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Leo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Portofino Pair

Leo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Portofino Pair

Blake Lively spends some quality time with newly single Leonardo DiCaprio on Sunday (May 22) in Portofino, Italy.

Looks like this twosome has been spending the entire week together! Leo, 36, and Blake, 23, were spotted hugging each other on a yacht on Tuesday (May 17) during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Leo was in town to honor Sean Penn for his charity work in Haiti at the Cinema For Peace inaugural dinner.

Blake‘s Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester has reportedly been dating actor Justin Long.

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  • Q

    OH MY GOD!

  • lilooo

    omg they’re def on!!!! leo leo leo

  • Evie


  • missb

    I miss seeing Blake Lively & Penn Badgley together. Cutest couple ever lived! <3

  • min

    bar rafaeli is pregnant!! its official

  • noelle

    blond, tall is certainly his type. :) she is sooo cheap looking compared to Bar…and well compared to a lot of women!

  • http://nicoleta24 nicole

    leo pleaso she’s so ugly she is not not for you¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • memei

    wow guess it might be true. Hmmm its like taylor and jake 2.0 but not as disgusting. At least she’s not another model lol

  • min

    he could not be with blake because bra is pregant

  • A

    Blake-casting couch-Lively

  • sindywhereyube

    BLAKE LIVELY LOOKS LIKE BAR RAFAELI N BAR RAFAELI LOOKS LIKE GISELE…..umm LEO !!get over yoself,yur like 36 thats like …..get over yoslef damn sit daun already

  • kiki

    well if they’re going to different countries together, it must be serious. leo still deserves better than blake!!!

  • Sl igo lambert ^______^ cute:

    Leo the best .better leo with bar

  • http://deleted living it up

    WTF! I cannot believe that it`s true! What the fcuk is wrong with Leo? Going after cheap looking famewh*res? Unbelievable! I lost a lot of respect for him that`s for sure!

  • Sara

    Blond are just for fun !
    It will be serious when he’ll be with a brown hair girl haahaha
    And Blake Lively is ugly…don’t like her face :/

  • Macey

    Blake is nice but sorry Bar is much prettier.

  • lilooo

    is that rebound sex or smt??? tssssk couch lively can’t be more than that 4 you leo

  • Lazerov

    I am so f*****g sick and tired of ugly old men stealing young women from young men who they should be with. I wish that Blake would find someone around her ages. She deserves better than Leo who can’t handle women his own age and steals women from us. For example,
    Blake – Shia LaBeouf
    Leo – Winona Ryder

  • Hoffman

    She is such a talented pretty girl!! Why is she dating that old ugly man?!

  • an

    bar is more beautiful and she is leo’s woman blake is really form another world

  • loiu

    blake always look like a slut…i dont know but i dont like her so much

  • S@n

    So it seems that she took Leo , after all! I want to see he can stay away from the paps, now!
    But it seems he is not hiding this time LOL

  • Lydia Roberts

    I’m glad to see Blake Lively happy again and in new relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio even though she is significantly younger than him.
    I have always liked younger men. I have never dated or had sex with anyone older than me – it hasn’t been a conscious choice, just a fact. I love their youthful energy, it makes me feel young. Not that I am old – really, 35 isn’t, and society is more accepting of cougar relationships these days.
    So beware guys the cougars are on the loose – and if they lure you in you might just be in for the best ride of your life.

  • Merson

    Blake is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

  • FrG

    Look at this pic!!

    It’s funny Leo is always behind her !!
    It looks like she is walking too fast and that Leo is running after her !!! LOL
    And she has 3 bags in one hand and icecream in the other hand !!! LOL

  • an

    blake lively is like Anne Vyalitsyna,when leo broke up with bar in 2009 she was flirting her too,but very soon bar and leo were together,so blake i am sorry but leo does not love you

  • OMG

    wow It’s so on! LOL I think she is a total upgrade from smush face Bar! At LEAST this one has her own career and fame. but weird all his gf’s since Gis look similar to her.

