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LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!

LeAnn Rimes wears a barely there bikini as she hits the beach with husband Eddie Cibrian on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 28-year-old singer and her 37-year-old husband spent time together in a jacuzzi and walking hand in hand in the sand.

LeAnn and Eddie shared a kiss as they went through security at LAX airport before heading to Cabo.

LeAnn was also recently in NYC with Eddie celebrating his new NBC show, The Playboy Club!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian in Cabo…

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eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 01
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 02
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 03
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 04
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 05
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 06
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 07
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 08
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 09
eddie cibrian leann rimes bikini esperanza 10

Photos: GSI Media
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  • gwen


    Just like EC, right?

  • wry-prof


    Gwen….I don’tt give a flying—f about the particulars of kids, paps and anything else about any of these people.

    The MAJOR facts speak for themselves.

    Save your weak-ass babbling for someone else.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Ina Leann is still in that category being an adulterer but she still is not an A lister more a like Z.and Leann also has mental issues.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!

    Of course you don’t give a flying F about the particulars of kids, paps and anything else about any of these people, it’s ALL about WEWE Rimes , right?

    The facts? What facts? That whenever WEWE gets backlash “someone” tries to deflect by dragging AJ and BP into this? Why are you in a WEWE and EC thread talking about how AJ and BP don’t ever get slammed?

    What? So why did EC tell WEWE to “Save her weak-ass babbling for someone else”? Was she STILL upset because he won’t give up his other women?

  • meeeeeee

    I’m sure 80% of ya’ll commenting on LeAnn’s body is 40 pounds overweight so ya’ll come here and try to bash her just so you could feel good about being ugly as hell. Do me a favor and STFU! Thank you, you dumb motha fckas.

  • ina

    @betty: @gwen:

    Everybody has mental issues, FYI. U guys especially.

  • wry-prof


    I ahve no idea what the f you are saying with all the intial crap going on.

    Again…for the last time… I am NOT a fan of any of these people –and i am NOT defending any of them. They all have cheated…that is the fact..since I had to spell it out for your slow azz.

  • ina

    @meeeeeee: add lonely, desperate & un-married 2 that list ;)

  • gwen


    What? EC is telling WEWE that she has mental issues?

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    meee etc.What is your problem? If this broad does not want comments than she needs to fade to black.and so do you.

  • ina

    @gwen: naah I was telling U that U got mental issues. Apparently reading issues as well. Sorry about that.

  • gwen



    I get it, you are upset because I pointed out how AJ and BP were able to go on a romantic trip without once tipping off the paps or being spotted by them, unlike WEWE and EC.

    And then I asked why you are here boo hooing about how people are not hating on AJ and BP in a WEWE and EC thread, and now you want to resort to the name calling?

    The only thing that you have spelled out is that WEWE and EC are getting some major backlash someone tries to deflect by bringing up other cheaters as if this will somehow justify EC and WEWE actions.

    Of course you don’t have ANY idea what I am trying to say.

  • gwen


    Oh WEWE!!!!!!!

    It’s not about reading comprehension problems, it’s called PROJECTION.

    EC verbally abuses you and then you come here and repeat what he said to you to others.

    Is that why EC is cheating on WEWE because he is lonely, desperate and considers himself unmarried?

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Any mental issues I might have I can acknowledge.I am not deluded,insecure, need to emulate others.or forever seeking your idol is.

  • gwen


    Seriously, everytime WEWE gets backlash you try to redeem her by arguing that the people who don’t like WEWE are fat or overweight or ugly, and each time you use this excuses it backfires against WEWE and causes people to dislike her even more.

    WEWE slept with another woman’s husband, so then by your logic she did that because WEWE thinks that she is ugly?

    Perhaps WEWE should have done herself a favor and not tipped off the paps.

    No doubt about it, the wry=prof and meeeeeeeee are the same person.

  • ina

    It’s very flattering that some dumba**es REALLY think I’m her. But it’s not very clever.

