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Gisele Bundchen: Bikini Pooltime with Tom Brady!

Gisele Bundchen: Bikini Pooltime with Tom Brady!

Gisele Bundchen has some fun in the sun with her husband Tom Brady on Saturday (May 21) at their hotel pool in Mexico.

The 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel and her 33-year-old hunky husband spent the day sliding down the pool slide and soaking up some rays.

Earlier this week, Gisele attended the opening of the Beauty Culture photo exhibit in Century City, Calif.

Gisele talked to Vanity Fair about how she perceives herself in photos.

“Some of the times I’ll look at a photo of myself and ask ‘Ugh, what’s happening?’” Gisele said. “But the most important thing for me is that I’m never looking at the pictures asking, ‘Do I look pretty for my eyes,’ because I am my worst critic. It’s more about, ‘Did I capture what is trying to be captured?’”

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  • Lizzie

    @lilia mazunina: You need help dog. Have you got anything positive to say? I would say not because you are a low life.

  • Byron

    yum yum ;) lickalicious!

  • DiCarlo

    @Tig: What do you and the average Gisele fan look like?

    Anorexic or pigs?

  • Madhatter

    Yup, they look miserable.

  • Bootylicious

    For the Boston Gisele Tom police academy who care about her daily whereabouts she states she lives in Boston for 6 months of the year.

  • Mr and Mrs Brady

    The haters are fired up over these pictures! The chubby gals are hating seeing a beautiful woman happy and with her equally successful and handsome man. Beautiful people. Beautiful life. Love the Brady clan.

  • ohSnap

    Her bod rocks! she can look great in a bikini or lingerie but also still wear any crazy couture contraption you can think of! Really Amazing! Hot a**!!!! High fashion models look gross in a bikini and commercial models look gross in couture.

  • gia

    what a profile, hook nose and fugly!

  • BitterHAGS

    The only other models names I should be seeing in a Gisele post are Linda,Cindy,Claudia,Naomi, and Kate. Those are her only equivalents. Do you compare Soap opera actresses to Oscar winning actresses? No you don’t.(well at least I hope not…) Same thing applies for models. Gisele has no rivals or equivalents. She doesn’t compete for jobs. Jobs compete for her.

  • nothisISFACT

    P&G’s Pantene shampoo sales exploded 40% in Latin America after Bündchen started slinging the suds.
    “Gisele Bündchen is clearly in a class by herself, and has been for a number of years,” says Edward Razek, chief marketing officer of Limited Brands , who worked with the supermodel during her Victoria’s Secret career. “She’s an international icon who can also move product–from shampoo to couture.” The economic impact of a Bündchen-backed campaign has placed her far ahead of her peers.

    Gisele is the only one who can increase the selling of any kind of product.” Dolce & Gabbana

    Forbes puts her 53rd on their list of the most powerful celebrities of 2007 because of the international success of her shoe line, making the brand Ipanema the most sold Brazilian flip-flop in the world, surpassing the legendary Havaianas.

    After C&A Brazil hired Bündchen as a spokesmodel and began airing television commercials, sales increased by 30%.

    the Gisele Bundchen Stock Index, which contained the stocks of companies that Gisele is connected with. At the time, her index was outperforming the stock market. notice that Gisele has continued to outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average significantly. Gisele was up 29% for the year versus 6.5% for the Dow.
    What is interesting to note is that when Gisele terminated her agreement with Victoria’s Secret, which is owned by Limited Brands Inc. (LTD), Limited was selling for $26.80 per share. The stock is now down to $18.36 per share, a 31.5% drop.

  • lilia mazunina


  • lilia mazunina


  • Cindy

    Both are hot!

  • Brainy box

    She looks better than Barf!!!!!

  • HRH Party One

    Tom Brady : GROSS
    He lost something since he started dating with Gisele.

  • Yeah

    Happy vacation!!

  • @65

    They’re MARRIED.

  • did

    this is the gayest tom has ever looked

  • @68

    Yeah, he does look happy doesn’t he. Tom definitely looks like he’s hamming it up for Gisele and she’s loving it.

  • Power

    It astounds me why just because he is a quarterback some (weird) people expect him to not have fun or live a normal happy life with a wife and kids. No he is not just a football machine. He is a human being too.
    My bf and I love water parks and probably make tard faces all the time. Its ok; laughing is a good medicine. They are rich,happy,laughing and in love and it makes you mini van moms sick. Anyone who wishes bad upon others; Karma LOVES that.

  • boston61

    Maybe Tom is a lesbian trapped in a quarterback’s body.

  • Gisom

    I swear everyone loves to compare their models to “yours truly”. Gisele really does set standard eh? They do it with acting and music too. “She’s the next Meryl Streep” “”She’s the next Madonna”….you bored sub par model fans live vicariously through Gisele.

  • Grass Roots

    Maybe @boston61: is a 50 year old loser. YEP!

