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Miranda Kerr: Palm Springs Photo Shoot!

Miranda Kerr: Palm Springs Photo Shoot!

Miranda Kerr works the camera during a photo shoot on Wednesday (May 18) in Palm Springs, Calif.

The 28-year-old Aussie model rocked several different looks for the day, including a bright pink dress that showed off some leg and a low-cut LBD.

Miranda recently updated her Kora Organics blog and answered a question she gets all the time – why she decided to launch her own the beauty line.

“For years I have tried just about every skincare product (including organic and certified organic) available throughout the world. Unfortunately, nothing contained all of the ingredients I personally wanted in a skincare range,” she wrote.

“Kora Organics products are the only products I now use and I also use them on [my son] Flynn. My skin has never looked or felt better,” she added.

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  • haa

    Pumpkin head! is it heavy?

  • nofashion

    Another cheap catalogue shoot? What happened to her being “In Vogue”? I knew this chipmunk was just a trend.

  • k simply amazing !!!!!!!

    maybe pic black dress nice:D i like candice

  • Sl igo lambert ^______^ cute:

    Cute girl but photo cheap

  • pippi14

    Sometimes she’s pretty and other times kinda ghastly. These are, unfortunately the latter. I haven’t quite figured out if I like her.

  • Silver

    Miranda Kerr is so beautiful and voluptuous. This incredibly gorgeous and curvaceous young woman is pure Australian perfection. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

  • Abi

    Miranda Kerr is so voluptuous now after giving birth to her son recently with her amazing post-baby curves, large breasts, fuller legs and fuller backside.
    I’m a new mother myself and I highly recommend having children. My hips are bigger…my breasts are bigger. I’m loving it! I feel like more of a woman now. It definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before.

  • Nicole Lindsay

    Miranda Kerr has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • SteveM

    I just prefer smaller heads, sorry. I can’t get into this alien “beauty”. She does have a fabulous bod! I like em long and lean.

  • DC

    Wow she just had a baby and is longer and thinner than Barf Fataeli cheap catalog model. Kudos to MK! I like that she takes good care of herself!

  • Kelly

    she looks good..nice styles..
    …im happy 2day…been wantin 2 chat wit my bfriend in army, but couldn’t afford a laptop..this site email me a coupon & i picked it up 1 no cost sameday..

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • drew

    Amanda Cur will never be anything more than a cheap catalogue model.

  • Gracie Anne

    I spent a lot of money on her “beauty line” and it gave me hives. I contacted her team about it and they refused to give me my money back. She pretends to be so nice on her blog and she and her staff were very rude to me. Her crap is just that, crap. Don’t bother with it and spend your money on products that actually work.

  • bobby

    she so her & orlando bloom together….

  • andi

    women who have babies as publicity stunts/marketing ploys are selfish and disgusting.

  • Brainy box


  • matty


  • gigi

    @gracie anne wats wrong wit her products?

  • Name

    you know how easy it is to say “her products suck” when you don’t like someone…LOL. gimme a break! lol.

  • Dukes

    Kermit the frog face with a Bombshell body; WEIRDDDD!

  • Gracie Anne


    I ended up covered in hives. My first email to her team got me a response that said I had to keep using the product and that my skin would detox and normalize. My dermatologist told me that wasn’t true and that I should stop using the products. as soon as I did, my skin cleared up. I contacted her team again to get my money back and they refused to help me even though it was the Kora products that caused my hives. Their emails to me were rude and I never did get my money back.

    @Name: I did like her. A lot. I thought she was sweet and a good person and I bought her products and found out that they are crap and found out that she is not the nice person she claims to be. No, I don’t like her now but her products still suck no matter if you like her or not. I am guessing you haven’t used them. I have. I have the doctor bills to prove it.

  • LOL!!

    Oh, I see that the hater sock puppets are out today!
    What’s the matter girl?
    Are you just upset that she proved you WRONG AGAIN!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!
    You said that David Jones dropper her. WRONG!!!! So now you are just mad and are going overboard with the idiot puppetry.
    Delphites are so funny when they are desperate.

  • wtf


    are you high?

  • sash

    It’s funny how people who complain about the Kora products on Facebook always have new, basically anon profiles.
    Which means, like Gracie, they are sockpuppets that haters are using as another way of insulting Miranda.
    I’ve used Kora for nearly a year, and my skin is better than ever.
    One friend has used them for longer than me, another has used them for eight months, and because all of our skin looks so great, another friend started using them last week.
    We couldn’t be happier with the results that we are getting.

  • What the H3ll

    Why should they refund your money for an allergy? Yes it sucks that you found out that something is not for you in an expensive way, but an allergy is a personal thing, and the opened product was still viable to be found another home with a friend. The company cannot resell used products and it is also expensive to have it shipped back. It’s YOU- not the Product! I worked in skincare for 5 years. Did you not read the returns policy? No refunds of opened products.

    Hives are related to allergies and now you have a list of what you are possible allergic to. I bet you paid less for the products than a stay in a hospital. I’d find it odd if your doctor didn’t get you an allergy test with particular focus on the ingredient list. Aren’t you happy that now you can prevent a possibly dangerous reaction if you investigate your allergy? Get used to reading ingredient lists! And, I doubt you ever were in personal contact with Miranda so why be angry with her?

    FYI- I have been dealing with allergy issues for years ( minor), this year I’ve been to the hospital 2 times and am headed for allergy testing for a new (major) allergy. Many of us have to live in constant contact with our allergies. You may be one of the luck ones who can avoid theirs with minimal effects, but some people have to stay inside all summer, wear masks, never play with pets, etc.

