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Bar Refaeli: Looking Lovely for LG!

Bar Refaeli: Looking Lovely for LG!

Bar Refaeli flashes a big smile at the presentation of the new LG 3D cinema television at the Can Batllo on Saturday (May 21) in Barcelona, Spain.

The 25-year-old Israeli model arrived in a slim fitting striped mini dress, neutral heels, and fun hot pink glasses! Bar accessorized with a Sydney Evan “Love” Ring.

Bar loved her time in Barcelona so much, she even Tweeted she would love to live there!

“Thought… Coming to Live in Barcelona for a few months.. It’s perfect here”

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli at the presentation for LG’s newest television in Barcelona…

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bar refaeli lg event 01
bar refaeli lg event 02
bar refaeli lg event 03
bar refaeli lg event 04
bar refaeli lg event 05
bar refaeli lg event 06
bar refaeli lg event 07
bar refaeli lg event 08
bar refaeli lg event 09
bar refaeli lg event 10

Credit: Robert Marquardt; Photos: Getty
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  • annie

    She’s everywhere these days

  • creed

    I see at least 20 girls on the street who look exactly like her. Nothin Special

  • Annie

    Barcelona is beautiful, but so is Egypt. I wonder why she called it primitive……….


  • BEAN

    HAHAHAHAHHAA The 5th pic is hilarious. What a perrrrrrvert ewww. Doesn’t look like she doesn’t like it though! ehhh??? She is pretty!

  • annie

    @creed: I do agree. Not saying she isn’t hot but not what they make her out to be. Plus maybe as a model she should have a bit better skin?
    I would pick Lima over her anyday

  • BEAN

    @Annie: Oh come on get over that already. She doesn’t like Egypt and has an opinion – who the hell cares. There are countries each of us have this opinion of too. You could argue that it’s part of their culture but in your mind it’s completely away from home and uncivilised – it doesn’t make you racist or a bad person.

  • Lizzie

    Ever since she broke up with Leo, she has been here there and everywhere. Is it because now she doesn’t have an A list boyfriend anymore, she feels the need to be in the limelight at every opportunity to try and stay relevant?

  • santa

    Hot girl, if you don’t find her hot, you are fat ugly or gay

  • Knife the Mack

    She’s got her pr machine in overdrive……

  • Torv

    @creed: I see girls who have very common faces, and yet are still beautiful. Bar simply is cheap looking.

  • ex

    she’s an ugly nobody. She has to force any “fame” she thinks she has. Someone seems on edge about the loss of Leo.

  • SashaT

    She sure is everywhere these days. THANKS JARED for letting us see all these pictures of the gorgeous Miss Refaeli.

    Love how she handles her newly single status. SHE ENJOYS LIFE!

  • Annie

    @BEAN: Eqypt is far from uncivilized. I never called her racist, don’t make things up now.

  • Envious guy

    That bearded dude is one lucky guy! I hate him.

  • Real

    She is one of the biggest idiots on the face of the globe. If you listen to what she says you would be appalled she is spineless and mysoginistic. I have no clue how long leo was able to handle her…. well i guess he just called her up everytime he needed a safe lay.

  • http://justjared kem

    Pic 5 : Is her new sugar daddy? Repugnant. S l t!!!!!!!

  • Afarin

    OMG, I generally don’t comment on stuff but even I have noticed the unnatural amount of JJ posts about this girl. It is so obvious she is desperate and paying for this recognition, and a lot of the early comments on her stupid posts are all the same phrases and wording, like she gets people to come on here and comment positive things about her. It’s so pathetic!

    She should learn how people get real fame and recognition – by actually being a good model and having a lot of offers and work! What a famewhore!!

  • Lose

    Its official, Barfy is on a media tour …..for nothing. Go Home Barf.

  • Brasil

    The pic 5 is gross, ARGH! I’am so glad Leo broke with her.

  • DiCarlo

    @creed: Gisele fans are disgusting.

    Leave her alone. You like telling people not to trash Gisele and here you are trashing her.

  • Creed

    Who said I was a Gisele fan? Crazy person.

  • Karo

    @Annie: Because it is? Sorry. But the coral reef is nice :o)

  • Fan or Beauty

    Lovely dress, very feminine and perfect for the event!

    One thing is sure, Bar always manages to have the proper clothes on every occasion.

    Who is the guy sitting next to her?

  • Duh…
  • LeoEXhaha

    bleached her hair more? What is she giving the unsuccessful modeling career a rest and headed to porn? I’m sure she’d be quite the hit in that arena.

