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LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!

LeAnn Rimes wears a barely there bikini as she hits the beach with husband Eddie Cibrian on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 28-year-old singer and her 37-year-old husband spent time together in a jacuzzi and walking hand in hand in the sand.

LeAnn and Eddie shared a kiss as they went through security at LAX airport before heading to Cabo.

LeAnn was also recently in NYC with Eddie celebrating his new NBC show, The Playboy Club!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian in Cabo…

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235 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!”

  1. 1
    Jess Says:

    HELLO anorexia!

  2. 2
    annie Says:

    When will they remake that cartoon thingie with Skeletor? They got the leading char here

  3. 3
    A Says:

    eww….is all i have to say..that and, has anyone else noticed these two have the same type of small eyes? Weird and not very attractive in my opinion.

  4. 4
    DEE Says:

    somebody get her a pack of nachos supreme and 5 lb burrito w/ some monkey bread. every night please! until she gets back to a normal weight.

  5. 5
    Lorraine Says:

    Eat something! She has lost so much weight and is too skinny now. Why did she do it? She was perfect before. Please put 10 pounds back on. She looks wasted. She should have a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. EAT SOMETHING!

  6. 6
    Kat Jennings Says:

    It’s very sad. All that she went through with her unhappy first marriage and the subsequent vilification of her before she became happily married but now being so skinny and like she’s rotting.

  7. 7
    sea Says:

    She is NOT anorexic, she’s a trunk.

  8. 8
    Abi Says:

    Her figure is disturbing. I hope she will begin to put the weight back on and return to her normal size. She shouldn’t turn into one of those super-skinny Hollywood types.

  9. 9
    jamie Says:

    Milkshakes are needed! WAY too skinny.

  10. 10
    Sl igo lambert ^________^cute Says:

    She want to be skinny

  11. 11
    Chanel Says:

    … That is a terrifying body. She’s got the dogs running after her to get some bones.

  12. 12
    ! Says:

    She also tweeted non-stop because she is twitterexic.

  13. 13
    JL Says:

    So romantic, just Eddie, Leann, and the paps.

  14. 14
    sara Says:

    eating milkshakes and taco bell supremes is any healthier? I’m not defending her physique but come on you can gain weight much healthier than being a PIG!

  15. 15
    Christina Says:

    OMG, WTF happened to her? This isn’t healthy at all. In comparison to how she looked 2 years ago, she looks totally anorexic. I guess she has to keep him happy now and this look keeps him happy. It’s seriously disturbing!

  16. 16
    J Says:

    she looks absolutely disgusting. she can say she’s healthy all she wants. her face tells you otherwise. she looks like she vomits up her food. and he is disgusting for wanting her like that. i never thought he was anything from when he was on the young and the restless years ago. glad to see he proved me right.

  17. 17
    Esther Says:

    Funny thing about LeAnn, she tweets about how grand love is and goes on and on with calling Eddie “my sweets, my love, my hubby”, etc.

    Yet, she’s never tweeted once on how much she “trusts” Eddie. Gee, I wonder why???

  18. 18
    Abby Says:

    Let’s just hope she has a good personality…………………

  19. 19
    laverdadduele Says:

    Home-wrecker is an ugly person, inside-out.

  20. 20
    TRP Says:

    WOW she looks like the anorexic girl from the Christina Aguilera “Beautiful” video, that’s so nasty.

  21. 21
    anybody?anybody? Says:

    @laverdadduele: I wanna believe in the justice of karma, because I agree with you that being a homewrecker is the lowest of the low, but this girl is so unhealthy and it’s so cruel that no one around her cares enough to help her. sad.

  22. 22
    Mlef Says:

    Oh God, this is the worst bikini I ever saw in my whole old life…

    People have money, but don’t have any taste.
    It’s so gross, not sexy at all…what is she trying to proove God…

  23. 23
    sindywhereyube Says:

    dude paparazi are maJOR ,i just saw them at LAX via justjared,n now they r in cabo already!!!!!!!!!!1 in a bikini n shorts?how long did it take them to fly n change that fast ,damn!

  24. 24
    bridgedoodles Says:

    I don’t think her face is attractive but I’d love to have a body like that. I don’t know what everyone is talking about. I think she looks fabulous. Look at the photo of her from behind – and what is wrong with that? She looks hot.

  25. 25
    eunice Says:

    damn, she’s anorexic. look at her arms — they’re skin and bones!

  26. 26
    Brainy box Says:


  27. 27
    dpblu Says:

    OMG man she is totally gross! Eww does she think she looks good, cos HELLO, YOU SO DON’T!

  28. 28
    Maja Says:

    Holy crap people, what the hell is wrong with you?

    NO ONE is ever good enough for you – this one’s too skinny, the other one too fat, the other one ugly or whatever else you might find wrong with a person…
    It’s so easy to criticize when sitting on your fat butts (I assume most of you don’t have a nice physique…) in front of a computer, living a life of someone’s else and criticizing every single thing.

    I am not even a fan of this chick, I barely know who she is, but I know what thing – she is definitely not anorexic – skinny, yes, but hell – that’s what hollywood wants from people.
    And I’ll say more – she’s not a skeleton and she obviously works out, it’s not skin and bones it’s muscles
    So before you judge, criticize or anything else, get up and look into a mirror and realize that no one is perfect, neither is she or me or anyone else on this planet… Gosh, reading comments on JJ is getting annoying, cause you’re just more rude with every single day!

  29. 29
    Krissi Says:

    @Maja – I completely agree with you. Where she is at now is the standard for Hollywood. She is a lot skinnier than she has been in the past, but I think that is from working out because she has major muscle definition.

    @Gwen – did you tell the paps she was in Cabo so you would have another post to dominate?

  30. 30
    *Angieee* Says:

    No hips and no waist definition. That first pic is horrifying.
    Tacky swimsuit, tackier tattoo… complete mess of a person.

  31. 31
    Rosa Says:

    She obviously likes being one of the most despised people…otherwise, why would she keep doing things to piss people off? Whatever. Real women are so much more attractive. Leann is fake and ugly. It’s a shame considering all the plastic surgery she’s had.

  32. 32
    wry-prof Says:

    Could care less about this chick and hubby…but what IS interesting is how people on this website just LOVE—LOVE Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt….but hate these two.

    Wow–makes no sense at all. But then again…what we’re all dong on this website commenting on rich ass people who make so money makes us all —-silly…but it’s a gulity pleasure!!

  33. 33
    Carolina Says:

    No comparison between Angelina and Leann. Angelina isn’t a twitter-holic, doesn’t copy the ex-wife, and doesn’t gloat about her happiness that came at the expense of breaking up a family.

  34. 34
    Carolina Says:

    No comparison between Angelina and Leann. Angelina isn’t a twitter-holic, doesn’t copy the ex-wife, and doesn’t gloat about her happiness that came at the expense of breaking up a family.

  35. 35
    Keilee Says:

    Thing is, shes not actually THAT emaciated, theres still muscle tone and yet, she still looks like s***. all that money for the boobs, the personal trainers, lawyers to pay for divorces for the two of them and she still just looks bad. she has no….zing, theres nthing about her body thast makes you think, f*** yeah id hit that. theres just othing special. shes got abs, ok well so does katee sackhoff and shes hot as hell. shes got fake boobs, so does rhona mitra and shes sexy as. LR just unattrac tive ad shes gotta realise that no amount of orking out and buying fake bits and sucking out other bits is gonna change it. shes just ugh. now if only she’d take her little boytoy and inflatables a long long way away where there are no cameras or internet, the rest of us could be happy. How did she survive all those years in her first marriage if this is any indication of how much of a fame w**** she is. she must have been close to death from lack of attention.

  36. 36
    Skinny Mini Says:

    Her weight is fine. She is toned and trim. SHe works at having a toned tight body for working out a lot and it shows. That is different from ANOREXiA! Some are jealous of skinny girls is all. God! I bet you if she was 5 pounds heaver some would start calling her fat. You peeps are never happy. Always something to complain about. She looks great! Makes me want to start working out!

  37. 37
    JL Says:

    Can’t change a horseface.

  38. 38
    betty Says:

    I wonder how long Leann is going to keep up these weekly updates of life with Eddie can’t she just be blissfully happy and fade to black.She should know by now the public is not impressed and Eddie only looks accommodating. I bet when Brandi is featured on RHOBH Leann will need daily updates trying to compete with the national attention Brandi will be receiving.I guess its hard being a has been at 29. when other celebs your age are at the top of their game.

  39. 39
    Fake Says:

    wasting away in Margarita-ville…

  40. 40
    betty Says:

    @Krissi&Maja Who told you Leann weight is standard for Hollywood The Kardashian sisters,Paris Hilton,L.Lohan,.Britney Spears etc. do not have Leanns anorexic look and they are A Listers. Most stars have curves and the lean boy look is not in,but if Leann chooses to look this way more power to her but don’t blame Hollywood.

  41. 41
    Mia Says:

    OFcourse she calls them, just like Kim K calls them and has her own paps..
    However, I find it very disturbing that Eddie doesn’t let her do the right thing.. why is he such a bad husband that he wants his wife to be skin and bones while he is only getting fatter day by day..
    They are so fake it just so sickening..
    I found that actually a good one, how romantic.. eddie, leann and the paps.. :) hahahahaha

  42. 42
    gwen Says:

    Seriously, who didn’t see this one coming?

    WEWE and EC are the ULTIMATE famewhores and is this what NBC, CMT, Lifetime, TP, and Playboy want everyone to remember? That EC and WEWE are constantly papping themselves out knowing full well that it leads to nothing more than disgust for them and anything that is attached to their name?

    Now if Kate M and Prince W and ML and BS were able to keep their honeymoon’s private and out of the public eye, then you know that WEWE and EC can do the same thing.

    So once again we are only see these famewhores because they tipped off the paps.

  43. 43
    gwen Says:

    This is what the public and media REALLY think of WEWE and EC constant famewhoring:

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?

  44. 44
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!

    So now that your recent act of famewhoring has backfired(ie-instead of talking about how in love you and EC look, people are talking about how bad WEWE looks and the fact that the biggest names in country and in the world were able to go on their honeymoon without being spotted by the paps) you are now looking for scapegoats to blame it on?

    YOU told the paps that you and EC were going to be in Cabo because once again you are just plain jealous of all the attention that ML and BS got for their wedding.

    We all know what it means when KRISSI shows up, it means that we are going to see yet another photo-op of WEWE and EC.

    @Skinny Mini (aka KRISSI)

    So now you are trying to fix this by writing WEWE “looks great” pos under several different names? If you didn’t want to be slammed for this photo-op, then perhaps you should have not called the paps. You look horrible. You look like you have been worried about how you are going to cover up EC affairs.

    WEWE and EC should have learned a lesson from their Cabo engagement media blitz, and now it looks like WEWE and EC will continue the tradition of giving the public even more reason to dislike them.

  45. 45
    gwen Says:


    Hi KRISSI!!!!!

    Why are you posting under all these different names?

    Oh that’s right? DAMAGE CONTROL.

    WEWE famewhoring in Cabo isn’t getting the reaction she wanted and now WEWE has to fix it by posting under different names that she looks hot and then writing posts about anyone who would dare tell the truth is just plain JELUS.

