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Leighton Meester & Jason Sudeikis: MTV Movie Awards Promo!

Leighton Meester & Jason Sudeikis: MTV Movie Awards Promo!

Check out this promo for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards featuring Leighton Meester and host Jason Sudeikis!

“I’m just going around introducing myself to all the nominees before the big shindig,” Jason tells Leighton, who’s up for Best Villain, while surprising her at the dentist office.

Watch as Leighton and Jason each inhale some laughing gas and feel the effects immediately!

“All right, I better boogie before I get arrested,” Jason tells Leighton.

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards will air live Sunday (June 5) from Los Angeles. In case you missed it, check out a full list of nominees and vote for each category on!

FYI: Leighton is wearing Aperlai‘s “Bettina” pumps.

Leighton Meester & Jason Sudeikis – MTV Movie Awards Promo
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  • Mason

    Leighton is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

  • eleni

    Haha it’s funny! Leighton looks adorable as always!!

  • promo

    killer double chin.

  • maerski

    haha love leighton but i’m kinda irritated with blair right now..

  • Brainy box


  • GG

    Hello beautiful people do you want to talk to me? I will be waiting for you. By the way you must be over 20 and like to talk because i love to listen. Also i am white and i have long brown hair and brown eyes.

  • Super Cool

    She is beautiful but she should lost some weight. Her chin and neck area doesn’t look good in the photo.

  • Ria

    they CANNOT be serious. this? THIS??? this was not even acting. this was travesty. this was one horrific, talentless, totally fake travesty.

  • protrude

    @Super Cool: yeah and weight gain/age will only make it worse so she better watch out,.She is one who ONLY looks good thin. Some women can gain some weight and it doesn’t affect their face, with her she can’t even gain 10.

  • lokiyan

    All the double chin and weight comments are disgusting. You guys are pretty much a huge reason why there are pre-teen and teenages starving themselves or dry heaving into toilets.

  • Super Cool

    @lokiyan: Are you saying that people who don’t have double chins are starving themselves to death? This is very ignorant. She is an actress, it is part of her job to be healthy and double chin is not healthy.

  • Coco

    Leighton is a Beauty + talent
    I hope she wins the award

  • MD

    @lokiyan: that was super ignorant! double chins actually are a sign of an ED (bulimia jaw) Im not saying she has one but to imply that if you don’t have a double chin you have an ED is ludicrous. I have no fat on my face because I have good genes and don’t eat alot of salt. Leighton just needs to watch her angles thats all. Her face and neck are beginning to connect and that’s not a good thing on anyone.

  • Jessa

    sorry but leighton is nothing special at all.
    she’s cute. pretty maybe.

  • S

    She’s a big deal to me :D

  • lokiyan

    @MD and @Super Cool You guys have got to be kidding me, right? She is lying down and her chin is retracted because she’s laughing. It doesn’t mean she’s fat, it doesn’t mean she’s bulimic, but people shouldn’t have to worry about “oh no, I might have a double chin right now because I’m reclined and laughing.” Or heck, even if someone just doesn’t have a very well-defined jaw line and just naturally has a double chin, they shouldn’t automatically have to worry about “OH SHIT, SHE’S FAT, LOSE SOME WEIGHT” comments.

  • Cano

    She’s a big deal to me too *_*

  • Izzy

    Love her, wish the best for her!

  • Ash


    What you said made a lot of sense but most people on here are insecure, mean spirited and very immature so it’s pretty much a waste of time trying to explain.

  • towanda

    She’s a big deal to me too <3

  • Angie

    Me too!

  • yop

    Me too! too!!!

  • Super Cool

    @Ash: I’m not insecure or mean spirited or immature. If you have something to say to me or to @MD you should do so as @lokiyan did. You are a vicious and coward person.

  • Super Cool

    @lokiyan: I didn’t say she’s fat, I said she should lose some weight. I said that she is beautiful as well. She has a thin, fit and nice body but she has a double chin, sorry.

  • nena

    @Super Cool: She has a double chin because she lowered her chin so far down onto her neck. She is a very skinny girl, but that pose will give anyone a double chin. Why does everyone think Leighton and Blake are fat? Crazy world.

  • xoKel_Belxo

    OMG! i love her!! she can do soo much more than GG! even though i love Blair Waldorf, im really excited for all her upcoming roles soon!! woo!! and this is hilarous! i hope she does SNL to promote her movie she’s now filming with Andy S. thanks jj for posting this!! :)

  • Super Cool

    @nena: I don’t think Blake or Leighton is fat and I have never seen Blake with a double chin.