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Rachel Bilson & Jaime King: 'Hart of Dixie' Preview!

Rachel Bilson & Jaime King: 'Hart of Dixie' Preview!

Rachel Bilson and Jaime King join their co-stars (left to right) Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel, and Cress Williams in this new promo pic for their upcoming dramedy series, Hart of Dixie.

The series reunites Rachel with producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz – they all worked on The O.C. together from 2003-7.

Watch the three preview clips below of Hart of Dixie, which will air from 9-10PM on Mondays after Gossip Girl. It’s going to be two full hours of Josh Schwartz/Stephanie Savage productions! (They also have Chuck on NBC starring Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski.)

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rachel bilson hart of dixie 01
rachel bilson hart of dixie 02
rachel bilson hart of dixie 03
rachel bilson hart of dixie 04

Photos: Mathieu Young/The CW
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  • Lia

    Stop trying to make Rachel happen.

  • Danse Now Loois

    UGH RACHEL BILSON sucks as an actress and is a Z-Lister.
    This show is cancelled in 3….2…

  • LOLZ

    Nice how they make the south and southerners sound so pathetic like she’s coming to save us. I can’t watch this show. Geezus

  • dude

    How many doctors take a bus to their new state doubt very much many would this is a joke. It’s looks stupid and she doesn’t come across as any believable doctor. If CW is smart they will replace her for a someone with talent.

  • Knife the Mack

    She’s probably worse than Dr. Nick Riviera – hi everybody!!

  • bad news bilson

    Ewwwww!!!! This show will fail like everything else this talentless fame wh@re has done or tried to do b/c she is nothing but bad news. Go away, Ratchel!!!!

  • Creed

    Who the F*ck came up with that brilliant idea to make Rachel Bilson a doctor? shes an idiot. Quit posting useless crap about this ugly has been.
    Hiedi Montag is more relavent

  • jimmy

    nice nose job rach,

  • Campaign4Quality!

    Please cancel this show. Too much trite rubbish on air as it is.

  • Tina

    I don’t like shows that make people from the south out to all be backwards and stuff like True Blood does so I can understand some of the comments. There are only a few minutes of video so I’ll wait to see the show. It might turn out to be good. I like Rachel Bilson so I’ll watch.

  • jake

    it’s about time she has her own show!


    Rachel after her nose job, couldn’t get a brain surgery to make her clever.
    She is a well known prostitute. You can have her for $ 35,000/a night.

    She is fashion mop, and clean people’s as$ to sit on fashion front rows’ runaways.

    J schwartz is obviously secretly in love with that dummie… that would explain his attempts to get her a role on TV.

    No actor wants to be associated with her…she is an empty shell with dropping silly big eyes….no actor but Christensen who has no personality and tastes.
    Christensen will blindly listen to his brother’s silly $hity advice in terms of movies.

    Being silly in her 20′s is cute but not i her 30′s.

    Bilson is a failure who sucks people ‘s luck and life (see christensen, he became the shadow of himself since dating the famewhore….all with his mommy , and brother’s consent)!!!!

  • llcool23

    @BILSON is a FAILURE: nose job? lol wtf, if you’re trying to make an insult at her come up with a better one.



    We all forgive her for her nose job, Some posted old pics of her and it looks like her nostrils are are smaller now…..and it’s not only because she lost her baby fat.

    She is a failure and that’s all we see.

  • TJ

    Yeah, well, let’s face it, it ain’t never gonna happen naturally. They gotta keep plugging the r*tard!

  • Vanessa

    This show is a copy cat of everwood and I can’t believe the cw would actually pick this crap up and cancelled hellcats I don’t think Rachel is a good enough actress she did a okay job as summer in the oc and she did a horrible job in the movie the jumper. I dont understand why the cw would pick this show up it just like everwood and this show is not going to get the cw the ratings they are looking for this show will get cancelled with in five episode top and it’s a shame because Scott Porter did such a amazing job as Jason street on Friday night light and this is the crap show he decision to go on.