    Holy crap people, what the hell is wrong with WEWE and EC, why are they always papping themselves out?

    Seriously, so now anyone who would dare disagree with the fluff that JJ wrote about WEWE is fat and doesn’t have nice physique? This is why no one likes WEWE. If WEWE didn’t want people to comment, then she wouldn’t have invited the paps along with her and EC.

    BTW, WEWE sits on her butt in front of a computer/iphone, living a life of someone else and criticizine every single thing that isn’t written by JJ, People mag, Dailymail, and In Touch.

    Seriously how many times do these “I am not a fan” posters show up?
    Especially those who try to redeem WEWE by arguing that people are just JELUS because they are fat?

    WEWE looks horrible.

    Perhaps you should take your own advice. So before you judge, criticize or anything else, get up and look into a mirror and realize that no one is perfect, neither is she or me or anyone else on this planet…

    Gosh, reading comments from people who claim that they are not a fan of WEWE on JJ is getting annoying, cause you’re just more rude with every single day!

  46. 46
    gwen Says:


    Speaking of AJ and BP, didn’t they go on a romantic trip without the kids and not once were they spotted by the paps?

    So if AJ and BP can go on romantic trips and avoid the paps, then we know that WEWE and EC could do the same and that we are only seeing these photos of them because they once again tipped off the paps.

    Now how much time has EC spent with his kids in the last two weeks or so? Didn’t he ditch them so that he could go to NYC and then when he went off to film for TP movie?

  47. 47
    ina Says:


    Honey there’s nothing A-list about The Kardashian sisters, Paris Hilton, L.Lohan or Britney Spears. Home made 6tapes, golden showers, jailtime, drug abuse and mental disease is the only thing they have in common.

  48. 48
    gwen Says:


    One more thing.

    The K, PH, LL,and BS don’t have to pimp out another woman’s kids just to keep their names in the press the way that WEWE does.

  49. 49
    tomstyle Says:

    OMG her body looks just weired. The lower part looks like a boy’s body and her boobs just look like they dont belong there!!!

  50. 50
    ina Says:


    No they just pimp out their own kids. Way better.

  51. 51
    gwen Says:


    Just like EC, right?

  52. 52
    wry-prof Says:


    Gwen….I don’tt give a flying—f about the particulars of kids, paps and anything else about any of these people.

    The MAJOR facts speak for themselves.

    Save your weak-ass babbling for someone else.

  53. 53
    betty Says:

    @Ina Leann is still in that category being an adulterer but she still is not an A lister more a like Z.and Leann also has mental issues.

  54. 54
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!

    Of course you don’t give a flying F about the particulars of kids, paps and anything else about any of these people, it’s ALL about WEWE Rimes , right?

    The facts? What facts? That whenever WEWE gets backlash “someone” tries to deflect by dragging AJ and BP into this? Why are you in a WEWE and EC thread talking about how AJ and BP don’t ever get slammed?

    What? So why did EC tell WEWE to “Save her weak-ass babbling for someone else”? Was she STILL upset because he won’t give up his other women?

  55. 55
    meeeeeee Says:

    I’m sure 80% of ya’ll commenting on LeAnn’s body is 40 pounds overweight so ya’ll come here and try to bash her just so you could feel good about being ugly as hell. Do me a favor and STFU! Thank you, you dumb motha fckas.

  56. 56
    ina Says:

    @betty: @gwen:

    Everybody has mental issues, FYI. U guys especially.

  57. 57
    wry-prof Says:


    I ahve no idea what the f you are saying with all the intial crap going on.

    Again…for the last time… I am NOT a fan of any of these people –and i am NOT defending any of them. They all have cheated…that is the fact..since I had to spell it out for your slow azz.

  58. 58
    ina Says:

    @meeeeeee: add lonely, desperate & un-married 2 that list ;)

  59. 59
    gwen Says:


    What? EC is telling WEWE that she has mental issues?

  60. 60
    betty Says:

    meee etc.What is your problem? If this broad does not want comments than she needs to fade to black.and so do you.

  61. 61
    ina Says:

    @gwen: naah I was telling U that U got mental issues. Apparently reading issues as well. Sorry about that.

  62. 62
    gwen Says:



    I get it, you are upset because I pointed out how AJ and BP were able to go on a romantic trip without once tipping off the paps or being spotted by them, unlike WEWE and EC.

    And then I asked why you are here boo hooing about how people are not hating on AJ and BP in a WEWE and EC thread, and now you want to resort to the name calling?

    The only thing that you have spelled out is that WEWE and EC are getting some major backlash someone tries to deflect by bringing up other cheaters as if this will somehow justify EC and WEWE actions.

    Of course you don’t have ANY idea what I am trying to say.

  63. 63
    gwen Says:


    Oh WEWE!!!!!!!

    It’s not about reading comprehension problems, it’s called PROJECTION.

    EC verbally abuses you and then you come here and repeat what he said to you to others.

    Is that why EC is cheating on WEWE because he is lonely, desperate and considers himself unmarried?

  64. 64
    betty Says:

    Any mental issues I might have I can acknowledge.I am not deluded,insecure, need to emulate others.or forever seeking your idol is.

  65. 65
    gwen Says:


    Seriously, everytime WEWE gets backlash you try to redeem her by arguing that the people who don’t like WEWE are fat or overweight or ugly, and each time you use this excuses it backfires against WEWE and causes people to dislike her even more.

    WEWE slept with another woman’s husband, so then by your logic she did that because WEWE thinks that she is ugly?

    Perhaps WEWE should have done herself a favor and not tipped off the paps.

    No doubt about it, the wry=prof and meeeeeeeee are the same person.

  66. 66
    ina Says:

    It’s very flattering that some dumba**es REALLY think I’m her. But it’s not very clever.

  67. 67
    gwen Says:


    As clever as the unofficial twitter account that WEWE opened under the name of WEWENLOVE to stalk and harass BG?

    Dumb****: EC and WEWE Rimes.

    Not very clever is the constant famewhoring that EC and WEWE do.

    How odd that all these LR supporters are coming out of the woodwork. So even though WEWE usual mouthpieces are eating up this story, it means that the public are slamming WEWE and EC very hard.

    How odd that “ina” shows up to pick up where STAR leaves off.

  68. 68
    ina Says:

    @gwen: Oh Star says Hi! I was talking to her earlier. She could not make it here, she’s at a party. And I’m off 2 bed with my husband. He says Hi as well. And my name is not really Ina. It’s actually short for something else. But u figured that out already didn’t u, smartypants ;)

  69. 69
    Erin Says:

    She has an ET body….except for her oddly no-smaller and undoubtedly fake boobs.

  70. 70
    gwen Says:


    So let me guess, this little stunt didn’t go over well with the public did it? Poor WEWE, she even paid People mag to cover her beach honeymoon with EC. I guess WEWE is going to have to go to plan C. So I take it we are going to see yet another staged photo=op of WEWE and EC?

    1) “Oh Star says Hi! I was talking to her earlier. ”

    And decided that “ina” would pick up where “STAR” left off?

    2)”She could not make it here, she’s at a party.”

    Is that code for posting as ina?

    3)”And I’m off 2 bed with my husband. ”

    Meaning that a “different” person is going to show up?

    4)”He says Hi as well.”

    Of course he does. You do know that sleeping with another woman’s husband doesn’t mean that he is your husband, right?

    5)”And my name is not really Ina.”

    And whatever name you decided to use to make up for WEWE low fanbase.

    6)” It’s actually short for something else.”

    Like EC other mistress is IN A HOTEL waiting for him?

    7) But u figured that out already didn’t u, smartypants ;)

    Are you upset because I noticed how this “ina” person popped up in place of STAR?

  71. 71
    kelley Says:

    It looks like she got a boob job, i remember hr being really flat before.

  72. 72
    kelley Says:

    It looks like she got a boob job, i remember hr being really flat before.

  73. 73
    ina Says:

    ye ye suuure whatever u say gweeeenie

  74. 74
    betty Says:

    It was just a few months ago that she had an athletically toned figure now she is rail-thin and bony. I hope she does not have an eating disorder and will regain her once healthy figure. Maybe it was just stress and she will get back to a more normal body weight once she settles into her marriage.

  75. 75
    gwen Says:


    Hi STAR!!!!!

    Wait, I thought you said that you were going to bed with your husband?

    Oh that is right, you are not very credible are you?

  76. 76
    gwen Says:

    Wow, look at the voting system.

    Strange how it just so happened to go UNSTABLE in the presence of “ina”, who showed up taking the place of STAR.

    So when “ina” said that she was going to bed what she really meant was that she was going to sit in the background and mess with the votes.

    Too bad “ina” still can’t get WEWE Crazy Women single to chart. I mean with all these “fan” support how come JJ still won’t put WEWE name and face in their top celeb list?

    So I take it WEWE is going to release more photos to her mouthpieces of her and EC having sushi since this photo-op didn’t go over well with the public.

  77. 77
    LOL@LEANN Says:

    ALL I see is leann trying desperately to be like, look like, dress like, and have a life just like brandy!!!! Its desperate, I didn’t realize she thought so little of herself that she has to be like the woman eddie supposedly left just to make him happy. I have a feeling that the real loser in this will be eddie, and it will be much deserved.

  78. 78
    janie Says:

    Yes, she did have a boob job, lipo, fake horse teeth, none of that helped , she is just a plain woman who’s trying so hard to hold onto someone that she chased to the ground, even while he was married and going to counselling. just hope a really gorgeous woman comes along and chases after him and has an afair with him while she is away. if she thinks they will still be married in a couple of years, she is the stupidest woman to ever walk the earth.

  79. 79
    gwen Says:

    No wonder WEWE is making a BIG FUSS over her honeymoon with EC, she can’t stand all the attention REAL ARTISTS like Taylor S were getting at the Billboard Awards. Poor WEWE, she went through all that trouble getting DB to buy her that Grammy nomination only to end up using beach and airport photo-ops to try to outshine her peers.

    BTW, Taylor Swift raised over 750K for charity, compared to WEWE who only raised $600. And Taylor S did it from the bottom of her heart, not because she needed to set up “candid” DAILY pda beach/airport/sushi photo-ops with a cheater who pimps out his kids name and faces for WEWE career with JJ, People mag, Dailymail, cceleb gossip site. I guess when put next to Cabo, EC kids lose EVERY time. It’s CABO. His kids can understand that CABO is more important than spending time with them and of course paying their child support.

  80. 80
    betty Says:

    Now some phony ass is using my name to make comments
    .Use your own damn name ,My name alway appear in blue.

  81. 81
    gwen Says:

    EC is cheating on WEWE, it’s a shame that WEWE will go through ANY lengths to convince people that all is well in their relationship just because he frolicked on a beach with WEWE. Arnold S hide an affair and child for over 10 years, so it’s not hard to believe that EC and WEWE are hiding EC affairs? How long before it comes out that EC had a love child while he was oh so committed to WEWE?

    Didn’t EC frolick with SMJ? So why are we supposed to believe that things are different now that it’s WEWE he is frolicking with?

    It just amazes me how the media sugarcoats WEWE and EC nonsense.

