he was reportedly spotted having diner with lively in a french resturant, romantic….and then there are the reports that bar tryin to make him JEALOUS, hahahha TRRRAGIC…

  • K simply amazing !!!!!!


  • tinkerbell

    6 and 7 are fake people.

    Bar has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

    The above sounds like you are talking about a piece of meat or maybe something for sale on QVC.

    Did leo and blake really have dinner? then its on !

    I dont think she can make leo jealous, she trying to publicize herself.

  • Carden

    She has a magnificent physique and excellent body overall. With her large breasts and toned, shapely legs, Bar is very sexy.

  • poor barfie

    @ yes apparently….kinda cute if u ask me…:)

  • yikes

    I should play the lottery! I knew JJ will torture us with another Frumpy Refaeli post and here we are! Am I the only one smelling desperation?

  • deja vu

    is she talking really on the phone? to me it looks like an act! it’s actually a ruse used by leo to not answer the paps. here i’m sure it’s just to have some posture other than stupidely smiling to the ppz like previousely

  • Sun

    i bet leo and bar are still togrther

  • YG


    Why do you always pose as different names and post you’re creepy adjectives on any woman’s post that isn’t flat chested?

  • Knife the Mack

    Change her name to Bore Rafaeli ’cause she is about as interesting as a bowl of oatmeal….

  • …. anyone see this, leo is sucha a good guy beneath it all..

  • Love Doctor


  • maddy

    wat the f!ck s’ going on with her???? she is selling her body or what???? she want leo back i’am 100% sure. she think that she will win. too late miss b!tch, he will never come back with you he already find someone else. give up sh!t barfie

  • leo

    i’am boring of borinfaeli!!!!!! when she will dissapear????

  • Thumbs up!

    omg, more!? pleeease give it a rest with the Bar pics.

  • mashed potatoes

    those are some saggy looking boobs… and that red face, ewwww

  • Aly

    those sunglasses looks like she has a unibrow scary!

  • ouchmyeyes

    There’s a pic of her getting out of the water with cellulite all over her ar*e. No wonder this chick can’t get no jobs! Quit partying Barf and take care of your appearance more!

  • ben

    put on some clothes you fat cow i jsut threw up in my mouth a little

  • lol

    Ok i don’t know this chick very well apart from being dicaprio’s ex..but seriously this is too much lol it’s getting pathetic now, she must be so desperated to wh*re herself out at this point? what’s next?

  • yikes

    `BR bares her bikini body` Groundbreaking! What else does she do? Bares her assets for attention. Barfie overload and it`s getting sickening!

  • lol

    There is a pic of her butt and she has pimples all over it, LOL!

  • BarFamewhre

    Nice mid section (boobs,stomach) but her bottom half and above the neck is gross.

  • Acai

    she has become more pathetic than leann rimes, didn’t think that was possible

  • ???


    where is the pic of her pimply butt, I wanna see it LOL

  • lol
  • tinkerbell

    yeah the close-up is unkind.

    cellulite never sleeps!

  • Karolina

    I adore her (:

  • vivi

    graphic for rihanna ‘s CKB is now posted Here:

  • to 33

    you came up with that pic very quickly. Guess you are having at beneath your bed and you are wanking over it, eh?

  • someonehireher

    That’s hilarious she has buttne, lol. Now wonder Leo had enough of that . horrible shape to her butt. Big and square like.

  • Brandon

    @poor barfie: That’s exactly what she’s trying to do make leo jealous, your just embarrassing yourself it won’t work.

  • Oh please

    Now seriously, are haters paid to comment on this website? It’s impressive how every post there’s only bashing and the few fans who come here to say nice things get their comments thumbed down. It’s just pathetic. Why do you even leave this s*** open to comments anyway if apparently these judgmental fu***** have only sh**** things to say?
    Bar is a stunning women with a beautiful, healthy body and face and a happy semblant. And you ppl critizing her are just hypocrite, judgmental, unhappy bast****, probably with no life and nothing better to do then bash random celebrities in a gossip website. Get a life fat losers.

  • Oh please


  • shawna

    @Oh please ..she id not bashed because of her looks, there are lots of not-so -good looking celebrities that are good people so nobody comments on their looks, she is bashed because she is a t.ramp and golddigger and she makes it way to obvious

  • lisa

    everyone knows about her relationship with dicaprio…mr big shlog didn’t give damn abouther since he used to sleep around with everyone the whole time they were supposedly together and her never took her to any events probably because he was embarrased of her…i wouldn’t even call that a relationship..more like a random fukk buddy kinda thing

  • tinkerbell

    @lisa: ah the truth comes out..

  • Oh please

    @shawna Oh, really, so is she? And you know that how? Are you close to any of them? Are you a fortune teller and know /see the future and ppl’s lives in you fu***** crystal ball? GUESS NOT. Then there’s no excuse for insulting her like that.
    And @lisa, nobody knows sh**. You and everybody else here know what the media tells you so. But go ahead, believe in that cra*** media.. because they REALLY tell the truth (irony mode on)..
    The truth is there is nothing to justify all the bashing and insults, whether is because of her looks or her supposedly ” bad persona”. But unfortunatelly we live in a world where ppl enjoy insulting and bashing everyone else. Not to mention as if anyone here is ANY better to judge her like that.
    People who comment in this website must be perfect gods and godesses to bash and insult others like that (see the irony here…), so why all of you don’t find a post about a celebrity you care for and pay them a compliment? But I know you won’t because insulting is REALLY a much better thing to do ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

  • tart

    Omg will this chick get a job? She does not take her job seriously and I lose all respect for her more and more. She yo yo’s in weight. She parties alot, she followed Leo around all the time..time she could have been making her own career blossom. Now he left her and she is still up his butt? Hunny that is the LASTTT thing you wanna do when you are trying to make a guy jealous. LOL so she is dumb too? you are supposed to play hard to get and make them miss you, not make them remember why they dumbed your sorry a** in the first place! wisen up barfie. Those pics of you with drinks in your hands smoking acting like a teenager and looking like a drunk fool will not make him miss you. Be a mature 26 yr old,get real fit and start getting some A list jobs…start acting like a grown up and maybe it will….God she is so dumb. Looking like a drunk partying slob ain’t making him miss u one bit.

  • Stefani

    Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros,Karolina Kurkova, Irina Shayk, Naomi Campbell and Doutzen Kroes are there too and we gotta see this one? I suppose the person she is on the phone with are the paps….

  • AVA

    who are these pathetic people, I really think it’s either rejected chicks of Leo DiCaparo, or hm and his friends, because these comments are way to personal and freaky to be just random people commenting on a celebrity they don’t personally know…… probably Leo’s beards ( gay F’s) commenting, because this is the only site that get bad comments about her and good comments about him.

  • @Ava

    No, this is not the only site with bad comments about her. If you believe that you’re delusional. Rejected chicks of Dicaprio? Like barfie? And of course the Leo is gay topic again. Sour grapes for barfie fans? LoL!

  • busted

    No alot of people think she looks like an average jane who can’t model and would be nothing without Leo. outcast tween girls and horny little tween boys are the majority of her fan base. yeah real impressive. lol…