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Lady Gaga: 'SNL' Performances!

Lady Gaga: 'SNL' Performances!

Lady Gaga performs three songs off her forthcoming album – “Edge Of Glory,” “Judas,” and “Born This Way” – during Saturday Night Live on May 21 in New York City.

The 25-year-old pop sensation also made an appearance during Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg‘s “Three Way” SNL Digital Short. It’s a must-see!

Gaga also sang and danced during Timberlake‘s “Liquorville” sketch. Hilarious!

Tonight, Gaga is set to pay tribute to her fellow “Telephone” star Beyonce at the Billboard Music Awards.

Lady Gaga – “Edge Of Glory” and “Judas”

Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”
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Photos: Mary Ellen Matthews
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  • Shaw

    I hope that Lady Gaga has a cameo in Star Trek 12. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in.

  • RenzkiG


  • Kragen

    I can’t believe how Stefani (Lady Gaga) has gone from being sexually attractive and voluptuous when she first became famous in 2008/2009 to being so skinny and ugly while looking wasted and like she’s rotting.

  • alice

    that sucked : I

  • skounoupi

    Well Edge Of Glory Was AMAZING…Judas Was Weird…It Was Her And Playback Sometimes But Her Voice Was Good..And Born This Way Was Amazing Too…. Great Perfomance…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …At least she can sing, unlike a lot of other artist.

  • Frida

    Her new album is freaking awesome, listened to it all day yesterday!

  • annie

    She is talented there is no doubt about that but why try so hard with the ridiculous costumes and make up? You were not born that way Gaga , keep it simple.

  • blah

    she looks like a freak… she needs some time off…

  • *

    she proves agin she can only sounds ok( if you into a convalescent sound) sitting down.. when she stands playback kicks in and she still sounds like cr@ p .I heard the Lady copy n paste leak. the album should be called MADONNA re-visted cause its 80% Madonna 20% other artist absolutly nothing innovative at all. It was innovative when Madonna released her American Life & Erotica album thats why it wasn’t embraced as well as her others, it was sonically new in 1992 & 2003. GAG takes from the songs Mother Father, Im so stupid, american life & nobody knows me… Gag also uses the sound of Madonna confessions album ..specifically Electric chapel sounds like M song let it will be. Scheibe is “inspired” by the erotica album specifically songs Erotica & Waiting. Americano sounds exactly Madonna’s la isla bonita from the reinvention tour. smdh.. n Fashion of his love which I expected to sound like M’s song Dress you up in my love cause it has almost identical tittles sounds just like whitney houstons song I wanna dance with somebody. Then Government hooker sounds exactly like NEW Orders song Blue Monday seriously when does it stop! hopefully soon cause your album sucks! Im sure I left out other artist she stole from but i think everyone who is over 25 gets it now. it will be #1 thanks to the lil retards & the double album counting as 2 copies sold cause she added a bunch of remixes the lil retards bought to make it over 100 mins. yea she doesnt care about the money lol.

  • miulan

    Great Perforance! Like always!

    Gaga fan I’ve found a website where you can bay LadyGaga Sunglasses.

    If you are interested in it, it’s here!

  • emily

    That pic of her in the glasses looks like that pic of Dita Von Teese from her beauty book. Just sayin..

  • Terry


    If you don’t like Gaga, then don’t listen to her music. Your opinion doesn’t matter when millions and millions WORLDWIDE still love her and will love this album. Since its clear that you are an aging, bitter amoeba who wants to re-live when Madonna was relevant. then just take all your Madonna records, lock yourself in a room, stay there forever and never come out.

  • nixx

    I think she should slow down a little otherwise she will break down

  • July

    She was nice, but Justin was perfect so hilarious!

  • yaya

    Gaga did great on the show. she really was like a co-host with all the skits she was in. She stood toe-to-toe with JT. Who knew JT and Gaga would be good together.

  • no

    Lady Gaga’s new album certainly isn’t the album of the decade. But initial sales will be decent, possibly due to the fact that Best Buy is giving the album away with sales of cell phones this coming week. An insider told me that this could add as much as 200,000 albums to her first-week tally.

    “One of the stipulations of the Best Buy and Lady Gaga deal is that Best Buy will count the albums they give away as actual sales. In turn, this will help Lady Gaga on Billboard’s charts. This is pure public manipulation, but good marketing if she isn’t called on it,”

  • Sl ig o lambert ^______^ cute:


  • http://pauline_kate Pauline-Kate

    She’s just an amazing artist.