  • ATLQueen

    Okay screw the fact that I will have trouble believing Rachel as a doctor…… The show itself just looks like a serious snoozefest. I normally pass that channel up anyway. ‘Hart of Dixie’ just really didn’t help that at all.

  • Jax

    In the first place, Rachel Bilson….. As A Doctor?!! ROFLMAO!! Wow, who’s idea was that? Idiots. Second, I agree, I hate the bigotry and prejudice, making everyone from the South look like an inbred redneck hick that drives around looking for some dumb stupid chick to kidnap and murder. Ugh, I could just slap someone right now. This is going to tank. Or it should.

  • Madhatter

    Unfortunately, questionable shows on the CW get more time before they get cancelled than new shows on the network channels.

    So, even if the show is bad they will be around for a season or two.

  • LOLZ

    I forgot to say what a badly photoshopped pic that is attached to this story. Just grabbing the couples and placing their pics in front of a plantation house? Geez, they were in NC couldn’t you get them together to take a simple photo? Cheeeeeesy!

  • HereWeGoAgain

    Everwood was a great show Hart of Dixie is its trailer trash inbred cousin as far as the writing and character development have shown.
    Really she arrives in town on a bus?
    The writers and creators do realize they have planes and airports in the south lol
    Wow.I know what a shocker lol.
    This show wont survive in the time slot behind Gossip Girl… the people that watch Gossip Girl are not the kind of people that are going to watch this show. Not just because its another Josh Schwartz show Gossip Girl fans dont watch that show because he created Chuck or was behind the OC its because…. they like the clothes,setting, and drama. Three things Hart of Dixie wont have.
    Only question is will this show last longer than Mischa Bartons return to TV did… lol

    That being said….

    You can bet if this show does last more than two episodes rumors of her and the actor playing her love interest( aka the guy in the car with her hooking up) will start and they will date for fame.(Really in a car? lol)
    Hmmm does the formula sound familiar? Why yes I believe it does.
    The rumors might start as soon as they go into production on a few more episodes now that it has been picked up.
    Just wait and see lol

  • Shy

    Yeah, your precious Rachel Bilson Jared. Wonder how many episode this stinker will air before it will be canceled.

    She looked very ridiculous as doctor in that trailer. It’s like Paris Hilton would play doctor.

  • TJ

    Guess it depends on how many viewers r stoopid enuff 2 tune in! LOL…Rachel Bilson, where the heck would she be w/o her affair with Schwartz 2 prop her up?

  • just m

    @BILSON is a FAILURE: Why keep bring Hayden into this at all. This isn’t about him. His parents to do not tell him who to be with. Its his choice or mainly Rachel that wants to be seen with him.We don’t don’t know if they are still together or not. Its still her ex -boyfriend. That’s what on and off means. Why bring up his family? They don’t have anything to do with his personal life. . Haven’t seem him in month.what really happen after the trip in barbados. Wasn’t seen coming home with her. Nor was rachel seem coming home from the trip at all..I saw the triailer and look pretty good to me.Leave her alone about the show. At least she has something to do besides follow hayden all the time

  • periwinkle

    OLD/ORIG. nose… OLD/ORIG. face…
    NEW nose…. NEW face… but stll looks unfortunate just like her HW career.

  • ????

    Did RB’s few insane in the membrane stans get sucked up by the Rapture or have they realized the truth of her crapness?

  • D-LIsted

    According to internet gossip, Rachel Bilson, Carmen Electra, Eve and LiLo have been rumored to be part time expensive “call girls”. It helps them maintain the Hollywood lifestyle since their careers are not exactly hot now. Allegedly, a lot of very rich men are willing to pay big money for a ‘famous’ woman. Dunno if it’s true, but it seems plausible.
    “Rachel Bilson’s” name in particular comes up A LOT.

