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Leonardo DiCaprio: Beastie Boys Tee in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Beastie Boys Tee in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio rocks a Beastie Boys tee as he stands aboard a boat in Italy on Monday (May 23).

The 36-year-old actor was joined by his BFF, Lukas Haas, as well as a few female friends.

Over the weekend, Leo, who’s newly single, was spotted out on the town with Blake Lively in Portofino, Italy.

Leo was recently listed on the Forbes’ list of the world’s post powerful celebrities – he ranked 15th on the list, trailing Kobe Bryant, Johnny Depp, Katy Perry, and Angelina Jolie.

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  • oh leo

    lol his hair is so pretty.

  • FrG

    First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a huge fan of Leo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sl igo lambert ^________^cute

    Leonardo so handsome and cute ^^

  • Bar Refaeli

    You pig! B*****d!

  • friscosangel

    a hairband matching his t-shirt….seriously??????

  • Bar Refaeli

    You b*****d!! Lying, son of a *****! Oh, don’t you call me honey! You don’t ever get to call me honey, again. You understand me? You pig!!

  • Ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    He’s cute & looks so young with handsome :))

  • Ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    He’s cute & looks so young with handsome :))

  • annie

    oh leo, you have no sense of fashion and you just date sluts, bu I love uuuuuuuuuuuu lol

  • Lazerov

    I am so f*****g sick and tired of ugly old men stealing young women from young men who they should be with. I wish that Blake Lively would find someone around her age. She deserves better than Leo who can’t handle women his own age and steals women from us. For example,
    Blake – Shia LaBeouf
    Leo – Winona Ryder

  • Rossi

    I hope Leo drops out of many of his 23 projects listed on IMDB as it is difficult to follow with so many.

  • raven

    His smile is so cute. Glad to see him happy!

  • donie


  • j

    this means he’s not alone with blake… no romantic getaway… maybe just friends???!!!!

  • Mlef

    He makes me think of a kind of Anthony Soprano Jr…lol

    It’s not an insult, but this outfit is a kind of nonchalent, like “f@ck it” philosophy…lol

  • donie

    @j:Why she is there then, she doesn’t know his friends. I mean come on by now it is pretty obvious they are hooking up, that debate is over unless you want to be blind. Wether they are furthering the relationship is remain to be seen. I think blake is doing what ever it takes to prolong eventually be his girl friend. Can she succeed? well, we all have to wait and see.

  • sab

    hey everyone…………………(huge smile on my face)…….im sssoooooooooo happy to see leo smiling again…..I LOVE THAT SMILE… and ive missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……he is looking really good. im so pleased that hes got his mojo back…. that i’ll even forgive him his white socks..(why????)…….i wont even start on his hairband……colour co-ordinated???……the smile on my face turned into a laugh…..that is so adorable..hahaha……
    by the way, i love that colour on him….sooo hott!

  • h

    @Lazerov: A) ARE YOU BLIND?

    Leo isn’t OLD, are you delusional? blind asswipe. Leo is sexy and young, what are you? asswipe. go to hell, troll. Shia Labeouf looks OLDER than Leo, are you FCKING BLOND????????????????????

  • ???

    It seems like Blake is not there. He was seen with Naomi C. and her boyfriend yesterday without blake. She is gone and Leo is smiling and has some `female friends` around. Just like in Cannes!
    Anyway I always liked Leo with the headband. It makes him look goofy. And that huge smile!
    I wonder what`s JJ`s deal with that Beastie Boys shirt. This is the second time in a short time that he emphasized it. He likes it, big deal!
    @Lazerov: I`m shocked to say this but I totally agree with donie. Your comments are always the same. Leo is stealing young women from you? Like you have a shot with the ones he goes after. I doubt Miss Casting Couch Lively would give you a look unless you are not a Hollywood hotshot. Same applies to his ex. Reality check!

  • Glam

    Hey, sexy Leo.

