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Gisele Bundchen: Bikini Pooltime with Tom Brady!

Gisele Bundchen: Bikini Pooltime with Tom Brady!

Gisele Bundchen has some fun in the sun with her husband Tom Brady on Saturday (May 21) at their hotel pool in Mexico.

The 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel and her 33-year-old hunky husband spent the day sliding down the pool slide and soaking up some rays.

Earlier this week, Gisele attended the opening of the Beauty Culture photo exhibit in Century City, Calif.

Gisele talked to Vanity Fair about how she perceives herself in photos.

“Some of the times I’ll look at a photo of myself and ask ‘Ugh, what’s happening?’” Gisele said. “But the most important thing for me is that I’m never looking at the pictures asking, ‘Do I look pretty for my eyes,’ because I am my worst critic. It’s more about, ‘Did I capture what is trying to be captured?’”

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Which one’s gisele? ahahahaha

  • Jen

    She’s a man, and he’s a girly-man.

    He MUST cut his hair.

    And why are they never in Boston? Too good for that town?

  • Jenroll

    no more like the worlds richest most powerful and iconic supermodel on the planet. ;)

  • Shelly

    Very nice to see the highest paid model and one of the highest paid QB’s acting like us normal people lol.

  • ubersuper

    They look so happy together…Unlike when Gisele was with Leo..Probably they are the happiest couple in Hollywood….

  • urFrozoidfreak

    @Jen: more and likely the long swan. Last time I checked she didnt have a big quaterback bod like some models.

  • wtf

    These two bother me….
    I don’t know what it is…..
    Where is their kid?
    When I had babies I stayed with my kids constantly.
    You never know what goes on with these celebrities and then the kids turn to drugs.
    Just sayin

  • Layla Orisis

    Tom and his dude! Ja!

  • Knife the Mack

    A little man & tranny action….

  • Layla Orisis

    Dude looks like a lady!

    The fat Gisele fangirls who keep repeating that she’s the highest paid model are clueless. No one cares if she’s overpaid.

    FACT: She looks like a man.

    You silly girls need to stop reading Vogue and eating up everything it tells you. Magazines like Vogue play on the low self-esteem of fat girls like you by creating a skinny, adrogynous standard for you to aspire to.

    So, Vogue tells you how great her boyish body and manly face is and you believe it and worse, start aspiring to it.

    Get off the sofa and stop reading Vogue.

  • Silver

    Tom is slow-minded.
    Gisele is manipulative.

  • Lola

    They have a lot of fun together. They’re a great couple and little Ben is well loved.

  • Bottom

    Look at that gorgeous bum. Not like the flat pancake a$$ of a certain (sub)model bring shoved down our throats.

  • Bottom

    I wonder what new, glamorous campaign is next for beautiful Gisele?

  • Come on Vogue

    I can understand why you don’t like Vogue. You don’t get “it”. Fashion and its connection to modern culture eludes you. Don’t allow your bitterness to overwhelm you.

  • Maybe she’s poor

    That poster is probably too poor to afford the things Gisele endorses. She’s got an H&M campaign and endorses Pantene. I’m sure that’s within your price range.

  • Bootylicious

    How many lunges did it take to get that backside? I bet she and Tom work out a lot together. ;)

  • No famewh•ring

    A real supermodel doesn’t have to beg for photos to be taken to stay relevant. Gisele is doing what she loves (being outdoors) with the man of her dreams.

  • LaylaLuvsGi

    Anyone who finds a 6’5, 250 lb Quarterback girly has issues.

  • Danny


  • bitter

    @Layla Orisis: Isn’t your favorite bucked tooth beaver one expression bloated face model loved by GAY Givenchy designers? Didn’t she have Gay Armani campaigns? Isn’t she in Vogue quite a bit? Quit being bitter. Gisele IS and ALWAYS will be “The One”.

  • @19

    No kidding. Tom is so big and yummy too. I like his big arms and shoulders.