    If WEWE and EC were sincere about their relationship, they wouldn’t have invited the paps along with him, this photo-op was bought and paid for WEWE RIMES. It is most definately set up. Even Kate M and Prince W took precautions to make sure that they were ALONE on their honeymoon. But not WEWE and EC who are so desperate to prove that what they have is REEL LOVE that they set up these fake shots that remind people of Heidi and Spencer.

    EC and WEWE are disgusting. The photos at the airport are disgusting. And now these photos on the beach are disgusting. If only the media would stop telling WEWE and EC that this famewhoring waws cute/hot and sexy. One media outlet even had the nerve to say that EC looked nice and fit. EC looked flabby.

    Does anyone else find it odd that EC always has to have a drink whenever he is with WEWE? He had to get drunk before his wedding and look on the beach, he had some drinks. That about sums it up. If things were going well for WEWE and EC, why is WEWE on twitter instead of enjoying her honeymoon?

  82. 82
    gwen Says:

    Wow, STAR that was FAST. You are messing with the votes like CRAZY. Don’t go overboard, you don’t want JJ to have to shut down the votes like the last time you went overboard.

    Messing with the votes, won’t change the fact that EC is cheating on WEWE. So that is it, EC is cheating on WEWE. Thanks for confirming that, you hurried up and voted down comment 81 REALLY fast to try to bury it.

    Well one thing is for sure, this photo-op didn’t go over well with the public. So no matter how hard WEWE and EC used their mouthpieces to push this farce, it still didn’t make the public like them.

    Oh well WEWE and EC have tomorrow. I’m sure that WEWE and EC will pull yet another photo-op that will bomb with the public.

  83. 83
    Jessica Says:

    Leann looks GREAT! Suck that b-tches! Luxury life, hunky hubby! Winning!!!

  84. 84
    Flammin Says:

    Its strange that he is fully clothed and all she is wearing is an itty bitty bikini :P

  85. 85
    j Says:

    she looks like she has trouble holding herself up.. she looks like a skeleton

  86. 86
    jkoln Says:


    Why are you getting so intensely angry and defensive over what people are saying about a complete stranger? I think that’s pretty weird.

  87. 87
    Jan Says:

    LR – you have constantly tweeted about missing Eddie and Brandi’s sons. Are they with you – cause surely as a bonus mom you couldn’t wait to see them again? Guess you are exhausted after playing around on a movie set. Pity that their real mom can’t afford to take them on a trip to Cabo. Never mind – it’s not about being a real everyday mom who does the hard work – it’s all about being a “tweeting” mom…

  88. 88
    Helena Says:

    She ruined a great bikini because she has no hips! eat smthg!

  89. 89
    Melanie Says:

    Loving this….. It’s like watching a soap. Can’t wait to see what happens next in this train wreck programme. Sordid affair, destruction of two marriages and families, little boys left without a Daddy and georgeous ex left on her own to cope. New breasts, larger teeth, ex wife’s hairstyle. Very sad attempt to justify all of this and secret “public : wedding. Newly weds showing the world how “in lurve” they are. Love the “trailers” (tweets) to next episode of show. Woo Hoo – give me more…

    Next step – pregnancy – poor Eddie – his straying again but denying it. Trailers assuring the watchers that all is well. Sudden end of show…

  90. 90
    Jack Says:

    No matter what the body looks like – the face isn’t up to much – manly face since the weight loss. Was kinda cute when young but age has not been kind.

  91. 91
    Luca Says:

    Drag Queen – Eddie – what are you doing man?????? That’s not a pretty face to be waking up next to. What you had – what you got now – no comparison – personality sure better be good.

  92. 92
    Jack Says:

    Obvious what the dude’s doing – he’s doing the homely girl with the AMEX Card – free holidays and access to cash while he waits to make his mark again before moving on. He won’t be the first – just saying.

  93. 93
    blair Says:

    @Melanie….well said. This show will be cancelled, it’s already jumped the shark. All this “relationship” amounts to is cheesy photo ops. Leann has a better relationship with her iphone.

  94. 94
    gwen Says:

    Didn’t WEWE say that she was releasing her album at the end of May? Strange, WEWE goes on honeymoon at the end of May, which happens to coincide with when she is trying to release her album and single? WEWE honeymoon is a publicity stunt. And of course, who wants to bet that she SWF tons of ideas from EC and BG honeymoon. This staged photo-op was probably one in which WEWE just recreated the details of EC and BG honeymoon.

    So once again, this STAGED photo-op, bought and paid for by WEWE Rimes was just an attempt to hype up her album/single so that WEWE could release it? And to think, artists like Taylor S, BS, and Rhinna actually use their talent and have REEL FANS to support them unlike WEWE Rimes who has to create her support by posing as her fans on these sites.

    So how many STAGED “EC and WEWE in Cabo” photo-ops are we going to see this week because Heidi Jr needs to sell that album/single by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, including pimping out EC kids and her own honeymoon. Funny, that WEWE has to pimp out her own honeymoon just to release her album or single.

    Hey STAR, you are getting better with the voting system, I was wondering when you were going to learn that you don’t have to vote down everyone’s posts just to make a point!!

  95. 95
    JenJen Says:

    Eddie is getting chunky…

  96. 96
    Krissy Says:

    Argh! Not more stage PDA – the so obviously staged pool shots that are doing the rounds on the web at the moment are proof positive that these two called the paps. When will these two realise that they are just turning off the few fans they have left? How come they are happy to have their honeymoon photos all over the web? When I was newly married, my hubby and I didn’t leave the hotel unless we had to. Didn’t both dash off to cities in different countries to work. This wedding was a little too urgent if you asked me – something fishy going on – all is not as it seems.

  97. 97
    TheDoctorIsIn Says:

    My daddy had an old bird dog who looked just like her.

  98. 98
    Jayney Says:

    Here’s my take on their wedding – I think that LR was very aware of the bad rep she and Eddie had. She tried to move things away from this by endless tweets about how happy and in love they were. This didn’t have the desired effect and provoked even more support for EC’s ex. Poor thing was stressed which resulted in weight loss and loss of self esteem. Maybe she was starting to wonder if EC was worth all the hate and loss of fans? Had to cancel a few shows that didn’t have great ticket sales as well. What’s a poor boy to do? Marry the girl fast before she changes her mind. She’s worth more financially to EC as a wife than a girlfriend . Almost feeling sorry for LC now

  99. 99
    annab Says:

    This is definately not a bikini body….she should keep it covered up if she is going keep starving herself. Nothing to be proud of….for sure.

  100. 100
    elaine Says:

    those pictures remind me of the pics that were taken when he was in the pool with the little waitress he had an affair with when he was married to Brandi and she was pregnant with his baby. pictures taken of him and the mistress looking oh so happy while his wife is at home PREGNANT ,the man has no morals

  101. 101
    JL Says:

    This is exactly what they both wanted, but the marriage hasn’t changed anything, people still don’t like them and that won’t change. All these stupid photo ops do is make people dislike them more.

  102. 102
    bobbi Says:

    To me it looks like she’s working out by lifting weights but she doesn’t have enough body mass to begin with to make such a workout look good on her.

    She’s probably very small boned and her muscles make her look like she’s nothing but skin and bones.

    Luckily she does have some (not much) fat on her buttocks.

  103. 103
    Dai Says:

    Top Heavy.

  104. 104
    *Angieee* Says:

    Wow leean really posts here? She’s more pathetic than I thought

  105. 105
    sunseeker Says:

    She has no waist, even when you are thin you can still a waist, thin but not sexy, I like the hourglass figure, slim but with a bit of shape.

  106. 106
    Paua Says:


  107. 107
    Boney Says:

    Hmm…someone should probably tell LeAnn that loosing a ton of weight wont make an average (but cute) looking girl look like a supermodel. If anything, it will just make her uglier. Some people just don’t look good being this skinny. She clearly is one of them.

  108. 108
    Krissi Says:

    @ *Angieee* – If you are taking what @Gwen says… like hey WEWE as truth….. then you are just as delusional as her. No Leanne doesn’t post here. Gwen just likes to try and be funny and call anyone that doesn’t agree with her posts WEWE.

  109. 109
    jessica Says:

    Hey Everyone, i agree with every single one of u. Y’ll forgot a couple things. SHe looks like a man. People that take their time on twitter and twitter about “How happy we are” are usually not. SHe feels the need to want to make people see that she is happy and how “perfect” everything is. WE all know in a matter of time he will do to her like they both did to their exs. The best thing that can happen in this situation is that Brandi finds someone great and Dean ends up happily ever after.

    WE all know eventually if it hasnt happened already, he will probably do some of the girls on his show. NOW THATS SOME CUTE GIRLS, not the ugly horse face at home! JUIST GIVE IT TIME!

  110. 110
    JL Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she posted here in between her constant tweeting.

  111. 111
    sunny Says:

    Holy, now I can see what he sees in her but a few cheeseburgers would definitely make her look even better. Hello legs though!

  112. 112
    betty Says:

    @Krissi How do you know Leann doesn’t post here under a fake name did she tell you. She has the time, Anytime anyone tweets as much as she does will do anything. She lives her life through twitter and photo opting .If she had a real life she wouldn’t have time to tweet from dawn to dusk!!! chuckle chuckle!!!!!!

  113. 113
    Danielle Says:

    I think Eddie is hot but blind… Her face and body really scare me

  114. 114
    julie Says:

    think she looks like she has had a stomach implant, very unattractive

  115. 115
    Jay Says:

    I wonder when she will have kids with him? Hopefully he won’t cheat on his baby mama!

  116. 116
    Natasha Says:

    He’s hot. She, she is absolutely unattractive.

  117. 117
    Kel Says:

    Jay, he already cheated on his baby mama (Brandi) so why wouldn’t he cheat on fug Leann?

  118. 118
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!

    1)”@ *Angieee* – If you are taking what @Gwen says… like hey WEWE as truth….. then you are just as delusional as her. ”

    What’s that, are you doing DAMAGE CONTROL? So now you are trying to convince people that WEWE Rimes and her camp doesn’t come to these sites and post comments in defense of herself because her fanbase is too low?

    BTW, someone from WEWE camp has been supplying STAR with info, which she then took to both E and CB to try to counteract that story from US Weekly stating that WEWE had SEF BG wedding to EC and her car.

    2)”No Leanne doesn’t post here. ”

    Sure, just like WEWE didn’t open up that unofficial twitter account as WEWENLOVE, right?

    3)”Gwen just likes to try and be funny and call anyone that doesn’t agree with her posts WEWE.”

    Now why would we have a reason to believe that the people showing up to defend WEWE are not fans, but WEWE and her camp? Since WEWE own fans won’t even go and download her CRAZY WOMEN single from ITUNES, then we know that those fans are not going to come here to these sites to defend or vote for her. So if her “fans” are not coming here to defend or vote for her then who are these people that keep popping up? They can’t be fans, her own fans didn’t even buy tickets to her show which resulted in WEWE having to cancel the show under the pretense that she was sick.

    Not to mention that WEWE has a habit of trying to fix whatever someone has discussed on these sites. So when we say that EC is cheating on WEWE, WEWE goes out of her way to prove that it isn’t true by tweeting nonstop on twitter about how her life is SO blissful and then she follows it up with a STAGED pda photo-op of her and EC making out at some airport or at the kid’s game.

