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Victoria Beckham: Simon Fuller Is An 'Incredible Visionary'

Victoria Beckham: Simon Fuller Is An 'Incredible Visionary'

Victoria Beckham attends Simon Fuller‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday (May 23) in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old pregnant fashion designer, along with son Brooklyn, watched as the American Idol creator received the 2441st star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Simon has been our manager, business partner and close friend for 15 years. His loyalty, integrity and humility make him truly unique,” Victoria and husband David Beckham told THR in a joint statement.

“He is an incredible visionary, building entertainment and fashion brands. His passion and impact on charity around the world makes us enormously proud to know him and his beautiful family,” they added.

10+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham at Simon Fuller‘s Walk of Fame ceremony…

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victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 01
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 02
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 03
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 04
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 05
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 06
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 07
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 08
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 09
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 10
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 11
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 12
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 13
victoria beckham simon fuller walk fame ceremony 14

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  • Amory

    For someone who is pregnant, she sure does not look it. Hope she isn’t starving that poor baby.

  • kyle

    She’s gained some weight now that she is pregnant. It suits her fine.

  • greg

    Lovely VB with her adorable son.

  • susan

    OMG..the close up pictures are frightening.

    She is very stylish, but she is not attractive at all. I think that is why she is so focused on her fashion.. Which is awesome’. She uses it as a shied to hide behind.

    But she looks scary as hel l in those close up pics.. like a ghost. And why after wanting this baby girl is she so hiding. She acts ashamed of that baby bump.

    YOU are pregnant. Not many things are more beautiful than that.

    I’m sure she and David love each other. But you never feel (well I SURE DON”T) ever ever feel any chemistry between them. They always looks so cold together. Even when they touch each other.

    There are a few celebrity couples that you just feel the heat and connection. She and David are not two of them.

  • jane

    Why is she hiding her stomach? Is she really pregnant?

  • boston61

    Who’s head did she steal that hair from?

  • lilia mazunina


  • York

    LOL…she is so insecure about her growing tummy. She is one nutcase for sure

  • mailey

    christ, she looks like a cyborg.
    for serious, like a T-800.

  • elle

    Hiding her baby?? Maybe she just doesn’t want to wear skin tight clothes everywhere she goes? Maybe she wants to wear something loose and im pretty sure that 90% of all maternity clothing is bigger, more loose, and not tight.
    You people need to get over yourselves and stop picking on her and David especially since you don’t even know them to know if they have a real connection or not.

  • Bikini Kill

    I actually like Victioria but here she just looks like Voldemort, I’m sorry.

  • jessica

    Wow…i’m kinda shocked. I’ve never seen her face from this angle. She looks really scary close up. I always thought she was really pretty and obviously fashionable… but I guess she usually hides behind the big sunglasses. Something about her face just looks really weird in these pics.

  • Jime

    love the hair, looks amazing! But what’s wrong with her face? it looks a little weird..yeah voldemort-like :S

  • Adora Adams

    She is looking cold her, she should learn to live like Angelina Jolie.

  • Cecilia

    A good possibility they are using a surrogate mom. She from no angle looks pregnant, moreover she has been pregnant 3 times before then why would she choose to wear those high hills in this stage of pregnancy if she really was?

    I agree she’s not attractive at all, looks horrible.

  • Lor

    The 8th picture looks as if it was taken from the last scene of a horror movie.
    Just sayin’

  • kelly

    She looks awful in the face the rest is fine if she only stop hiding her pregnancy at 7 months. I am surprised she doesn’t have a pregnancy glow most women has. The hair style doesn’t look good on her it looks better on katie though.

  • Abby

    I must say, if there is a woman out there who doesn’t want to show off her belly just take a note out of Victoria’s book. She sure knows how to cover up so that you don’t see her belly. I kinda like it for a change, I like not seeing the belly. Maybe its just me but I’m sick of seeing celebs when they have the belly on display. Nothing wrong with keeping it to yourselve and staying covered.

  • Madhatter

    This same look (face) happened to me years ago when I was studying abroad.
    I was in such a rush packing, I didn’t have time to get more of my basic drug store face lotion- so, my mom gave me hers.
    Within 7-9 days my skin looked really amazing, but, in pictures, I started to look like this pale vampire.
    Turns out her lotion was a higher end department store stuff that had some major SPF in it.
    I already have pale Irish skin- SPF on a daily basis just makes me look creepy.
    I think this is what’s going on with Victoria…

  • Laurie

    Does she ever smile?? 14 pictures and not smile in one of them, oh wait…she’s too good to smile to us commonors – thinks she is better than everyone else.

  • BBperfume

    Com ‘on people! Her feet look bloated and uncomfortable for the first time in those heels so is what is wrong with her face=BLOATED! She looks very big in those drapes in my book. I can see the bump of her bellybutton!.lol

  • Twinkle

    Is one allowed to use Botox while pregnant? It’s the only reason I can think why her face looks so weird.