  • gwen


    As clever as the unofficial twitter account that WEWE opened under the name of WEWENLOVE to stalk and harass BG?

    Dumb****: EC and WEWE Rimes.

    Not very clever is the constant famewhoring that EC and WEWE do.

    How odd that all these LR supporters are coming out of the woodwork. So even though WEWE usual mouthpieces are eating up this story, it means that the public are slamming WEWE and EC very hard.

    How odd that “ina” shows up to pick up where STAR leaves off.

  • ina

    @gwen: Oh Star says Hi! I was talking to her earlier. She could not make it here, she’s at a party. And I’m off 2 bed with my husband. He says Hi as well. And my name is not really Ina. It’s actually short for something else. But u figured that out already didn’t u, smartypants ;)

  • Erin

    She has an ET body….except for her oddly no-smaller and undoubtedly fake boobs.

  • gwen


    So let me guess, this little stunt didn’t go over well with the public did it? Poor WEWE, she even paid People mag to cover her beach honeymoon with EC. I guess WEWE is going to have to go to plan C. So I take it we are going to see yet another staged photo=op of WEWE and EC?

    1) “Oh Star says Hi! I was talking to her earlier. ”

    And decided that “ina” would pick up where “STAR” left off?

    2)”She could not make it here, she’s at a party.”

    Is that code for posting as ina?

    3)”And I’m off 2 bed with my husband. ”

    Meaning that a “different” person is going to show up?

    4)”He says Hi as well.”

    Of course he does. You do know that sleeping with another woman’s husband doesn’t mean that he is your husband, right?

    5)”And my name is not really Ina.”

    And whatever name you decided to use to make up for WEWE low fanbase.

    6)” It’s actually short for something else.”

    Like EC other mistress is IN A HOTEL waiting for him?

    7) But u figured that out already didn’t u, smartypants ;)

    Are you upset because I noticed how this “ina” person popped up in place of STAR?

  • kelley

    It looks like she got a boob job, i remember hr being really flat before.

  • kelley

    It looks like she got a boob job, i remember hr being really flat before.

  • ina

    ye ye suuure whatever u say gweeeenie

  • betty

    It was just a few months ago that she had an athletically toned figure now she is rail-thin and bony. I hope she does not have an eating disorder and will regain her once healthy figure. Maybe it was just stress and she will get back to a more normal body weight once she settles into her marriage.

  • gwen


    Hi STAR!!!!!

    Wait, I thought you said that you were going to bed with your husband?

    Oh that is right, you are not very credible are you?

  • gwen

    Wow, look at the voting system.

    Strange how it just so happened to go UNSTABLE in the presence of “ina”, who showed up taking the place of STAR.

    So when “ina” said that she was going to bed what she really meant was that she was going to sit in the background and mess with the votes.

    Too bad “ina” still can’t get WEWE Crazy Women single to chart. I mean with all these “fan” support how come JJ still won’t put WEWE name and face in their top celeb list?

    So I take it WEWE is going to release more photos to her mouthpieces of her and EC having sushi since this photo-op didn’t go over well with the public.


    ALL I see is leann trying desperately to be like, look like, dress like, and have a life just like brandy!!!! Its desperate, I didn’t realize she thought so little of herself that she has to be like the woman eddie supposedly left just to make him happy. I have a feeling that the real loser in this will be eddie, and it will be much deserved.

  • janie

    Yes, she did have a boob job, lipo, fake horse teeth, none of that helped , she is just a plain woman who’s trying so hard to hold onto someone that she chased to the ground, even while he was married and going to counselling. just hope a really gorgeous woman comes along and chases after him and has an afair with him while she is away. if she thinks they will still be married in a couple of years, she is the stupidest woman to ever walk the earth.