  119. 119
    gwen Says:

    This STAGED photo-op didn’t go the way that WEWE expected.

    People(this means the public and the media outlets that are not being paid to write fluff) are talking more about how skinny WEWE looks, than her intented outcome, which was how much she and EC are in REEL lovE because EC frolicks on a beach with WEWE, something that is no different than how he frolicked with his other mistress, right? It looks like only WEWE mouthpieces are trying to pass this farce off as a fairytale.

    So what will Heidi Jr and Spencer Jr do today in the name of famewhoring? EC and WEWE are overexposed, does NBC/CMT/Lifetime/TP/Playboy/Drop Dead Diva think that WEWE and EC DAILY famewhoring in Cabo will bring in ratings for them?

    Now why would WEWE STILL be losing ALL that weight if she was SO happy and in love with EC the way she wants us all to believe?

  120. 120
    gwen Says:

    Guess who first broke the story of WEWE and EC honeymoon in Cabo? PEOPLE mag, so we have even more proof that this whole photo-op was a set up and orchestrated by WEWE and People mag.

  121. 121
    gwen Says:

    WEWE is contacting EVERY media outlet to let them know about how she and her hubby are on their delayed honeymoon. Seriously, the media should just call WEWE out for trying to be disperate, WEWE is trying to use her honeymoon to hype up her album and single so that she can release it, prove to everyone that EC isn’t cheating on her(but after the whole Arnold S thing, it’s clear to see that these celebs can easily hide their affairs with no problems), and of course SWF every little detail of EC and BG honeymoon.

    Just think if Kate M and Prince W were able to escape the paps on their honeymoon, then it’s more than obvious that we are seeing WEWE and EC on their honeymoon because they are calling the paps and media.

  122. 122
    gwen Says:

    Oh no, STAR is here, check out the voting system.

    On another note, I wonder if WEWE is also pushing this honeymoon thing so hard because she and EC are filming their delayed honeymoon for their HONEYMOON/life as newlyweds reality tv show?

  123. 123

    #109, its not a matter of time until eddie cheats, I would bet the farm that he’s never stopped cheating throughout this entire mess. There are other women, its just a matter of time till leann either finds out the truth or has to deal with public humiliation. Eddie couldn’t keep his dingaling in his pants if his life depended on it, and with a wife like leann rimes it just might.

  124. 124
    Jess Says:

    Thanks – I wasn’t able to put my finger on what is was that wasn’t working for her. You are right – too much muscle on a small frame. Too much weight training have left her with absolutely no feminine shape. Instead of the long, lean sexy waist that we all strive for, she has ended up with a very masculine body. Instead of a flat tummy with a girly little waist, she has ended up looking like a teenage boy. Not what she intended I’m sure and because her breast implants can’t shrink, the whole look is unbalanced.

  125. 125
    TJR Says:

    LR tweeted that she was shopping on line for Mason – how about instead of shopping for a few things (that’s what his momma is for) get EC to send a check with a little extra Brandi’s way – maybe give her back the extra he took back from her? I am fairly sure that Eddie didn’t pay for this honeymoon (along with the quickie wedding and the OT engagement ring). Seeing your ex at a luxury resort when you had to downsize your life with his babies doesn’t make for good relations. Try sending the cost of this PDA display to the kiddies instead LR and EC!

  126. 126
    Jayney Says:

    Jayney from Down Under here – agree with you TJR – a few gifts don’t mean a thing unless it’s backed up. Like I said a while ago – Leann and Eddie – we would all have a little more respect for you if there were fewer holidays at exclusive resorts and more public show of ensuring the family you deserted were taken care of. It’s okay to go on about what a great Daddy Eddie is but money isn’t short in your new family is it? Would like to see a tweet about how you are helping out the old family. Seems like it is so easy to discard a family and then think that it is acceptable behaviour to publically say – “well it happened – couldn’t help it as I didn’t know any better and look at us now – living it up in luxury”.

    My prediction – there will be new photos of the children at a soccer match or being dropped off to school and then a whole lot of tweets about school lunches and homework.

  127. 127
    gwen Says:

    Wait, WEWE is STILL tweeting about EC kids, even after EC made it VERY clearby trying to sue BG if the kids made cameos on her show that he was opposed to his kids being exposed to millions and millions of people? Seriously, so why would we believe that EC is in love with WEWE just because he frolicks on a beach with her, when he won’t even abide by his own words concerning his kids being exposed to the media and paps?Great job EC, he opposes his kids being on BG show, yet he allows WEWE to tweet about them knowing full well that it will end up on some blog or in some mag. So how does EC explain that to a court system?

    Does WEWE think that shopping on line for EC son will make up for the fact that EC ditched his kids for Cabo? What a great image to send to his kids, based on WEWE tweets, EC only spent 4 days with his kids in a span of 2 weeks, so how bad does it look when those kids see photos of their father living it up in Cabo when he didn’t even care enough for them that he ditched them so that he could surprise WEWE early in NY? Why even bother asking for joint custody when that lowlife isn’t even going to take it seriously? I get the feeling EC only wants joint custody so that he can control BG and pay less child support to BG for the kids.

    WEWE Rimes is just plain sick. Now she is using the bad weather to draw attention to her honeymoon with EC and this is why no one likes WEWE. She is also trying to draw attention to herself because she is jealous of how TS and her fans raised 750K for charity. Funny, how come when TS fans are prompted to do something, they do it. Whereas WEWE fans always seem to disappear when she needs them.

    We know that WEWE isn’t sincere and doesn’t care about the bad weather that is going on. How? If she was sincere about the bad weather, she wouldn’t have kept tipping off the paps so that the media and press could see her and EC frolicking on a nice, sunny beach in Cabo. If she doesn’t want further backlash it would be nice if WEWE would refrain from releasing anymore photos of her and EC in Cabo.

  128. 128
    Vivienne Says:

    Quiet here at work so here’s my 10 cents worth: “bonus mom” WTF? Not even close to a mom Leann. If you have any idea at all of what it felt like to be a mom, you would have thought twice about having an affair with a guy with children. You would have waited until he had become single again. If you were even close to being a mom, you would have known how hard it is to tell your children that their daddy isn’t going to be living at home anymore. No Leann – sorry – finding it so very offensive every time you use that term to describe yourself. Not all your fault though. A real daddy doesn’t spend his time getting his leg over anything that’s on offer either. You are the ones who have to sleep at night. Had a number of your albums Leann – they are now binned as of tonight.

  129. 129
    gwen Says:

    Just when you think that WEWE and EC can’t stoop ANY lower they manage to do. When all else fails and WEWE and EC still can’t make the public like them or believe that they have this fairytale romance, what do WEWE and EC do?

    They STAGE a Tornado Benefit (where we all know they will slobber all over one another on the stage) where WEWE sings and guess who hosts it, Eddie Cibrian. Wow, so now they think that hosting a tornado benefit concert will make people accept their romance? Seriously WEWE and EC LAY LOW. I can see WEWE doing the concert, but why is EC hosting it? So now we are supposed to believe that WEWE and EC are madly in love and that EC isn’t cheating on WEWE because they host a charity benefit together? This isn’t about charity, it’s about WEWE using charity so that she can stage more pda and photos with EC on the beach in Cabo.

    Seriously, who wants to bet that WEWE and EC kicks this benefit off by leaking birthday photos of EC son’s birthday? Is this why EC was so opposed to allowing BG to let the kids make cameos on her show because they were waiting for an opportunity like this?

    NOTE TO WEWE: More backlash will follow because now WEWE is using the victims of the tornados to hype up her album and single so that she can release it, show the world just how much she and EC have REEL LOVE, justify exposing EC kids to the media and press after EC tried to sue BG if the kids made cameos on her show, and of course SWF and taunt BG.

  130. 130
    gwen Says:

    Here is the article from Contactmusic:

    Leann Rimes – Rimes Staging Tornado Benefit

    Leann Rimes and her new husband Eddie Cibrian are staging a benefit show to raise funds for the victims of America’s recent tornado disasters.

    A spate of storms hit southern states, including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, on Tuesday (24May11) – just two days after a powerful twister claimed more than 120 lives and devastated whole neighbourhoods in Joplin, Missouri.

    The bad weather occurred just weeks after tornados swept across six southern states in April (11), with more than 200 people dying in Alabama alone.

    Rimes, who hails from the southern state of Mississippi, was stunned by news footage of the disasters – and she has now decided to take action to raise money to help the survivors of the storms rebuild their lives.

    The singer is organising an event in Jacksonville, Florida and she will take to the stage to perform at the 5 June (11) gig, while Cibrian will host the gala.

    In a post on her page, Rimes writes, “I’m doing a benefit acoustic show in Jacksonville, FL on June 5 benefiting the tornado victims of AL. (Alabama) and MO (Missouri). Details to come and Mr. Cibrian will be hosting. Lots of fun auction items too!”

  131. 131
    gwen Says:

    So is that why WEWE invited the paps to the airport with her and EC and People mag to the beach with her and EC and then made sure that her delayed honeymoon with EC was a topic of just about EVERY media outlet and the #1 story on People mag because she was oh so concerned about how tornados were causing havoc?

    This is how we know if WEWE is sincere about helping tornado victims:

    a) If we don’t see ANYMORE photos of her and EC in Cabo, then the public will believe that WEWE is sincere. People have lost their homes and families, so why would she continue to release photos of her and EC living it up in Cabo without a care in the world? That just defeats the purpose.

    b) WEWE stops tweeting about EC kids. Shouldn’t charity begin at home? EC doesn’t want his kids exposed to the media unless of course he can benefit from it. As we can see, WEWE is still tweeting about those kids, so we know that this event isn’t about the victims of tornados, but about WEWE need for attention. Why would WEWE keep exposing EC kids to the media and press?

    c) Don’t use EC son’s birthday party to promote the event and don’t try to use this event to justify exposing EC kids to the media and paps. It’s not okay to tweet about those kids just because she is doing something nice for the world.

    d) Pick someone else to host the benefit because all anyone sees this event as is an attempt to shove her farce with EC down people’s throat. We don’t want this charity event to turn into another Playboy party where WEWE sends twitpics of her and EC making out in the trailer, dressing rooms, and stage. And we know that this will happen. She needs to drop EC from the list and stop trying to use EVERYTHING and ANYONE to sell her relationship with that jerk.

    f) Is WEWE trying to make fund raising benefit into a competition between her and TS? Since TS and her fans raised 750K and TS got recognized for it, WEWE thinks that she can upstage or outshine her by doing the same thing? Seriously WEWE if this is the reason for doing this benefit, then back out now. Why not just donate some of the money that she is spending on this Cabo trip and EC shopping spress?

  132. 132
    Catherine Says:

    Hi – I always wonder who these benefits are really for (the celebsrities or those affected) and how much of the money is distributed. I work in the public health sector and I know that it is alway best to donate directly to the American Red Cross – they ensure that the money donated is directed to the appropriate services – it takes two minutes to text a donation of $10 (you can donate as many times as you like) or phone them direct.

  133. 133
    Luca Says:

    mboobs and his dude!!!!!!!!!

