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Alexander Skarsgard Loved Living in Leeds

Alexander Skarsgard Loved Living in Leeds

Alexander Skarsgard leaves the Giorgio Armani boutique on Tuesday (May 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The day before, the 34-year-old True Blood hunk ran some errands, picking up groceries from Bristol Farms.

Alex recently recalled living in England for half a year after attending Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K.

“Me and my buddy, after the military, we wanted to travel, and we wanted to go to England, but we didn’t want to go to London, because there are like 300,000 Swedes in London and you just end up hanging out with Swedes, so we just looked at the map and saw Leeds,” he told FHM.

“We didn’t know anything about it other than it had a football club. So we were like, ‘Alright, let’s go there.’ I loved it. I had a great time. We lived in a basement with no windows, it was sleeping bags for six months, but it was all good times,” he added.

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  • tami

    He is such a handsome man!

  • faizz

    HE LIVED IN LEEDS!!! OMG!!! AND I NEVER KNEW! Actually i would’ve been like… 6… but OMG! I nearly went to Leeds Uni :(

  • Peanut Gallery

    New suit maybe? Can’t wait!!

  • Lilla

    Wow…just wow. He’s looking SO GOOD!!

  • http://viking65 mforman

    He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. Add the fact that he is sooo talented what more can you ask for, I mean seriously. Maybe a new suit for the TB premiere.

  • YG


  • King Koe

    what happen to true blood??…Best Buy went Bankrupt so they working with Apple to give away these $1,000 giftcards for ANYTHING Apple at their store!! I use 2 emails & got –

  • YG

    The paps must live outside his house, it seems he gets photographed every day

  • heartless

    I’m guessing a new suit for the TB premiere. Can’t wait to see it. Such a sexy man. Any suit designer should want him in their clothes. He’s like a walking billboard!

  • chelle

    HOLY CAT HAIRS!!!! He is so beautiful …something nice to look at on a very slow night at hospital!

  • Nice

    No man can rock those clothes like he can. A good thing since he seems to have only about 5 revolving sets of gear. Doesn’t matter, he’s hot.

  • chelle

    @mforman: um….. stuffing him under my bed so when hubby isn’t home we can play! That’s what more I could ask for.

  • vivi

    rihanna ‘s CKB is now posted Here:

  • Chloe

    Dear JJ, he went grocery shopping on Sunday according to your other post. LOL, can’t keep them straight hey?

  • Rê with fangs

    Já tava com saudades! Aaiaiaiaiaiia LORÃO!

  • Jessie

    Looking smokin hot Alex! His hair looks a bit more blonde here. Yay! I see the anchors are back as well. Now why is it that he can wear a t-shirt but KB has to wear a sweater? Hope he’s getting a new suit. He looks damn fine in any suit I’ve ever seen him in.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    @chelle–Okay, okay, there is a lot more I could ask for, but I think JJ would ban me.

  • ladybug

    Oooh, neck and arm porn!

  • Woo Fab

    The next Coldplay album will appear soon, the name of the Masterpiece is : “Beehive-Kabbalah” for honour the secta and the wife of leader Martin, the golden actress Gwyneth Paltrow, will sing three songs on. Those songs are: Wreath, Open-Minded and Toot Wings.
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    The theme of cover atwork is something with pink and yellow colors. Glamorous and stylish!

  • Laura

    Looking good Alex!

  • Tanter

    Gosh, he looks great and do I see the anchors? Yay!

  • HottieWithoutTheNottie

    Gorgeous! Such a lovely guy to his fans.

  • Doreen

    Wow, Alex is looking fantastic yet again and blessing us with new photos. I’m so glad he’s wearing different shoes lately, and better fitting pants to boot! And yes, the anchors are back. Good, he seems naked without them…not that this is a bad thing…him naked. ROWR!

  • Rachel()

    His shirts so big for him it’s almost falling off….
    Has anyone noticed that the whole anchor necklace thing has become a really big trend in stores? Do you think it has anything to do with his or am I overestimating his fandom? Probably overestimating, but I’m reminded of him every time I go shopping…

  • seeshay

    nice to see him without the hat because his hair looks really good here. Of course he looks good anyway, only ever the difference between good and really good. He sure likes that IPad, doesn’t he?. Always carrying it and playing with it. Cute. He’s such a guy in some ways.

  • Camille


    Nah, nautical stuff has been big in general for the past few months. I gotta admit though, I do think it’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having one but maybe not so big. I like nautical inspired stuff, and military stuff as well.

  • NicolaT

    picking up his suit for the wedding if rumors are true, she has her dress alreadyy. Will it be here or his homeland you think? Looks cute.

  • Camille


    Uh huh, nice try.

  • tami

    @NicolaT: LOL. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  • Bridal


    If this is how couples behave that are about to get married, they can have it. I’ll eat my hat on this rumor. HE looks fantastic!

  • http://viking65 mforman

    @Nicola T—Everyone is intitled to their opinion but you don’t have to post absolutely ridiculous nonesense to get attention and stir up trouble.

  • Lory

    He’s so fine.

  • Camille
  • Doreen


    Oh mah GAWD! I think I just found my new screen background. Wowsa!

  • Camille


    LOL, yeah that’s what I thought. Can we please get him some shades like that? They look much better than the ones he usually gravitates toward. Aviators looks smokin hot on him.

  • tami

    @Camille: Oh wow, Alexander looks amazing in that photo. I can honestly say that I am drooling.

  • Camille

    Oooooh, a video of the shoot too! Hope this works.

  • Camille

    My only complaint is why is the damn picture so small? However, I gotta say, I’m loving when he rubs his thighs and buttons his shirts up. *fans self*


    Yeah, that’s the hottest picture of the bunch IMO. I wonder why they didn’t put it in the magazine? Or maybe they did, I dunno, I don’t have it.

  • Bikini Kill

    The flawlessness is all around this dude, I love it!!!!

  • chelle

    @Camille: I would have been all for tackling him and throwing him in water….all nice and wet ….yummy!

  • Camille


    Actually that’s a good point. Why no drippy wet pics? That thin shirt would have been sticking like glue. Yummers!

  • Kristen

    This guy is a walking orgasm

  • Camille
  • Chloe

    KB on the topposts with a lousy under 50 comments on her thread? LOL yeah right JJ, way to try and get more hits there. Alex has more than her almost and his just got posted a few hours ago.

  • Jessie


    OMFG thanks for all those! A-MA-ZING!! Seriously, that man is so beautiful.

  • Jessie


    Yeah no doubt. Someone mustn’t be too happy to be ignored a bit. I noticed it took Alex’s previous post a lot more comments to make the top of the page, so we’ll see how long it takes this thread to make it there.

  • Kelly

    Looking good, Alex.

  • Tatum

    So the posts on the top bar are decided by the number of comments? I never knew that, now I understand why Camille didn’t want me commenting on KB’s post!

  • Canuck

    @Camille: Camille, you are a search engine goddess! That was better than caffeine to wake me up this morning, not to mention the cold shower I’m probably going to need. ;)))))

  • Canuck

    @Camille: I have an inexplicable sudden urge to go on a safari by way of a small plane piloted by a very hot bush pilot. LOL