  • BostonFreaks

    haha I see the Boston parent police have arrived. Get off your computers your child is probably making out with her friend down in the basement right now while you’re policing Gisele and Tom.

  • S@n

    The envious trolls always here! LOL

  • Silver

    @bitter: That buck tooth beaver is far PRETTIER than your manly adrogynous slutty dyke.

  • bucky

    For a skinny girl Gisele sure has a nice little round a**. None of that big,wide,square, shaped crap.

  • @19

    They don’t have kids, visible necks, or high-school educations. They’re jealous of another woman who has everything that they’ll never have.

  • Lets

    @Silver: She has plenty of overphotoshopped panty pictures with her mouth hanging wide open,billy bob teeth and all…so why don’t you do yourself a favor and go oogle that if you prefer it. ;) or watch a porno…

  • WOW

    great body, famous, rich couple!

  • jaye

    Jen @ 05/21/2011 at 8:25 pm
    She’s a man, and he’s a girly-man.
    Dang, you must have read my mind. Before I clicked on the comments, I asked myself, ” When did Tom become such a girly-girl?” lol

  • Silver

    @Come on Vogue: Oh, I get Vogue. It, like many things in the fashion industry is pretentious.

    The popularity of Vogue is directly tied to the “elitism” it promotes. It sells itself as “exclusive” in that it keeps people out.

    Ppl with low self-esteem and a need for validation buys into this elitism.

    Those people, e.g. Gisele fans, buy into the Vogue image, and assumes that if Vogue declares something, it must be true. Ppl who read Vogue and buy into the HF lifestyle are a) vain and b) need validation from Vogue, and subsequently the fashion industry.

    Why do they need validation? Because they have low self-esteem,likely because they are overweight, coincidentally, what they accuse others who criticize Gisele of being. Only people with low self-esteem could be so gullible as to allow the fashion world, or Hollywood for that matter, to determine what is beautiful, what is “sophisticated, etc.

    Just because the industry is run by elitists, many of whom are drug addicted, sexually promiscuous perverts, etc, it does not mean they KNOW what is and isn’t sophisticated, beautiful, classy.

    Here, you have the fashion crowd telling people that a shapeless, curveless, androgyne is the epitome of a beautful woman.

    So, the most beautiful woman has NO feminine features???????

    Yeah. I GET Vogue. I just don’t buy it. Get it?

  • coco

    Rich,Powerful,Beautiful (can actually wear a bikini and swim trunks without fat over flowing over) Yep haters’ worst nightmare.

  • Silver

    @Bottom: Ass, where’s the ass?

  • Silver


    She has plenty of overphotoshopped panty pictures with her mouth hanging wide open,billy bob teeth and all…so why don’t you do yourself a favor and go oogle that if you prefer it. ;) or watch a porno…

    So does your boy, I mean, girl. Gisele takes plenty of pics of her bony a$$ hanging out.
    And you’re talking about PORNO. Gisele is a s….l…..t.

    At least Adriana didn’t sleep with a sh*tload of people, unlike your boy.

  • LaylaSilv

    @Silver: Silver=Layla. Get over it. Fem/Mas crap is a made up notion on forums from fat freaks who stare at models everyday dreaming up perfection because they are seriously lacking in the beauty department. Every gay straight woman every gay straight man loves Gisele in the fashion industry. Just like Gianni Versace loving his Supermodels Cindy,Linda and Claudia. You see a twitter siting of Gisele and people are in awe of her beauty in real life. Paycheck says all. I happen to think people in Vogue mags are far more beautiful than the chicks I see every day with their bloated fat faces and double chins and size 12 bottoms. Only fat women hate vogue. My friend is plus size and sounds just like you, lol.

    No one has to get her look and not everyone does. but ALOTTTTT of people do. :) good night. (I believe she has more twitter followers than bucky.)

  • Sav-age

    Layla we get ya hun. Go take a cold shower. You’re getting all hot and sweaty.