  134. 134
    gwen Says:


    So is this how WEWE and EC are going to get their REALITY TV SHOW? They are going to do a Charity benefit together?

  135. 135
    Kel Says:

    Give your donations to Red Cross or Salvation Army.All she wants is another photo op.

  136. 136
    Shay Says:

    I wouldn’t give that ho a dime for any reason. Give directly to tornado relief fund.

  137. 137
    gwen Says:

    Wow did you see who is starring in TP new movie(BTW, TP movie sounds just like a altered version of TD Jakes movie, NOT EASILY BROKEN with some minor detail changes-married man vs a man who is about to get married)?

    Thandie N (Beloved, For Colored Girls, Crash, The Pursuir of Happiness)

    Rebecca R(Ugly Betty, X-men)

    Gabrille U(Bring it, Daddy’s Little Girls, Love and Basketball)

    No wonder WEWE is trying SO hard to let EVERYONE know that EC is her hubby. So this benefit with EC is to let those women on the set of TP know that EC is her hubby.

    EC character in TP movie doesn’t even have a name listed on the cast list yet, so let me guess that means that he is playing a minor character just like he did in Not Easily Broken. I hope that TP didn’t give EC the same character plot for his movie. In Not Easily Broken, EC played a gigolo who was going through a divorce and who was trying to hook up with the single mother(her son played on the baseball team that the guys coached).

    Surely TP could have picked someone better than EC for the simple fact that WEWE and EC are going to make this movie ALL about her and EC. When it comes time to promote the movie, we can already predict that WEWE and EC are going to be bombarding the internet like crazy. They are going to try to upstage the movie with a pregnancy just wait and see.

  138. 138
    Kelli Says:

    She is a self promoting loser who has a career in the toilet. It doesn’t matter what the two of them do, the public hates them as a couple and is basically disgusted with them as people in general. She seems to think that photo ops, public PDA’s and this “benefit” will win people over. She is so wrong.

  139. 139
    Kelli Says:

    If she wants to help, she would be better off donating money herself. She can’t even sell records anymore. It isn’t like she would be a huge draw even for a good cause. Having him host the event is hilarious. They really are a giant train wreck.

  140. 140
    Shay Says:

    @Kelli I agree, why doesn’t she just donate her money to the tornado relief fund? Because she has to get a big photo op out of it.

  141. 141
    gwen Says:

    This is what WEWE quoted on her twitter page:

    “Just like you drive where you are looking, you live where you are thinking. Focus on your problems, you drive to worry.”

    So how come WEWE isn’t taking the advice that she posted? Instead of exploiting EC kids and the victims of tornados and tweeting about how happy and content she is in her farce with EC, WEWE needs to focus on the problems that she is having in her relationship with EC so that she doesn’t have to use twitter, People mag, and Dailymail to drive her relationship with EC.

  142. 142
    gwen Says:

    Did anyone see the cover of People mag?

    Wow, just wow. Wow.

    Kim K gets engaged and it makes the main cover of People mag, but when WEWE gets married because it’s the “greatest love story of all time” People mag gives WEWE a section off to the side and they didn’t even bother to frame it in the nice little borders (and because People mag was so worried that the issue wouldn’t sell, they had to put Mick Jagger on the cover). That in itself says a lot. WEWE #1 mouthpiece, won’t use EC and WEWE as their main cover. Why won’t People mag put WEWE and EC as their main cover? Are they waiting for the pregnancy to do this? Or perhaps it’s in the works, WEWE and EC stage a charity benefit and in return People mag/In Touch/US Weekly gives them the main cover?

    WEWE can’t be happy over the fact that People mag gave Kim K the main cover for her engagement. I smell a “EC loves me because…” photo-op coming, you know because WEWE cares so much for the misfortunes of others.

  143. 143
    Jessica Says:

    Brandi is SO SEXY Marla Maples and Adrienne Maloof voted hotter!! hahahahaha

  144. 144
    betty Says:

    @Jessica So What!! Leann would never have even been in the in the competition. These are all classy ladies. Something Leann wishes she had.

  145. 145
    Esther Says:

    I’d hardly call this a honeymoon being that they’ve been vacationing/honeymooning from the very beginning, from the very get go, nothing new here.
    And WE KNOW who paid for it–how shameful of Eddie. He has proven to the world at large that he is spineless and walks with a tail in between in legs…..he is NO MAN.

  146. 146
    Esther Says:

    Why would you ever comment on TMZ’s ‘Who’d You Rather Be?’, trying to be negative towards Brandi , when we’re ALL going to throw back in your face how ugly LeAnn is???? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

  147. 147
    Shay Says:

    Esther look at Leann, she’s man enough for both of them lol.

  148. 148
    Esther Says:

    @ Shay
    You’re right!!! But actually LeAnn is more of a man than Eddie, cuz just like a man, she picks up the bill–EVERYTIME!!

  149. 149
    Shay Says:

    Esther that’s sad but true, Leann wears the pants and Eddie’s the trophy wife.

  150. 150
    Krissi Says:

    @esther @shay – I am sure you two are beautiful models, and have perfect bodies.

  151. 151
    Shay Says:

    That’s true Krissi and I’m sure you don’t.

  152. 152
    Casey Says:

    This couple appears pathetic to almost everyone. The desperation for attention and press is really sad. If they were so in love, they wouldn’t be tipping of the paparazzi to tell them where they are going to be 24/7.They would be guarding their privacy. He is an actor, he can kiss anyone and make it look real. The kissing photo ops are ridiculous. It doesn’t make them look like they are in love at all. Just immature and obnoxious grade eighters. They aren’t big stars and their recent press has come from the sordid way their relationship started. That being said, I don’t like when people insult her looks or body as she does appear to have a rather serious eating disorder and that isn’t something to make fun of or insult. It is actually rather tragic. No secure woman who loves herself and is happy, allows herself to disappear the way she is.

  153. 153
    Krissi Says:

    @shay – you are right, that is why I am on the internet posting on a thread and not out on the beach somewhere on a Vacation. I am not saying that Leann is a model or has a perfect body, she is looking very muscular lately… but I think it is funny when people like to throw HUGE stones in a glass houses. Nobody is perfect yet people continue to be so hateful with their comments. Talk about class.

  154. 154
    Jessica Says:

    Brandi Glanville came in LAST in a who’s hotter poll with Adrienne Maloof and Marla Maples!


  155. 155
    betty Says:

    @Casey You got that right! They seem to do a lot of PDAing when the cameras are rolling. But in private all Leann does is tweet.One of Leann tweeters call her out about her tweeting during her honeymoon instead of paying attention to her husband.She claimed he was reading thats why she was tweeting. Eddie must do whole a lot of reading because she does a lot of tweeting. I wonder how long this chick is going to keep deluding herself. People are not being fooled.

  156. 156
    Jessica Says:

    look at the cheeks! There full of Toxin! OLD haggard and pathetic×316-alg_brandi-glanville.jpg

  157. 157
    Maine Says:

    Betty. You so funny. Eddie looks so unhappy and sad.

  158. 158
    Maine Says:

    I would HATe to look this good! lol

  159. 159
    betty Says:

    @Jessica.You already said that. Regardless of whose the hotter she’s still on the show. So the producers must think shes HOTand that what counts.

  160. 160
    betty Says:

    I’ve try not to talk about looks but since you want to go there my 16 yr.old niece would put Leann to shame. Her sister is13 and her developing body looks like Leann. Even the press calls her scary skinny and Eddie is like Arnold looks aren’t important as long as he gets what he wants.

  161. 161
    Casey Says:

    It isn’t very nice but no one thinks LeAnn Rimes is good looking. One blog cruelly claimed that she looked like she was mentally sub normal. I am not going to quote it exactly as it was very cruel. Why are people comparing her to his ex? Someone says they do too many photo ops and the next post is saying his ex lost a hotness contest. How pathetic is that? Were there no morality contests because I am sure they would be the loser on that one. People basically hate this couple. No amount of insulting the ex pr fake PR is going to change that. In fact it makes it worse an makes them look even worse than they do now if that is possible. When people say she looks too thin, there is always a post insulting his ex. When people say she tweets too much, another post insulting the ex. What do any of these things have to do with the ex? It actually makes the supporters of Leann look like psychos.

  162. 162
    Casey Says:

    My last post makes me look like a bad speller, but I am not. I won’t bother correcting the errors but I am sure they will insight an anti ex post.

  163. 163
    Kel Says:

    I agree, Casey. Brandi did nothing wrong so I will never get why people involve her in this.

  164. 164
    elaine Says:

    Leann has a mannish body, grinch face,stringy hair ,big veneers, lipo suction scar on inner thigh, naval that looks like an extra ear, squinty eyes, flaring nostrils, breast implants that were placed on the side of her body. did i miss anything? nope, think I hit it all. thats my opinion and I’m sticking with it. By the way, Eddie looks like a deer in the headlights saying “whats happening Man” oh O.k. wheres my allowance.

  165. 165
    elaine Says:

    OOPs forgot to mention the very noticeable stretch marks on her fake boobs.

  166. 166
    elaine Says:

    oops, forgot to mention the very noticeable stretch marks on her fake boobs.

  167. 167
    lauren Says:

    WOW!!!!! This is little LeAnn Rimes!!!! Wow- I want the bathing suit, it is gorgeous….. so is she…. what did she do to get that body???? Please LeAnn let us know- you really do look great. i am not a hater or particular fan, but just sayin- you go girl-lucky husband.

  168. 168
    betty Says:

    @Lauren Get a grip no one can afford Eddie but Leann no one is going to pay for all his baggage and perks but her its too many hunks in Hollywood.and his liabilities out weigh his assets. You are the only one envious.LOL

  169. 169
    Esther Says:

    @ Jessica

    You criticize and laugh at Brandi, yet, this is the very same person LeAnn continues to imitate and somehow never, NEVER, will be.

  170. 170
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Poor little froggy, LeAnn.
    She looks like a frog in the face with that super weight lost. Poor girl.Eddie has dragged her down so much she doesn’t even knopw it.,
    She got what she wanted and all we can say is good for you,LeAnn.Jokes are on her.

  171. 171
    Jack Says:

    Off LR’s Twitter Site – Eddie’s paparazzi block! Yes, it’s a beach chair and a ton of towels! Hysterical!!!

    Poor guy doesn’t want to be photographed with her any longer? EC spends the night watching a game while she tweets or goes online?. Something tells me that the honeymoon is more of a PDA daytime thing. Eddie my man! – the real honeymoon happens in the hotel room – whatcha doing watching the game? That’s right – no paps there – can’t believe that you haven’t thought of that LR!

  172. 172
    Shelly Says:

    Oh my gosh – I hadn’t noticed that but just had a look. Hardly romantic is it. Cripes – my honeymoon was just that – not a vacation which is what these two seem to be having. I love that LR and her PR folk watch these sites because it sets up the next chapter in this dog and pony show. I predict a few tweets tomorrow about “gettin some lovin with her sweets” and hopefully on or two tweet pics to prove it – please LR – don’t let me down!

  173. 173
    Vivienne Says:

    EC has finally had enough of being forced to be on constant display. Maybe he has put his foot down for once and said enough already to LR. Can’t have been easy for LR to give up the paps

  174. 174
    Katey M Says:

    Eddie’s paparazzi block! Yes, it’s a beach chair and a ton of towels! Hysterical!!!