  • Madhatter

    Um, that 5th picture is making me uncomfortable.
    Doesn’t she have a manager or someone to prevent that ugly creeper dude from getting so personal?!

  • Buddydin

    Ok all this running around on her part is looking rather desperate. Meanwhile the REAL star who is Leo is no where to be found, probably relaxing with 2 hot models on his arms in a jacuzzi somewhere while Barf is trying so hard to make him jealous. LOL hilarioussss!

  • *Angieee*

    LOL who’s that creep with the thick beard all over her. She’s smiling because i bet he’s filthy rich. Keep paying gossip sites to feature you, barfy. She was “famous” for dating leo and being on swimsuit cover…those days are long gone

  • Brooke Hogan

    she looks old for her age. She reminds me of Brooke Hogan.

  • Muslim

    Bar is such a beautiful model,but hey …. What do u say about muslim people ?? Jewish are better than muslims? Here isnt a good place 4 relegious issues… Im a muslim girl and im proud of it… Islam is the last and best relegion … Love God :-x

  • X-Be Gone!

    So she breaks up with Leo, sorry Leo broke up with her what am I thinking…hahahahaha……so Leo breaks up with her and all of a sudden she has a post on justjared pratically everyday!!! That’s why people BARF at her. disgusting!!! She doesnt have Leo’s name for long anymore, even though now she’s considered The Ex, so girlfriend is working overtime to stay relevant!!!

  • pinkydoo

    Agreed about that dude touching her leg. Ewwww..I almost lost my dinner

  • Kiki

    Is he her new boyfriend? Why would we whisper to her and touch her thigh? LOL

  • Mimi

    Why is that sleazy guy touching her like that?
    She looks like an escort, smiling and allowing him to touch her like that.

  • Marta

    her?? again?? why??

  • Dieter

    Thits girl is always working so hard !!!!!!! Totally love her tight small butt !!!!

  • take any job she can get

    Now that Leo dumped her she takes ALL the jobs she’s offered to be the “host” even though these arent really modeling jobs!!! Palmolive will be calling Bar soon to introduce their new dishwashing scent and I’m sure she’ll take it because she’s not “Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend” anymore!

  • interesting

    @take any job she can get: I find it so interesting how all the blog trog haters have so much time and hatred in them to comment more than once on, every Bar thread, get over it, go outside and play in the sunshine!

  • riddle solved

    i’ve figured why she is smiling!!!!! she has a sudden interest from the media (?jj?) so the brands are giving her more money than ever, she get’s to travel for free, and is richer, as long as the interest lasts. it’s a window of opportunities here, and i bet she is going to make as much money as she can. the brands attached to her in this moment know why r they paying that much: she is the news of the moment. don’t hate on her beacause she doesn’t have big contracts, i bet it was leo who was slowing her down (the privacy thing is not good for a model). now that she is free, her management is taking care of her carrer in a way they didn’t invent, it’s been done before.

  • Karo

    @pinkydoo: Hahaha, you’re my hero xD

  • adna

    And now every man can touch this put…na girl
    she give her touch …..what a sham!!!!!!!
    thanks god Leo dambed her!!!!!!!

  • take any job she can get

    @adna: I know, as soon as Leo dumped her a** all kinds of men are feeling her up in public! Talk about gross! I’m sure Teddy Sagi is just waiting his turn!!!

  • yajaira

    u can see the desperation on her to be everywhere and not to mention she wants him to be jealous, bar sweeti MOVE ON, LEO ALREADY HAS!!

  • chic babyyyy

    5th pic ……eww…

  • sad for haters

    beautiful! she is gorgeous!

  • atom

    wow Bean you really have no history education huh? Don’t you know that Egypt is the oldest civilization in the world? Don’t you know how far behind Egypt the rest of the world is..i.e.Europe. I bet you think USA is older and more civilized than Egypt..haha ignorant fool!

  • barff

    ew pic #5 the s l u t is showing her true colors..she’s a Hollywood prostitute

  • Dieter

    She left Leo because he had a negative impact on her career. Bar is THE SUPERMODEL of the 20ten’s – like Gisele was of the 2ks and Helena Chistensen of tzhe 90ties !!!! She was too goof for Leo !!!!

  • tinkerbell

    @Dieter: scott, I mean dieter, leo GAVE her her career–maybe she can do more shameless promotion now.. he;s with blake now.