  • @26

    You are making too much sense!
    Logic hurts delphite brains!!

  • sara

    HATE the pink dress.
    Love the white and black ones. Especially the white one!
    Love her!

  • @6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 23, 25, 26 and 27:

    Please comment only once. We heard you the first time.

  • Gracie Anne

    @What the H3ll:

    I would never pawn that subpar product off on one of my friends. It went in the trash where it belongs. I also have never commented to her on her Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook so you will not find an empty profile, or any profile with my name on it, especially not one commenting to her. I have read her blog, which is how I decided to purchase the product. I am not sure what a delphi is or why I should be insulted by that and I find it interesting that anyone with anything negative to say is a “sock puppet.” For all anyone knows, the only positive comments about her come from the same person. The supposition works both ways. BTW another product I used while at university also caused a reaction and they were kind enough to refund my money in full. If her comapny cannot provide good customer service than she will not have a company for very long.

  • Thad

    Holy shit! This chick sucked my cock in the men’s room of The Blue Coyote the other night. She sucks dick like a ten dollar whore and we did a few lines on the toilet seat. She told me she was famous but I didn’t believe her.

  • @Gracie Anne

    What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. Peanuts can produce horrible reactions in people who are allergic to them, they can even cause an anaphylactic shock. Does this mean that peanuts are “crap” or that the companies that sell peanuts should pay the people allergic to them? No. Especially not if the product is natural. Unless you want to sue Nature. You can’t blame a company for a problem in your immune system.
    “For all anyone knows, the only positive comments about her come from the same person”
    The thing is that the people who say negative things always say the same things, and after they’ve already been said on a certain site with 4 members. Positive comments could all come from a same person yes, but if you had facebook you’d know she has several thousands of fans.

  • @31

    You’re anonymous and you have tons of proof, so I guess I must totally believe you

  • @Gracie

    Sub par?
    You can dislike her all you want, but most of her skincare is certified organic. You don’t get certified if you are sub par.
    See, language like that fets you labeled a hater, and decreases your believability. The more you say, the more obvious it becomes that you are a sockpuppet hater.

  • inquiring

    overrated. cute but not sexy at all.

  • Mayfreak

    OMG! She looks like a 1940′s woman!! If that 1940′s woman was a hooker, that is.

  • @34


    a product can be both certified organic and total crap. all that organic certification means is that the ingredients where grown and/or obtained by orgainc means. It in no way implies the product is actually good. A subpar product can be an organic product. Your comment decreases the believability that you actually have a brain.

  • huh?

    Miranda has a great product.
    Just because you claim that couldn’t use it due to your allergies doesn’t make it “sub par”.
    I’m with the rest of them. I don’t believe you either.

  • @33

    There was a guy in NYC that made a similar claim. Apparently this is a habit of hers and really, I have no problem at all believing that.

  • @37

    Oh I think that quality and certification go hand in hand.
    Why go to the expense of qualifying for certification if you don’t have a good product? People who aren’t confident in the quality of their line would not care if it was certified or not. They would just call it ‘organic’ and not worry about certification.
    The fact that Kora is certified, makes me confident of the quality of the line. That carries more weight than the opinion of an anon whiner on a gossip board.

  • @39

    If you believe any of that garbage then you have reached a whole new level for the term ‘idiot’.

  • Dear Shipper Sock Puppets,

    Defending Miranda and her lousy cosmetics will not entice Orlando to sleep with you. Take off the tinhat and find a real life man.

  • @42

    I remind you that your concept of what a real life is, is to research a perfect stranger’s whole life to make up stuff to insult her.
    You’re the ones who always use sockpuppets. Because you need them. Because you’re 4.

  • @39

    So basically you will believe anything anyone tells you as long as it fits your agenda. I can’t say this surprises me, you believe all the other impossible BS even after proven wrong like 38745938 times.

  • @42

    I’m not defending her cosmetics, I never tried them so I don’t know if they’re good or not. But you have to admit it’s ridiculous to say they’re crap because one person is allergic to one of its ingredients.
    And don’t try to use 5 sockpuppets to say that “they” too got hives to make the least intelligent believe it’s poison. If it were dangerous it wouldn’t have passed the tests to be released.

  • @42

    Says the delphidiot on a board of four active members who are convinced that Miranda hangs on their every word.
    You see, we ‘shippers’ know that Orlando and Miranda don’t know who they are. We live in the real world where every breath is NOT part of some super secret conspiracy. Delphidiots have earned the derision of the entire fandom. Their insanity is what drove the saner members away. They think that the world revolves around them.
    Just one of the MANY reasons that they are pathetic jokes.

  • dotes

    she’s fugly. big wonk nose

  • RED

    Her boobs looks good but hate her cabbage patch face ugh!

  • tess

    That pink dress is horrible! But the other ones are gorgeous.
    She looks amazing. though. As always.
    Love her!

  • Kerrigan

    Josie Maran Cosmetics you are not.

    “Rose Quartz Crystal Energised Water

    Rose quartz is pink coloured crystal gemstone believed to have heart-healing qualities. It is a natural remedy that is thought to carry a very gentle, soothing energy that encourages self-love. By using Rose Quartz Crystal Energised Water we hope to infuse a vibration of self-love into the KORA Organics skincare products.”

    lol seriously? Ok Miranda.