    No – I don’t think that it was Eddie’s decision at all – Leann has realised that everyone is taking the p*#*s out of her and Eddie and laughing at them. She wants it to look like her “sweets” is protecting her from the big bad paps – that she called! Ha ha – yes Melanie – you were so right! – this is a show – roll on – love it! What’s next?

  175. 175
    Katey M Says:

    Next episode could be: Eddie giving an interview about how he can’t understand why people are so unsympathetic and how they are so in love that they can’t help themselves. Know that Leann would love to organise that but Eddie’s not stupid – his new show might take off and if so – he will go with it. He will just go……

  176. 176
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) ” I am sure you two are beautiful models, and have perfect bodies.”

    Wow, stop acting like WEWE is the victim here. If WEWE hadn’t called the paps, then she wouldn’t be in this position in the first place. How do you think things will be for WEWE and EC after they exploit the tornado victims just so that they can promote their marriage/relationship? Stop blaming people for WEWE mistakes.

    2) you are right, that is why I am on the internet posting on a thread and not out on the beach somewhere on a Vacation.

    More like you are doing damage control because another one of WEWE bright ideas has failed.

    Or the other option could be that WEWE is planning on releasing more photos of her and EC.

    3)I am not saying that Leann is a model or has a perfect body, she is looking very muscular lately… but I think it is funny when people like to throw HUGE stones in a glass houses.

    Wait, are you serious? When you showed up on CB telling people to find something more important to do, were you not throwing HUGE stones in a glass house?

    Seriously, how come your own words NEVER EVER apply to you?

    4) Nobody is perfect yet people continue to be so hateful with their comments. Talk about class.

    Are you serious? Have you seen the messages that WEWE fans have been leaving the BBs and to BG? Talk about hateful, what is more hateful than the manner in which WEWE exploits BG kids?

    If you want to talk about classs, then let’s begin with the obvious, WEWE and EC need to LAY LOW. And using the victims of the tornado, that was not classy at all, it is sad and cruel.

    And as usual when all WEWE still can’t get the public support, she tries to redeem herself by trashing BG. Cue jessica and maine. And it always backfires. And of course the posters who write over that WEWE has a “nice” body (aka lauren).

  177. 177
    Here in Cabo... Says:

    Eddie – I would want to hide too! But you bought it so you got to own it – oops – no – sorry you got bought…

  178. 178
    gwen Says:

    @Katey M:

    It’s probably already in the works right now.

    WEWE and EC are not going to do anything for charity unless they can benefit from it.

  179. 179
    gwen Says:

    Rimes’ charity show for tornado victims=just another STAGED photo-op and massive media blitz where WEWE tries to convince us that EC is in love with her because they engage in pda, holdhands, and EC talks about how “amazing” WEWE is while he is hosting the event and in the exclusive People mag spread they will get for being so “generous”.

  180. 180
    Here in Cabo... Says:

    Those of us who are quietly enjoying our time here on the beach could see that the photos were staged. They weren’t caught out by the press that’s for sure. Staged and LR was cooperating nicely – obvious that the paps had been called. On a positive Eddie note- he wasn’t thrilled about it but he did what was required of him and played the part perfectly – after all – he is an actor. I’m a guy and let me give you some advice Leann – he is going to be over this whole paps in the face thing really soon – no guy likes to look like his girl calls all the shots. Think about it it.

  181. 181
    gwen Says:

    EC pap block with the towels and chair is nothing more than DAMAGE CONTROL. WEWE is trying to make it look like the paps are hounding her and EC, which is odd because how come EC can completely go about Cabo, LA, and ATL ALONE/by himself without once being spotted by the paps if they are being hounded 24/7?

    In other words, WEWE is trying to give the impression that she and EC can’t help that these photos from their honeymoon keep getting leaked EVERYDAY because they “are trying to hide” from the paps and be discreet, hence the towel and chairs.

    WEWE is sick. She doesn’t care about the victims of the tornados just like many have said, she is just using the tornado benefit to promote her and EC and make it okay for her to release more and more photos of them in Cabo. It’s sad that WEWE thinks that she can justify STAGING another photo-op in Cabo with EC by using a chair and towels to hide.

    Seriously, this is why the public finds WEWE so offensive. People are suffering and she is steadily releasing more and more photos from Cabo with EC and she thinks it’s okay because she used a towel and chair to “block” their view? How about not calling the paps next time WEWE.

    How much money did WEWE dish out to making the “EC blocks the paps” STAGED photo-op happen? What is even sicker is the fact that WEWE will spend a lot of money getting the press to write a fluff piece on the “EC blocks the paps” photo-op, which could have gone directly to the victims of the tornados instead.

    BTW, usually when these celebs go on these vacations, the media doesn’t get slammed with DAILY shots. So the fact that we keep getting DAILY shots from WEWE is major indication that she is tipping off the paps.

    What a bunch of lowlifes.

    WEWE probably spent over a million dollars making the STAGED photo-op happen, how come she doesn’t donate that instead?

  182. 182
    Here in Cabo... Says:

    PS – final post – promise, as my girlfriend is going to kill me ha ha! Girl – eat something already! Slim is cute but you have taken it way too far – Your man must have said something by now? Guys like a girl to hold onto, not bones.

  183. 183
    gwen Says:

    So when will JJ, Dailymail, and Celeb gossip site post the “EC blocks the paps with a towel and chair” photo-op?

    It’s a shame, rather than STOP tipping off the paps while she is in Cabo (you know because it would be the right thing to do for someone who is trying to raise money for people who lost their homes, families, and neighborhoods, and can’t afford the time or money to sit on nice sunny beaches in Cabo), WEWE is just going to start placing chairs and towels in the photo? Oh WEWE that is such a “great” idea, that will once and for all convince people that she isn’t tipping off the paps.

  184. 184
    Jax Says:

    The photos in the spa were obviously staged for the press. Poor Eddie – he looked embarassed but did his best to own the photos. Who do they think they are kidding? Eddie, Eddie, Eddie – please why? If your new show rates well, will you really want this crazy woman hanging off you so that she can make stage further photo ops for herself? You will be looking over your shoulder forever. Sorry to say guys – but the next episode in this show is going to be LR announcing an impending arrival and poor Eddie won’t be able to escape then. What goes around, comes around.

  185. 185
    gwen Says:

    NOTE TO WEWE: If you and your hubby are going to stage a benefit for the victims of tornados, it would be a good idea to STOP staging photo-ops in Cabo and this includes the airport (even ones where you pretend to “block” the paps with towels and chairs to make it look like the paps are hounding you) and stop tweeting about how much of a good time you are having on a sunny beach and what you are doing in a nice luxary hotel when people’s homes have been destroyed by the tornado. It’s common sense. It’s small things like this that hurt WEWE reputation and career. Why would anyone think that WEWE and EC cares about the tornado victims when she doesn’t even care enough about EC kids to stop tweeting about them?

  186. 186
    gwen Says:

    See the media is catching on.

    This is from Limelife.

    LeAnn Rimes Hosts Fundraiser for Tornado Victims (by KG)

    Will Eddie Cibrian draw a crowd?

    LeAnn Rimes is showing her kind side by raising money for the victims of the tornadoes that hit a slew of U.S. states this week. We love celebs who do good deeds…but there’s one feature to this fundraiser that LeAnn may have gotten all wrong.

    Dallas native LeAnn Rimes appears to have been devastated this week when some of the states near her Texas stomping ground were hit by incredibly harsh tornadoes. In response to the disasters, LeAnn tweeted that she wanted to do something special for the victims of the twisters: she’ll host a benefit concert to raise funds for relief.

    Tuesday Rimes (whose Twitter profile now reads “LeAnn Rimes Cibrian”) tweeted her plans to her 128,000 followers: “I’m doing a benefit acoustic show in Jacksonville, FL on June 5 benefiting the tornado victims of AL. and MO. Details to come and Mr. Cibrian will be hosting :) lots of fun auction items too!”

    When some Twitter followers praised LeAnn’s actions, she wrote back, “It’s the least we could do.” And while we definitely think good deeds are the only way for fallen celebs to get back in the public’s good graces, we have to ask…

    Why on earth is Eddie Cibrian hosting LeAnn Rimes’ benefit show? Does Cibrian have the energy or the public admiration to amp the crowd? And we know LeAnn Rimes is over the fact that she had an affair with a married man, but honestly, some of her followers aren’t. Maybe leave the devil out of the deed, LeAnn? Just a suggestion. We’re kinda thinkin’ LeAnn’s just totally freaked out to let Eddie Cibrian out of her sight. You know what they say about the once-a-cheater thing…

    If you could score a ticket for a fair price when they go on sale Thursday morning, would you go to the LeAnn Rimes benefit concert for tornado victims? It’s kind of a toughie, right? I mean, has the girl recorded anything since “Blue” or that movie where all the girls dance on the bar?

  187. 187
    gwen Says:

    Wow, while people are trying to put their lives back together because tornados ruined their homes, familes, and communitites, WEWE is sitting in Cabo tweeting about her breakfast with her hubby. Great job WEWE, and then she wonders why people dislike her so much.

    How about she show some respect, WEWE.

    Other celebs are raising money for the victims of the tornados, the difference between them and WEWE and EC is that they actually put it into action. They are not sitting in Cabo tweeting away about their breakfasts or how their hubby’s are using towels and chairs to block the paps.

    WEWE is disgusting. She was just trying to use the victims to hype up her relationship and honeymoon with EC and of course her album and single.

  188. 188
    Carla Says:

    She’s so eewww!!! UGLY!

  189. 189
    JL Says:

    Leann tweeted that Eddie surprised her with a trip on a yacht. Wait til she gets the bill for it!

  190. 190
    Esther Says:

    @ JL

    ….that’s funny!

  191. 191
    gwen Says:

    Kim K gets the cover of People mag for her engagement and what does WEWE do? WEWE arranges for her and EC to be papped on a yacht? I knew that WEWE wasn’t going to take Kim K being on the cover of People mag very well. So who will be the first to get the yacht photos? People mag, Dailymail, x17, JJ, Faded Youth, Celeb gossip site, US Weekly, or In Touch? YES WEWE, we know that you are tipping off the paps.

    What gives it away EVERYTIME is the fact that EC can move about places without being seen. How did EC walk around Cabo by himself without being papped once? Think about all the other celeb couples and how we see individual photos of them. But not EC. We know that EC goes out by himself as evidenced by WEWE tweets. If EC can walk around Cabo all by himself without ONE photo being taken of him, then we know that WEWE is once again inviting the paps along with her and EC.

    The frequency with which WEWE and EC are papped is also a dead giveaway that they are tipping off the paps. It’s strange how WEWE and EC are being papped EVERDAY while they are on vacation by sites like JJ, Dailymail, celeb gossip site, and People mag whenever they go on vacation. Even Paris H doesn’t get papped EVERDAY that she is on vacation, so when those photos of WEWE and EC on the yacht or those photos of “EC blocking the paps with towels and chairs” hit the internet it’s more than obvious that’s it’s because WEWE called them. And WEWE is going to get even more backlash.

