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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 'Tree of Life' Premiere Pair!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 'Tree of Life' Premiere Pair!

Angelina Jolie comes out to support Brad Pitt at the premiere of his latest film, The Tree of Life, on Tuesday (May 24) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in L.A.

The 35-year-old actress paired her Jenny Packham one-shoulder gown with Tiffany & Co. jewelry and Stuart Weitzman heels. Brad, 47, suited up in Tom Ford and wore David Yurman DY620 frames.

The Terrence Malick-directed flick, which also stars Sean Penn, recently picked up the coveted Palme d’Or prize during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival!

Over the weekend, Brad and Angie brought along their six kids to the premiere of her new animated movie, Kung Fu Panda 2.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the premiere of The Tree of Life

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angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 01
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 02
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 03
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 04
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 05
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 06
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 07
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 08
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 09
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 10
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 11
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 12
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 13
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 14
angelina jolie brad pitt tree life screening 15

Credit: Kevin Winter, Lester Cohen; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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    Why do the trolls waste time spamming up Angelina and Brad threads? I already drank the Kool-Aid so there is nothing they can say to ever change my view of the Jolie-Pitts. Get over it and move the fcuk on b!tches.

  • Cold Hard Math

    I was there! They both looked stunning!

  • Tigeress

    I know Angie has worn red a few times but this one is my fav. They both look so classy i just love them.

  • Tigeress

    and must add she has very little make up..a bit of peachy color blush ..adorable. No wonder their are so many hags whining tonight haha.

  • yaya

    @yaya: @yaya: LoL why you guys thumb me down. That was true story and I thought may be this is something similar.

  • Twinkle

    I think she looks beautiful, effortless and very, very graceful. She has amazing posture and poise which just adds to her beauty. I love the color on her!

  • Twinkle

    I think she looks beautiful, effortless and very, very graceful. She has amazing posture and poise which just adds to her beauty. I love the color on her!

  • AJBP Fan

    Absolutely Stunning!! Both Of Them.

  • mr3

    poor brad
    he is just an old hag

  • dianad1968



    B*TCH, get you a*s back to the cesspool known as C e l e b i t c h y. You and your ilk are the most hateful sorry excuses for human beings. But then “like attracts like”.

  • gracie

    Brad’s hand is already in its usual position —- Angie’s ass. He can’t get enough of Angie and that kills you haters . I bet your idol is all alone as usual watching them and crying to herself, at least, she can’t burden Norman with her miserable lonely life anymore.

  • anon


    They felt like doing something different. What’s the big deal?

  • dianad1968

    @Cold Hard Math:


    CHM, thanks for the feedback. This is how you do RC…classy all the way.

  • laya


  • Forever

    The most beautiful perfect pair. Brad cannot resist he had to sneak his hand on her bum…Cheeky bastard……I LOVE THEM

  • Anon

    Angie looks fabulous in that color red. Her and Brad always look great together. Can’t wait to see the film ‘Tree Of Life’..

  • Sci

    OOOOHHHHH Look at her the hair, the lipstick, the dress, what a knockout, no wonder brad can’t resist that loving you feeling.

  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I cant wait for Angie and Brad movies to come out.

  • getalife

    man, these 2 are absolutly beautiful and stunning. i can understand the trolls going crazy all the time!
    Going on 7 years and they still say the same thing ,wow – thats sick!!!

  • naturegirl

    Is there a more perfect pair, these 2 the take my breath away.

  • Ken

    absolutely love them!!!

  • lurker

    LOLLOL Gracie that’s hilarious…but true

  • superstar

    chin chin here is to the power couple

  • AJ

    One word for both STUNNING!

  • Reg

    OMG – Someone give her some food !!

  • Kind of over

    Haha, i just had a visual image of Aniston selling her bottled water and hotdogs at a sports venue. Can you imagine her walking up and down the stadium aisle!! LOL BTW I love Brad Pitt! I was so glad i caught Interview wih the Vampire on TV lastnight. One of my favorite movies ever!! Angie is hot, as usual.

  • MJ

    @hater: Honey! we all know that the one who is on drugs is the one actress who doesn’t know how to answer a simple question from the interviewer, her answers are always out of topic and keeps slurring in front of the camera on her own red carpet. Angie has the ability to focus and can answer the questions even how hard the topic is, which drug users cannot do that. You are barking on the the wrong person. Bark on Anuston, she is the one who always on drugs.

  • Not Impressed with JA

    Life is so unfair lol how can this woman be so gorgeous….she has everything…..and the man, so hot and so in love with the woman beside him…..damn, im so jealous lol

  • missi

    .. and then when she (JA) can’t answer a question, gets the journalist fired! poor thing, she really has unresolved issues, mos of us have, but after years of therapy she should be ina better place…
    actually she should establish grants so every ffat hater fan of hers could get 20 yrs of therapy or internships at special hospials where they could work ontheir issues on the JPs and finally get over the reality…look at pic 3.

