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Beyonce: Oprah, We Can 'Run the World'!

Beyonce: Oprah, We Can 'Run the World'!

Check out Beyonce performing her new single, “Run the World (Girls),” on part one of Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular, which aired Monday (May 23).

Oprah, we can run the world!” the 29-year-old entertainer said at the beginning of her performance.

Bey was just one of a handful of celebs who helped Oprah celebrate and wrap up 25 seasons of her hit daytime talk show.

Also making an appearance on the Farewell show, which was taped last week at Chicago’s United Center: Tom Cruise with wife Katie Holmes, Madonna, Halle Berry, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

In case you missed it, check out Beyonce performing “Run the World (Girls)” at the Billboard Music Awards!

Beyonce Perfroms “Run the World (Girls)” on Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular
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  • A

    She creeps me out, i don’t know why…and her latest music video is disturbing and creepy.

  • lucy2

    YAY!!! Oprah’s crappy show is finally off the air!!!
    It was decent 2 decades ago….but that was a long time gone.


    the song is a joke

  • yaya

    Beyonce is the truth. She is a star among stars. RUN THE WORLD.

  • Sara

    H hating
    A anything
    T that
    E ever
    R reached
    S success

    Go Beyonce ….you Run The World Girl

  • C / G

    I am not a B fan, but damn that girl puts out an amazing message. I would love to see her in concert too; its got to be phenomenal.

  • meeeeeee

    I like Beyonce & all but this has to be one of the corniest songs I’ve heard this year. Well this a little exaggerant but this shit is corny, B!!!

  • Khandi

    My girl is back! I love Beyonce, she gives a show like no other. I am so sad to see my other girl O leave but, her legacy is so massve , she will still be her in another form. Thanks for the 25.

  • Boo

    @C / G: I have seen her in concert. She is one of the few artists who sounds better live than they do on the CD and she is an AMAZING performer. As much as people hate this song, this is just like Single Ladies. It’s only a matter of time before the dance starts popping up all over YouTube and people are trying to master her footwork. She has that kind of effect.

  • Sanford Hall

    Cant run the world, don’t get ahead of yourselves.

  • DEE


  • Cristobal

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can criticize a performer, who will not only sing live and do it well, but who will also put on a show for you that makes you not regret spending your money.

  • um

    Beyonce’s music is for the post rapture…wtf? The sistah has no soul.

  • anon

    There’s something about her face that’s changed. I dunno, this whole Rund the World thing is not enhancing her beauty. She looks hard. Is it the makeup maybe?

  • Sara

    I totally agree with you …but lately ..its just becoming more and more a TREND that its an opinion or even a criticism
    Some Die Hard fans (mostly teens) of other artist think that in order for their Bieber, Jonas,GAGA or who ever its they worship to be number ONE in the world (which will never happen Btw) they have take down every other good artists

  • boston61

    Beyonce s*cks donkey balls. All she does is teach young black girls to hate their hair. Her voice is average at best. This is not a song it is noise. She is pretty end of story.

  • boston61

    Beyonce s*cks donkey balls. All she does is teach young black girls to hate their hair. Her voice is average at best. This is not a song it is noise. She is pretty end of story.

  • boston61


    Oprah is a huge know it all. She has a lot in common with Beyonce. Both women made it because they are african americans who want to be white.

  • mookie

    I guess Tommy boy paid to get his silly wife, katie on. It was hilarious!
    She stood up pigeontoed…..talked phony-like……just too too much!


  • freakygirl

    i am a girl,but no way would i want GIRLS to run the world…pls…

  • Jasmine

    She looks so sh*tty here. Nose jobs, skin lightening, bleached hair…is there anything about herself that she actually LIKES? What a conflicting message–trying to empower young girls and women through bullsh*t like this song, walking around half naked and submitting to pressure to change so many things about herself physically.

  • ellie

    what a bunch of losers on this site, LOLLLLL< i guess misery loves company…….

  • Ria

    wow, this was powerful

  • Audrey

    LOVE it!
    Beyonce is the best and most talented entertainer in music business!

  • Helena

    her nose looks weird in the picture of the post. And she looks like a dude wearing a wig in the still for the youtube video

  • ****

    @lucy2: Jesus, how old are you? I wasn’t even born two decades ago.

  • poosie

    We can run the world…by dressing like street walkers.

  • Nikki

    What’s with the teary goodbyes to Oprah? OK, so her afternoon chat show is going dark after 25 years, but surely Oprah is not about to pull a Greta Garbo and veer off into obscurity. Trust me, she does not want to be alone.

    Read more of our thoughts on Oprah’s departure at “I Mean… What?”

  • da_man

    yep…not interested…garbage…

  • kerri

    Loved her performance. She is a real entertainer!!!!

  • Big pimpin’

    @boston61: well almost every black star sucks balls to you then because they all wear fake hair. rihanna, vivica, megan good, even mj rocked the lace wig e.t.c.

  • John

    My biggest criticism of Beyonce’s performance is actually not the performance itself, but of the message.

    If the dancers were replaced with men, and the song’s lyrics were something like “Men, we run the world,” there would have been massive complaints from feminists and other liberals…

    There is a gigantic line between “equal rights for both sexes” and flouting one’s (seeming) ability to “run the world”, and Beyonce crossed it. If I were at that show, I would have stood up and left.

  • http://yahoo

    ya lik dat frst prns aid im nt a b fan but damm u no how to kill it luv da new v u put out ………………………..

  • Mchammer

    I hate oprah with a passion. Wanna be white H*ffa. Beyonce looks bleached from head to toe.She lies about her age,but those laugh lines are not fooling anyone. This song is as bad a jlos fresh out the oven . So sad.Shes wak and overexposed.Go awaay.

  • scuredofthat

    her video for 1+1 ,I was terrified of !! She looks like satan there was allot of demonic things in this video!!! Was i the only one who seen this???