  • whodie

    Well guess what (not really, its actually & extremely predictable)?! On who’s going to be dropped & tanked 1st w/ these new CW line-ups coz it looks like a steaming pile of sh*t !!!

  • This Show is so Awful

    Ridiculous story. Stupid dialog. Bad acting. Perfect vehicle for Bilson but really rock-bottom dollar store television.

  • emmaa

    This show will get cancelled real soon after premiering. It’s inevitable. Mark my words.

  • nutellatella

    maybe will go on or maybe not.who knows..

  • just saying,,,,,
  • dude

    Can’ one say she is either upset b/c ppl don’t love this show or maybe on again off again grew some intelligence and figured out he isn’t wanting to be her slave dog anymore..And GOD what is with the mother looks she looks like her great grandmother not her mom. She seriously needs Miss Clairol b/c the woman is looking like the wicked witch of some kind.

  • @dude

    It’s called the Classic Break Up Face!

  • LOLZ

    She looks alot like her mom…even though her mom looks like Cruella DeVille. Geez…choose a hair color Janice!

  • Chelly

    Maybe she’s upset because she’s not one Karl’s angels anymore? Who knows!?

  • SoonEnough

    Could be the bad response to the show , could be classic break up/ it is over face? No one really knows. Im sure people will find out soon enough what it is.
    Some people said its because she lost her luggage again… its clearly not that because she only had two bags which she had next to her already while she was upset… and she still looks upset when leaving the airport with her bags.
    My guess is she hams it up in the airport looks upset…. and then when breakups are announced or the show does die upon the pilot airing….they will be able to refer to these photos and shell get even more press for it either way.

    Magnum probably dropped her from their ice cream commerical campaign only one has aired in the states on tv, mostly in the major markets like LA and NYC. Im going to guess the commerical didnt track so well and they dropped her.
    Maybe she got dropped by Magnum.
    Knows her show will be dropped soon enough
    and got dropped by her on again off again showmance partner.
    That would make any girl look like the walking undead.

  • BILSON and JAred
  • Chrisensen does not dump But

    Hayden does not dump, he prefers the partner to get tired of him until she dumps him.
    Dumping someone and choosing the right persons and things requires some guts, and he has none. Dude goes with the flow.

  • Tina

    The tv spot is tracking well and was one of the “most liked new commercials” in April as rated by Nielsen Mediaworks.

  • jaeger

    Actually from the post #25 itself, it looks like that the ice-drop endorser is fighting very hard not to look like her mom due to those “very obvious surgery procedures”… but still failing.
    Anyways her mom would looked like “Donatela Versace” in just 5 years.

  • SoonEnough

    @Tina: There is a difference between “liked” and sales. The commerical is one of the most liked for April ” on line” on THEIR site. . When refering to “tracking” a commerical it means the actual sales for the product or interest that are quickly created or are not as well as likability and other factors
    Example the most liked commerical last month was the cat food Fancy Feast commerical….
    hey I really liked the commerical too…. only one problem I dont have a cat and I didnt go buy one because of the commerical or go buy their product.
    If the commerical is liked thats great if it equals actual sales for the company is the real name of the game for Magnum.
    There is a difference between like and truly effective commericals. Like Go Daddy.spots during the super bowl every year alot of people remember them… but how many people have used the site and given it money? Is always the end question.

    What for me is sad to see with Rachel Bilsons career….one of her biggest accomplishments of the moment is her ice cream commerical beat out a cat food commerical……This probably isnt where she saw her career by 30 years old. Just a hunch……

    Cat food… and ice cream. Not Emmys, Gold Globes,Oscars or heck even a hit show on tv again….

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! Looks like we’ve got an Emmy winner here!!!

  • Evie

    @Lia: Yeah, she’s so not fetch. lol

  • joe

    you call her stupid but you cant even spell stupid

  • joe

    you call her stupid but you cant even spell stupid