  • boom

    cute couple, blake is waay better than bar. have fun guys!

  • @27

    Her own career and fame? Really? Sleeping her way up to the top and Gossip Girl counts as career and fame? Being Anna Wintour`s pet counts as fame and career? Funny you didn`t mention talent!
    Apparently after his draft dodger phase Leo entered the casting couch drag queen phase. Way to go, Leo! Why bother about quality woman? Too much effort I guess!

  • Sara

    He was talking about having kids with Bar… :(
    Hope they will be back together

  • leodaman

    WOW! I was wondering if we would see them together again after Cannes and voila! Tall,thin and blonde, check. This should be no surprise to anyone. She actually looks more like a model than Bar does.Well Chanel campaigns and 2 Vogue covers; she IS more of a model than Bar is, lol.

  • Roo

    Love Blake! Is so pretty ♥

  • Brainy box


  • epk

    I’m still relieved he’s not with X and he has a woman friend who actually seems to have a decent personality and does something besides strip for money. :)

    Blake is a fun girl who has managed to get respectable acting gigs and has a real appreciation for fashion.

    Ideal gf? No. But step up from his ultra trashy, talent free X now parading distinctly average for a model face and bod on any red carpet she can find? Most definitely!!!

  • Eliza

    Thirteen years age difference…. I mean, sure, age is just a number — but still!

  • jokeee

    @Sara: oh please he didn’t even take her to any appearances. She was just his bedroom fun. They always looked miserable and fighting. I bet Bar is hating Blake right now. loll

  • minn


    dear sara bar rafaeli is pregnant with leos baby so blake cant be with him

  • minn


    dear sara bar rafaeli is pregnant with leos baby so blake cant be with him

  • Omg…


  • Barf

    @minn: That was your fantasy Ms Barf Jolie Gaga. take your meds and calm down. They are OVER!

  • C / G


  • FrG

    BTW i’m sorry but i really hope they are not dating !!!
    Year of birth: Gisele Bundchen 1980, Bar Refaeli 1985, Blake Lively 1987 …!!!!!!
    I love Leo but i don’t want him to become a grey balls…!!! Cause if he continues the next one will be 25 yrs apart in age…!?

  • epk


    Sorry, but he doesn’t love X, either. She begged to get him back, pretended that she didn’t care about marriage and then tried to lay a guilt trip on him. Pretended she really was a private person who was interested in his causes, but she’s shown herself to be a total fame ho. She’ll beg him again too, but he’s not falling for that again.

  • SashaT

    Finally! I was wondering where the two have been…!

  • epk


    X has been pregnant for, like, three years. I hear the father is french fries or booze.

  • C / G

    Another sighting that will blow the X out of the news. Twitter and news feeds are exploding already. HAHA. Enjoy Barcelona, square ass.

  • Bar Refaeli

    You pig! B*****d!

  • Maria

    Haha, its so funny to read all of your comments. First of all guys, IF its really really true that these two are dating, well there’s nothing we can do about it. As we have seen from previous relationschips of Leonardo, he always had a model and AlWAYS someone younger then him, like 5 years or more. HE is, which is obvious, this kind of guy who likes to party it up, instead of having a family. So marrying and having kids is I think not going to be in the picture for a long time yet. He looks like a gentleman and handsome, I think he is a nice guy, but just likes being around girls and partying. Well, blake is another blonde girl, but she is NOT just some model, she is a talented actress, just beginning to grow, can cook, knows a lot about fashion etc. She is a good girl, but knows how to entertain guys. Well I think its obvious he likes her, I dont think thats strange at all.

  • Bar Refaeli

    You b*****d!! Lying, son of a bitch! Oh, don’t you call me honey! You don’t ever get to call me honey, again. You understand me? You pig!!

  • nicki

    Lol, Lol, Lol…. I guess less than a year ago, he was shopping at the same place with Bar. They were accompanied by Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend…LOL, LOL!!!

    C’mon Leo. You took a severe drop, my friend.

    Have you ever seen Blake Lively before…

    Good Lord!!!!