  • Allison

    @Lazerov only a jealous man calls another one ugly. No one is stealing anything from you, you just don’t have enough game.

  • 11th Hour

    Glad Leo’s having a good time with friends.

  • ???

    * unless you are a Hollywood…

  • Sweet Pea

    Leo looks great. Lukas is looking a little morning after the party… haha

  • The Man is


  • donie

    I am so happy to see his smile again. I think blake is there in italy too. We might see her with in in the next few hours or tomorrow. This is his vacation time before he heads to Australia for Gatsby.

  • @4 & 6


  • Drive Bye

    No one’s gonna mention those gawd-awful shorts? Did he pinch them from “Out of the Closet”, from the ’80′s?

  • @26

    Do you know him or are you just playing your usual guessing game? I just love it that man faced Fakey is gone and Leo is surrounded by female friends and he looks so happy. Fakey is a joke next to him and hopefully someone already gave him a clue. But of course in a couple of hours we`ll have photos of them together! LOL!

  • Alla

    I suppose Blake Lively’s PR called the paps for this too *eyeroll*

  • Comments

    Last thread – 30 hours 505 comments I think that might be a record.

  • mailey

    uhhh, nice pants & headband.
    what the fudge?

  • donie

    @Drive Bye: Do you really thinks he cares about clothes he wear because he thought he is going to photograph? The man is not a fame ho unlike other celebrities who sleeps with their makeup and wake up with their makeups in case if they got photograph. You must know by now he not attention seeker.

  • Day Wear Collection by LD

    Our founder is wearing another ensemble from his “I don’t give a f*ck about fashion, b*tches line” (available in stores now). He really doesn’t care and he looks amazing!
    Notice the requisite white socks
    The t-shirt from many seasons ago
    board shorts
    a head band
    Perhaps we’ll get a little water action later. ;)
    Wish and dream, gals. Wish and dream.

  • anonym

    Lively is gone and the Leo photos are so much less nauseating! He looks a little dorky with those awful socks but I rather see him in his German tourist mode than with his airhead bimb*s around.

  • *Angieee*

    He seems immature and wants to live the bachelor lifestyle forever. Pity anyone who finds that attractive

  • Michelle

    Angieee* @ 05/23/2011 at 4:28 pm 0

    He seems immature and wants to live the bachelor lifestyle forever. Pity anyone who finds that attractive
    He’ll be living like that for the next 40 years! I wonder if Lukas will still be with him then?

  • donie

    @*Angieee*: I DO.

  • Sabrina

    @Bar Refaeli: so silly… It’s hilarious.

  • french

    He looks cute and happy :D

  • h

    @???: You’re an idiot. Blake isn’t a casting couch and you KNOW it. Fck off.

  • hi beautiful

    it’s the kind of outfits you forgive him. nobody can seriousely say it’s fashionabled but on him, it looks so cute and his goofy side surfaces. i’m so happy to see him happy, and i don’t thik it’s relative to his new freedom. i think it’s vacaciones alla mare mediteraneo : reminds me of that time he was trying to do some yoga with X and vladimir, and he was so enjoying not being serious. more of those jj!!!!!!!!

  • a

    I LOVE HIS CLOTHES ! hes just a kid, hes only 30 something! leave him alone!

  • dance

    blake is so hot and classy! lucky leo

  • Lele

    He used to wear hairband before, super cute! <33

  • The KS Diaries

    Yay, the headband is back LOL he looks happy happy happy!!! he’s living the life right now… He’s young, handsome, successful and he’s pretty much surrounded by beautiful, skinny, HOT MAMAS all the time since stumpy got out of his life… must be nice :)

  • Paris

    I dont know what u guys seen in him aside he make a lots of money.

  • epk


    And they say he has no fashion sense ;)

  • epk

    Ok he’s seriously adorbs here. And those broad shoulders, long arms, and big hands are just yum.

  • Yay!

    No Blake Lively! Leo dumped her!