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Bar Refaeli: VIP in Cannes!

Bar Refaeli: VIP in Cannes!

Bar Refaeli enjoys a night out during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 20) at the VIP Room in Cannes, France.

The 25-year-old Israeli model hung out with some gal pals and snapped pictures with her phone.

The next day, Bar wrote on her Twitter page that she was at “#Formula1 best seats in the house!”

“Then saw Jenson Button stepping out.. Followed by [Lewis] Hamilton.. My brothers r so jealous right now,” she said in another tweet.

On Thursday, Bar soaked up the sun while lounging on a yacht and tweeted a pic of her bikini body!

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  • Mason

    She has a magnificent physique and excellent body overall. With her large breasts and toned, shapely legs, Bar is very sexy.

  • Merson

    Bar Refaeli is so beautiful and voluptuous. This incredibly gorgeous and curvaceous young woman is pure Israeli perfection. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

  • Amy Silver

    I hope she finds love and happiness with someone her own age now who she settles down with.
    Bar has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the world.

  • Jenna Gold

    I find it inspiring that Bar has gotten over Leo so soon after their break up to encourage all of us to not get depressed after a long-term relationship with a partner ends and to achieve greatness in our own personal relationships. Bravo, girl!

  • Knife the Mack

    Are you going to be renaming this blog Just Bar?!?!

  • Hoffman

    Her Twitter comments show her as the opposite of a fame hungry model. I think she enjoys the modelling process. I do hope she gets recognised for her work.
    She sounds like a lovely person. It is nice to see a person as such in the modelling industry.

  • mushymushy

    BAR OVERLOAD!! Why is she wearing her nightgown?

  • CollegeIntern

    She’s so beautiful. I wonder which famous celebrity she will date next? Prince Harry needs a Bride!

  • deja vu

    on the other thread about her, somebody posted a link to a photo of her @this very same event, with a man (labeled her boyfriend) rubbing her shoulder. Why jj is selective here? anyway, she just announce on tw that she will be moving in barcelona for few months;;;; guess the boyfriend is real, it cannot be work only, you would think the usa have more opportunities, am i right?

  • Payroll

    I bet she’s paying you to talk about her huh? And to not mention that she just broke up with Leo. Cause, I know if it was someone else you would mention “They just recently broke up with so-and-so.” But with her, you haven’t ever mentioned it, which leads me to believe her people are paying you to make her look good and not in a negative light.

  • wtf

    now this is getting ridiculous. The brunette with the wine glass beside Bar is beautiful. Now she looks like a model and not some random bar slu*.

  • can this chick please go away

    i dont get this chick you know your a fame wh*re when you will go to an anti-semitic’s movie premier when you are a JEW such a moron

  • jokie

    Anyone else find it funny she’s hugging up to Karl Lagerfeld now? Those Blake rumors must have really gotten to her…

    Anyways he despises commercial models and even hates Heidi Klum. Don’t get too comfy barfy.

  • Lynn

    ummmmm why is she at Cannes? The last time I checked Cannes was for movie stars, directors etc… nor for boring models like her

  • LMS

    sorry but I really don’t see why there’s so much hate towards her. She seems to be a nice person and I really hope that break-up will bring her even more fame ;))

  • censorship
  • TS

    @LMS: That’s pretty bad the only things that can make her famous are a breakup and a relationship…

  • Jasmin

    Why does every post with Bar gets so many comments? No other site is like that, that’s so weird.
    I know that hater’s gonna hate and stuff – but the fact that every post with bar in it gets so many clicks just means that the site owner will get more and more posts of her on the site, to get more money.
    I mean, if u hate her so much for whatever reason u got, and she’ll obviously never read your comments cause what celebrity does, the least you can do is just ignore her, and hope there’ll be no more posts about her.
    Unless this is some weird way to release stress. In that case – that’s really weird.

  • Jasmin


    whoa, psycho alert. get a life, you nut job.

  • ewwieee

    Ugly blonde pimple girl.

  • Nicki

    Way to go, BAR!!!

    I’ve never seen her looking so happy!

  • longchamp

    the friend is classy and way, way hotter

  • observer


    WELL most celebrities read the comments and some of them even comments, you are naive to think that they don’t. Bar definitely follows all what is written here and some of the comments are shouting that its’s her!!!!

  • observer


    WELL most celebrities read the comments and some of them even comment, you are so naive to think otherwise. Bar definitely follows all what is written here and some of the comments are shouting that its’s her!!!! So please spare us with your lectures.

  • longchamp

    …the ponytailed friend, to be exact.

  • Nate


    Well, better be naive than delusional.
    “Bar definitely follows all what is written here and some of the comments are shouting that it’s her!!!! ”
    God, do you know how psychotic you sound?
    You’ve just decided that you KNOW what she’s doing online, you detective you, so it MUST be true, and of course you can identify her writing, you profiler you, so that you know exactly which massages are hers.
    You are either mentally ill, or a 5-year-old.
    The latter, I hope.

    btw, the fact that all positive comments have exactly the same amount of thumbs down just shows it’s the same lifeless person clicking on it from different i.p’s again and again and again.