  • gracie

    # 94 La Madrelingua, you said girl. Cathering is pretty but in no way near Angie’s beauty. William is no longer handsome like he was when he was younger. It’s not his fault, he has his father’s genes. Hair loss alters a man’s looks. I have nothing against them, they are good people and I wish them well but they are okay in looks and not in the same league as Brad and Angie in looks at all. Haters will go to any length to try and justisty their hatred of this gorgeous couple to the point of looking stupid with their incomparable analysis of who is better looking than Brad and Angie. They are wasting their time coz they will never find anyone to match her beauty. Angie’s features are so unique and that’s why she has been voted the most beautiful and sexy so many times. Brad too has his swagger and mannerisms plus his good looks which sets him above others. Keep trying trolls, it’s your time. Haha.

  • reeven


    LOVE U BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • gracie

    Oop! I was editing and I hit the wrong button. Catherine and not with g.

  • Orchid

    52 Cecilia @ 05/24/2011 at 11:35 pm -32
    Great skin, great bone structure!

  • heaven

    love! love love it all :) love the color of brad’s eyes :) and Angie … magnificent :) thanks for wearing red… it’s beautiful on her

  • groundcontrol

    It’s nice to see Terry Malick’s wife walk the red carpet. He’s hiding in the bathroom. LOL!
    Wonderful that this movie is getting rave reviews and almost revential awe from almost a universal chorus. There are a few naysayers here and there but they are really a cvery small presence. Malick deserves his accolades for being his own man and staying true to his art form and vision. If that means he stays in the bathroom while everyone else walks the red carpet then so be it.
    Even babies want to see it. Did you all see the baby on the red carpet?

  • groundcontrol

    That would be “reverential” awe – not “revential” awe ^^^

  • Helena

    I love it when she puts on bright warm colors, looks so great for her

  • lylian

    Angelina looks lovely in that red one shoulder dress and Brad has shaved out his beard and looks HOT!
    TOL is a critical success. I think it will do reasonably well in the box office too.

  • AJ


  • Jen

    @Cold Hard Math:
    “I was there! They both looked stunning!”
    Cold Hard Math….you CAN’T stop there. Give us the WHOLE story. Were Angie’s eyes sparkling as she looked at Brad? Brad is so gorgeous with or without a beard…..How does he look in person? Did you get to talk with them? Elaborate on “Stunning…” :)
    How did Angie’s dress look in person? What is her complexion like? How slender is she really? How is her face and her smile? What about Brad. Was he exuberant about the TOL’s win in Cannes? What is next on their agenda? Were Brad’s parents there? How did they look? What color is Brad’s hair and how gorgeous is it in person?
    Did they recognize you and remember you. I think you are their biggest R/C fan.
    Ohhhhhh, I wish I could have seen them in person. You are so blessed.
    Please tell us more. How did they arrive? By car, plane….just kidding.
    I am all ears… Thanks.

  • believe

    Love them and even loving them more now that Brad has shaved. It is so nice to see his gorgeous face again. They are such a fascinating couple!

  • alli

    Brad and Angie are the most fascinating couple in HW.
    Look at that dress it’s so elegant and Brad always looks dashing in his Tom Ford suits. Gorgeous couple.

  • Orchid

    I’m not wild about this dress from the front. It looks much better from the side. I still have the Cannes TOL dress in my mind. THAT dress is tops!
    I’m glad Angie picked another color instead of black again.

  • Appletini

    I love the color. Her dress and, I must admit, Brad’s clean-shaven face, look really good. Based on where his hand is usually resting, I think I know how she stays so skinny (wink, wink!) Six years and he still looks at her like he wants to gobble her right up.

  • Tigeress

    They are such a beautiful couple. They certainley look stunning tonight.
    I am sure the film Tree Of Life will be a super hit at the BO.
    Go Brad!

  • yaya

    before i go I got to say jared you didn’t put the good pics actually loll other sites has better pics I say just wow for both.

  • Tasha

    Its good to see a side of Ange where there are not any tattoos! she looks lovely and Brad what can I say…his HOT!

  • JPFan

    We will probably be reading about them all week and seeing different pics
    or at least i hope, Tree of Life is getting a lot of good reviews.

    Angie looks smashing! Brad is my hunky hunny but shore looks sweet tonight.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Lovely couple, love this color dress and AJ makeup
    Brad is always handsome

  • Jen

    I think Brad is as gorgeous with a beard as without a beard. Nothing can hide that man’s gorgeousess. He just wreaks sex appeal no matter what he wears or how he looks. He is just one HOT man. And I LOVE his personality, and that smile of his ….makes his face even more beautiful. I hope he gets Oscar nominated for his role in TOL.
    And Angelina. There are just no words. She is just a vision to behold. What a face. What a personality. What a talent. She is just breathtaking. I am so fascinated by her eyes. They seem so unique and they seem to sparkle.
    And little Shiloh, she is her father’s daughter with mom and dad’s personalities combined in her. Get ready world, she is going to be a knock out and fascinating. And Mr. Knox……whoa…..get ready. And Miss Viv….I think it will be a toss up between Viv and Miss Zee Zee who will be the boss. Right now Zee Zee is top dog, but I think Viv will give her a good run for her money. She does have “tude.” And Maddox…..boss man, but cool all the way. And Mr. Pax…..he is coming into his own.
    All the JoliePitt kids will have so much to offer. Look at what great parents they have.
    God’s blessings cover this beautiful family.