  • :)

    @Terry: you can clearly see in Madonna’s tour videos that most of Madonna’s fans are in their early 30′s . if Madonna isn’t relevant why did she break her own 2005 tour record for highest selling solo arist again in 2009.That was 400 million for a 7 mth tour. Gag’s tour 16 mths 220 million lol. thats more than double the time for half the money lol. shows how irreleavnt Madonna is NOT. Why did Live nation give her a record breaking contract for 120 million after her 26 yr contract ended with Warner Bros. her last album in 2008 may not have been a huge hit in US but it went #1 in 20 countries top 5 in 27. and on the year end global charts she was # 9 just behind Rihanna out sold britney circus, beyonce i am sasha fierce. No need to dust of any records cause she will soon be down with directing her movie and make another hit record and add 3 more years to her 27 yr reign as QUEEN OF POP. GAG only has 25 yrs to go lol

  • Ly Taylor

    flop music… so clichê!

  • Yas

    I LOVE her album.

    After hearing BTW (initially) and Hair…..I was sure I was going to HATE the album.

    But it’s so solid, love it. Why did she release 2 of the weakest songs from the album, though? Kinda dumb.

  • trip

    @Ly Taylor: you’re the biggest flop in the world.


    GAGA The GREAT!!!! Love, love, love, This is true pop music at it’s best. Great songs, Great videos, Great performances. I am really excited to see the tribute to Beyonce. I know Gaga will go hard on that performance. Gaga you amaze me.

  • Annie

    Gaga does not have a hot body anymore. She has a skinny-fat crackhead body. She needs to cover up her doughy cellulite midsection and tramp stamp. She looked so much better in 2009 when she had a bigger, rounder butt and flatter stomach.

  • laverdadduele

    Trying to hard. Less is more.

  • Chris

    This “woman”‘s singing sucks major ass while dancing and I’m tired of her stupid costumes and busted face…

  • Telly

    @*: *Yawn* you say that in every Gaga post,
    Why would you take time out of your busy Madonna schedule and find a Lady Gaga leak & listen to the entire thing? You are obviously captivated by her ….
    Just go ahead and admit your love for Gaga & make your life easier…
    It’s ok to like Madonna & Gaga! Trust me! No one will care :)

  • Copy n paste THIS!

    @*: I find it ironic you call Lady Gaga “Lady Copy & paste” when in fact it’s YOU that “Copy & Paste’s” the same long Madonna paragraph in every single post on Lady Gaga..
    LMFAO! Damn hypocrite!
    You are dissmissed….

  • HotRod55

    Wow! She is fantastic! Can’t wait till Tuesday to buy her album

  • VaL

    Omg! Gaga & Justin were sooo good on SNL!
    Best season finale ever!!!!

  • Looky

    I found some of her performances in the skits more captivating than her music performances because she was not singing those God awful songs. SNL used to be funny not too long ago but idk what happened. I watched the show on DVR and had my finger on the fast fwd botton the whole time.

  • lol

    @Looky: Well, you cared enough to take time to DVR it and sit & watch it , So you must still like it…

  • XxX

    She was so good!
    Yay! I’m going to buy it on iTunes!
    Love HER! (and Justin too)

  • Joanne

    She kicked butt on SNL! She needs to go back as an actress next season!
    Is there anything Gags can’t do??
    lol! She’s amazing

  • :)

    @Copy n paste THIS!: my next post will be the post of the decade it will be innovative and change your life cause im the best in the industry right now. stupid! Ever thought I copy n paste to make it quicker maybe thats GAGS thought process copy npaste to make money off the lil monstards quicker lol

  • :)

    @Telly: You wanna know the honest truth I love finding everything Lady GAG copies. & if I bore you move on cause I will post it again.

  • S

    Good job gaga! the pregnancy was a little bit odd but whatever, its gaga

  • Looky

    @lol: Yeah I liked it, I thought she was funny and a good actor but her claim as being one the best live performers around, we know thats not true.

  • p124

    that was painful. she needs to master the art of dancing in heels. you can tell she has to pause at certain stances to maintain balance. when she dances her knees close in and it looks like she’s trying to hold pee.

  • p124

    @:): AMEN and BLESS YOU. was just watching a vhs of blonde ambition tour. she is the queen of the universe.

  • craig unroe

    There is a reason we are all talkin about her….If she was a freak,no talent one would care……just that simple….

  • daniel

    @annie: totally disagree. keep the costumes, drop the corny britney spears style dancing.