  • boston61′s thoughts

    I wish I wasn’t 50 and living alone with my cats.

  • boston61′s thoughts

    This TV dinner for one is good.

  • mina

    such stupid person here
    They are happy and in love everyone see that

  • LadyB

    Lol at people lecturing Gisele fans to quit bringing up how powerful she is, how well she sells product, etc (jealous much?)…but they are like a broken record with their opinions. Practice what you preach freaks. You say the same old same old. At least with us we got tons of info to back it up with, so its not just irrelevant opinion. Gisele’s success is documented. and the petty crap such as FHM,Askmen documented as well. Bish been famous since the 90s and still makes those dumb a** lists. (The only one besides Angelina Jolie to still be on those lists after 10 years or so..) Most 90s/early 00′s icons are long gone.

  • Juju

    The only Brazilians (somewhat) in Gisele’s league are Raquel Zimmerman,Isabeli Fontana,Fernanda Tavares,Caroline Ribeiro,Ana Claudia Michels and Caroline Trentini. Those are the go to Fashion girls .. Those are the ones modeling beside Gisele on the runways. Sorry but Lima didn’t even get famous really til about 2003/2004. Gisele was already an icon by then. I don’t see why they are always compared, lol…Totally different eras and careers. As far as I’m concerned Gisele,Raquel and Isabeli are the best of Brazil. Their portfolios, WOW! Won’t put you to sleep that’s for sure!

    Tom and Gisele are so cute!

  • longchamp

    awww, he’s SO cute sliding down! like a little girl!

  • Lou

    What in the sam hell happened to Tom Brady? My three year old daughter makes the same face and arm movements and has the same hair when she goes down the slide. smh……

  • Rachel Zoe perfection

    If you are going to make an ass of yourself on a slide you can save yourself if you have your kid in your arms, but unfortunately another vacation where Benjamin has been left behind with the nannies.

  • Joe

    @Shelly: Sam Bradford is actually the highest paid QB in the NFL and once the lock out is over Manning will be the highest paid QB in the NFL.

  • Powercouple

    @Joe: do what’s their names again,I’ve never heard of them before have this?

  • Beauty and the dork

    I think she’s beautiful, great body if a touch on the thin side, but she seems a a little control freaky. Him… seems like a nice dude, good athlete, but can’t get into his look at all. He’s too dorky.

  • Joe

    @Powercouple: What exactly is your point? Sam Bradford is the highest paid NFL QB right at the moment.

  • Ohpls

    @Rachel Zoe perfection: Their “nanny” is Gisele’s long time friend from Brazil, whom is also a mid wife. I don’t consider that a nanny. More like a part time baby sitter like a lot of parents have. and we know Benjamin is not there how? For all you know he is there!!! Just because he isn’t photographed for some of you freaks to make fun of him because he is Gisele’s spawn, doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Quit assuming.

  • Joe

    @Powercouple: you need to work on your sentence structure, there are missing words.

  • Blindface

    Gayle and Laura don’t you have some “journalism” to go do? Brazilian websites who report on Gisele’s every move say he is there. so stfu.

  • Mia

    @Ohpls: Not for anything how do you know he is there. Don’t go running your month when you don’t know the story either. You are just as bad.

  • Powercouple

    Yep Boston police are here schooling ppl on how to speak english correctly as always, lol. Because English speaking Americans are the only people in this world who count right?

  • Lindsay
  • LOL

    so men don’t like the Bundchenator huh? (got some facts to prove you wrong again Lyla sweet cakes)

    GQ’s Hottest Women of the Year (So Far)
    We looked at the numbers and found the women you’ve been enjoying the most in 2011. Then we compiled them here in this handy gallery. Because we care about you. You’re welcome
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  • Horns

    hmm I think JJ should from now on make it only possible to comment with our facebook profiles! LOL. then we can see what is really ugly…

  • lisali

    lol!! Thats looks like fun.

  • Caliwali

    Gisele is looking gorgeous as ever.
    Oh, how I adore her!

    But Tom Brady? blech gag vom
    Don’t think he’s attractive in the least.
    Overrated cry baby who never gives his teammates any credit.

    Gisele could do so much better than the likes of that girly-man.
    I can’t even look at all the pics, he makes me cringe out of embarrassment for him. Gag.

  • Gisele Fan

    @Caliwali: I agree Gisele could do so much better than this guy.

  • Gisele Fan

    @Powercouple: Ummm yeah English speaking Americans are the only people that count on an American website that is written in English. It isn’t the most unreasonable thing to ask people to use a complete sentence. How can you even defend someone writing “I’ve never heard of them before have this?” It doesn’t even make sense.

  • j

    LOL he looks funny in that pic on the slide! I think he should def get a nice haircut in the near future :P

  • Jay

    Wow, he is so attractive in that pose!!! Gisele is one lucky person!

  • ina

    GOd she’s ugly