  • gwen

    No wonder WEWE is making a BIG FUSS over her honeymoon with EC, she can’t stand all the attention REAL ARTISTS like Taylor S were getting at the Billboard Awards. Poor WEWE, she went through all that trouble getting DB to buy her that Grammy nomination only to end up using beach and airport photo-ops to try to outshine her peers.

    BTW, Taylor Swift raised over 750K for charity, compared to WEWE who only raised $600. And Taylor S did it from the bottom of her heart, not because she needed to set up “candid” DAILY pda beach/airport/sushi photo-ops with a cheater who pimps out his kids name and faces for WEWE career with JJ, People mag, Dailymail, cceleb gossip site. I guess when put next to Cabo, EC kids lose EVERY time. It’s CABO. His kids can understand that CABO is more important than spending time with them and of course paying their child support.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Now some phony ass is using my name to make comments
    .Use your own damn name ,My name alway appear in blue.

  • gwen

    EC is cheating on WEWE, it’s a shame that WEWE will go through ANY lengths to convince people that all is well in their relationship just because he frolicked on a beach with WEWE. Arnold S hide an affair and child for over 10 years, so it’s not hard to believe that EC and WEWE are hiding EC affairs? How long before it comes out that EC had a love child while he was oh so committed to WEWE?

    Didn’t EC frolick with SMJ? So why are we supposed to believe that things are different now that it’s WEWE he is frolicking with?

    It just amazes me how the media sugarcoats WEWE and EC nonsense.

    If WEWE and EC were sincere about their relationship, they wouldn’t have invited the paps along with him, this photo-op was bought and paid for WEWE RIMES. It is most definately set up. Even Kate M and Prince W took precautions to make sure that they were ALONE on their honeymoon. But not WEWE and EC who are so desperate to prove that what they have is REEL LOVE that they set up these fake shots that remind people of Heidi and Spencer.

    EC and WEWE are disgusting. The photos at the airport are disgusting. And now these photos on the beach are disgusting. If only the media would stop telling WEWE and EC that this famewhoring waws cute/hot and sexy. One media outlet even had the nerve to say that EC looked nice and fit. EC looked flabby.

    Does anyone else find it odd that EC always has to have a drink whenever he is with WEWE? He had to get drunk before his wedding and look on the beach, he had some drinks. That about sums it up. If things were going well for WEWE and EC, why is WEWE on twitter instead of enjoying her honeymoon?

  • gwen

    Wow, STAR that was FAST. You are messing with the votes like CRAZY. Don’t go overboard, you don’t want JJ to have to shut down the votes like the last time you went overboard.

    Messing with the votes, won’t change the fact that EC is cheating on WEWE. So that is it, EC is cheating on WEWE. Thanks for confirming that, you hurried up and voted down comment 81 REALLY fast to try to bury it.

    Well one thing is for sure, this photo-op didn’t go over well with the public. So no matter how hard WEWE and EC used their mouthpieces to push this farce, it still didn’t make the public like them.

    Oh well WEWE and EC have tomorrow. I’m sure that WEWE and EC will pull yet another photo-op that will bomb with the public.

  • Jessica

    Leann looks GREAT! Suck that b-tches! Luxury life, hunky hubby! Winning!!!

  • Flammin

    Its strange that he is fully clothed and all she is wearing is an itty bitty bikini :P

  • j

    she looks like she has trouble holding herself up.. she looks like a skeleton

  • jkoln


    Why are you getting so intensely angry and defensive over what people are saying about a complete stranger? I think that’s pretty weird.

  • Jan

    LR – you have constantly tweeted about missing Eddie and Brandi’s sons. Are they with you – cause surely as a bonus mom you couldn’t wait to see them again? Guess you are exhausted after playing around on a movie set. Pity that their real mom can’t afford to take them on a trip to Cabo. Never mind – it’s not about being a real everyday mom who does the hard work – it’s all about being a “tweeting” mom…

  • Helena

    She ruined a great bikini because she has no hips! eat smthg!