  • BarNeedsAJob

    @Nate: Really we can get 30 or more different IPs? Because positive comments in her last thread were down by 30, lol.
    I can only plus or minus 1 time. Face it ALOT of people don’t like this stumpy plain jane famew*ore. aka Leo’s ex hahahahahaha.

  • wtf?

    WHO THE F IS SHE????????????????????????????????

  • hmmm

    There are plenty of American models who actually are working and have NOT dated Leo DiCaprio that deserve exposure.

  • observer

    You are naive and delusional for thinking that celebrities don’t read the comments, no difference!!!
    It doesn’t take a detective to know that Bar and her people post here, just some brains and common sense. Bar is so dumb and her the way she is defended in the comments is dumber and shows desperation.
    Her quote on twitter,”the loser, my ex” can tell all about her and the way she thinks and acts. I follow celebrity gossip and so far she is really the most stupid celebrity.

  • try honesty

    @observer: i am no fan of BR but there is no such quote on her Twitter, you must have read a phony one or made that up

  • observer

    @try honesty:

    No, it was written on her OFFICIAL twitter account and then after a while she removed it. Somebody must have told her to since she is an airhead!!

  • Dieter

    I wanked at least 5 times in the last 48 hours on the ass of hers !!!

  • @34

    Yeah, that`s all she`s good for!

  • Dieter

    I saw her once in London, she is very down to earth and very intelligent (IQ of 160 or so). She has together with Cammy D and Nic Kidmann the best butt in the world !!!!

  • @36

    You saw her once and based on that she is intelligent? Wow, impressive skills you have! IQ 160? Sure, we`ll take you word for it ( … and laugh our a**es off ). Are you high or something????

  • Dieter

    She was at Topshop Oxford Street and then at Subways and she was very intelligent there. It is also stated on the internet, that she was best in her class – and when Leo leaved Giselle for Bar it was stated that he wasn’t able to have a real conversation with Gisele because she wasn’t intelligent enough. Bar was !!!

  • @38

    LOL! It seems like too much `wanking` caused some major brain damage in your case! LOL! I don`t even know which part of your comment to start laughing at first! hahaha If it`s not the wanking you HAVE TO be on something, there`s no other explanation! LOL!!!!

  • WOW

    She is sexy

  • Lay

    Again cheaper than cheap.
    Nobody buys you are happy, Bar.
    You’re livid you lost your only mealticket when Leo dumped you.
    Payin gossip sites to help you fake otherwise won’t fool anyone.
    Ps: her friend is way more shapely than rough, puffedly cheeked Barfie.

  • *Angieee*

    @observer: agreed. and the celebs who say they don’t read blogs of themselves are probably lying and don’t want to admit it publicly

  • ho

    saggy boobs, thunder thighs, cellulite and pimples on her butt… how can anyone call this ho a model. Hah, yea only on on JJ b/c she pay him!!

  • yuck

    VIP? more like VD with those bumps all over her bum area. yuck. Ugliest model legs ever!

  • commm

    Does she ever model or just party?

  • tinkerbell

    @Nate: no, it shows that multiple posters all thumbed the same ones down, dumb dumb!

    bar definitely posts here based on her twitter style–i always thought it was her assitant, yup, but it sooooooooooooooooooo turns out to be her. big suprise. what an inane fool.

  • tinkerbell

    @CollegeIntern: you’re dreaming and also a fake person, as are 1-3. so is nicki. we recognize them all,

  • tinkerbell

    its like so, uhmm ya know, barilicious ! giggle giggle tee hee hee giggle giggle tee hee

    ’cause I’m a veterinarian cause I dont eat meat….’ (remember that commercial)

  • tinkerbell


    Nate, son, you’re wrong. she knows what’s up. i make a point of not reading bar’s tweet but the little i have seen makes me know which of the crap posts we’ve seen in the past were here, compared to those by adi and mommy

    bar’s are the most inane ones written by a highschool cheerleader (yup!) adi’s are the most reasoned, mom is SCREAMING ALL CAPS GET YOUR NAPPY NEGROID STRAIGHTENED AT CONEY ISLAND.

  • tinkerbell

    @Dieter: you cannot tell anyone’s IQ by talking to them–if you had ever had one you would know it based on memory exercises, solving puzzles, ability to follow patterns, etc. so please dont s h i t a s h i t t e r

  • tinkerbell

    @Dieter: leo didnt leave gisele for bar. gisele dumped him over sienna miller, and his pr people introduced him to bar—one of them is her relative. get real. if gisele is dumb after having made 180 million on her lonseome, then god make me as stupid as her.