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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Happy Birthday, Markus!

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Happy Birthday, Markus!

Adam Lambert and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen celebrate jewelry designer Markus Molinari‘s birthday at Voyeur in West Hollywood on Friday (May 20).

The event, which was was hosted by John Terzian and Brian Toll, also celebrated the launch of the new J.Molinari jewelry line. Performances of the night were given by Universal Motown artist Christian T.V. and Ferras.

Zelda Williams and Colton Haynes were just two of the the many guests that enjoyed Hpnotiq Harmonie “Only Gurl” drinks and delicious Crumbs cupcakes.

Happy Birthday @MDMolinari!

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Credit: Todd Williamson; Photos: Wireimage
Posted to: Adam Lambert, Christian TV, Ferras, Markus Molinari, Sauli Koskinen, Zelda Williams

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  • maya

    Lol, Sauli isn’t singer…

  • yeees

    poor jared you never seem to get sauli information right, love you : D

  • MaryAnne

    I know that Sauli is many things…but a singer??? I don’t think so LOL!!!

    Adam and Sauli are so cute <3

  • scc


  • Sl ig o lambert ^______^ cute:

    Adam so cute

  • AmyStuik

    Haha fail :P Sauli isn’t the singer, Adam is.. the boyfriend part is right though.

  • Sl ig o lambert ^______^ cute:

    Coz friend adam

  • scc

    @AmyStuik: who cares, its not a big deal.

  • http://www. V~

    gLambert looks good here! damn lol
    what did he do different i can’t tell

  • LDN

    Adam looks SO MUCH BETTER simply wearing brighter colors that bring out his eye color.

  • hmmm

    They are cute together. :)

  • london2ibiza

    RT: @adamlambert My godson Riff! Future rockstar!

  • Sl ig o lambert ^______^ cute:

    Adam looks great

  • xoxo

    they are cuuuute!

    tbh i wasn’t sure about sauli at first but i utubed him and he is so freaking loveable!

    they suit.

  • Tan

    It was Adam’s mom’s B’day as well….happy BDay Adam’s mom : ]

  • Leo

    Being in love is agreeing with Adam….looking good!

  • rye rye

    I love it when Adam has Twitter parties. He gave a little insight for the new album.

    RT @Mickey1227 @adamlambert what’s your strongest inspiration right now?

    RT @adamlambert how we all are on a personal journey of self discovery and constant evolution. Searching for liberation. Why we do what we do. these thoughts are my main fuel for writing my new album.

  • la___tortura

    Sexy hair and eyes.

    Haley got signed to Interscope records if anyone’s interested.
    I hope she makes good music :3 Same with Pia. Divas <3

  • lmao

    I dont know who that Markus guy is (Ive seen him with Katy Perry a lot) but he is so damn ugly….poor thing :(

  • Vanessa

    Well good job, Jared. You finally correctly identified Sauli as Adam’s boyfriend but no…he’s not a singer. lol He’s a radio/TV personality in Finland.

  • AJ

    Sauli’s a singer now! I like you Jared but you never get info right hahaha…and why is it Adam and Sauli as the headline, it was kind of Markus’ birthday, shouldn’t HE be the headliner??? Oh that’s right, web hits and all that…

  • aww

    RT @adamlambert Now I believe in more than I can see

  • Sacha, 22

    @lmao: Umm, SO? Markus is not a model.

    Adam and his bf look cute :D

  • haha



  • scc

    @AJ: umm marcus is not a celeb.

  • scc

    People, stop notching at Jared. Jeez.

  • Marle


    He doesn’t look unhappy to me just because he doesn’t fit into your definition of beauty. Thankfully beauty is not only looks but also soul, talent and love.

  • Ben

    I’m liking that hairstyle and the toned down appearance. He’s still got some makeup on but it’s a lot more flattering than before. Lol keep it up bruv.

  • scc

    @scc: this was supposed to say bitching

  • ngl

    Lambert looks good.

  • hold up

    RT @adamlambert @babashuchan GLAM. haha it’s getting a little old.

    Am I reading this right? GLAMbert’s getting tired of GLAM?

  • Deb

    Luv Adam’s hair-higlights look good…and sexy, good looking couple!

  • Whatever

    How is this Sauli person relevant to the US? He’s just dating Adam. That’s not headline making information. Did Markus have a date? Did Ferras? Who knows??? The only time a celebrities date is mentioned in an article like this is if the date is also a household name.

    Adam has said time and time again he would like to keep his private life private. Yet time and time again someone will tweet that they have seen Adam and that unknown tweeter will get bombarded with questions such as “was there a short blonde guy with him???” Or Glamberts will bombard sites like this one demanding Sauli be appropriately credited. I wonder if anyone actually listens to what Adam has to say — or if they can’t hear because they are too busy projecting.

  • Marle


    Sauli is relevant because he is Adam’s boyfriend and will get mentioned just like any other girl- or boyfriend of a celebrity will get mentioned no matter if they are American or from another country, no matter of they are famous themselves or not.

  • Kelly

    So basically apart from Adam Lambert everyone else in these pics are nobodies or wannabes then?

  • Jo

    @Whatever: You make a very good point there.

