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Taylor Swift - Billboard Awards 2011

Taylor Swift - Billboard Awards 2011

Taylor Swift glams up the red carpet at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (May 22) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The 21-year-old country artist wore an Elie Saab blush toned beaded strapless gown with bronze embellished accents.

Taylor is up for seven awards during tonight’s ceremony. Her nominations include: Top Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Country Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album for Speak Now, and Top Country Song for “Mine.”

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift at the Billboard Awards…

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Credit: Isaac Brekken; Photos: Getty
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  • Alicia

    She is always so classy and clean. I love everything she wears and her makeup is perfect.

  • Hey There!

    She looks amazing as always. I like her in sparkles. It just represents who she is.

  • 12345

    I am loving this dres. I like her hair but I wish she would style it like she does at her concerts. When she performs her hair is big and it just represents total sex hair.

  • Jen

    LOVE HER!! I saw her rehearsal last night for Speak Now Help Now. She was incredible. I can’t wait to see her again this summer.

  • Jay

    I love her, what a stunning woman. Any man would be lucky to be with her!

  • Andie

    Taylor looks stunning in this AMAZING Elie Saab glittering gown. She
    certainly has great taste in picking this gown!

  • 4B

    Love Taylor, she is so classy unlike these other trashy pop tart she can’t sell record without sex.

  • Real

    She looks really pretty.

  • Kels

    Taylor looks so simple and elegant. She is very pretty and has beautiful hair. I remember when people were saying she was too skinny, she definitely looks healthy and filled out in that dress. There’s nothing wrong with her small size. She’s fine just the way she is.

  • Josie

    Please. She has the sex appeal of a 16 year old. Her attempts to look sexy always look like she borrowed her mother’s clothes and played dress up. If she wants to appear older, she should act like it.

  • T-SwiftForev

    You’re just jealous because she’s like a million times more
    classy and elegant than you’ll ever be w/ THAT bad-itude.
    Go T! Congrats on wins!

  • minty fresh

    I always think it’s funny when someone doesn’t care for someone, somebody else always yells, “You’re jealous.” It’s not always jealousy, sometimes you just don’t like someone. Taylor Swift is lame. I’m not jealous, I just can’t fathom someone with that bland music and bad singing being so popular when there are really great musicians who never get a chance because she is so physically marketable. If Swift were fat and dumpy the record company wouldn’t push her and the little girls who listen to her music would be far less interested in her.

  • samantha

    Over dressed, as usual and all she does is complain about how her poor little heart’s broken. How many albums has she written dedicated to Joe Jonas? a million? Then.. another million towards Kanye West?

  • samantha

    @minty fresh:
    Exactly. That’s the thing i don’t get about today’s Society, there are far better singers out there than taylor, but they get no credit. Jojo, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Adele. Personally, i think their the best in the business. And they don’t get as much credit as they should. But, then people like taylor and lady gaga come into the world and write crap songs, and people love it.

  • samantha

    @minty fresh:
    Exactly. That’s the thing i don’t get about today’s Society, there are far better singers out there than taylor, but they get no credit. Jojo, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Adele. Personally, i think their the best in the business. And they don’t get as much credit as they should. But, then people like taylor and lady gaga come into the world and write crap songs, and people love it.

  • nkenk

    @T-SwiftForev: Oh em gee! Everyone’s totally jealous of her! Like I wish I could sit around and write the same whiney songs about my ex boyfriends! Bad-itude! Omg you’re soooo clever!!

    She looks so plain and boring as usual.

  • Speak Now

    @minty fresh:

    Lmao she’s not lame. If you want lame, look to LadyGaga. At least Taylor isn’t a robot!

    Taylor IS one of the best out there. She’s not overdressed either, it’s an AWARDS SHOW.

  • bb

    I do think she looks classy and beautiful here…but overdressed..this is not the grammies it a fun young award show..she should look young and fun…jmho.

  • T-SwiftForev

    To all u haters, in case u didn’t hear, um…
    she CAN sing because she um… WON!

  • Cami

    She looks boring as always! And for all the people that claim Taylor can sing & is talented, thats bull****!!! She can’t sing and her only talent is being a bed hopping whore!!

  • T-SwiftForev

    did i invite u 2 my BBQ?
    because u r all up in my grill!
    (Don’t be all sarcastic, it’s not a good “voice” when it’s electronic!)
    To all you haters, she CAN sing because she WON!
    Puh-lease, it’s not just cause of her fans, she’s IS talent.