  • Melanie

    Loving this….. It’s like watching a soap. Can’t wait to see what happens next in this train wreck programme. Sordid affair, destruction of two marriages and families, little boys left without a Daddy and georgeous ex left on her own to cope. New breasts, larger teeth, ex wife’s hairstyle. Very sad attempt to justify all of this and secret “public : wedding. Newly weds showing the world how “in lurve” they are. Love the “trailers” (tweets) to next episode of show. Woo Hoo – give me more…

    Next step – pregnancy – poor Eddie – his straying again but denying it. Trailers assuring the watchers that all is well. Sudden end of show…

  • Jack

    No matter what the body looks like – the face isn’t up to much – manly face since the weight loss. Was kinda cute when young but age has not been kind.

  • Luca

    Drag Queen – Eddie – what are you doing man?????? That’s not a pretty face to be waking up next to. What you had – what you got now – no comparison – personality sure better be good.

  • Jack

    Obvious what the dude’s doing – he’s doing the homely girl with the AMEX Card – free holidays and access to cash while he waits to make his mark again before moving on. He won’t be the first – just saying.

  • blair

    @Melanie….well said. This show will be cancelled, it’s already jumped the shark. All this “relationship” amounts to is cheesy photo ops. Leann has a better relationship with her iphone.

  • gwen

    Didn’t WEWE say that she was releasing her album at the end of May? Strange, WEWE goes on honeymoon at the end of May, which happens to coincide with when she is trying to release her album and single? WEWE honeymoon is a publicity stunt. And of course, who wants to bet that she SWF tons of ideas from EC and BG honeymoon. This staged photo-op was probably one in which WEWE just recreated the details of EC and BG honeymoon.

    So once again, this STAGED photo-op, bought and paid for by WEWE Rimes was just an attempt to hype up her album/single so that WEWE could release it? And to think, artists like Taylor S, BS, and Rhinna actually use their talent and have REEL FANS to support them unlike WEWE Rimes who has to create her support by posing as her fans on these sites.

    So how many STAGED “EC and WEWE in Cabo” photo-ops are we going to see this week because Heidi Jr needs to sell that album/single by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, including pimping out EC kids and her own honeymoon. Funny, that WEWE has to pimp out her own honeymoon just to release her album or single.

    Hey STAR, you are getting better with the voting system, I was wondering when you were going to learn that you don’t have to vote down everyone’s posts just to make a point!!

  • JenJen

    Eddie is getting chunky…

  • Krissy

    Argh! Not more stage PDA – the so obviously staged pool shots that are doing the rounds on the web at the moment are proof positive that these two called the paps. When will these two realise that they are just turning off the few fans they have left? How come they are happy to have their honeymoon photos all over the web? When I was newly married, my hubby and I didn’t leave the hotel unless we had to. Didn’t both dash off to cities in different countries to work. This wedding was a little too urgent if you asked me – something fishy going on – all is not as it seems.

  • TheDoctorIsIn

    My daddy had an old bird dog who looked just like her.

  • Jayney

    Here’s my take on their wedding – I think that LR was very aware of the bad rep she and Eddie had. She tried to move things away from this by endless tweets about how happy and in love they were. This didn’t have the desired effect and provoked even more support for EC’s ex. Poor thing was stressed which resulted in weight loss and loss of self esteem. Maybe she was starting to wonder if EC was worth all the hate and loss of fans? Had to cancel a few shows that didn’t have great ticket sales as well. What’s a poor boy to do? Marry the girl fast before she changes her mind. She’s worth more financially to EC as a wife than a girlfriend . Almost feeling sorry for LC now

  • annab

    This is definately not a bikini body….she should keep it covered up if she is going keep starving herself. Nothing to be proud of….for sure.

  • elaine

    those pictures remind me of the pics that were taken when he was in the pool with the little waitress he had an affair with when he was married to Brandi and she was pregnant with his baby. pictures taken of him and the mistress looking oh so happy while his wife is at home PREGNANT ,the man has no morals