  • Vic

    Wow Adam really has stooped this low by keep on appearing in all these gossip sites with his latest boy toy. Does he actually been singing or recording anything right now? All I see is that he is doing practically nothing but partying and hanging out with that other dude who could pass as one of the cast members of Jersey Shore. Maybe he hangs out with him in order to gain his green card.

    What a way to really degrade yourself, Adam.

    This dude is a trainwreck.

  • Emma

    It’s always nice to read/see when someone is happy in their dating life. HOWEVER ‘some’ fans are so invested in some people’s private lives it can become disturbing.

    The main reason Drake L. and Adam L. split was because Drake was continuously bombarded online and offline. Fans all up in his face as well as having to suddenly deal with Stalkerazzi e v e r y where they went. Even if they exited out the back door of a building, people who had seen them would tweet about it and next thing they know, papz were jumping up out of nowhere.

    It’s not unusual to be interested but when you become entitled about that person and whoever they’re with, it’s crossing the line of respect for their private life.

    Notice the way no matter how honest/open Adam is about HIMSELF, he has only ever revealed a LITTLE about his boyfriends? Give them the same respect back.

  • Haze


    Completely agree with you.

    It is Markus Molinari’s birthday. He should be the focus of the story, not Lambert and George Hamilton, Jr.

  • Bobbi

    @Whatever: This Sauli guy has some very strange and delusional people trying to make him happen, I read a comment from somebody called ‘fintastic’ on another post being really abusive to two Finnish people just for correcting somebody who said he was a media star in Finland. Not sure what line of work he’s doing in the US, or if he’s actually working here, is he doing anything that makes him a celebrity? I don’t really follow Adam Lambert’s life that deeply. I honestly don’t mind him but some of the people who post about him are ridiculous sometimes.

  • Ria

    maybe Sauli NOW is a singer… can’t shake off this feeking that Sauli is using Adam. maybe it’s not that Adam got a new PR person but it’s that he got a new boyfriend who tips off the paps

  • ysh

    Adam looks gorgeous, love the hair. He and Sauli make a sexy couple.

  • TC


    I’m guessing web hits? That’s the only reason why Adam and this guy he says is his bf always seem to be the headline and ya know not the actual person or people the story SHOULD be about. I like Adam but I want him to get back to the music, let’s focus on that, ya know? I don’t care who he is dating or whatever, why is this person being shoved in our faces all the time? Pap pics from concerts and shopping and tattoo parlor trips, even their trip to Bora Bora! Go back to the music, Adam, keep your ‘private life private’ like you said you wanted to. Let’s hear about your amazing voice and your music.

  • Haze


    I thought that he has gotten it right with his touring and then that Grammy nomination, and will not go on a downward spiral like his predecessors who had a good first album and then gone.

    All these overly hyped news on him every single day by just doing nothing has just reduced his B+, almost A list self into another series of Lohans and Hiltons.

    Yeah it is nice to see his news once in a while when it is relevant but to have all these thrown to the readers every single day… something is amiss.

    Who is his PR manager – another manufactured products of Leslie Sloane’s?

  • smh

    @Vic: You know, it’s so obvious you’re not even a fan. I don’t like trolls like you who pretend to know ‘ish about someone when in reality you know nothing.

    Adam and Sauli met at a club in Finland and have been dating since. I’ve read a bit about Sauli and can already tell they have a lot in common. Some of his exes haven’t been able to keep up with his fat lifestyle. He needs someone in the same business if he wants the relationship to stay stable.

    Adam has been writing, collaborating and recording since the start of this year. He was forced to put out his 1st album in under 3 months and has said he wants to TAKE HIS TIME, this time around.

    Adam is a night owl. We love the fact that he’s a sociable person. You’re not going to be able to change him.

    It’s not healthy to be a workaholic 24/7 like some people in this business. It’s not healthy to be the opposite either. You never see Adam dropping out of clubs p!s$ed but he does love his clubbing. He used to go out every night when he was in his 20′s, he’s actually slowed down now, ha. He’s definitely got the balance right. If you followed Adam’s schedule, you’d know he’s one of the most hardworking people in the industry.

    I hope he takes his time with the album :) In the meantime, I love reading about him living the life most of us would live if we were RICH ;)

  • joshua

    Adam Lambert doesn’t even have to speak or do anything and he is still controversial. LOL!

    Chill out people!
    Cute couple now if only more men were out in Hollywood…wimps lol!

  • smh

    EDIT – *faST* lifestyle

  • LK

    Adam tweeted that his album will be out in the fall so, OBVIOUSLY, he’s been spending a lot of time in the studio. Just because he has reported back on every session and collaboration, doesn’t mean he’s not working.
    I’m just happy that Adam seems happy. The rest of you “fans” who feel compelled to tell him how to run his life might be happier elsehwhere.

  • Vic


    Well I gotta be frank – I read gossip columns when I’m free and apparently he’s been in the gossip sections constantly all these time when he doesn’t even have any actual projects in store.

    Work is work. I am not saying that he should be a Robocop or Superman, but it really is odd to see him suddenly being reported in the gossip columns all week doing random things. As if the whole thing is meant to be for some factions of people – the news are targeted to certain people.

    I thought he was different and unique at first. But now, I’m sorry – he’s overselling himself.

    Plus, what is a troll anyway? And who are you, the person who knows so much about his schedule – his manager?

  • O_o


    …Seriously, what is wrong with you? What a completely rude thing to say…