  • lavender ice

    I wish she was still with Jake. They were really a cute couple.

  • Jen

    @samantha: That is great that you like those artist. Since you like those artist, why don’t you go somewhere else and chat about them. Or maybe you could get a life. By the way, from looking at what artist you like, Demi, seriously you like psycho Demi and Jojo? What are you 13/14. Get a life!

  • sleepy

    I love how Taylor is always classy and is stunning. She really is glamourous in person.

  • Isabell

    @lavender ice: I AGREE!! Ioved her with Jake. I know we are probably one of the few that liked them together but he is so incredibly gorgeous. He’s not a douch bag like John Mayer and he isn’t a some little teen boop like the Jonas boy and Taylor Lautner. I really wish these two would get back together!!!
    P.S. They were the first celeb couple I ever paid any attention two.

  • Jim Bean

    @lavender ice: I agree also. Loved Jake and Tay together. They are both gorgeous individuals. I wish they would get back or at least become friends. I hated that they ended badly. It actually irritated me.

  • Isabell

    @lavender ice: Sorry, my computer is acting up and I completely misspelled everything in my previous post. Hp laptops are the worst.

  • samantha

    @Speak Now: she is over dressed. you’d think she’d be going to the freaking grammy’s in this dress.

  • samantha

    @Speak Now: she is over dressed. you’d think she’d be going to the freaking grammy’s in this dress.

  • Cami

    @ lavender ice

    I didn’t like Jake with Taylor, he was too good for her. He needs someone who doesn’t sell out their relationships like Taylor.

  • Kiki

    B to the O to the R to the I to the N to the G

  • Kiki

    Totally agree to all the haters! I used to like her, but her music sounds exactly the same as her other albums! Sorry Taylor, I love that you kinda changed you noodle hair to this, but your music, ummmm BORING!

  • Brainy box


  • Isabella

    It’s so refreshing to see a female artist who has not put a bottle of peroxide on her hair.

  • Nonono

    Why there are just articles about her or Bieber? and what about the REAL WINNER of the night: Eminem?! iT IS A SHAME TO PUT THAT GIRL WITH HER CHILDISH AND JUVENILE LYRICS IN THAT KIND OF CEREMONY…where is the real talent AMERICA?Where are the real singers? Yesterday Beyonce showed them she’s NUMBER ONE forever and Eminem still after all these years still the best!
    Even if it’s not the same style of music, Taylor swift will never be like her even in her little girl that she is, dreams!

  • Grow up!

    @Kiki: And yet she sold millions. Why are you on a message board posting crap if you do not like her. GET A LIFE!

  • Grow up!

    @Nonono: You must be some dimwit teenager from the ghetto with no common sense. You can not compare Beyonce and Taylor. They have two distinct music styles. Taylor is a story teller singer which is what country music is about. Taylor plays multiple instruments and sings from her heart. She isn’t on stage shaking her butt and singing about getting it on in the bedroom or singing about how hard it is to grow up in the “hood.” She sells millions and sells out her concerts in minutes. I say she is doing pretty darn good. Also if you don’t like Taylor then why are you on this message board. Don’t you have to go do a drive by shooting or go and rob a gas station?

  • Hugo

    hey grow up they’re right face the reality

  • Hugo

    oh woa i didn’t see it your words sound racist grow up
    ad yes we can’t compare the two women
    beyonce has a voice and talet.The end.

  • jessa


  • eatyourheartout

    Stunning, classy, talented lady. Writes her own tunes, plays 3-4 musical instruments during her sets. Incredibly big heart- how much has this girl raised or donated to charity in her young life? Its fcking insane. Must be 3-4 millions.

    Went to her charity concert- she was awesome. Definitely stepped up her game, when it comes to vocals.

  • BabyDeacs

    @samantha: I AGREE !
    I think Demi Lovato is amazing, and Inspiring and Adele has such an amazing voice.. and they BOTH can actually sing, and then people like Rihanna, Can’t tbh.. :/ x

  • T-SwiftForev

    Everybody just shut up if you’re going to backlash at her.
    Why r u even commenting if you’re just gonna be “Mean”?
    Taylor rocks! Plus, she won THREE awards, so that says something!

  • jennyblueeyes

    I agree with you lavender ice that she should be with Jake. I was real upset when he broke it off. I keep hoping they will get back together but doesn’t seem like he is interested anymore. Too bad, his loss.

  • Helena

    looks like a younger version of nicole kidman, even the dress is smthg she would wear

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