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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Paris Love

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Paris Love

Daniel Craig gives girlfriend Rachel Weisz a shoulder to lean on while waiting for a taxi on Sunday (May 22) in Paris, France.

WATCH: ‘Adventures of Tin Tin’ Trailer

You can watch a video of Daniel, 43, and Rachel, 41, hailing a cab at UK’s NOTW!

You can next catch Daniel alongside Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde in the Universal fantasy-action film Cowboys & Aliens, being released on July 29.

WATCH: ‘Cowboys & Alliens’ Trailer

Next month, Olivia will receive the 2011 Maui Film Festival Female Shining Star Award.

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daniel craig rachel weisz shoulder 01
daniel craig rachel weisz shoulder 02

Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • anna

    love rachel : ) )

  • OMG

    a bit late, JJ LOL

  • LOL

    He’s so hard trying to NOT look hot.
    Daniel, that doesn’t work, you’re still sex on legs

  • sami

    aww, i love them together…

  • sami

    aww, i love them together…

  • Mason

    Rachel is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl

  • fame


  • fame

    She abandoned her son to become Daniel Craig’s ****!

  • pre thread #24

    Like I said, after a few days, JJ makes the new thread!! Right?

  • Vic

    Wow. Fall passionately in love!!

  • lovely

    Lovely couple . I like them , they look great together

  • photos

    that’s so cute!!

  • smoother

    to # 9

    Yes but only because of the reporting of NOTW! ;-)


    “Next month, Olivia will receive the 2011 Maui Film Festival Female Shining Star Award.”

    Wait where is the connection to Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. And why is it interesting enough to mention it. I would even give a sh!t if I would be an Olivia Wilde Fan because I never heard before from the award. *lol*

  • Tom


    Who said that Rachel left her child? And it was proven that Dareen was the one who cheated on Rachel. I’m happy she found a real man like Daniel who treats her with respect unlike Dareen who constantly cheated behind her back.

  • Elle

    Thanks, JJ. But Daniel already went back to Sweden for shooting, so your info is wrong.
    Those photographs were taken on May 19.

  • Julia

    Yeeeeeeeees! They make such a lovely couple!

  • Sl ig o lambert ^______^ cute:

    Rachel better

  • to fame

    listen troll , neither Daniel nor Rachel are adulterers. Rachel is not nor was she evert married to Darren. Daniel is not nor was he ever married to Satsuki. Secondly, idiot, Rachel shares joint custody of her son with Darren. that means that the boy spends time with both parents. not that any of this is any of your business.

  • to fame

    what i meant to say troll is that neither Daniel nor Rachel are adulterers.

  • Wendy

    The fact is that we know nothing about what happed to them. But Rachel would not be separated from him if she really loved her ex.

  • Rose

    Oh! They seem a compatible couple!

  • Carl

    I love those pics! sometimes, showing off her cute behavior. What a nice couple they are!

  • Jessa


  • sea

    Interesting and glamorous couple!

  • Lakers

    No wonder they fell in love with each other very soon. They both are so sexy!!!

  • Jen

    IMO, It’s illegal for cab drivers to turn down a fare!!!!!!!! Paris is an attractive place though…..

  • Melinda Coo

    Daniel and Rachel go well together. Classy.

  • to JEN

    A cab driver can turn down as much fares as he likes when someone is just waving at the curb. They are only obliged to give you a ride if they are standing at the taxi stop and you enter there.

  • to 28

    not here in New York. people flag taxis in the middle of the street all the time. not a problem. who ever heard of going to a taxi stop?

  • to 29

    well they are not in NY, but Paris. It’s different in Europe.
    You can flag cabs in Europe on the street, but the driver is not oblidged to stop and take you, though.

  • to 28
  • to 28

    there’s even a rule to NOT hail a taxi on the street when there is a stop near you. And in the city there’s always a stop near you

  • Dee

    Rachel & Daniel look so good together.

  • phone

    You can watch a video of Daniel, 43, and Rachel, 41, hailing a cab at UK’s NOTW!
    Geez, News Of The World?!
    Daniel and Rachel, you two must be careful not to be bugged!!

  • Nick

    Daniel is able to forget his busy work and relax with Rachel. Maybe he feels the time fly by. They’re well suited to each other.

  • Caroline

    I think that Daniel is hot so ya i think they would make a good couple!!

  • Clay

    Rachel seems more popular with Daniel that Satsuki. It seems like the public likes Rachel better.

  • smoother
  • WOW

    I wonder how long they are going to continue with this fauxmance.

  • Lizzie

    @WOW: You are a loser! Plain and simple.

  • to lizzie

    shouldn’t you be chopping up your parents,. psycho

  • Mendel


    Love Dan’s John Lennon glasses. Very sophisticated :)

    Hi Guinness,

    how are you? Still catching up on here…

  • Mako Morton

    Daniel has been so busy since last year for shooting, but he devotes every spare moment to dating Rachel. I’m sure they are deeply in love each other!! I want to see more the photograph where they are together. They look so lovely!!

  • Guinness

    yes, John Lennon—yet the youngin’s will be saying “Harry Potter” my dear. And he needs those for distance or close up? He can’t possibly use them for vanity or disguise??? Alas, no matter–he looks sensational with or——-wait for it….. WITHOUT! without. anything. btw: glad to see you made it thru or past (?) the Rapture… nothing to report? And the only thing I want to rapture is…… ya, you guessed it!!! Dan in the Dan Van!!! Ya know what else Mendel: Someone has GOT to get to a photography show Dan visits to see if he has any works of art posted. He has to have been creating his own work—it is easy with money, technology, and time (airplane rides…set waiting…) but Alas again, he may not “publish” any until later in life. (will someone ask him this in their next interview please—& about the glasses) thoughts?

    Yes, gots lots to catch up on. Fio posted some fun stuff 2 threads ago–thank you. I loved that one from Layer Cake was it? Again, doesn’t matter, I just want to keep track of all his creations correctly.

    ahhh, Rapace…. she learned a lot, and gave a lot. Looking forward to her success……

  • Amy

    Well, Daniel and Rachel look so cute and cozy together. They are a cuddly couple, attractive, so these two just get enough of each other!
    to smoother
    Thank you for the link. ”Paris is for lovers”. Yes, it was obvious they were romantically together. :)

  • to WOW

    i know i’m going to regret asking this question; troll. but just what makes you think that this is a fauxmance?

  • to Lizzie

    i could be wrong here, but i think this “WOW” person is actually someone who used to go by the name of “Western Front”; a real pain.

  • to Clay

    @ 05/22/2011 at 6:54 pm

    Rachel is polite, respectful and nice to fans who walk up to her on the street. Satsuki, on the other hand, was down right rude to almost all of the fans who came up to Daniel. also, Rachel won’t be playing any of the silly games that Satsuki played.

  • to 46

    WOW is just a person who likes to stir the S*H*I*T and is babbling about Daniel being gay. LOL

  • p124

    cant believe it. he was with satsuki for a long time…