  • TheLastSupermodel

    Poor Gisele she only made $45 mill last year, only has 488,042 facebook fans,162,157 twitter followers. whatever shall the one named icon do? Life must be rough.

  • Silver

    I happen to think people in Vogue mags are far more beautiful than the chicks I see every day with their bloated fat faces and double chins and size 12 bottoms. Only fat women hate vogue. My friend is plus size and sounds just like you, lol.

    You must be talking about yourself? Lol!

    Gisele’s fans are fat, overweight girls who spend their time reading fashion magazines and living their lives vicariously through the “beauty” of Gisele, instead of getting off their butts. That sounds like you.

    Talking about the pot calling the kettle black.

    You think I am surprised that you read Vogue? You defend Gisele like you’re being paid to, which is bizarre. It tells me that you have self-esteem issues, the reason you do this.

  • lilia mazunina


  • CoutureChicmunk

    I once liked Lima but her INSANE 12 yr old fan girls ruin it everytime with their narrow minded idea of beauty. I happen to prefer models like Daria Werbowy,Raquel Zimmerman,Isabeli Fontana, etc.. I love bone structure. It makes faces look more luxe and sophisticated. Like the rich woman, not the help. Gisele is one of a kind.

  • Bittom

    @silver – She has one ass, not three. Named yourself silver, huh. Second place fan for second rate actress and model both if whom have been dumped. Lol

  • Silver

    @Bittom: Correction: she has NO ass.

  • Second placed Silver

    Silver is a b•tch
    Silver is a nut
    Silver is jealous she’s got no-one to f•ck

  • LaylaSilv

    @Silver: Fat girls are the ones making manly comments all the time because they have never seen a cheekbone or visible jawline in their big fat bloated lives. If you look at old hollywood actresses they always had extremely thin dainty faces and high cheekbones. Something is in the water making girls have big bloated faces now days. It must be all the hormones put into meat but it is not a sign of beauty to have a fat round face. Sorry never has been. Audrey Hepburn,Joan Crawford,Ava Gardner, you name it looked very expensive and classy because of their impeccable bone structures. This beaver/chipmunk/egg head looking thing is only a trend.

  • Bottom

    @Silver: Correction: Gisele has a beautiful ass.

  • Silver


    once liked Lima but her INSANE 12 yr old fan girls ruin it everytime with their narrow minded idea of beauty.

    This isn’t about Lima, and never was. But, Gisele’s fans are disgusting. It’s unfortunate that you insist on the “immaturity” and “narrowmindedness” of Lima’s fans, yet IGNORE the “immaturity” and “narrowmindedness” of Gisele’s fans who refer to people as “fat”, bloated-faced, etc.

    I see NO maturity in Gisele’s fans. And most of the people who comment on Gisele’s “man-face/ man-body” are NOT Lima fans.

    Look at the nasty things Gisele fans say about Bar Rafaeli and Bridget Monayhan?

    Yeah, mature my ass.
    They’re simply people making an observation.

  • Silver

    @LaylaSilv: Most of Gisele’s fans ARE fat girls!

  • CoutureChicmunk

    @Silver: wtf are you talking about? LOL I don’t see Gisele fans trolling around on the internet bashing these sub par people. Leo fans are the ones hating on Bar. I believe Gisele has enough jobs to keep her fans busy. Maybe that’s what it is; bored fans always trolling around on HER threads because their models/dlist actresses don’t get much work. Their demise is not Gisele’s fault. I have never once looked up Bridget,Bar,Adriana because none of them interest me in the slightest. Its their names I have to constantly keep seeing when I click on a Gisele topic. LOL. its old but w/e. I won’t argue with trolls.

  • Tig

    Well the people who have actually had the balls to show their faces after they bashed Gisele were all fugly and usually chubby and could only be models in their wildest dreams so that negative opinion is irrelevant to me. If you don’t look like Cindy Crawford or Doutzen Kroes calling her names is laughable.

  • Cathy

    What a butt ! WOW !