    We know that WEWE and EC are tipping off the paps because WEWE makes sure to put where and when she and EC can be found by tweeting it. She can’t argue that the paps are stalking her when she is telling them her exact location.

    How generous of WEWE and EC to stage a yacht photo-op. Just like we said, WEWE was only using the charity event just so that she can stage more Cabo photos with EC. It was NEVER about the victims, just about how WEWE and EC can get another photo-op out of it.

    The money that EC supposedly paid for the yacht trip could have been DONATED to the victims of the tornado. This is why WEWE and EC are SO disgusting and won’t ever gain favor with the public. They want to do a fundraiser, despite the fact that they can afford to DONATE(like at least 5 times) the money as videnced by WEWE DAILY Cabo twitpics, staged honeymoon photo-ops that WEWE paid People mag/JJ/Dailymail/celeb gossip site to write fluff about, and WEWE tweets about how the man who couldn’t afford to pay his child support paid for a surprise yacht trip.

    What a great message that WEWE keeps sending to the victims of tornado. They are trying to rebuild their lives, while WEWE keeps rubbing the advantages of her money in their faces. But then again the charity fundraiser event wasn’t about WEWE concern for the victims of the tornado. It was and still is about WEWE and EC promoting themselves and their farce. oops I mean REEL lovE.

    When those photos of WEWE and EC on the yacht hit the internet, WEWE is going to get even more backlash. It looks bad for business when someone who claims that they care about these people won’t even stop the famewhoring for 1 min because her one and only concern is making people believe that EC loves her and isn’t cheating on her by any means necessary. Shouldn’t WEWE and EC lead by example? How are they going to ask others to make donations when they won’t even refrain from staging ONE photo-op which they probably dished out millions to make happen?

  192. 192
    Star Says:

    omg i am beyond shocked ! she is participatin in a charty event and getting bashed for it ! omg ppl i dont even have a word for any of you !

  193. 193
    betty Says:

    Leann never does anything unless its beneficial to her.It will take more than an act of charity for them to get in the public graces. Anytime this woman can use kids to improve her image she will do anything. Good luck in her efforts she can’t sell tickets to her concerts but hopefully people will support this cause. I hope she and Eddie are paying all their expenses for this charitable event..

  194. 194
    Star Says:

    when people s heart are blind it wont matter what leann will ever do no one ever will see ! this is really a good cause you really should put this hate towards leann and try to support her ! if you cant support ok but really no need negativity about this ! sad trully sad !

  195. 195
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!

    Wow, STAR now can you please explain why once again the voting system takes a drastic turn when YOU show up?

    You can’t even deny it now. STAR wasn’t here, the votes were STABLE. STAR shows up and once again the votes go UNSTABLE.

    So how is it that these “different” people show up to vote when YOU do? Are you carrying them in your pocket? yeap there is no doubt about it, STAR is messing with the votes.

    How dense does she have to be? We all saw what the votes looked like before STAR showed up, now did she really not think that we were going to notice the change when she arrived?

    1) “omg i am beyond shocked ! ”

    Which is why once again you decided to get support for WEWE by messing with the votes?

    2)”she is participatin in a charty event and getting bashed for it !”

    WRONG. WEWE is being bashed for trying to use a charity event to promote her relationship with EC.

    If WEWE didn’t want to get bashed, then she should have stopped the staged photo-ops, twitpics, and tweets which only serve to draw attention to her and EC relationship and not the victims of tornados.

    3)omg ppl i dont even have a word for any of you !”

    Of course you don’t. You are just upset because once again WEWE bright ideas backfired. WEWE tried to use those people to benefit herself, but now she is drawing too much attention to her true intentions with the yacht photo-op she staged with EC.

  196. 196
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!!!!

    1)”when people s heart are blind it wont matter what leann will ever do no one ever will see ! ”

    What are you talking about? We can see what WEWE is doing because she alerts the paps just so that they can document what she is doing.

    What message is WEWE sending to people who lost their homes and families when she is pictured on a yacht making out with EC? If WEWE was sincere, she would have donated that money instead of once again wasting it on trying to make us believe that EC loves her because he engages in pda with her on a yacht.

    It is more than clear that this whole stunt was done to promote her and EC relationship, hence why WEWE went through the trouble of staging the whole yacht photo-op after it came out that Kim K got the cover of People mag for her engagement.

    People would believe that WEWE was sincere about this event had she stopped tweeting about EC kids and stopped the photo-ops and tweets. But since she is still going on and on, we know that she isn’t sincere.

    2)this is really a good cause you really should put this hate towards leann and try to support her ! ”

    It WAS a really good cause and WEWE tried to take advantage of it by using it to promote her farce with EC.

    By support you mean, stop calling WEWE out for being s hypocrite? Like when she says she cares about the victims of tornados but then will waste millions on trying to make us think that a yacht ride with her hubby means he is not cheating on her?

    5)if you cant support ok but really no need negativity about this !”

    Oh please. What is more negative than WEWE trying to use this charity event to promote her and EC. Seriously, she does a good deed and now she feels it’s okay to stage even more photo-ops in Cabo with EC?

    6) sad trully sad !

    What? That WEWE would stoop so low and use the misfortunes of others to promote her relationship with EC?

  197. 197
    gwen Says:


    This is from Limelife, so as you can see people see right through WEWE PR stunts.

    “Why on earth is Eddie Cibrian hosting LeAnn Rimes’ benefit show? Does Cibrian have the energy or the public admiration to amp the crowd? And we know LeAnn Rimes is over the fact that she had an affair with a married man, but honestly, some of her followers aren’t. Maybe leave the devil out of the deed, LeAnn? Just a suggestion. We’re kinda thinkin’ LeAnn’s just totally freaked out to let Eddie Cibrian out of her sight. You know what they say about the once-a-cheater thing…”

  198. 198
    lolita Says:


    Thanks for continually exposing Leann. She deserves every bit of this treatment.

  199. 199
    gwen Says:


    The thanks goes to WEWE Rimes Cibrian, who continually exposes herself by constantly tipping off the paps( like she did with this yacht ride from her new hubby) and by not being selective in what she tweets. I can’t believe that she was dumb enough to tip off the paps for the yacht ride and then to tweet about it.

  200. 200
    gwen Says:

    Perhaps WEWE should cancel the release of the yacht photo-op to her mouthpieces because it’s just going to result in further backlash for her and EC. If WEWE wants people to take her charity even seriously, then she needs to make sure that none of her mouthpieces posts or writes any fluff about the yacht ride EC gave to her as a surprise.

  201. 201
    Star Says:

    gwen u seriouly rather BLIND OR REALLY CRAZY ! what change on the votes !?? WHAT CHANGE ??? i had 2 comments both them got thumb down and all ur comments are up ! cant u really not see ?? i am not gettin in to back in forth with u i have no time and energy with it ! hope you having a great day ! pls spend some time doing somethn else too rather then LEANN !

  202. 202
    betty Says:

    When want you to solicit donations from the public you don’t flaunt your wealth by tweeting about frolicking in a yacht when others are homeless how insensitive can you get.

  203. 203
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!

    1) “gwen u seriouly rather BLIND OR REALLY CRAZY ! ”

    How typical. Everything that happens to you is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. So when you get called out for messing with the votes, you want to call others crazy or blind?

    Why did the votes take a jump when you showed up?

    2)what change on the votes !??

    The one that happens when you show up.

    3)”WHAT CHANGE ???”

    The one that happened when you showed up.

    I get it, once again I wasn’t supposed to notice that changes happen when you appear.

    4)” i had 2 comments both them got thumb down and all ur comments are up ! ”

    And I’m sure that you are going to fix that really soon. So how long will it take STAR to change those 2 thumbs into positive votes for herself?

    5)”cant u really not see ??”

    Oh I get it, I wasn’t supposed to notice the change in the votes.

    6)” i am not gettin in to back in forth with u i have no time and energy with it ! ”

    Of course not, you are just going to sit in the background and mess with the votes.

    7)hope you having a great day !”

    You are the one boo hooing about how people are being mean to WEWE because they called her out for using charity just to get more photos of her and EC into the media.

    8)”pls spend some time doing somethn else too rather then LEANN !”


    What you really mean is that you don’t want me to mention that WEWE is using the misfortunes of others to promote her and EC, right?

    Why, because even you know it’s true, that WEWE and EC just saw this as an opportunity to put out even more photos of them under the pretense that it’s for charity.

    Seriously STAR, did you see how many tweets made on her twitter while she was on her honeymoon?

    So then by your own logic you are saying that WEWE needs to spend some time doing something else rather than tweeting about EC and EC kids, right? Is that what you are saying?

    Instead of whining about how WEWE is the victim in all of this, why don’t you find something else other than defending WEWE.

    Perhaps it’s not too late for WEWE to stop the release of her yacht photo-op with EC. She is going to get even more backlash frrom the public when it shows up on the internet.

  204. 204
    Maine Says:

    Shut up haters. You jealous of her money. If she sneezes wrong you not satisfied. If she do nothing for tornados you holler. If she does you holler more.

    Continue to fly in life Le! Haters leave in their basements.

  205. 205
    Maine Says:

    “Here in Cabo”

    I’m in Paris right now! lolololololololololololololol

  206. 206
    ! Says:

    Maine stay there.

  207. 207
    gwen Says:

    This is what WEWE twitter horoscope posted for WEWE today: “A stressed-out workmate may not act nicely toward you today”

    So is that stressed out workmate Eddie Cibrian (yes we all know that WEWE is paying him to be with her, just look at how he was so drunk on his wedding day that you could see it in the photos and of course WEWE had to babysit him on their wedding day just so that he didn’t run off or meet some woman at a hotel) or is it one of WEWE mouthpieces?

  208. 208
    gwen Says:


    I thought WEWE said that haters don’t exist, that they are something that one creates in their head.

    So is this your damage control? People call WEWE out for using the misfortunes of others just to get more photos of her with her NEW hubby in the media and press, and you think that you can save her by arguing that people are jealous of her money? Nope, it’s about having a moral compass. Where is WEWE moral compass as she wastes money that she could have donated on a yacht ride to convince us that EC isn’t cheating on her and of course to upstage Kim K because SHE got the cover of People mag for her engagement?

    People will be satisfied when WEWE does the right thing. Using the misfortunes of others just to get her and EC name in the press, isn’t doing the right thing. Releasing staged photo-ops and twitpics of her and EC on yachts and the beaches when she is on twitter talking about how much she cares about what happened in MO and AL was not the right thing. Why are you even surprised by the fact that people are questioning WEWE sincerity when it comes to charity? WEWE has a rep of using charity to whitewash her image. Remember when it got out that WEWE was stalking BG, WEWE tried to cover it up up by donating a playground for kids in urban areas? Or when it got out that WEWE was trying to ban BG from her sons birthday party, WEWE went out and did a PSA for psoriasis to cover it up. Perhaps if WEWE had been selective in what she put on twitter and released to the press, then she wouldn’t be in this position.

    WEWE is flying in life? Are you talking about how WEWE flies to the press and pays them to write fluff?

    WEWE is a hater, so then by your logic does she live in her basement? Oh wait, WEWE lives in the delusional world that she creates by surrounding herself with yes people.

    If you think that the backlash is bad now, just wait until WEWE releases the photos from her yacht ride with EC or stages yet another pda airport photo-op.