  • nes

    her face looks odd, no surprise though wit all ta crap she does too it.

  • Me

    LOL! at all of you ignorance here, except for 1 or 2 sane people. Either you are blind, or you just purposely refused to recognize her BIG BABY BUMP there under her dress!! It was so OBVIOUS that it’s impossible for her to hide it at all!!

    As for her face, if you look at the picture of her looking sideway to her left where she was waving to the fans, you can see that she looks very beautiful in her make-up with her *gasp* smile and beautiful hair as well! Both of the pictures of her looking sideway looked totally DIFFERENT that those pictures of her looking at the front – which is shockingly weird and doesn’t look like her at all. Which goes to show that those picture of her looking to the front here have been photoshopped! You guys don’t believe me??? Then just go to the GossipGirl/GossipCentre website and you can see that she looked much, much more prettier and totally different from what were being showed here. The media always trying to make her look ugly or nasty so that those who hate can talk rubbish about her!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love Posh :-*

  • UFO

    @Abby: She probably thinks it is bad for her image as smiling is.

  • miki

    Her unattractive face and features are tryuly “exposed” here.

    She is rarely pictured in broad daylight without sunglasses and this is one rare occasion where she cannot hide the sunglasses and the outfits. Therefore, you see her ‘ugliness’ facially or unpleasant hard looks, as a lot of people have commented on.

    Normally you see her at indoor events posing, desperately trying ton get the ‘right’ angle with specific lighting etc Now her unattractive face is shown in natural light and normal circumstances and it looks weird….ugly.
    The photos of JLo and others are so much more attractive facially.

  • Helena

    She has an amazing body, but the lighting and the angle make her look like she has a belly. I guess she could be pregnant or just bloated. Is she wearing a sports bra underneath that dress? The smiles look forced on one of those photos.

  • Helena

    she kinda looks like a mannequin, the hair especially. I can tell that she gained some weight in her leg area, and of course the belly is getting bigger slowly. The dress is ok but kinda boring. I guess I’m just not a big fan on black dresses for daytime. Her face is really scary looking, very gaunt. Also you can see the circles under her eyes, she looks tired.

  • greta

    Has she put Michael Myers (Halloween) mask on her face? Yuck!

  • Tara

    She looks soo good, this pregnancy really becomes her. And her son will soon be taller than her, wow. Love her whole look here, to be 8 months and still be that stylish, wow!

  • sarah bercar

    Omg I love Victoria so much big fan , but I really not agree about hiding her baby bump, I mean she got 3 babys already and I saw her 3 pregnancy and she look amazing pregnant I dont know why now that she finally expecting a Girl she hide it , about the pic I think she look weir only because she`s not wearing her big dark glasses. the rest of it she look very posh as ussually .. love her..

  • Mikado

    Botox makes everyone look scary in the same way.
    She even looks very male here. And very much not healthy.

  • Jbo

    I still don’t believe she’s 7 mos preggers…. Unless the baby is an alien miniature piglet….


    She is HIDEOUSLY UGLY! That poor baby girl doesn’t stand any sort of chance at all in the looks dept. with THAT ^^^^ as it’s mother. Scary Ugly!

  • Delia

    Susan 9:49pm: I totally agree with your post! I’ve always been skeptical of them as a couple-too lovey/dovey and feeding the press with all these stories about how “in love” they supposedly still are after all these years, blah, blah, blah. I’ve always thought that their longevity as a couple was down to “business”- they are worth more together than apart and they (especially her) knows that. I always found it very odd that she suddenly becomes pregnant after a sex scandal involving David- it seems as if it is a pattern with them, when scandal hits, get pregnant, show the world how “in love” we still are. Too fake and too contrived for me. Angie and Brad they definitely are NOT! Those two just oozzee sex appeal and there is no doubt how committed they are to each other as well as to their family. I don ‘t get that vibe from the beckhams= all I get from them is a selfishness and greed knows no bounds attitude- at all cost fame, wealth, status. Can’t say that I am a fan, cause I certainly am not!

  • kiki

    Those cheekbones are new and definitely fake, but I guess they look ok. She looks good, love her long hair now, it makes her look younger. I also think she looks a bit tired though but that’s to be expected and I am happy for her that she is finally having a girl.

    I believe that her her and David are the real deal, you cant pretend forever and it it has been a VERY long time for them. I think they are good parents and I doubt they would bring children into the world if they were in a fake relationship.

  • mi

    I wish she would just keep doing her posing looking like a freak with this kinda crowd. She and Fuller more suit each other.

    David back in Manchester with his mates is the happiest and in his natural habitat. I agree with those who say as a couple they do not look good.
    David is just beautiful on his own and with his mates. She looks like a lost sad freak with her Hollywood friends and celebrity crowd.
    She just drags David down when they are pictured together.