    It’s good that WEWE wanted to help, what is bad is that she mistook this good deed as the okay for her to do even more famewhoring with EC.

  209. 209
    gwen Says:

    There is an article on the site Exposarazzi about how WEWE and EC flew a pap out to Mexico to get these beach shots of them.

  210. 210
    gwen Says:

    Hi STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you lurking in the background AGAIN?

  211. 211
    gwen Says:

    And the STAGED YACHT/EC surfing by himself while WEWE stands on the yacht watching photo-op goes to DAILYMAIL. One of WEWE faithful mouthpieces, well except that time they turned on her and wrote that article about her being skinny, probably because she didn’t pay them.

    WEWE was so jealous that Kim K got the People mag cover for her engagement that WEWE once again calls up her mouthpiece and gets them to get even more photos of her and EC on their honeymoon.

    Just like we said, WEWE wasn’t sincere about helping the victims in MO and AL she was just using this “good deed” so that she can release even more photos of her and EC on their honeymoon.

    And now she has no one but herself to blame. Why would she keep inviting Dailymail out and about Cabo with her and EC? What WEWE spent on that STAGED photo-op and fluff piece alone could have been a donation the MO and AL.

    Okay and now we have even more proof that WEWE and her people are lurking and posting on these sites. I said that we know that WEWE is tipping off the paps because we rarely see EC out and about by himself and even asked how come EC was able to go about Cabo by himself without any photos of him being seen. And what happens? WEWE Inc via Dailymail releases photos of EC surfing by himself and even made a reference how EC was about and about by himself while WEWE was doing her own thing.

    They even made sure to mention how the yacht was a surprise from EC to WEWE. Sure, just like EC is so disturbed by his kids faces being in the tabloids and blogs right? We all know that WEWE set it up.

    Seriously, WEWE and EC should just change their names to Heidi and Spencer .

    I predict that the photos will go to Gossip celeb site and then JJ.

    Releasing the staged yacht photos was the worst thing WEWE could do for herself. The public isn’t going to look to kindly on this.

  212. 212
    Nomad Says:

    @sara: Wtf? So having 1 milkshake every now and then or Mexican food equals being a pig? W…T….F????? YOUR attitude is not any healthier, either. :I

  213. 213
    gwen Says:

    Strange. WEWE said that EC surprised her with a yacht ride, right?

    But if it was a surprise then how does that explain her prescription for Dramamine (drug prescriped for motion sickness)? Did she bring it with her in anticipation that they were going a on a boat ride? It would be interesing to see when WEWE was prescribed the Dramamine. Has she always taken this medication for motion sickness? Has WEWE always had motion sickness? Remember WEWE prewedding boat ride with EC, did she take the Dramamine then as well?

    So once again WEWE has lied. The yacht ride wasn’t a surprise because she came prepared to Cabo with the Dramamine. Or perhaps she is lying about taking the Dramamine, act sick to once again draw attention to the fact that she and EC are on a yacht?

    BTW, why would EC surprise WEWE with a yacht ride if she has motion sickness? That would mean that EC doesn’t know much about WEWE (which is odd because WEWE is his soul mate, so why wouldn’t he know about her motion sickness) or he doesn’t care about WEWE needs(which explains why WEWE is constantly tweeting and paying sites like Dailymail to spin her farce into something like a fairytale).

  214. 214
    gwen Says:

    The YACHT photo-op is already backfiring on WEWE and EC.

    While Dailymail wrote their usual fluff, Radaronline pointed out how thin WEWE arms/legs looked and her protruding collarbone.

  215. 215
    Charlene Says:

    If she really did pay to have a paparazzi fly down to Mexico during her honeymoon, there is no hope for this relationship. That is just about the saddest thing I have ever heard. The more they put out these staged photo ops, the less people like them and the more pathetic and desperate they appear to be. Also, I have noticed the Leann “supporters” have a bullying attitude and way of addressing others who comment negatively, even when they are stating concern for her health. Calling people fat and stupid doesn’t do anything to encourage kindness and compassion towards Leann. It does quite the opposite. Comment boards of gossip sites are not a good place to be if you are emotionally attached to Leann Rimes as basically 99 percent of the comments are negative and even most “stories” have a mocking tone to them.

  216. 216
    gwen Says:

    The Exposarazzi site has posted another article about WEWE and EC and how they are inviting the paps to join them on these “candid” shots. It’s really good.

    Based on the Dailymail article that was posted today, it’s more than obvious that WEWE and EC have deals with certain media outlets and that they are lurking on these sites posting and reading what we are writing. I find it funny that after pointing out that we know that EC and WEWE are tipping off the paps because we don’t see any photos of EC out by himself and how odd it was that EC was able to walk around Cabo without being photographed once, out pops the Dailymail article which covered the points that I had raised. The even went through the trouble to emphasize it in their title and captions and with a set of photos of EC surfing. Great job WEWE!!

    I love that EC would take WEWE, who has motion sickness, on a surprise yacht ride. Yeap WEWE that is REEL lovE, when her hubby knows that she has motion sickness and takes her on a yachrt anyway. WEWE is her own worst enemy. She was trying to make it look like EC loves her, but instead she made him look inconsiderate and hateful. Sounds like EC doesn’t care about WEWE one bit, or perhaps once again WEWE was stalking EC because she didn’t want EC to be caught in Cabo with another woman. If he would take her on a surprise yacht ride when she has motion sickness, then EC would sleep with other women without any thought to how it hurt WEWE.

  217. 217
    gwen Says:


    What was the you’re welcome for?

  218. 218
    blair Says:

    @gwen…..great point about the dramamine, gwen! Kudos to you.

  219. 219
    gwen Says:

    Wow EC, the same man who would take the love of his life who just so happpens to have motion sickness to the extent that she needs meds for it on a yacht ride, is taking WEWE on some sort of excursion. First of all, who in their right mind would take someone with motion sickness on a yacht ride? That is sorta inconsiderate right? Maybe EC was thinking about his other mistress, the one that doesn’t need meds for motion sickness when he surprised WEWE with the yacht trip. EC was SO drunk, he probably forgot who he was in Cabo with.

    We all know what WEWE(and yes we know that EC didn’t plan anything as evidenced by the fact that the jerk surprised WEWE with a yacht ride when he knows that she has motion sickness) excursion means, right. STAGED photo-op in 3, 2, 1 and all because WEWE thinks that doing “good deeds” make it okay for her to continue to famewhore in Cabo with EC.

    It’s sad, where is WEWE compassion for the storm victims as she continues to rub the advantages of her money and Cabo in their faces?

    Seriously, does WEWE not understand how bad she is coming off?

  220. 220
    betty Says:

    Undoubtedly Eddie does very little for Leann or else she would not tweet everything Eddie is doing usually its we went on a yacht etc. @Maine Most people with money are accustomed to the things Leann gushes about. Leann has money Eddie very little or he would not have been crying broke about his support money so we know he’s riding on her money. I say more power to him Leann paid to get him now she has to pay to keep him.he did not come cheap. LOL

  221. 221
    gwen Says:


    The best part is that this info was supplied by WEWE and her mouthpiece DAILYMAIL. The Dailymail quoted a tweet from WEWE in which she explains to a “fan” that she is taking dramamine.

    Seriously, WEWE needs to think through her pr stunts before she releases them to the media and press.

    Now EC comes off looking like a big jerk(and not like the knight in shining armor that WEWE was trying to portray with the “surprise” yacht ride) because he “surprised” WEWE with a yacht ride knowing full well that she gets motion sickness and has to take meds for it.

  222. 222
    blair Says:

    @gwen…that’s hilarious, dumb & dumber Cibrian.

  223. 223
    gwen Says:

    Wow how odd, that we get getting shots of WEWE and EC and Cabo.

    Usually we see these celebs on vacation and then they disappear. Not WEWE and EC, they release DAILY shots/mutiple shots from ONE DAY and only disappear when the backlash is too much for them to handle and then re-emerge when they have come up with some plan to whitewash their images. This time their plan to whiteash their image is to use the victims of the storms in AL and MO. Sad. So WEWE and EC charity even for AL and MO was just so WEWE and EC could release the pda yacht adventure?

    It’s sad that WEWE and EC would stoop so low. NBC/CMT/Lifetime/TP should be so proud of themselves for promoting such behavior from EC and WEWE.

  224. 224
    wtf? Says:

    In a nutshell, it’s alleged Rimes has been staging photo-ops; posing with Eddie Cibrian and his sons too, taking some of the profits from photo sales. There’s more detail and more caps below.

    Let’s start at the beginning. It’s being alleged, based on screen-capped Twitter messages starting a year-and-a-half ago, and reports from people with working eyes, that Rimes hired a specific pap photographer to come on holiday with her so she could pimp Cibrian and his sons to make herself look like a doting ‘Bonus Mom.’ The tipster pointed me toward Twitter user @BarbaraAngelo1, who alleges in a series of messages supported with screen caps, that Rimes has been working with a specific photographer who used @KamaraStudio before very recently deleting his archived tweets (I looked, the account’s live but empty and appears to follow, amongst others, Rimes, Cibrian, and Brandi Glanville… the Google cache of the same account leads back to the page and not the cached tweets). His messages directed toward Rimes (I researched whether she responded, but the dude’s account’s not famous enough to have been tracked by the service I usually use), claim to have places he would be waiting to take ‘surprise’ photos.

  225. 225
    wtf? Says:

    As an UPDATE: to further illustrate the point, no matter where they travel, nor how ‘private’ the moment, they are mostly shot by the same agency. GSI Media photos of the couple, some taken the same day, which I was pointed to by a second tipster here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

  226. 226
    Sam and Shells Says:

    No matter how skinny – always going to have that man face – beginning to wonder how much Eddie was promised.

  227. 227
    Gavin Says:

    @shay speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than these two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  228. 228
    Gavin Says:

    @shay speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than these two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  229. 229
    Gavin Says:

    @shay speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than these two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  230. 230
    Gavin Says:

    @shay speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than these two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  231. 231
    Gavin Says:

    @shay speak for someone else – not all white guys like gross and flab-skinny.
    I’m white but I wouldnt date ” boney white hipless Michael Jacked-son” (leann) on the left or “past her prime granny bones and cellulite” (Brandi) on the right.
    Brandi and Leann are both ugly women. Leann needs to give it up she isn’t and never will be a sex symbol and Brandi needed to hang it up six years ago when she turned 42.
    Eddie can’t do much better than these two fug bytches bc he’s broke and talentless.

  232. 232
    Spitwave Says:

    Ewww.. she looks gross. And proud of her body ..

  233. 233
    Andy Andress Says:

    what should be required is that you have to post a picture of yourself to comment. She has muscle tone, they are small muscles, but she is a small girl. Yall stop judging her til you have had to walk in her shoes. If someone was taking pics of yall in what should be quiet, quality time with her husband, yall would be talking a whole different game. The ones that are “eww” and disgusting are the ones who think they have the right to judge someone else….period.

  234. 234
    Andy Andress Says:

    You people need to get a life and stop trying to live hers…

  235. 235
    Andy Andress Says:

    You people need to get a life and stop trying to live someone else’s.

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